Noospheric Emergence pART 8: The Harmonic Convergence of Timelines

Mid-October is every year a window of great historic significance considering that it is during this time when two of the most dramatic “timeline trigger events” on Earth took place:

• The “discovery” of the “New World” by Columbus on October 12, 1492
• The start of the Gregorian Calendar on October 15, 1582

How are these 2 events connected in time? Every year, these events are commemorated through the celebration of holidays that serve as memory anchors to hold the old paradigm, the old hologram and the old calendar in place. However, this situation has been shifting . Today we are starting to understand that history evolves as we have access to more information and gain more insight on events from the past.

As we have been presenting here since the start of 2019, this year marks a VERY SPECIAL threshold in the INTEGRATION OF TIMELINES and the progressive dismantling of the old obsolete structures and systems. How is this?

As we publish this entry is October 15th, 2019. TODAY marks 437 years from the START of the Gregorian Calendar on October 15th, 1582…

October 15, 1582-2019: 437 years from day 1 of the current global civil standard for time reckoning on Earth… 

As we cross this milestone humanity is facing new major parallel crisis scenarios.  These new crisis scenarios are synchronizing (once again) in a very powerful way with the entrance to the 13-day wavespell of Human Free Will.

This entire 13-day cycle is highlighted (once again) by the synchronization of important historic events and by an explosion of revolutionary demonstrations of the human spirit set on fire across planet Earth. These events are revealing a tapestry of perfect fractal resonance with the events presented here EXACTLY 260 days ago


This 13-day window is inviting us to contemplate and meditate on those events from the past that set in motion the present planetary emergency...  This process may allow us find insights that can serve to create a brighter future and navigate with grace the multiple crisis scenarios now unfolding. This is a perfect window to dive into the ocean of TIME and examine the historical, numerical and archetypal relationships of these dates that are at the root of our present day realities… 

In order to accomplish this we will bring back some of the most important event and protagonists, as introduced on past reports:

Noospheric Emergence pART 4:
The Fractal Redemption of the “ERROR in TIME”
 (October 2018)


Paradigm Shift: Phase I – Deconstructing the old  (January 2019 – 260 days ago)

Noospheric Emergence pART 7:
The Alchemical Resurrection of the Human Soul and Mind
 (May 2019)



As highlighted already on multiple occasions, “All the world is a stage…” and all humans are actors on this collective drama playing on Earth as the human archetypal journey of resurrection. For the past 7 years we have been carefully tracking this archetypal narrative, and documenting it in REAL TIME.

Over time, this process has been enabling us to bring an element of coherence to the events unfolding on Earth and to keep adding new KEY chronological and archetypal components to this multi-dimensional  narrative. It is also allowing us to  by-pass the traps of the third dimensional drama we are witnessing and to contemplate the current state of chaos from a higher and ALL-ENCOMPASSING perspective based entirely on Synchronicity.

On this report we invite you to explore the NEW multiple layers of archetypal resonance of these events throughout the fabric of TIMESPACE and discover NEW relationships and connections that may serve as a bridge to gain more insights on this new chapter of the collective planetary drama unfolding now on Earth: 

Humanity’s Collective Journey of Initiation from the Unconscious to the Conscious, to the SuperConscious. From Homo Sapiens to Homo Noosphericus…”


On pART 7 of these series we presented a 7-YEAR recapitulation of this HUMAN DRAMA since we crossed the 12-21-2012 Event Horizon. We also introduced some MAJOR world events as ACTS or CHAPTERS of a PLAY :





NOTE: Before we start with the re-capitulation of the 5th ACT of this DRAMA, and in order to fully comprehend what is transpiring NOW, we highly recommend to read pART 7 of these series (though it is not absolutely necessary…)



In resonance with the fractal synchronization of multiple cycles and markers presented here ONE year ago, the synchronic order is presenting us once AGAIN a unique opportunity to make conscious and redeem a wide array of multi-dimensional occult layers of the artificial time matrix.

This is then a perfect window of time to revisit and redeem the “ERROR in TIME” and enter into resonance with the larger harmonic pattern governed by sacred ratios and proportions of the synchronic order operating behind the external world of appearances.

On this 8th REPORT we will explore in more detail each of these compounding synchronizations and analyze their multi-dimensional significance  to reveal their prophetic message at this TIME on Earth,


In order to heal from past traumas recorded in previous timelines or consciousness memories, we will have to face the memory or event that had traumatized us. Often at the point in time of the actual event or through what has been recorded as tremendous pain within the body, brain and soul. In order to spiritually heal the body and mind from trauma based events or mind control, pushing through emotional triggers is important in the spiritual integration and personality integration process.”

Lisa Renee
“Historical Timeline Trigger Events” 
August 2017

October 12, 2019 (NS1.32.3.23) KIN 92 1 Human marks the completion of  527 YEARS since the arrival of Cristopher Columbus to America and the START of the colonization process and the subsequent “emancipation” of free will that has expanded across the entire planet and is still taking place in America (Turtle Island). This event holds the root memories of the conquest and domination of the “old world” over the “new world”.


The colonization of the land was followed the colonization of souls via the institutionalization of a new foreign religion and later by the colonization of the minds through a new calendar of disharmony. These two institutions (the Catholic church and the Gregorian Calendar) operate still today as the underlying foundational pillars of modern Western civilization’s doctrines and values. These institutions only serve today as tools to perpetuate an old materialistic paradigm that is exhausted.


They also dismiss the cultural and ecological damage that this “colonization mindset” and its predatory practices have caused on the land and her indigenous inhabitants since 1492.

In order to understand the scale and significance of this event and the re-harmonization of timelines that is NOW taking place, it is important to bring back to memory some KEY DATES and MARKERS:

  • On October 4th, 2019 we completed 437 years from the END of the the Julian Calendar.
  • Therefore October 15th, 2019 (NS1.32.3.26) KIN 95 4 Eagle marks the completion of 437 years from the start of the Gregorian Calendar…
EVERY year, the window of time comprised between October 5-15 is then of SPECIAL significance, considering the fact that it is during this 10-DAY “loop in time” when the Gregorian calendar reform took place.



As introduced one year ago on pART 4 of the Noospheric Emergence series “The Fractal Redemption of the “ERROR in TIME” the Truth about TIME has been covered by thick layers of distortion. It was one year ago when we defined those layers as clearly as possible in order to make their presence conscious and redeem their negative karmic influence. At the time we presented an overlay of 3 distinctive phases within this distortion the occultation of the cyclical power of the number 13. Jose Arguelles named these phases as Babel I, Babel II and Babel III. The Gregorian Reform correspond to the 3rd stage of this process. How is this?

According to the Telektonon Prophecy of Pakal Votan the ERROR in TIME has its roots in the ERRONEOUS Babylonian division of space (a flat circle) in 12 intervals or divisions of 30 degrees each and apply this framework as a MASTER TEMPLATE to measure of TIME…

This ERROR is at the ROOT of the creation of the proliferation of 12-month calendars (macroprogram) reinforced by the 12 divisions on the clock (microprogram).

This erroneous understanding led to larger distortions. On the map below we can see the points of articulation of the progressive stages as calendrical layers of distortion.

On it we can appreciate how at the start of civilization Babylonian calendars based on 12 even periods of 30 days +1 extra-month of 5 Holy Days degenerated in measuring 12 uneven/irregular periods of time of 28, 29, 30 or 31 days

On this overlay we can appreciate with great EXACTITUDE the progressive stages of “involution” of the original ERROR in TIME. These 3 stages act as layers of distortion  and occultation of the number 13 and with it, the ancient knowledge of the cycles of time and the advanced Maya calendrical system based on vigesimal mathematics.


“If the Julian/Gregorian calendar was to be offered as a new device for measuring time, we, with our present knowledge and state of living, would reject it as something utterly impracticable, lacking in harmony and order, unbalanced and irregular, too clumsy a calendar to make calculations by, while the various sections are not comparable.”

(B. Richmond, Time Measurements and Calendar Construction, Leiden, 1956, pp. 70-71)

Since the moment when these 10 days were “subtracted” from the month of October 1582, a new layer of confusion was added to the already confusing Babylonian count. How is this?

“The Gregorian calendar is a minor correction to the Julian. In the Julian calendar every fourth year is a leap year in which February has 29, not 28 days, but in the Gregorian, years divisible by 100 are not leap years unless they are also divisible by 400.”

This 10-day difference “overlay” affected the calculation of the solar anniversary of astronomical events, creating a sort of 10-DAY Time-Space distortion.

As an example: For events prior to October 15th, 1582, such as the arrival of Columbus to America on October 12th, 1492, the astronomical position of the sun corresponds today to October 25th on the Gregorian calendar.

“During the 20th and 21st centuries, a date according to the Julian calendar is 13 days earlier than (behind) its corresponding Gregorian date.”

It is also important to highlight that the calculation of dates within this 10-day distortion period brings an ERROR message on the most common time calculators…



The Gregorian reform was intended to fix an ERROR in the calculation of  the equinoxes. What is EXACTLY this ERROR? As defined at fourmilab universal time calculator page:

“The average length of a year in the Gregorian calendar is 365.2425 days compared to the actual solar tropical year (time from equinox to equinox) of 365.24219878 days, so the calendar accumulates one day of error with respect to the solar year about every 3300 years.”

While one can’t properly speak of “Gregorian dates” prior to the adoption of the calendar in 1582, the calendar can be extrapolated to prior dates. In doing so, this implementation uses the convention that the year prior to year 1 is year 0. This differs from the Julian calendar in which there is no year 0—the year before year 1 in the Julian calendar is year −1. The date December 30th, 0 in the Gregorian calendar corresponds to January 1st, 1 in the Julian calendar.”

This +1 DAY ERROR accumulated over a 3300 year period is now of special significance considering several resonance factors:

  1. There is a 33-YEAR Solar-Lunar cycle of synchronization. How is this?“A lunar year has approximately 354 days. A solar year has 365 days. This leaves an 11day difference between one solar year and one lunar year, resulting from the difference in their definitions. The term epact describes this specific time difference. Over the course of 33 years, there will be a lag of one year between solar and lunar calendars because of the successive epacts.” – In  simple terms: 33 X 11 days = 363 days (only +1 day short of 364 and 2 days short of 365)
  2. We are currently transiting the 33rd year since the START of the New Dispensation of Time on July 26, 1987 – NS1.0.1.1- KIN 34 8 Wizard (33+1). This 33rd solar orbit will come to an end on Day Out of Time 2020 – Kin 118 1 Mirror)
  3. It is then worth to note also that following the 1 Kin = 1 Moon fractal count of 260 moons introduced on the “20 Tablets of the Law of Time” (1997),  this 1 Wizard year (2019-2020) corresponds to the 13-MOON planetary service wavespell of the Hand

Therefore, the entire Electric Moon of Service is coded by KIN 29 Red Electric Moon! (3 Moon = 3 Moon ) and the entire Resonant Moon of Attunement will be coded by
KIN 33 7 Skywalker (13)


Please remember that the area across the 33rd parallel on Earth is of SPECIAL SIGNIFICANCE as melting pot of historic, religious, cultural and geo-political influences


To learn more about the multi-dimensional significance of number 33 and this Master Number Synchronization Portal of 2019-2020, please go to:




It is only by re-membering and acknowledging the errors from the past that we will be able to re-concile with history and re-deem the future…


The synchronic order is giving us today a perfect opportunity to make conscious those unconscious hidden aspects behind this window that can serve us to “break the spell of false time” and synchronize with the larger, hidden harmonic patterns of the fabric of space and time.




Since the start of October, we have been witnessing the synchronization of the 10th month of the Gregorian calendar with the galactic count of 260 days and the Julian count. How is this?

Given the fact that the accumulated difference in days between the Gregorian count and the Julian count is NOW of 13 days and not 10, this 13-day Human Wavespell of Free Will is synchronizing with the 13-day difference between the Julian Count . This means that the wavespell starts on October 12 Gregorian and ends 13-days later on October 24 (12+12). This incremental difference is a result of the “leap-day/year” adjustments present in the Gregorian reform of 1582.


  •  The next day, October 25, 2019  will correspond to the original astronomical date of the Columbus event on October 12 on the Julian Count.
  • October 25, 2019  will correspond to KIN 105 1Serpent on the Tzolkin count. This is of special significance considering that:
      • There are 105 days of difference between the Solar Count of 365 days and the Galactic Count of 260 days  (365-105=260)
      • Corresponds to the 84th anniversary of the promulgation of the Roerich Peace Pact  by US President, Franklin D. Roosvelt. It is important to note that 84 years = 3 Gregorian cycles of 28 YEARS… In other words: the calendar of 1935 and 2019 have equal distribution of the days of the week matching the days of the month.
      • This day will also correspond to the completion of 123 Tzolkins since the death of George Eastman Kodak, the man behind the modern Calendar Reform Movement of the 1920’s-30’s…

    KodakAssociated Press Photo of George Eastman Kodak, the pioneer of the 13-month, 28-day calendar reform initiative of the 20th Century. Apparently, Kodak took his own life on March 14, 1932 (KIN 105 1Serpent), by shooting himself in the heart and leaving a note which read, “To my friends: my work is done. Why wait?” 


  • On the other hand, October 1st synchronized with the solar seal number 1 on  the Tzolkin count. Therefore:

October 1:KIN 81 Seal 1: (Dragon)
October 2: KIN 82 Seal 2: (Wind)
October 3: KIN 83 Seal 3: (Night)

October 12: KIN 92 Seal 12 (Human)


Please note also that on the 13-moon, 28-day calendar, October 12 is the 2nd day of the 12th week of the year!


  • This synchronization between the Gregorian Count and the solar seal will carry out through October 20 – KIN 100 Seal 20: (Sun)





Indigenous Rising at Ecuador. Image by: El Caminante

The 13-day Human Wavespell is also synchronizing in SPACE with the INDIGENOUS PEOPLES MARCHES in Quito, Ecuador, where thousands of the original native peoples are converging from all over the country to voice their needs through the full exertion of their human free will

It is quite symbolic the protests started on October 3 (one day before the anniversary of end of the Julian Calendar) and that this situation is taking place at the equatorial line or Ground Zero of Earth’s latitude. It can be interpreted as a “re-balancing of the equation” after 527 years of the North-South and East-West path of domination…

The events in Ecuador follow the same TIME-SPACE pattern from 260-days ago in Venezuela:

Human Wavespell : Human Bio-Region of Planet Holon.




As we write this entry the organized protests ceased after indigenous groups and the Ecuadorian government reached a deal to reverse the austerity measures…

It seems also relevant to point out that Ecuador and Venezuela are not the only countries of this bioregion going through episodes of social unrest. Colombia, Peru, Brazil also are traversing challenging crisis during this month of October…




“Columbus Day is a national holiday in many countries of the Americas and elsewhere which officially celebrates the anniversary of Christopher Columbus’s arrival in the Americas on October 12, 1492 (Julian Calendar; it would have been October 21, 1492 on the Gregorian Proleptic Calendar, which extends the Gregorian Calendar to dates prior to its adoption in 1582.)”

“The idea of replacing Columbus Day with a day celebrating the indigenous people of North America first arose in 1977 from the International Conference on Discrimination Against Indigenous Populations in the Americas, sponsored by the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland. At the First Continental Conference on 500 Years of Indian Resistance in Quito, Ecuador, in July 1990, representatives of Indian groups throughout the Americas agreed that they would mark 1992, the 500th anniversary of the first of the voyages of Christopher Columbus, as a day to promote “continental unity” and “liberation.” 



Seems relevant then to highlight that October 15th, 2019 marks then the entrance into the 28th solar orbit from the historic Declaration of Quito, Ecuador” of 1992 mentioned above.  This means that after 500 Years of Resistance (1492-1992) the year 2020 will mark the completion of the first 28 years since this official declaration. Re-Member: The Gregorian Calendar runs a permutation cycle of 28 YEARS.

As part of this redemptive process it is worth highlighting that this Monday October 14, 2019 Columbus Day was observed for the FIRST time as Indigenous Peoples’ Day in Washington D.C. Lawmakers passed EMERGENCY legislation last week to make the change…




As per 2019, the accumulated difference interval between the Julian Count and the Gregorian Count is 13 DAYS.

From the archetypal perspective, this is a HISTORIC MOMENT considering that:

It was in the US Capital, where Columbus Day was declared a “Federal Holiday” 82 years ago (1937). (82 is a mirror of 28)

During the 10th month of the year 1582, 10 DAYS were subtracted from October 5-15.

Columbus Day celebrations in the US are always synchronizing with this 10-DAY transition window or “loop in time” between the Julian and Gregorian counts.


★ Washington is the capital of the District of COLUMBia, and acts as the epicenter of world political power.



The District of COLUMBia is enclosed within a 10 X 10 square mile perimeter. October is the 10th month of the year.

October 11-12 marked the March on the Pentagon in Washington DC:


As presented one year ago, there is another VERY powerful FRACTAL TIME factor to consider :

It was 56 years ago ( 2 Gregorian calendar cycles of 28 Years), during this same window of time that the 13-day Cuban Missile Crisis exploded during October 16 to 28 of 1962. As we have highlighted throughout these series, the Gregorian calendar is a PROGRAM that runs on 28-YEAR permutation cycles, so every 28 years there is a tendency to experience the same pattern that we experienced 28 years before. (To expand on this, please read part 3 of these series)

Cuban Missile Crisis Paperweight Calendar given by JFK to White house staff members who were involved in solving the crisis. Note that the crisis started exactly 380 years from the start of the Gregorian count on October 15, 1582.

Let’s remember that it was EXACTLY 1 year ago, as we were closing the second 28 year cycle from this event, during this same 13-day window in October, when US announced its withdrawal from the IRNF, considered  a “Landmark” Nuclear agreement  signed between US and  Russia back in 1987, on the year of the Harmonic Convergence…

This year another ongoing crisis exploded also on October 16, 2019 when US president decided or was forced to “shift plans” in Syria. Since then the geo-political drama of growing tensions has been apparently pacified by a “historic deal between” Turkey and Russia, excluding the US of the negotiations taking place


These demonstrations are synchronizing with a 13-day sequence of global events coordinated by the “Extinction Rebellion” movement from October 7 to October 20 (10.7-10.20), 2019 (NS1.32.3.18-4.3). 

This new wave of events is preceded by the large success of “Climate Change” marches from last September and by the persistent impact of the Yellow Vest movement across Europe…




Last Saturday October 12, 2019 KIN 92 Yellow Magnetic Human marked the 48th ACT of the Yellow Vests for 48 uninterrupted weeks of demonstrations… Please note that:

48 = 12+12+12+12
OCTOBER 12 , 2019


Extinction Rebellion 2019:  October 7 to October 20 (10.7-10.20), 2019 (NS1.32.3.18-4.3). 

The Extinction Rebellion movement seems to be a climatic expression of a new evolutionary stage on Earth, recently proposed as the “Anthropocene Epoch“, dating from the commencement of significant human impact on Earth’s geology and ecosystems…

The name Extinction Rebellion is derived from the Anthropocene Extinction
Anthropocene: Human Impact on the Biosphere

  • These social movements are emerging as a clear manifestation of this climatic geological moment within the Biosphere-Noosphere Transition Timeline we have been tracking for the past 7 years…


  • It is also worth mentioning that the movement’s logo resembles an hourglass and also the letter X: the Roman numeral for number 10. October is the 10th month of the calendar of the Roman Catholic Church.


  • The triangular hourglass also resembles the number 8. The name OCTOber is derived from the Latin root OCTO that means “EIGHT”. This is another layer of distortion and irrationality embedded into the names of the Gregorian months…
  • The symbol also clearly resembles the X inside a circle used as an ICON to represent a CRITICAL ERROR message on the OS of a computer.



Considering the 13-day difference between the Gregorian calendar and the Julian calendar the global demonstrations STARTed on October 7 Gregorian and will END on October 7 Julian. 7:7! REMEMBER: Number 7 is at the resonant center of  13.
  • The origins of XR movement can be traced to a group called Rising Up!, created also in 2016 by a small group of activists.
  • Extinction Rebellion was launched on OCTOBER 31, 2018 and organizers say it now has groups in dozens of countries.
  • October 31 opens every year a 3-day window time of multi-cultural traditions inviting us to honor and remember our ancestors.
The XR movement has been able to bring together people from all ages and diverse cultural and social background… Image by Thomas Katan for Extinction Rebellion (2019-10-16)

The symbol also resembles the ancient nordic rune Dagaz, associated with BreakThrough and Awakening….




Considering the multiple SYNCHRONIC RELEVANCE and fractal presence of number 12 throughout this window, let’s re-capitulate some KEY aspects about this number:


  • 12 is at the root base of the 12:60 artificial time frequency: 12 months a year and 12 numbers on the clock
  • 12 is the square root of 144 basis of baktun count, number of the elect in The Book of Revelations

1618-9-18 marks the point in time when the last stage of the  usurpation of number 13 took place after the Gregorian calendar reform of 1582.

The current base-12 timing programs (erratic 12-month calendar and mechanistic 12 divisions on the  clock) were instituted as mental norm since then and this can be addressed to be at the root cause of our unconscious fear programs and misperceptions of this number.

Over time, driven by a collective unconscious aversion to the number 13 modern man has come to the point of eliminating the number 13 from space. As paradoxical as it may sound, many builders today, “skip” the 13th Floor of their high-rise towers.

In the same way as the 13th Floor has been occulted from view in the Space matrix, the 13th hour of the day, the 13th moon of the year were occulted to humanity during the 13th baktun of time.

φ • Please note that 1618 is a fractal of 1,618 or PHI. As a fractal numerical expression of the Golden Mean this year is therefore a MAJOR INTERSECTION POINT between the irregular Gregorian timeline and the perfect harmony of the Mayan count based on their advanced vigesimal mathematical system.

φ •  The gregorian year 1618 marks then the moment when we reach a PERFECT GOLDEN MEAN harmonic from the YEAR 0 and the YEAR 1000(1000 + 618 ~ 1+0.618=1.618=PHI)

φ • As you can see on the diagram above, the year 1618 marks the PHI/Golden Mean point in time when the 13th baktun of 144.000days meets the12-Baktun on the map of recorded history, marking the completion of a CUBE composed of 1728.000 days (12 Baktuns = 12x12x12x1000 days). 

φ Day 161 marks the PHI point of the first 260 days of the Gregorian calendar. Day 260+1 corresponds to September 18, the SAME precise date that marks the start (ALPHA) point of the 13th Baktun of recorded history in the year 1618 (LC marker

φ As we have highlighted in the past, number 144 (12X12) corresponds to the 12th position on the Fibonacci sequence ★ 144 is therefore the only number on the Logarithmic Spiral that is a SQUARE and a CIRCLE (spiral) at the same TIME. A DIVINE INTERSECTION of Golden Proportions where Masculine (SQUARE) and Feminine (CIRCLE) archetypal energies meet.




As  presented on October 2018,  NOW relevant to remember that on this EXACT date (October 15th, 2025) we will complete a PERFECT PHI Harmonic Fractal of 161803 days since the implementation on the Reform on October 15th, 1582!!!



Gregorian PHI Day will take place on the 443rd anniversary of  day 1 of the Gregorian Count and 6 years from the publication date of this entry.

On this fractal numerical scale, day 100.000 took place on July 30th, 1856. On this date we completed 144 million minutes since the start of the Gregorian count, a fractal of 144000 days contained in ONE Baktun. It also serves as a powerful reference point in the near FUTURE and as a SIGNAL that we still have 7 years to reach a critical mass that has shifted from the erroneous, irregular and illogical Gregorian Calendar, to the perfect perpetual harmony of 13 moons/months of 28 days. 

It is also worth noting that the year 2025 will mark the peak of Solar Cycle 25, starting in 2020…


As part of this re-balancing process, October 10, 2019 marked 3 years since  launch of the petition for Calendar Referendum on Indigenous People’s Day (Columbus Day), 2016. This was done with the clear intention of redeeming and correcting the errors of the past and envision a NEW TIME and a NEW FUTURE for humanity.



We want to give THANKS once again to ALL those who have helped us to reach the 5000 signature milestone during the celebration of Indigenous People’s Day in Washington DC.

CRI2020_Petition_Screen Shot 2019-10-14 at 17.33.46
★★★★★ 5000 +1 signatures on Indigenous People’s Day 2019  ★★★★★

Our goal is (still) to reach 144.000 people before the end of 2020. Considering all the resistance this initiative has faced, we certainly need your help now more than ever to make this goal attainable.


To sign and support this open petition for Calendar Referendum 2020 and Declaration of Universal World Peace, and to ensure that humanity adopt and implement the 13-Month, 28-Day Calendar as a new Harmonic Standard by 2020, please go to:


If you find this idea revolutionary, inspiring or important for our future, please do your best to SHARE it online via your favorite social media outlets. Bring the subject of Calendar Reform into everyday conversations with family, friends or co-workers. The more we talk about this, the more it will become a reality! Change your calendar and your mind will change. Change your mind and your society will change, Change your society and your planet will change!

Thank You for your SUPPORT and for your TIME!

Please keep coming back during the next few days as this report is a work in progress…


For the moment, as we hold space for peace around the world,  we leave you with the same words of wisdom  that we used 260 days ago to serve us as preamble for these series of reports. May these words allow us to fully grasp the powerful significance of this window are currently transiting and the incredible times we are living

“First of all, as the necessary prelude to galactic culture, the absolute synchronization of the human in geocosmic time, the technosphere will be dismantled. Reorganized by the Law of Time into psychic biomes, the dismantling will naturally phase into the genuine creation of the new culture of solar-galactic consciousness. “Path beyond technology” means path of telepathic harmony. With its goals absolutely reoriented following the mental pole shift of the calendar change, the hierarchy of human values will also undergo a profound reordering. What if money were no longer the first consideration in human affairs? What if the consideration were instead how artful or artistic that action or event might be? What if the diaspora of humanity through industrialization and mass transport came to an end and the humans willingly chose to live in smaller communities organized by gardening and other Earth-related activities, inclusive of the transformative dismantling of the technosphere and the regeneration of the biospheric medium? What if the study of time replaced the study of physics as the dominant mode for determining the nature of reality? And what if, due to the time shift, a spiritual awakening swept through the human race so that a moral orientation of values was organized around the preservation and furtherance of the biosphere, and an acknowledgement that only One Supreme Creator could have ordained something so perfect as the noospheric mind of time? What kind of world would that be? What kind of art would be practiced in that world and what kind of science would be known?”

Jose Arguelles
Time and the Technosphere
The Law of Time in Human Affairs




report submitted by



GregorianCalendar:  2019-10-15
Julian Calendar: 2019-10-2
NS1.32.3.26 KIN 95 (4 Eagle)
12th WEEK of the YEAR
Long Count: – 10 Muluk, 17 Yax
KIN 144 (12 X 12)
(95 DT + 49 RT =  144 UT)

To learn more about the Noospheric Emergence
please visit the links below:





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