KIN 131

I unify in order to play
attracting Illusion
I seal the process of Magic
with the magnetic tone of Purpose
I am guided by my own power doubled

Midpoint of Harmonic 33
Gregorian 6.18.18

Today as we start to write this entry, we are entering the Heart of the 260-day Sacred Tzolkin Matrix, located at the radial core of the Harmonic 33 (11+11+11) the mystical portal that leads us into infinite parallel Multi-verses. The 33rd harmonic constitutes the “telepathic navel of time” that communicates us with the Center of the Galaxy via the Kuxan Suum (our inter-dimensional umbilical cord)…

kuxan suum
The Kuxan Suum: “Literally the “Path to Heaven that leads to the Umbilical Cord of the Universe”, describes the invisible galactic life strands or fibers that connect the individual and the planet through the Sun with the galactic core, or Hunab Ku.” Jose Arguelles – “The Mayan Factor”




Since today’s Gregorian date June 18 (6.18) is ALSO a fractal expression of the Golden Mean/Divine Proportion, and we are starting the 13-day cycle of Magic and Illusion, this is also a PERFECT opportunity to give continuity to the redemptive narrative that we started during the Spectral Moon coded by 11.11,  and uncover more occult layers within the artificial time matrix. This process will hopefully enhance our ability to perceive the harmony hidden behind the external chaos we keep witnessing, and deepen our understanding of the events transpiring on the world’s stage.

By shifting our focus of attention from chaos to harmony, we have a better chance to “shift from egotistical consciousness trapped in the illusion of the material plane to a collective, planetary consciousness known as the noosphere…”  Let’s continue then with the 5th stage of this journey of “dissolving the illusion”.



Since we have 33 vertebrae, the number 33 has long been synonymous with degrees of “initiation“, one of the central themes we have been highlighting since 2017 (please refer to “2017: Alpha and Omega Year of Prophecy” for context).

Harmonic 33 also holds the core of the 52-day Blue Western Castle of Burning, that we entered on KIN 105, 1Serpent,  ALPHA gateway of the wavespell of the Serpent Initiate. According to José Arguelles  “this 52-kin castle holds the key to what is most hidden in the entire saga of the history of the lost planets.”

This entry also has proven to be of notorious prophetic relevance as it also triggered the personal initiation for José Arguelles in 1997 that concluded on KIN 132 ~ 2 Human, with the “Retrieval of the Divine Plan: 20 Tablets of the Law of Time”. (Please refer to pART III of these series for details)  

“The initiation of Valum Votan (JA) through the 28-day journey to retrieve the Divine Plan is a human initiation assumed by Valum Votan on behalf of all humans in order to guarantee universal resurrection of the people through enactment of the divine plan.” – The 20 Tablets of the Law of Time (1997) 

As presented on our last entry, this time the entrance to the castle of Burning was characterized by unparalleled Earth volcanic activity that is intensifying as we traverse the core of this 52-day period:




On 6.18.18 KIN 131 1Monkey, right at the heart of harmonic 33, a historic and unprecedented event took place:  US officially announced the creation of a 6th branch of its military forces, bringing now the possibility of war from  Earth, into the un-explored realm of Space…

As presented on pART II, it is then once again relevant to bring to memory that the FOCAL points of world’s attention and epicenters of much of the war and violence we have been witnessing during 2018 are located around the 33 degree Parallel, the area considered as the “cradle of human civilization”…

Map by http://infinity-codes.net/raah

This is also of special interest, as it was during this Monkey Wavespell when the current US president took office exactly 2 Tzolkins (520 days) ago, on day 11 of  moon 7, the resonant moon of attunement, KIN 137 Red Resonant Earth. The multiple layers of this KEY turning point for the planet, were covered in detail on the blog “TIME Wars: The 5th Force awakens” published back then… We will expand on this on pART VI, and bring some of the most important aspects surrounding this event to memory, as they can serve us as historical reference points…



This passage through the Tzolkin’s birth canal is now proving to be again an initiatory test for Humanity, considering the events transpiring NOW:

As we write these words, challenging stories and disturbing images of children in cages who have been separated from their parents at the US-Mexican border are flooding the internet and have gone viral…


This event is triggering a massive outcry and all sorts of emotional responses going hand in hand with online heated debates, that are serving to bring more layers of the collective unconscious to the surface, for ALL of us to see.

With this new chapter, the humanitarian crisis we have been describing on these series is reaching yet a new climax, inviting us to question our concepts of what BEING HUMAN really means… This is an opportunity to see ourselves in the mirror and take responsibility for our own miss-creations, address them and correct our deviated path…


The  worldwide condemnation was followed TODAY (KIN 132 2Human) by the paradoxical withdrawal of the US from the UN Human Rights Council.

The affirmation for KIN 132 2Human states:
I polarize in order to influence
Balancing wisdom
I seal the process of Free Will
with the Lunar tone of challenge
I am guided by the power of Flowering

We may wonder: What is the occult message behind this event taking place on this precise day?




The “mirror of relationship” has been also one of the central themes we have been exploring on these series. As we witness the progressive polarization of the human drama, the passage through the central axis of the Tzolkin is once again inviting us to keep our focus on both sides of the equation to stay balanced and centered…

The use of mirrors in Mesoamerican culture was associated with the idea that they served as portals to a realm that could be seen but not interacted with.

In Mayan Cosmology the Mirror (Etznab) is associated with the obsidian, a black crystal that shines as gold when exposed to the light, serving as as a meditation tool to find “the gold” in the dark.

Let’s explore this metaphor by continuing on our quest of finding the hidden harmony in the chaos:

As mentioned at the beginning of this entry, Harmonic 33 marks the passage through the mystic void and our entrance into the “mirror half” of the Tzolkin revealing the perfect radial symmetry of the sacred 260-day Matrix of Time.

This reflective quality is also highlighted by the self-occulting nature of the Blue Western Castle of Burning, in which each KIN within the first 2 wavespells of this castle (Serpent + Mirror) is also the perfect occult (hidden) power of each KIN on the last 2 wavespells (Monkey+Seed). For example:

KIN 130 (the last KIN on the Mirror Wavespell ) is the perfect occult power of KIN 131 (the first KIN on the Monkey Wavespell), and viceversa.

Parallel to the completion of the first perfect half of the 260-day Tzolkin Matrix (ALPHA) and the stART of the second perfect half (OMEGA) on this KIN 131  1Monkey, a very powerful synchronization of events is taking place, inviting us to explore deeper into the harmonics of the Golden Mean/Divine Proportion  that we introduced on pART IV of these series, PHInding Harmony in the Chaos. In it we presented the fundamentals behind this Mathematical Principle present in ALL NATURE operating through the fabric of TIME within the Tzolkin Matrix.

On this pART PhiVe we will do our best to present more layers of how this Golden Principle is operating at the heart of the Tzolkin, and how it is also reflected on the 13-Moon, 28-Day count.

In order to give continuity to the process we started, we will NOW attune once again our minds to the Golden Proportion, the Universal Principle of Harmony  present in ALL Nature:



In order to facilitate the process of finding the Golden Proportion in TIME we will start by finding IT within the most basic geometric constructs in SPACE: a line, a plane, a circle and a spiral.

In order to do this we are “mirroring” below a small excerpt from  gofiguremath.org website:


“The Golden Ratio is often defined as the ratio a/b, where the ratio of a to b is the same as the ratio of the entire segment to a. Green is to red as red is to blue.”



Golden Rectangle Definition

“Here’s how it works: The middle line chops the big rectangle in two so the left thing is a square and the right thing is a smaller rectangle. The Golden Rectangle happens when the proportions of the little rectangle are the same as the proportions of the big rectangle.

Why is this the same as the ratio we defined before? Well, if we call the side length of the square “a,” and width of the small rectangle “b,” then the length of the big rectangle is a+b. Then the proportions of the big rectangle are a+b to a, and the proportions of the little rectangle are a to b. Green is to red as red is to blue.”

This definition means that the small rectangle has the same proportions as the big rectangle – in other words, it’s another Golden Rectangle. That means we can chop it up as well, into a square and a smaller Golden Rectangle.

Golden Rectangle Iteration 2

And since the new little rectangle is also a Golden Rectangle, we can chop it up too.

Golden Rectangle Iteration 3

And we can keep going as long as we want.

Golden Rectangle Iteration 5

What’s more, we can draw quarter circles in all the squares:”

Golden Spiral




“So far we’ve already talked about the Golden Ratio as a length. Now let’s talk about its close cousin the Golden Angle.

The Golden Angle happens when you break up a circle so that the ratio of the big arc to the little arc is the Golden Ratio. It’s like taking the line definition of the Golden Ratio and wrapping it into a circlegreen is to red as red is to blue. The resulting angle (marked in the figure) is the Golden Angle, and if you do the math you find that the angle is about equal to 137.5 degrees.” [We will expand on the importance of this later]

SOURCE: http://gofiguremath.org/natures-favorite-math/the-golden-ratio/



NOW that we have a clearer and basic understanding of PHI as the harmonic principle supporting our investigative framework, we can start adding new strokes and threads to weave an increasingly rich picture of the UNIQUE window we are transiting.  We are now ready to explore PHI as Number…

When we assign to segment a the value of 1 unit, the Golden Proportion is completed by the b segment with a value of 0.618. When we extend the line to the plane we have the Golden Rectangle: “Home of the Fibonacci Spiral”

As a result ALL the numbers present on the Fibonacci spiral are in a Golden Proportion relationship with their next immediate neighbors:


Now let’s apply this Golden Principle to a 13-unit scale, fractal base of the 4 most important cycles we are now tracking:

Tzolkin: 13 Harmonic Runs of 20 days and 20 Wavespells of 13 days
Tun Uc: 13 Moons of 28 days
Venus Cycles: 13 orbits around the Sun during 8 Earth years
Long Count: 13 Baktuns of 144.000 days

As we can see on the graph below, positions 5 and 8 mark the 2 PHI points on the 13-unit scale:

When we apply this scale to the 13 Harmonic Runs of 20 days of the Tzolkin, we can appreciate that KIN 160 (and KIN 161) correspond to the perfect PHI point.

Within the loom of maya, these 2 points also mark the position of the 2 columns/harmonic runs that hold in place the ALPHA + OMEGA Galactic Activation Portal runs:


This visual representation serves to appreciate and further understand John Major Jenkins’ observations presented on pART IV of these series:

“The Golden Proportion is best understood in terms of “repeating patterns at successive scales,” nested chinese dolls, and musical harmonies. responsible for most of the tzolkin’s properties. The Golden Proportion is usually approximated as 1.618. One of the qualities of this number which defines it as unique is the fact that 1.6181.618 =1.618 + 1. (In other words, PHI-squared = PHI + 1). The result is 2.618. Numerology comes into play here, because 2.618 x 100 = 261.8, which approximates the tzolkin cycle. The formula is quite simple, and underlies the amazing relationships we’ve already discussed: 100 times PHI squared approximately equals 260.” – John Major Jenkins

Introductory page of  “Tzolkin: Visionary Perspectives and Calendar Studies”, by John Major Jenkins, showing the Golden Proportion operating through the Tzolkin, represented as an additional central channel/void row traversing the core of the 13:20 Tzolkin Matrix, and creating a perfect Golden Rectangle of 13×21. Note that KIN 186 marks the ORIGIN of the spiral, and that 186 is in numerical resonance with 0.618.



Now that we can visualize with clarity KIN 160 as the Golden Proportion marker within the Tzolkin Matrix, we can gain new perspective of its cosmological, chronological and historical relevance.


Let’s examine in depth the profound significance of this point in TIME:

φ • KIN 160 as 4Ahau corresponds to the ALPHA + OMEGA Points of the Long Count:

ALPHA: 4Ahaw 8Kumk’u

OMEGA: 4 Ahaw 3K’ank’in


φ • KIN 160  ALSO corresponds to the YEAR 0 marker within the 13-Baktun Map Wave Harmonic of recorded History that José Arguelles introduced in for the first time in 1987 in The Mayan Factor.

On this fractal count each Unit of the Tzolkin corresponds to 1 katun (7200 days). Therefore there are 20 katuns of 7200 days per harmonic run. (20×7200=144.000 days = 1 Baktun)


As we can appreciate on the map, KIN 160 corresponds to the birth of Christ marking GROUND ZERO of the current calendrical system. Also notice that KIN 113 and KIN 153 correspond to Jerusalem and Teotihuacan respectively.

This is of paramount importance considering the following facts:

φ • The Gregorian calendar is a program encoded with the belief system of the Christian faith. How is this? We are currently transiting the 18th year of the 3rd millenium… But the third millennium of what? The third millennium since the birth of Christ:


φ •  This means that the belief system that has prevailed on Earth for the last 2018 years is correlated with the birth of Christ.

José wrote about this point:

“Let us now turn our attention to the arbitrary dating system, deemed as unquestionable truth by the human species. This arbitrary dating system that dominates the mindset of the world is actually the institutionalization of something called the “religion of Christ,” though it has nothing to do with Jesus Christ, the messenger about whom this religion is based.”

φ •  Let’s remember that it was at the end of the 12th Baktun  and the start of the 13th Baktun [LC]  in the year A.D1618 when the Gregorian calendar took root as the institutionalization of false time and spread through the entire world.

φ • Please note that 1618 is a fractal of 1,618 or PHI. As a fractal numerical expression of the Golden Mean this year is therefore a MAJOR INTERSECTION POINT between the irregular Gregorian timeline and the perfect harmony of the Mayan count based on their advanced vigesimal mathematical system.

φ •  The gregorian year 1618 marks then the moment when we reach a PERFECT GOLDEN MEAN harmonic from the YEAR 0 and the YEAR 1000(1000 + 618 ~ 1+0.618=1.618=PHI)

13-Baktun map of history showing PHI RATIOS coordinating KEY TIMELINE INTERSECTION nodes. YEAR 0 of gregorian count falls on KIN 160 4Ahaw and YEAR 1618 marks the start of the 13th Baktun of 144.000 days


φ • As you can see on the diagram above, the year 1618 marks the PHI/Golden Mean point in time when the 13th baktun of 144.000 days meets the 12-Baktun on the map of recorded history, marking the completion of a CUBE composed of 1728.000 days (12 Baktuns = 12x12x12x1000 days). 

φ •  As a final stroke to this revelation, Leonardo DaVinci’s most recently unveiled “Master Peace”, Salvator Mundi, picturing Christ is fully encoded with the Golden Proportion.

KIN 160 4Ahaw Christ codes the Golden Proportion of the Loom of Maya and the ALPHA and OMEGA of Time as the start and end dates of the 13-Baktun count.





It is then of special relevance to observe that this revelation arrived during the month of June 2018, that is ALSO in resonance with the Golden Proportion. How is this? There are several important factors to consider:

φ  June is the 6th month of this year 2018 and is commonly written around the world as 6.18:

1.6.18 = JUNE 1, 2018
2.6.18 = JUNE 2, 2018
3.6.18 = JUNE 3, 2018
4.6.18 = JUNE 4, 2018
5.6.18 = JUNE 5, 2018
6.6.18 = JUNE 6, 2018

φ • The first day of June 2018 (ALPHA) is therefore noted as 1.6.18.   In an analog manner, June 18, KIN 131 day we started to write this report is also noted in the US date format as 6.18.18

φ • The 1st day of June 2018 (ALPHA1.6.18 we entered into a 26-day fractal count that is in resonance with the 26-Year period of the Harmonic Convergence of 1987 to Galactic Synchronization in 2013. How is this?

As we can observe on the chart below, mapping the count of days from the HISTORIC Venus Transit of 2012 and the Closing of the Cycle of recorded history, on June 1st, 2018 (Gregorian 1.6.18), KIN 114 we completed 1987 days from the closing of the 13th Baktun of 144.000 days of the Mayan Long Count of December 21st, 2012… This is then a perfect fractal where each day elapsed since then is equal to one year from the birth of Christ to the Harmonic Convergence of 1987.

26 days= 26 years

There are several additional factors that are highlighting this window:

φ  As you may remember, our last entry, PHInding Harmony in the chaos  was published on day 161 of the Gregorian year corresponding to 6.10.18: the 12th day of the 12th Moon of the 13 Moon year (12.12).

φ  Notice that the day count and the numerical date are also in resonance with only +1 digit of difference:

Day 161 = 6.10, Day 162=6.11, Day 163=6.12… etc

φ  Day 161 marks the PHI point of the first 260 days of the Gregorian calendar. Day 260 corresponds to September 18, the SAME precise date that marks the start (ALPHA) point of the 13th Baktun of recorded history in the year 1618 (LC marker! This is the baktun that was covered by the Tower of Babel (confusion) according to the Telektonon Prophecy and referenced on several opportunities in these series.

φ  As we can observe this 26-day fractal count of days from 1987 to 2013 that started on June 1st, 2018 ( 1.6.18 ) will come to a fractal end (day 2013) precisely on day 1 (ALPHA point) of the 13th moon of the year, KIN 140, 10 Sun, the last day (OMEGA) on the central Mystic Column and the number that codes the Telektonon Prophecy. This point also corresponds to day 2211 since the historic Venus Transit of June 6, 2012. (22+11=33)

φ  As noted on pART IV of these series, the entrance into the coming Cosmic Moon coded by KIN 13 [13.13] is of utter prophetic relevance considering the celestial harmonics and compounding resonance factors coding this passage. (Please visit Phinding Harmony in the chaos for FULL details)

φ  The start (ALPHA Point) of this fractal 26-day count (day 1987) corresponded to the 24th anniversary of the opening of the sarcophagus of Lady Tzakbu Ahaw in Temple XIII (13) in Palenque, Chiapas.

φ  The entrance to the harmonic 33 coincided with the 2200-day marker elapsed from the rare Venus Transit of 2012 and with day 2002 since the closing of the 13th Baktun of recorded history. This numerical co-incidence is reinforced by the fact that the ALPHA + OMEGA unified signature of the Venus Transit pair of 2004-2012 is KIN 220:



φ • Remember: There is a perfect PHI ratio relationship between the orbits of Earth and Venus.




Now that we have mapped the PHI point on the Tzolkin 13×20 unit Matrix, we can explore its expression on a circle (cycle). As presented above, the Golden Ratio can be visualized by wrapping a Golden segment into a circle:


Now let’s visualize this sacred proportion as one Galactic Spin cycle (13×20 Matrix)…

… and as one 13-Moon Year cycle (13×28 Matrix)…

Representation of the 13-moon year on a circle. Notice that that the Golden Mean position would correspond to day 1 of the 9th moon – Day 225 of the 13-moon year.

There are several important factors to highlight here:

φ  225 days is the time it takes Venus to orbit the Sun once.

φ  According to José’s research, this day (Solar 1) also marks the birth of the SuperHuman (see Cosmic Science).

φ  The last occurrence of Solar 1, corresponded to KIN 28 (2Star) signaling a perfect match for the 13 intervals of 28 days composing the year.

φ  As we can observe below, the Golden Angle is about equal to 137.5 degrees…

This angle is of special interest for our research as it serves as the analog frequency of KIN 137, 7Earth, the number that codes the Spirit that dwells at the center (7) of the Earth knows as Lord “Ah Vuc Ti Cab”, positioned also on the central mystic column of the Tzolkin…

NOTE: Astrophysicists have calculated based on the best available information that the age of the universe is 13.7 billion years.

φ • The numbers 13 and 7 are also perfectly encoded within the Fibonacci spiral and the wavespell structure. How is this?

Screen Shot 2017-06-13 at 14.17.17

The Fibonacci sequence present in all of Nature is also embedded into the Wavespell structure: Within the progression of first 13 Fibonacci numbers [0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144] we can notice that number 13 corresponds to the 7th position. This reaffirms the sacred geometrical relationship between the 7 and the 13 as the basic elegant mathematical principle behind the Cosmology of Time [4:7::7:13].





“The Golden Angle is very important if you are a plant. See, if you’re a plant, you have leaves spread all around your stem and you want them to soak up as much sun as possible. So when you sprout a new leaf, you don’t want it to block your other leaves. You want to set it apart by some angle.

IMAGE SOURCE: cosmometry.net

But you’re a plant, so you don’t have a brain, so you want to make it easy on yourself by using the same angle every time you sprout a new leaf. As it turns out, the best way to minimize the overlap of your leaves is to use the Golden Angle.”  SOURCE: http://gofiguremath.org/natures-favorite-math/the-golden-angle/


As mentioned above and explained in detail on TIME WARS: The 5th Force Awakens, KIN 137 has also marked important turning point events for the consciousness of the planet. Next KIN 137 will mark the completion of:

φ • 2 Tzolkins (520 days) since the current US president took office on January 20, 2017 (KIN 137)
φ • 27 Tzolkins since the release of the movie “The Matrix” on March 31, 1999 (KIN 137)
φ • 738 Tzolkins since the arrival of Christopher Columbus to America on October 12, 1492 (KIN 137)

KIN 137 codes 3 important archetypal events that are entrained in TIME… In 4 days we will arrive to this decisive fractal turning point for Earth. A good opportunity for a telepathic redemption in time…





As we finish this entry is already KIN 133, 3Skywalker and we are completing 30 Tzolkins/7800 days from the “Retrieval of the Divine Plan”. It is then ALSO of special relevance to note that the number 133 corresponds to the perfect PHI point within a perfect CUBE cycle of 216 days (216=6x6x6). This is because 216/133=1.62 ~ 1.618

NOTE: Remember that we are now transiting a fractal of the 216-day cycle comprised between the Solstice point of December 21st, 2012 and the Galactic Synchronization of July 26, 2013. José named this cycle as the “Cubing of the Earth”. (Please read pART IV for details on the prophetic relevance of this cycle)

Finally, it is also interesting to observe that on the 13-Baktun map of recorded history, KIN 133 is positioned in the perfect center in-between KIN 113 (Jerusalem) and KIN 153 (Teotihuacan) both archetypal representations the perfection of measure in SPACE.

On pART VI we will be establishing clear coordinates in relationship to 4 major STARGATE/PORTAL events that we have been highlighting, and that thanks to their profound significance and rare occurrence are serving us as 4 distinctive Key Time Markers:

  1. Venus Transit 2012 6.5-6.2012  >> KIN 8-9 
  2. Closing of the Cycle 12.21.2012 >> KIN 207 
  3. Galactic Synchronization 7.26.2013 >> KIN 164 
  4. Cosmic Harmonic Convergence 7.28-29.2013 >> KIN 167-168

We are selecting the Venus Transit of 2012 as GROUND ZERO point on this harmonic timeline considering the following factors:

φ • There is a perfect PHI ratio relationship between the orbits of Earth and Venus.
φ • Venus cycles were of paramount importance in Mayan Cosmology.

The purpose of mapping these celestial events in the past is to gain perspective over large periods of time and establish new sets of time coordinates and time intervals that, over time, generate compounding resonance, revealing potent combinations of celestial harmonics.

This study will provide a new framework of multiple radial reference points to measure the synchronic harmonic relationships between events over periods larger than 1 solar ring. This was done with the ultimate purpose of gaining  greater insight on current and coming events on Earth.

“The Universal Religion is the revelation of the correct measure of time and life in conscious mathematical detail. The Divine Plan is the redemption of time spent in Babylonian error. The Universal Religion is scientific according to the law of life governing the world systems. The Universal Religion is biospherically sound, noospherically creative. It is the fulfillment not only of the biosphere-noosphere transition, and the Thirteen Baktun Great Cycle of History, but of the entire 26,000-year cycle of human evolution. It is the fulfillment of science, art, prophecy, and religion realized as the Divine Plan on Earth. It is inescapable and immutable Divine Law, mandated by the Supreme Divine Source Itself: universal redemption, the end of time as we know it; entry into the fourth-dimensional Cube of the Law, the beginning of Heaven on Earth.”

José Arguelles / Valum Votan





Report submitted by:

Agent 113
KIN 133 [13.3]

“Divine Intersection” between the Mystic Column x 19-Strand
“7th Gate of Redemption of the War of the Heavens”
7800 days / 30 Tzolkins
from the
“Retrieval of the Divine Plan”
20 Tablets of the Law of Time

Summer Solstice (Northern Hemisphere)
Winter Solstice (Southern Hemisphere)

Day 330 of the 13-Moon Year

Dedicated to:
Catalina KIN 133
for ALL the Inspiration provided to write this report


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