Noospheric Emergence pART II: The Harmonic Convergence of the Ancient Future – Past


NS1.31.1.22 /  NS1.31.1.23
KIN 190 8Dog

since the “Harmonic Convergence”

“There comes a point when things have to change. A vibration signal was sent out. Where the signal was coming from—whether it was coming from our genetic coding, whether it was coming from the Earth, whether it was coming from outer space, or whether it was coming from all of those—this signal went out and people responded to a signal. It is very much like when a species gets a signal to change the direction of its migration pattern. The signal was, “go back to the Earth … if you want peace on this planet, go back to the Earth.”

– José Arguelles on the Harmonic Convergence –

In 1987 José and Lloydine Arguelles launched a word-of-mouth campaign  calling for 144,000 human beings to gather near sacred sites at dawn on August 16 and 17 to “open the doors to the final 26 years of the 5,125-year Mayan Great Cycle,” an era of unprecedented change and preparation for a new evolutionary cycle on Earth.

They called this campaign “The Harmonic Convergence” and August 16-17, 2018 mark 31 years from this groundbreaking first globally synchronized meditation in human history. The arrival to this 31-year milestone is coming loaded with NEW auspicious revelations and signs of Prophecy.

The purpose of this report is to present factual evidence of some of these revelations and in doing so,  establish more elements of continuity with the redemptive narrative presented on pART I, “The Redemption of the nuclear shockwave” published at the start of this wavespell, on KIN 183 1Night.

By bringing to our conscious awareness the ripple effects that this event is still generating through the fabric of TIME, we are establishing an increasingly clear and coherent narrative based on a very elegant and harmonic set of synchronic patterns, weaving the physical world (3rd Dimension=Space) with the dream-world (4th Dimension=Time).





In the Dreamspell count, the 31-year anniversary is taking place on the 8th and 9th positions of the wavespell of the Night (the Dreamer archetype): corresponding to KIN 190 8Dog and KIN 191 9Monkey. Let us remember that number 31 as Kin 31, corresponds to the last rotation of Valum Votan during his last 58 days of life on Earth.

This is then a perfect opportunity to weave the Dream of Galactic Love by reconnecting memories of present day and ancient-future overlapping realities… It is also a perfect time to remember the origins and purpose of the Dreamspell.




“Since the scientific revolution every single revolution has been a clock-wise revolution. The Dreamspell is a counter-clockwise revolution.”
-José Arguelles

Traveling back in TIME: The Anti-Clockwise Spin

Let’s travel back in time and tune in once again to the moment when humanity responded to the initial synchronization signal sent by José and Lloydine on a day like today 31 years in the past:


Celebrants raise their hands as the sun rises over the northwestern New Mexico landscape near Chaco Canyon, N.M., Aug. 16, 1987. About a thousand people participated in various activities, part of the “harmonic convergence” including chanting, prayer and meditation. (AP Photo/David Breslauer)

“The Harmonic Convergence of 1987 was celebrated worldwide by tens of thousands if not millions of people and marked the first time human beings simultaneously coordinated their prayers, meditations, and ceremonies at sacred sites around the planet. This was the first manifestation of a networked thrust toward a unified moment of collective synchronization. Everyone from Shirley MacLaine to Timothy Leary to John Denver celebrated the event. Even talk show host Johnny Carson got his studio audience to OM on behalf of the event. Many people reported significant shifts in consciousness and a reorientation in their life patterns. The event even

The moment in history known as Harmonic Convergence was defined by José Arguelles, the mind and heart behind it, as “the point at which the counter-spin of history finally comes to a momentary halt, and the still imperceptible spin of post-history commences.” It was the fulfillment of the prophecy of Quetzalcoatl, known as the Thirteen Heavens and Nine Hells. The prophecy stated that following the ninth hell, humanity would know and experience an unprecedented New Age of Peace. The Hell cycle ended on August 16, 1987; the Harmonic Convergence began on August 17. Thus began the projected twenty-five year culmination of the 5,125 year Great Cycle of History, as well as the 26,000-year cycle of evolution, both slated to end in 2012.”

Since December 21st, 2012 we entered a transition period of accelerated evolutionary change that is leading to the dawn of the Noosphere and the Return to Natural Time.

“The Harmonic Convergence was an announcement of the forthcoming end of time as we know it and a preparation to move from third-dimensional reality of space into fourth-dimensional reality of time. Contrary to popular belief, it is time rather than gravity that keeps everything in the universe in order. Time is the mathematics of the universal laws of nature, the unifying force that holds everything together. The Mayans knew this, basing the Mayan calendar on the universal mathematics of the fourth dimension. The frequency of time is the 13:20 ratio on which the Mayan calendar is based. Humanity is now in the process of changing the old 12:60 (twelve months in a year, 60 minutes in an hour) timing frequency to the timing of Natural Law, thus taking us out of time as we know it and into fourth dimensional awareness. When we have accomplished this transformation, we will enter a new path of spiritual and mental evolution in tune with the cycles of the universe. Some call this “Heaven on Earth.”

– José Arguelles


The synchronic nature and profound prophetic significance of this 13-Moon year, was presented in detail on pART I + II of the 13:28 factor series, and condensed on a list of “28 Synchronization Factors”, revealing the redemptive nature of this 13Moon year as a powerful 365-day healing portal for humanity. During this entire year, it is KEY to keep present that we are closing 2 cycles of great significance:

• The 13-Year ~ 13-Moon cycle (2006 – 2019)
Dreamspell Years 1Moon to 13Moon
• The 28-Year Telektonon of Resurrection cycle (1991-2019)
Dreamspell Years 12Wizard to 13Moon

These 2 cycles represent the 2 main themes for this year:
Cosmic Purification and Prophetic Redemption.


In order to grasp the full scale of the healing potential of this window, let’s re-capitulate the highlights of this most powerful synchronization process by bringing back to memory the KEY elements of the redemptive narrative presented on pART I:

“The entrance to the 13th and final 28-day moon of the Yellow Crystal Seed year last June 27, 2018 • NS1.30.13.1 KIN 140 , signaled the stART of a very powerful 28-day synchronization portal leading to a climatic harmonic convergence of celestial cycles on Day Out of Time 2018 and Sirian New Year (JULY 25/26, 2018). On this day, as the star Sirius rises once again before the Sun, we will  arrive to a new KEY MILESTONE in the Galactic Maya prophetic timeline :

The completion of
5-Years : 7-Tzolkins (+5 days)
since we crossed the
Galactic Synchronization Portal
of July 26, 2013 KIN 164, 8Seed

Within the Maya time-keeping science this period is known as 1HOLTUN and  corresponds to the synchronization phase that takes place every 5 years + 5 days between the 13-Moon count (364+1 days) and the Galactic count (260 days).



The profound significance of this 28-day passage  is highlighted at this time by the emergence and coalescence of multiple synchronizing factors between astronomical events, world events and numerical markers, revealing a masterful tapestry woven through the fabric of TIME and SPACE.

We are crossing a NEW TIME threshold at light-speed, and the arrival to this new 5-Year : 7-Tzolkin prophetic milestone within the process of Galactic Synchronization is being signaled by the harmonic convergence of cycles within cycles of time coming to perfect synchronization during the current 13th moon of the year:

• The eclipse cycles
• The 780-day Martian synodic cycle
• The 13-Moon ~ 13-Year cycle
• The 28-Year Telektonon of Resurrection cycle
• The 52-Year : 73-Tzolkin  Solar-Galactic cycle
• The 73-Year Atomic Era cycle
• The 1461-Year Sothic cycle
• The 13-Baktun cycle of recorded history

Given the historic relevance and compounding resonance of these nested cycles, enhanced by the presence of unique celestial events serving as 3rd dimensional synchronization anchors on Earth,  the purpose of this SPECIAL REPORT is to firmly GROUND these frequencies by making conscious their presence and prophetic significance during this 28+1 day synchronization period leading to Sirian New Year, July 26th, 2018, KIN 169 13Moon.”



The unique prophetic relevance of this 13th moon of the year was highlighted  by two KEY numerical milestones on the Galactic Maya Timeline, that are serving as guideposts enshrining the entrance into this 28-day synchronization portal. Day 1 of the 13th moon of the Year KIN 140 marked:

+ 2211days from the historic Venus Transit of 2012(2012-6-6)
2013 days from the closing of the 13-Baktun Cycle of Recorded History of (2012-12-21)

Please notice that


Considering their rare and close occurrence in time, the Venus Transit of 2012 and the “Galactic Alignment” of Earth with the Sun and the “Dark Rift” at the heart of the Milky Way galaxy on  the Winter/Summer Solstice, right during the closing of the 13th Baktun of the Mayan Long Count (vigesimal marker, are the 2 most significant time portals of the 21st century, and probably the entire 3rd millenium.

This is then a perfect window to sail into the ocean of time and honor once again José and Lloydine Arguelles by remembering their legacy to the world. Thanks to them we are NOW able to contemplate over TIME the profound significance of the restorative work of the Galactic Maya Time Science that they set into motion and gain perspective of the scale of the synchronization taking place during this moon.”


In an amazing display of synchronicity, the 31-year milestone from the Harmonic Convergence organized by José and Lloydine in 1987 is enshrined by auspicious signs of Prophecy coming from the Ancient Future-Past.

In the essay Ancient Future Cosmology, Prophecy and Revelation: Galactic Maya and Multidimensional Consciousness, Itzadragon, KIN 21 presented a fascinating exploration of the term Ancient Future. Even though the linear understanding of the concept is limited, the linear model of Past – Present and Future provides a simple framework of exploration to find important reference points in time. This is the case taking place TODAY.

“…these visions of Ancient Future, both the Church’s version and the esoteric version, appealed to the hope of bringing wisdom from the past of humanity to the modern times. This is obviously a linear understanding of time as a cause and effect, being the cause the ancient past and the effect the future of the now.

Given the multiple and unique redemptive qualities of this 13-Moon year it is of special interest to highlight and bring to memory once again some KEY dates on the prophetic time-line as recorded in stone in Palenque:


Pacal Votan was born on Long Count marker 8 Ajaw / 8 Sun (RealTime) • 8 Dog (Kin 190) on the Dremspell Count. August 16, 2018 marks the completion of EXACTLY 1987+1 Tzolkins since his arrival to this world according to the Dreamspell (DreamTime).

• According to the Ancient Maya Tzolkin Count (RealTime) August 16th, 2018 corresponds to 1 K’an, marking the start the Trecena of K’an (Green Corn Wavespell). 1 K’an is equivalent to Kin 144 (1 Seed) in the Dreamspell Count (DreamTime), the Kin that activated the revelation of Telektonon in the First Year of Prophecy (1993-1994) of the ministry of Valum Votan & Bolon Ik.

Kin 190 – 16/8/2018

• 1 K’an also corresponds to the birth Kin of Uk’ix Chan, the mythical founder of the Palenque Dynasty, who was also known as “The Olmec” Priest.

According to the new revelation of the “RealTime Telektonon,” Uk’ix Chan is the one that initiated it:


The Ancient Maya stone inscriptions inform us that King Pakal modeled himself according to the Archetype of Uk’ix Chan, as it shows the image above depicting Pakal representing Uk’ix Chan in Temple XXI (21), Palenque.



“Death and Life are opposites that complement each other. Both are halves of a sphere that we, subjects of time and space, can only glimpse. In the prenatal world, life and death are merged; in ours, opposed; in the world beyond, reunited again. The Temple of the Inscriptions, an ancient Maya funerary monument in Palenque, ca. C.E. 683, exemplifies a paradox: commemorating a death while celebrating the future.”

by Elizabeth Olton



The prophetic Nature of this planetary wavespell of the wizard (2018-2019) was already highlighted one year ago on June 15th, 2017 during the 65th anniversary of the discovery of the tomb of the Great Pakal in the report “The Telektonon Factor: 65 Years of a Living Prophecy”

Considering that this entire year is coded by the Wizard let’s bring back to memory some of the highlights presented back then:

“The 4th Dimensional Pulsar Wave of the current wavespell is comprised by KIN 14+18+22+26. Each of these gateways holds the 5th Force oracle of Timelessness in place, and each of them also holds a KEY EVENT of enormous significance within the prophetic narrative presented so far.


★ KIN14: Magnetic Gate of the White Wizard (Balaam/Jaguar Priest)

KIN 14 codes the enthronement day of Pacal Votan on the Dreamspell Count. Therefore, on the first day of this current wavespell we commemorated 1969 spins from that historic enthronement date recorded in stone as Long Count date 5 Lamat 1 Mol (July 26th, 615)

KIN 14 1Wizard also codes the July 26th, 2019 Portal, as Year-Bearer (Day 1, Moon 1 of the New Sirius Cycle 32. This event will mark:

>>> 1971 Tzolkins/Cycles of 260-days since the enthronement ceremony of Pacal Votan at age  12 on July 26th 615 AD

>>> 1404 Solar Years of 365-days since the enthronement ceremony of Pacal Votan at age 12 on July 26th 615 AD. 


KIN 18 and KIN 22 hold the 2 Towers of the Wavespell of Timelessness. (Note: 18+22=40)

★ KIN 18:Command Tower of the White Mirror. KIN 18 codes the ascension of Lady Tzakbu Ahaw in the traditional count as 5Etznab.

★ KIN 22: Solar Tower of the White Wind.

22 = Code of Prophecy = Bolon Ik = 9+13
This means that the Solar Moon of this 13-Moon year will hold the frequency of the Primordial Mother of Palenque: Bolon Ik.

It is also important to remember that in the Telektonon Game of Prophecy, every 28 days as we step into the final 28th unit, we enter the Spirit Tower of Bolon Ik or Tower of the Winds to “become the Victory of Prophecy”.

July 26, 2018 KIN 169  13Moon, marked the entrance into the LAST UNIT (OMEGA POINT) of the 28-YEAR TELEKTONON of PACAL VOTAN that started in the year 1991 and contains the 16-Year Cube of the Law (1997-2013).

In the Telektonon Game of Prophecy, every 28 days as we step into the final 28th unit, we enter the Spirit Tower of Bolon Ik or Tower of the Winds to “become the Victory of Prophecy”.

Number 28 codes then the Galactic Mother Bolon Ik who represents the Feminine nature of the New Time. The invitation is to tune in during this entire year to the source of the Primordial Mother. We will expand on the prophetic significance of this in future reports.

★ KIN 26:Cosmic Gate of White Death/Worldbridger:
KIN 26 codes the 13th clear sign of prophecy on Pacal Votan’s lid.




As anticipated during the last 13th Moon of the Year of the 12 Seed year  coded by KIN 64 [ HUMAN DNA CODE], the powerful 5-Year : 7-Tzolkin + 5 days synchronization/purification window from last July 21-26, catapulted us into the last stage within the Telektonon circuit of 28-years and a new chapter within the biosphere-noosphere transition time-line.


The entrance to this new year and new stage in the Galactic Maya Prophetic timeline was clearly signaled by celestial signs of prophecy:

On day 31 of its retro phase, the “Red Planet” synchronized with the longest Blood Moon Eclipse of the 21st century right at the entrance to New Sirius Cycle 31, marking  another major synchronization point in time:

Mars opposition occurred on July 27 [NS1.31.1.2 • KIN 170 1 Dog] signaling the start of a new 780-day synodic cycle.
The completion of a new synodic cycle of 780 days synchronizing with the Blood Moon eclipse on July 27th, 2018 signaled then the synchronization of the eclipse cycle and the Martian synodic cycle with the heliacal rising of Sirius.


It was precisely during this celestial passage on JULY 27, 2018, at the entrance to the Wavespell of Dog/ Love that the INAH announced that the full burial assemblage of Queen Tz’akbu Ajaw (Temple XIII, Lakamha’ Palenque) started to be exhibited to the public for the first time in Mexico City.


“The Journey to Xibalba” (equivalent to the Mayan Underworld) is the name of the art exhibit that will be open to the public from July 27 to September 9, 2018 in the Temporary Exhibit Hall of the “Templo Mayor” Museum, where the public will have the chance to “enter” a replica of the funerary chamber of Temple XIII (13) in Palenque, destined to her eternal repose, 1346 years ago.
The historic and prophetic relevance of this exhibit was presented in detail on “The Resurrection of the Ancient Maya Queen of Palenque Tz’akbu Ajaw” at the start of this year, when we covered how the entire funerary art of the Maya Queen’s grave was carefully reconstructed by a multidisciplinary team and displayed for the first time in New York City as part of the exhibition “Golden Kingdoms” that opened to the public on the 28 of February 2018 (Kin 21),  at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City.


Even though the relics of the Queen and King of Palenque are not exhibited in the same museum, this is the first time they are sharing the same geographical location outside of Palenque. It is then relevant to re-member that:

  • Mexico City is located at sacred geometrical latitude of 19.5 degrees, (angle at which a cube is inscribed in a sphere)
  •  Pacal Votan’s burial at the National Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City corresponds to exhibit No 169+170.
  • As we can appreciate below, back in 2013 the same window of July 26-29, also signaled a major synchronization: The Grand Sextile planetary alignment synchronizing with the Heliacal rising of Sirius at Mekka latitude on KIN 167-168:


  • August 16 and 17, 2018 corresponds to days Day 21 and 22 of the exhibit of the funerary art of Queen Tz’akbu Ajaw that started on the past 27 July (Day 2 of the Magnetic Moon) in Mexico City and that was initially exhibited in New York City for the first time during the past KIN 21 + 22.
  • Number 22 codes the RealTime seal of the main deity of the Classic Maya, known as God I (GI) or Bolon Ik. In the DreamTime, Kin 22 codes the Mother of Dreamspell, Lloydine Bolon Ik, the anchor between the RealTime and the DreamTime.
  • This is a good opportunity to remember that according to the INAH (Instituto Nacional de Antropologia e Historia) the skeleton found in 1994 on Temple XIII returned to Palenque on June 15, 2012 (KIN 18 5Mirror) after 18 yearsof archeological research and tests outside of Palenque. The return of the QUEEN to her “home” occurred, after being identified by experts as the wife and not the mother of the Great Pacal.  EXACTLY  on the 60th anniversary of the discovery of Pacal Votan’s tomb spent. NOTE: 40 days later was DAY OUT OF TIME 2012, KIN 58 6Mirror, disincarnation kin of Pacal Votan.
  • August 17th, corresponds to Day 23 of the first 28-day Moon on Telektonon board and is marked as “The Lovers Reunion”:


August 17, 2018, Day 2 of the Harmonic Convergence is synchronizing with KIN 191 9Monkey,  marking 49 Tzolkins from the “White Wedding” of Valum Votan and Bolon Ik on 21.09.1983 in sync with Day 23 or Unit 23 on the Telektonon corresponding to “The Lovers ReUnion”.

The DreamTime is Real, it is a mirror of the RealTime

  • In the year 2017, the 65th solar return of the discovery of Pacal Votan’s tomb took place on KIN 23, 14 days after from KIN 9 9Moon the 23rd anniversary of the  discovery of Lady Tzakbu Ahaw’s tomb on Temple XIII in 1994.


Last August 5 [NS1.31.1.11 KIN 179 10Storm], during the eve of the 73rd anniversary of Hiroshima, the INAH (Institute of National Anthropology & History), published a recap summary timeline in a series of 6 tweets narrating the story of the final reunion of the ancient King and Queen of Palenque. Below we present their corresponding translation to English:


“The Great” was a ruler of the Mayan kingdom of B’aakal, now known as the archaeological site of Palenque, located in the north of the Mexican state of Chiapas.”

“On March 19, 626, at the age of twenty-three years,  married Tz’akbu Ajaw, daughter of a second-level ruler.”

“On June 15, 1952 was discovered the tomb of the #Pakal interior of the temple of the inscriptions of Palenque, Chiapas, by the archaeologist Alberto Ruz Lhuillier.”

“On April 11, 1994, archaeologists Arnoldo González and Fanny López found a stone sarcophagus very similar to the tomb of Pakal, inside which were the remains of a woman dyed red.”

“In conducting several research on the origin of this character was discovered that it was Tz’akbu Ajaw, consort of Pakal “The Great”.”

“The funerary regalia of is exhibited in the Mayan room of the MNA, together with a replica of the sarcophagus of the temple of the inscriptions…”

Please note that, this timeline was published on KIN 179. In vigesimal notation KIN 179 is expressed as 19.10 while 19×10 = KIN 190 and 1910 is a Fractal of KIN 191 (Dreampsell dates of the Harmonic Convergence 31st anniversary: August 16-17, 2018.)



The prophetic relevance of the ALPHA + OMEGA of the Art Exhibit:

In the Dreamspell Count the opening and closing dates of this highly prophetic reunion and art exhibit correspond to:
ALPHA: 2018-7-27 • NS1.31.1.2. KIN 170 1Dog
OMEGA: 20189-9 • NS1.31.2.18 KIN 214 6Wizard
These dates are of multi-dimensional significance considering that:

• The exhibit started with the 13 Moon Year and the longest Blood Moon Eclipse of the 21st Century and the start of NEW Martian synodic cycle

•The exhibit will end on Gregorian 9.9.18. This date can be reduced to 9.9.9 (1+8) signaling completion.
• The reunion is taking place in the year 2(0)18, in fractal resonance with KIN 218 10 Mirror, galactic signature of the discovery of the tomb of Pacal Votan (June 15, 1952)

•  Let’s remember that on July 25th, 2016, Day Out of Time, KIN 218 10 Mirror a series of WATER channels were unveiled below the Temple of Inscriptions in Palenque (Lakamha). 

The timing of this ground-breaking  announcement was of PARAMOUNT relevance (and resonance) considering it occurred:

>>EXACTLY 40 days after the 64th anniversary of the discovery

>>EXACTLY on the 90th (3x3x10) Tzolkin from the discovery

>> On the EVE of Pacal Votan’s 1400+1 years enthronement ceremony (July 26, 615 – July 26, 2016)


2018 is the 18th year of the 3rd millenium. In the Tarot deck the 18th Arcana/Archetype corresponds to The Moon, always associated with the Water element  :

The unified power of the start (ALPHA) and end (OMEGA) dates coding this prophetic event is also of very powerful prophetic significance:

ALPHA 170 + OMEGA 214= 384
• There are exactly 384 days in 13 synodic lunation cycles:
29.53 days x 13 lunations =383.89

• The ALPHA + OMEGA unified KIN frequency of this event is KIN 124 7 Seed (384-260= KIN 124 7Seed)

>> 7Seed is located on the 7th Resonant Channel of the Tzolkin / Harmonic Module
>> 7 Seed is the perfect occult power of KIN 137 (Lord 7Earth “Ah Vuc Ti Kab”)>> 7Seed corresponded to Earth Day 2016, a day of unprecedented volcanic activity
>>The midpoint between KIN 137 and KIN 124 is KIN 131, the ALPHA + OMEGA unified KIN dates of “Golden Kingdoms”, the New York City exhibit of the Queen of Palenque:

ALPHA KIN 21 + OMEGA KIN 110= KIN 131 1Monkey


KIN 131 represents the Heart of the 260-day Sacred Tzolkin Matrix, since it is located at the radial core of the Harmonic 33 (22 + 11) the mystical portal that leads us into infinite parallel Multi-verses… (Note that the exhibition will be open to the public for an interval of 90 (3×30) days). The 33rd harmonic constitutes the navel of time that communicates us with the Center of the Galaxy via the Kuxan Suum (our inter-dimensional umbilical cord).

kuxan suum
The Galactic Dragon meets the Kuxan Suum: “Literally the “Path to Heaven that leads to the Umbilical Cord of the Universe”, describes the invisible galactic life strands or fibers that connect the individual and the planet through the Sun with the galactic core, or Hunab Ku.” Jose Arguelles – “The Mayan Factor”


Full blown Telepathic Redemption of the Inevitable Event @ New York City (modern day Babel) via the ALPHA + OMEGA of the exhibit showcasing the Ancient Queen of Palenque Art. • 110 stories high (110+110=220) • 2400.000 Square feet (12+12) • 16 acres (16-Year redemption cycle of 2001-2017).


The synchronization of the 49th spins since the wedding of the Father and Mother of the Dreamspell count on 191 is also complimentary to the 911-191-119 Master Number Triplet as it can be appreciated in the relationship between the kin number 191 and its vigesimal notation [11.9].

Paradoxically, KIN 33 [22+11] is the PsiChrono Unit for 9-11-2001 “The Inevitable Event”, so this is again a great opportunity to remember that the  “Lovers Reunion” describes the archetypal redemption of the “Babylonian Planet” through time:

“Thirteen Baktuns, seven years, your assignment is done; mine has just begun. Your assignment was to lay down thirteen Baktun mine is to weave to life thirteen moons. If you desire me enough to want all of me, follow the path I have woven: Telektonon seven years, 13 moons, 28 days. Everything shall be remembered. Victory over Babylon Planet at last! Reunion of our love forever.”

Telektonon Manual
by Valum Votán + Bolon Ik

Since the coming 17th anniversary of the Inevitable event on 9-11-2018 will synchronize with the start of the Islamic and Jewish (lunar) calendars and since these 2 calendrical systems represent the main archetypal antagonistic forces behind the “Inevitable Event” redemptive narrative, on pART III we will explore in depth the meaningful patterns and synchronic connections behind the arrival to this 17-year milestone since the moment when the bubble of artificial time popped, on 9-11-2001.

To learn more about Valum Votan’s and Bolon Ik’s archetypal interpretation of 9-11 as the enactment of the redemption of Babylon Planet please visit  9-11. The Fall of Babylon and the White Horse.  reconstructed from the original website, and originally published 2 days after 2001-9-11 on 2001-9-13, day 22 of the moon 2, KIN 253, 6 Skywalker




“One of our needs as humans is to understand that death is a part of life, and that duality creates polarity, which divides… I live without fear. I’m not afraid. I don’t think I will ever be because I believe that Great Spirit is in control, and if I pray and if I am humble, I will find my way. I have confidence that there is something greater moving us. If you’re not living your own truth, it’s going to catch up with you. There is a Universal Truth that is pulling us all forward.” 

Lloydine Burris



report submitted by




KIN 191 9 Monkey [11.9]
31 years
from the Harmonic Convergence of 1987
in gratitude to




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