Noospheric Emergence pART I: The Redemption of the nuclear shockwave


KIN 183 1NIght
I unify in order to dream
Attracting intuition
I seal the input of abundance
With the Magnetic tone of purpose
I am guided by my own power doubled

“The historical process is being radically changed under our very eyes. For the first time in the history of mankind the interest of the masses on the one hand, and the free thought of individuals on the other, determine the course of life of mankind and provide standards for men’s ideas of justice. Mankind taken as a whole is becoming a mighty geological force. There arises the problem of the reconstruction of the biosphere in the interests of freely thinking humanity as a single totality. This new state of the biosphere which we approach without our noticing it is the noosphere”

– Vladimir Vernadski –
“Some Words about the Noosphere”

Every year, the window of time comprised between August 6th to August 9th marks a time of transcendental importance for the planet: Every year, during this window we remember the  Hiroshima + Nagasaki nuclear events of 1945. The two bombings, which killed at least 129,000 people, remain the only use of nuclear weapons for warfare in history.

And every year, during this time we have the opportunity to revise the past and question how did we arrived to this dystopian state of affairs and meditate on how can we prevent anything similar to ever happen again.

These atomic explosions in 1945 marked the entrance to an intense transformational period of 56 years leading to 9-11-2001, that José Arguelles defined as the “age of terror” and described in detail on his ground breaking book Time and the Technosphere (2002). This is therefore a time to be aware of the fractal ripples of these events in 2018 as we close this 73-Year climatic window.

As mentioned several times in the past, “our job here at Tortuga is to keep telepathic memory record of these events and hold the resonance field by means of weaving a 4th dimensional holographic “blanket of harmony” over the current distorted 3rd dimensional hologram, projected now as a global “planetary reality” engulfed in increasingly disturbing acts of war and violence.

As Earth Wizards, we have the sacred duty of doing our best in redeeming and making conscious those aspects and events affecting in very detrimental ways the future of the Earth and of our next Seven Generations. One way to achieve this redemption consist simply in making conscious the unconscious. This can be realized by focusing our attention in the numeric messages provided by the sacred rhythms, ratios and proportions of the synchronic order. By using the tools provided by the Law of Time, we can then interpret their significance from an elevated view… a Higher perspective.



The window comprised between the Gregorian dates August 6th, 2018 (73rd anniversary of Hiroshima) and September 11, 2018 (17th anniversary of “The Inevitable Event”) corresponds to a chaotic node of intersecting Past+Present+Future timelines of transcendental karmic repercussions for the planet.

The entrance to this new chaotic node is being signaled by the completion of KEY milestones within the “age of terror”/9-11 redemptive timeline that José Arguelles described in “Time and the Technosphere”. The unfolding of this redemptive narrative has been documented and presented on this platform for the past 5 years.

As we start to write this report, the US is imposing a new set of commercial sanctions on Iran, that started to be effective on August 6th, 2018 increasing the tensions in the Middle East. Also during August 8/9, 2018  a new wave of isreali aerial bombings is taking place in Gaza parallel to US-coalition air-strikes in Yemen targeting a school bus with more than 50 children. According to this PRESS TV reports:

“The Israeli military has carried out over 140 strikes against the Gaza Strip in less than 24 hours. The attacks began on Wednesday night and continued into Thursday morning.”

“Scores of Yemeni children have been killed in Saudi airstrikes that targeted a school bus in the province of Sa’ada. The brutal attack drew widespread condemnation.”


The archetypal drama of resurrection of the human species taking place in this area of the world was presented in detail recently at the start of the Human wavespell (please check “Dissolving the Illusion pART II” for details)

As  we reach this 73-year milestone from the initial trauma, we may ask the question:

How can we heal and integrate its damaging effects while we are still experiencing the shockwave ripples and repercussions in the present, via this perpetual state of war?

The purpose of this report is to provide some tools of analysis that can help to dispel and dissolve the physical, emotional and mental toxic residues that we are dealing with, in the aftermath of these traumatic events sealing this 73-year chapter on Earth.



The focus of attention of these new series is to clearly point out the NEW radial inter-temporal connections that are coming to surface as we emerge out from the 5-Year : 7-Tzolkin synchronization window. This highly compacted “fractal wave” of the Galactic Synchronization Beam arrived last July 26th, 2018, “New Sirian Year” • NS1.31.1.1 • KIN 169 13Moon, the year of cosmic (13) purification (moon). Let’s remember that the celestial entrance to the current 13-Moon year was also signaled by the “longest Blood Moon of the century“. This was presented in detail on pART I + II of the“The 13:28 Factor” series .



Trinity + Hiroshima + Nagasaki trilogy of atomic explosions have been probably the most disrupting events on the planet. When these events took place in 1945, they made a deep impact on the consciousness of a 6-year old child named José Arguelles.

The impact was so deep, that it led him 31 years later to finalize one of his most audacious books,”The Art Planet Chronicles”, during this same window of time (August 6-9, 1982), EXACTLY 37 years After Hiroshima (37AH).

It took another 14 years for the book to see the light of day. In 1996, it was finally released for FREE to the whole Planet Art Network (PAN), including the last chapter of the Original Afterword,  where the author himself recorded the inspiration behind its creation :

“The Arcturus Probe, like The Art Planet Chronicles, spontaneously written over ten years later, in 1992, demonstrates to me that I am essentially a galactic time-release code incarnate in human form. My mission has been highly focused and directed, yet inexplicably confusing or mysterious to most people and even to myself until recent years. This mission is far greater than myself. I have merely been the “bullet” shot from a galactic gun to communicate a cosmic truth, the primal version of which is so purely and innocently woven in this story of love, The Art Planet Chronicles. In the vividness of its descriptions, the odors, the textures, the tastes of everyday life, and in the drama of the transformation of humanity from its sleep of material illusion to achievements of brain-unifying and mind-boggling telepathic wonder, I think there is a ray of hope for others. The path of love is a broad and magnificent highway. The courage to stay true to love is rare. I have had no choice but to follow the unfolding of my galactic course, but without the unique love that came to me by name of Lloydine Burris, none of what I have been able to know, communicate or deliver of that galactic course would ever have come to light.

José Argüelles,
Blue Spectral Monkey,
PAN Agent 24
Rhythmic Moon 1, Blue Magnetic Storm 0 Mol,
“Which unifies all of the pieces”
Blue Self-Existing Storm Year,
51 AH
[After Hiroshima]

In “Planet Art Chronicles” José introduced for the first time the healing Vision of the Rainbow Bridge around the Earth…

“The conclusion came imperceptibly, and it came from a place of deep knowing. “Earth’s Rings,” they had always been present, however unconsciously, as a memory, a deja vu, something I had heard of, or that I knew of all along, yet could not articulate until the writing of The Art Planet Chronicles had taken me to the place of remembering them once again.” 

The Missing Chapter: Original Author’s Afterword of “The Art Planet Chronicles” by José Argüelles, Valum Votan



Considering that 2018 marks the 73rd year elapsed After Hiroshima, we are mirroring  below the last paragraph of this book. By weaving visionary art with reality, the author (disguised as a character of the book) sends an empowering message to humanity and a call to heal the atomic split through ART:



“In the meantime, those whose perceptual passageways are not so sand-bagged by materialist distortions are now being imprinted with the dire, but joyous responsibility to join in the process of amalgamating into Art Spores. Take heed, and have no fear! Join the ranks of the RTAs [Resident Terrestrial Agents] in forming the Planet Art Network! Art Now! War No More! With the heart of a warrior, make the art that heals! No split between art and life, art and science, art and politics! Art is the way of the RTA! Know who you are! The Geomant Front is already upon us! Art Now! War No More! This Weather Report issued in benign aspiration for the intelligent furtherance of all sentient beings. Well, beloved CHV, that encapsulates my own Report. Since the broadcasting of the RTA Weather Report, my work is certainly going to go somewhat easier. After all, it is always with the greatest gratification that we observe another planet casting its VOTE!

José A. Argüelles,
Boulder, Colorado
August 6-9, 1982 (37 AH)


It was also this same Double Rainbow Vision around the Earth  presented in the “The Art Planet Chronicles” that led José and Lloydine to organize 5-years later the Harmonic Convergence on August 16th, 1987 on KIN 55 3Eagle, EXACTLY 21 Tzolkins after the Hiroshima initial trigger event of August 6th, 1945 KIN 55, 3Eagle.

The Vision, then transformed into a Higher Mission call later in 1992, when the couple presented the Dreamspell as a gift to Humanity and as the healing cure to to the “collective amnesia virus” that is still affecting our minds…

During this time, the couple also released “Arcturus Fast Forward: The ABC’s of Galactic Culture”. In this document they presented a groundbreaking set of new concepts and telepathic tools that served as the master template of Galactic Culture on Earth. They also explained in detail the redemptive power of the 4th dimensional Dreamspell codes of time and how they can help us in reverting/rebalancing negative effects from the past :

“Because this fourth-dimensional community of souls has understanding of the unconditional nature of the Dreamspell gift and speaks as one collective voice, the Fifth Force will be able to respond in kind with information and energy appropriate to the needs of the planet holon. This information channeled through the space suits of the holon community of souls will empower these holons’ third-dimensional egos with hitherto unknown knowledge and powers. This new knowledge and power, in accord with the Dreamspell, will constitute a radical mind technology for destructuring the more disastrous third-dimensional illusions such as radioactivity and nuclear waste.

Such is the essence of the Galactic Marshall Plan. Initiated 7.26.87, 8 Wizard, reverse Trinity Site, 8 Wizard, 7.16.45; anchored 8.16.87, 3 Eagle, reverse Hiroshima, 3 Eagle, 8.6.45; implemented, 7.26.92, 13 Storm, Trinity Site wavespell fully reversed, thirteen galactic tones re-installed, setting off human holon creative chain reaction of fourth-dimensional time: the Manhattan Project of the Creative Imagination.”

Arcturus Fast Forward: “The ABC’s of Galactic Culture”
by KIN 11 + KIN 22

During this time, José +Lloydine became global pilgrims, traveling the world and spreading a message of Unification in Time and Peace through Culture…

José and Lloydine in Japan in 1995 during the 50th anniversary of Hiroshima.

“With the Thirteen Moon Calendar as the basis of their investigation of the Law of Time, the Argüelles forged ahead creating a “tool kit” of the new time called Dreamspell, the Journey of Timeship Earth 2013 (1991). Already a whole systems thinker, Argüelles had identified the unique Mayan vigesimal mathematical system with the mathematics of the fourth dimension, the cause of a radical revisioning of the modern physics of time. In his study of the relation of the human within its environment, Argüelles came to study the works of the Russian biospheric scientist, Vladimir Vernadsky (1863-1945). It was in Vernadsky’s final work, Problems in Biogeochemistry II (1944) that Argüelles found what he was looking for: a statement confirming Argüelles’ perception that modern (Gregorian) science had totally misperceived the nature of time by applying the metrics of space as measurements of time, thereby obscuring altogether the actual nature of time. In other words, time is a dimension totally apart from, or grater than space, and, according to Vernadsky, from the point of view of time space is an infinitely locatable point.”

Calendar Reform and the Future of Civilization
Preparatory Reflections by José and Lloydine Argüelles for the World Summit on Peace and Time (Costa Rica, 1999).



Arguelles exploration of Vernadski’s work led to the transformation and evolution of the Circumpolar Rainbow Bridge Vision as a holographic projection of the manifestation of the Noosphere in 2013.

This transformational process from the biosphere into the noosphere was defined by José as the “biosphere-noosphere transition crisis” and  described for the first time in 2001 in Time and the Technosphere.



Considering the transcendental healing nature of this 13-Moon year,  we are also mirroring below an excerpt from this book’s preface. It is a summary recapitulation of decisive historic events leading to the emergence of the Noosphere:


“As a noospheric medium, Vernadsky’s life span was precisely timed to end when the global structure of the technosphere was about to be unconsciously constructed. The ingredients of the technosphere are indicated in the above-quoted passages as the planetary phenomena altering the biogeochemical history of the chemical elements, transforming them into an “immense new form of biogeochemical energy represented by the technological work of man, complexly guided by his thought.” It is the increase, over the course of time, of machinery in the structure of human society that proceeds in geometrical progression- just like the reproduction of any kind of living matter, man included-and that constitutes the general nature of the technosphere. The growth of “free energy,” the often toxic by-products of the industrial transformation of raw goods into consumer products, becomes the hallmark of the technosphere, the transitional stage between the biosphere and the noosphere.

It is this very point of the elemental process of the production of “free energy” and what it signifies in terms of the transformation of the biosphere into the noosphere that causes Vernadsky to call statesmen to attention. Why? As we know today, fifty- six years after Hiroshima, “free energy” in various manifestations has been causing danger signals to go off throughout the biosphere-from ozone depletion to global warming to nuclear radioactivity. What these danger signals have been telling us is that the techno sphere is coming to a point of its own exponentially accelerating biogeochemical combustion. Statesmen and politicians are advised by Vernadsky because the domain of their political rulership actually encompasses the everyday governing of the technosphere. But, alas, most people, statesmen included, are still unconscious of the existence of the technosphere, much less its role in relation to the biosphere and the forthcoming geological state, the noosphere. Hence, the Inevitable Event.

During much of Vernadsky’s life, the geochemical combustion and release of “free energy” was just coming into its own. At his birth in the middle of the nine- teenth century, the world was not yet globally industrialized, and without a totally globalized industrial base there can be no technosphere. The critical span of the two world wars, 1914-1945, was for the purpose of establishing the world market-a total industrialized market and communications base for the expansion of technology and the creation of the unifying global structure of the technosphere. The inaugura- tion of the atomic age at Hiroshima, August 6, 1945, marks the precise beginning of the dual factors: the commencement of biogeochemical transmutation and combustion of the biosphere by the impact of human thought, the atomic bomb and release of nuclear radioactivity into the terrestrial atmosphere; and simultaneously, the beginning construction of the technosphere.

The bomb created a point of critical self-awareness within the human organism as well as producing in that organism an unprecedented sense of its own power. It was this sense of power that necessitated the unconscious impulse toward putting into place the structure of the technosphere. Of course, at the outset the species was only responding to a new, uncharted world situation, fundamentally unaware both of what it was creating as well as of the fact that it was actually constructing some- thing in the nature of a transition between two geological conditions, the biosphere and the noosphere.

It could be said that Hiroshima lit the fuse of the final stage of biogeochemical combustion, the technosphere being the inevitable structure needed for the fuse to detonate at just the right moment. In this regard the synchronic order of the Law of Time ordained a precise 56-year cycle for the existence of the technosphere: 1945- 2001. It is important to grasp that in this 56-year cycle the human population quadrupled, expanding from 1.5 to more than 6 billion. The 56-year cycle divides into precise subcycles of twenty-eight years each. The first twenty-eight years, 1945-1973, begins with Hiroshima and ends with the completion of the World Trade Center towers in New York City. This marks the accomplishment of the creation of the “World Market,” the actual transformation of the biosphere into the technosphere. The second 28-year cycle, 1973-2001, spans from the dedication of the World Trade Center towers to their destruction by an act of suicidal planetary terror, and marks the phase of “globalization” -the absolute dominance of the materialist market economics, inclusive of the dramatic end of the Cold War in 1990. The very midpoint of the second 28-year cycle is the Harmonic Convergence of August 16-17, 1987, exactly fourteen years after the dedication of the World Trade Center and fourteen years before the inevitable moment of their destruction.

A profound statement of the way in which the Law of Time governs the entire biosphere, inclusive of the artificial and transitional structure of the technosphere, lies in the fact that the Gregorian calendar -an otherwise irregular and confusing pseudo-standard of measure- is nonetheless coordinated by the Law of Time to repeat its cycle precisely every twenty-eight years. What this means is that the days of the week and months for the Gregorian calendar year 1945 repeated again in 1973, and yet a third time in 2001. The program prefiguring the Inevitable Event was already tested at Trinity Site (July 16, 1945), and established as the atomic destruction of Hiroshima (August 6, 1945) and Nagasaki (August 9, 1945). This program of mass destruction was sublimated in 1973 as the triumphant completion of the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center, only so that in 2001 they could be the apocalyptic target of the inevitable 9-11 planetary red alert and moral emergency catastrophe, the only rival of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in fifty-six years. We shall return to this point later in our discussion on the Law of Time and the role of calendars as macro-organizing, programming factors that control the functioning of the human in the biosphere.”

“We can do anything! With GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE…We know that the atomic bomb was possible… and it happened. This is the same. This is possible. This is the possible vision that in 2012 we are able to spring the circumpolar rainbow bridge. Because we have been practicing and developing increasingly large groups of human beings who are willing to be telepathic bio-psychic electro-magnetic batteries in unison with each other around the Earth.”

José Arguelles


In the book “Time and the Technosphere” José defined the biomass constant as follows:

biomass, biomass constant: Sum quantity of living matter, which, according to Vernadsky, has remained relatively stable since the origin of life on Earth; as a constant, maintained by synchronic timing factor mathematically described as an annual orbital ratio of 73(5) =365 days per solar orbit of Earth.”

In the same book José described with special emphasis the significance behind this mathematical “synchronic timing factor”:

“Through the efforts that constituted the discovery of the Law of Time, much of which was assisted by my partner and wife, Lloydine, I was finally able to begin to understand the methodology for accomplishing the paradigm shift-or psychic pole shift-of which humanity was so in need, at least from the perspective of the biosphere. By providing the mathematical basis for establishing the “biomass constant,” Seventy-three 5-day subcycles correlated to the measure of the solar year, I had found a way of grounding the fourth-dimensional mental order of time, the synchronic order, in the actual third-dimensional biogeochemical cycles of the biosphere. This was like casting a harpoon of time from the noosphere and landing it in a precisely measured form in the annual turning of Earth’s biospheric mantle. And this was accomplished precisely because of the intrinsic harmonic cycles and patterns of the Dreamspell Wizard’s Count.”

73×5 = 365 = 1 Life Cycle,

73= Biomass Constant and 5=Life itself

Given the transcendental healing power that resides within this 13-Moon year, the 73-year “shadow shockwave” of the Hiroshima holographic memory imprint and its toxic effects on the biomass can now be contained. The redemptive qualities of this 73-year marker reside on its UNIQUE numerical and cyclical significance:

  1.  5 cycles of 73 Years are contained in a hologram of 365 Years.
  2.  The completion of the 73-year marker from the start of the Atomic Age is then of  KEY RELEVANCE considering  that 4 Cycles of 365 Years give birth to the ancient Sothic Cycle of 1460+1 Years, that the Egyptians use to track the Star Sirius and measure the point in time when the civil calendar will synchronize again the astronomical calendar and the heliacal rising of Sirius.
  3. It is during this 73-year interval of time when the “normalization of Terror” has been taking place within the human psyche, reaching the deepest layers of the collective unconscious “shadow-self”. The damage upon the human species is still to be assessed, as we are still experiencing the “shockwaves” of these events in the present time… 


As presented last year on “PROPHECY, 9-11 AND THE END OF THE ARTIFICIAL TIMELINE. PART II: Deconstructing The Artificial Matrix” it is important to remember that the ground-breaking ceremony of the TWIN TOWERS took place on the 21st anniversary of Hiroshima on August 6, 1966, KIN 180 11Sun (exactly 52 years from the day we started to write this report).

Groundbreaking ceremony of the Twin Towers: August 6, 1966 (NS0.31.1.12) EXACTLY 52 years/73 Tzolkins in the past.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The completion of this 52-Year Solar-Galactic cycle since the Groundbreak ceremony corresponds then to one perfect set of 73 Tzolkins!!!

The groundbreaking event is connected then to the inauguration ceremony of 1973 (ALPHA) and the destruction of 2001 (OMEGA).

This ALPHA-OMEGA interval corresponds to the Gregorian calendar harmonic of 28-Years presented by José in Time and the Technosphere. The prophetic and redemptive qualities of this 28-Year cycle were presented in detail on numeral 28 of “The 13:28 Factor – pART II: The Harmonic Convergence of Prophecy” published last Day Out of Time:


“As a last powerful sign of the redemptive power of the coming 13Moon year, the completion of this first 28-Year Telektonon circuit serves as a holographic container for the telepathic redemption of the Gregorian calendar and its  28-Year repetitive cycle. How is this?

The Gregorian calendar is a PROGRAM that follows a permutation cycle of 28 years. This means that every 28 years, the days of the month match once again the same days of the week. In his ground-breaking book “Time & the Technosphere: The Law of Time in Human Affairs”, José Arguelles introduced for the first time a 28-year Gregorian calendar Time-line connecting two of the most life altering events of modern history: The first atomic bomb of 1945 and the destruction of the Twin Towers in New York City, in 2001, 2 cycles of 28 years years later…  The atomic events started a period of 56 years that Jose Arguelles defined as the “age of terror” and described in detail on his ground breaking book Time and the Technosphere (2002):

28-YEAR Gregorian calendar Program showing the two 28-year cycles between the years 1945-1973-2001.

“The fifty-six years between Hiroshima and the Inevitable Event [9/11/2001] were the age of terror, for it was atomic terror that initiated the technosphere in a baptism of nuclear fire, and in the end, it was an unimaginable suicidal terror that brought down not just one, but both of the Twin Towers of Babel. The final collapse of the technosphere is also the final war between blood and money. Artificial time has run out. Only a new time will be able to regenerate the biosphere and spiritually revive mankind.” – Jose Arguelles

This Red Cosmic Moon year presents then the first opportunity to consciously redeem this hidden 28-Year self-perpetuating cycle of disharmony.”


As briefly mentioned on pART I, JULY 16th, 2018 (NS1.30.13.20 • KIN 159 3Storm ) marked the completion of 73 years from the first of the 3 events that kick-started  the Atomic Age with the TRINITY blast on the 33rd meridian of the Earth:

JULY 16, 1945:  Trinity Blast Opens Atomic Age 

The Atomic Age began when the United States successfully detonated a plutonium-based test nuclear weapon near Alamogordo, New Mexico located at 33 degrees latitude North.

Exactly 59 Tzolkins later, or 42 years + 10 days after this event, on July 26, 1987, NS1.1.1 • KIN 34 8 Wizard, its redemption was enacted via the New Dispensation of Time. The redemptive nature of this process was described by José and Lloydine back in 1992 on the document entitled “Arcturus Fast Forward: The ABC’s of Galactic Culture”:

“Within the Radial Matrix, White Galactic Wizard, is the galactic gateway common to July 21, 1992 and to July 16, 1945, Trinity site, the date marking the detonation of the first atomic bomb on planet Earth, the birth of the nuclear age. As with the Harmonic Convergence and Hiroshima, the point of activating wavespell Three is to consciously and systematically reverse a negative historical effect. This time, however, through activation of the human pulsar bomb, the entire genie of the nuclear age can be put back into the bottle of scientific materialism. […]

At the same time, inclusive and taking into account an historical event like Trinity Site, White Galactic Wizard, the human pulsar bomb will set in motion a chain reaction of fourth dimensional time. This chain reaction will take the form of rapidly expanding grid of synchronistic telepathy.”

Arcturus Fast Forward: “The ABC’s of Galactic Culture”
by KIN 11 + KIN 22



During the year 2017 this same window marked the completion of 72  years since the start of the “Age of Terror” . At the time we noted:

“From the astronomical perspective, this 72-Year marker holds a frequency of KEY IMPORTANCE for our planet, given the fact that the axis of the earth moves one degree every 72 years compared to stars and the vault of heaven. This slight movement of one degree every 72 years gives origin to the “Great Year” also known of the Precession of Equinoxes:

360 X 72=25920 years

The relevance of this 72nd year anniversary was signaled last month by the adoption of the world’s first treaty to comprehensively ban nuclear weapons by 122 U.N. members, and highlighted in the news today :

“Hiroshima on Sunday marked the 72nd anniversary of its atomic bombing by the U.S., with Mayor Kazumi Matsui using the annual memorial ceremony to call on the central government to help make a treaty banning nuclear weapons a reality.

This year’s ceremony at Peace Memorial Park near ground zero follows the adoption by 122 U.N. members last month of the world’s first treaty to comprehensively ban nuclear weapons.

The treaty’s preamble uses the term hibakusha in mentioning “the unacceptable suffering” experienced by the survivors of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings, which had killed an estimated 214,000 people by the end of 1945.

But Japan — together with the world’s nuclear weapon states and other countries under the U.S. nuclear umbrella — refused to participate in the U.N. treaty.”


This 73-Year marker is bringing more elements of 9-11 redemptive narrative of “the Inevitable Event’s” to the surface. Last year, the 72-Year marker also arrived loaded with prophetic meaning:

The prophetic relevance of the 72nd Hiroshima Anniversary was presented in detail one year ago and are worth re-visiting on this report as they allow us to establish a continuing conscious memory stream and the emergence of important numerical patterns.

• The summoning power of Hiroshima (August 6, 1945 ~ KIN55) and Nagasaki (August 9, 1945 ~ KIN 58) is KIN 113 (55+58=113) Galactic Signature of Quetzalcoatl as Lord of the Dawn, patron deity of the Harmonic Convergence.

• In the meanwhile, KIN 75 is also the summoning power of the Lord of the Dawn (KIN 113) and Tony Shearer (KIN 222) Native American poet and author of the book “Lord of the Dawn” who in 1969 transmitted the Prophecy of the 13Heavens and 9Hells to Jose Arguelles. (113+222=335-260=75)

• The 72-Year fractal ripple is also occurring during the WorldBridger Wavespell:

>> Japan is located on the WorldBridger Zone on the planet holon.

>> WorldBridger corresponds to the power of Death of Galactic-Karmic Mars (V24.4). The Skywalker corresponds to the Solar-Prophetic aspect of Mars (V24.4) whose purpose is to redeem the Galactic-Karmic Death aspect of the red planet.

>> From the galactic maya cosmological perspective, the destruction of life on Mars (V24.4) was projected on Earth as a re-enactment, or a recapitulated cosmology of the nuclear holocaust during WWII. 

Paradoxically, August 6th (1.12) also corresponds to the celebration of the Feast of Transfiguration of Jesus Christ in the Gregorian Calendar:


“The Transfiguration was the glorification of the human body of Jesus. On this occasion His body underwent a change in form, a metamorphosis, so that it shone as brightly as the sun. At the time of the Transfiguration, Jesus’ earthly ministry was coming to a close. He had acknowledged that He was the Messiah and predicted His death and resurrection. Now He was to reveal, to a select few, His divine glory.” Don Stewart


On pART II, of these series we will bring to the surface more layers within this redemptive narrative. May this be an opportunity to contemplate the symbolic meaning behind the coalescence of these events and elevate our perceptions to re-collect and redeem once again these nuclear imprints through the fabric of Time-Space.





Report submitted by:

KIN 113
KIN 183 1Night
August 9th, 2018
on the Gregorian calendar

International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples

73rd anniversary
of Nagasaki nuclear event

73 AH
[After Hiroshima]
7Kab’an 10Yaxk’in’


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