11:11:19:19 Crystal Hologram: The Solar Sequence of Ascension

The entrance into the first Tzolkin Heart of the Magnetic Wizard Year has marked the conclusion of a Crystal Hologram of Ascension, right at the Centre of the Harmonic 33. This multidimensional portal was opened through the recent Transit of Mercury on 11.11.19 (11 November 2019), covering a 9-day period until 19 November (19.11). As it will be observed through this article, this 11:11:19:19 Hologram is a timeless transmission which accurately inscribes the Solar Sequence of Ascension of the Crystal Prophecy. This is here demonstrated through the interaction of the 13:20, 11:11, 19:19 and the 33:33 matrix systems. 

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Truth is Always Inscribed

“Never forget, children of the Day of Truth: All is Number. God is a Number. God is in All.“–Telektonon of Pacal Votan by Jose & Lloydine Argüelles (Valum Votan & Bolon Ik)

As it has been pointed out across the Tortuga 13:20 communications, we sustain that all Spiritual Truth is always Inscribed because it can be scientifically proven; whether by the decipherment of ancient inscriptions, or by concepts inscribed within universal theoretical frames, or even better when spiritual revelations are inscribed through number on the multi-dimensional matrix systems. These aspects of spiritual evidence are the key to dissolve ignorance, to distinguish truth from fallacy, reality from illusion. By mastering these methods, the spiritual seekers cannot be easily manipulated by spiritual parasites, whose false vanity claims constitute a red herring that is never inscribed on any account.

By contrast, the spiritual inscriptions on the matrix systems contain the mathematical blueprint and sacred geometry of the holographic cosmos, the numeric divine source of all archetypal beings. It is exactly through these multi-dimensional lens that we can find the hidden messages behind the celestial events of our holographic cosmos, thus receiving the insights from our higher levels of existence.

A great example of this is the recent and rare astronomical event of Mercury Transit 2019 on the symbolic date of 11 November (coded 11.11.19), which has opened a 9-day hologram of multidimensional synchronicity. A timeless portal that has been unfolding right at the Mystical Central Column of the 13:20 Dreamspell Tzolkin, precisely leaded by Kin 121 (11×11), which evidently represents the Power of 11. The inscription of this hologram turns even more significative if we consider that it unfolds within the first Tzolkin Mystic Column of the actual Magnetic Wizard Year, and that the portal concludes on 19 November 2019 (coded 19.11.19 or 11.19.19), right on Kin 130, the Heart of the Tzolkin and the Harmonic 33.

Evidently, these dates exactly refer to the Crystal Codes of 11:11, 19:11, 19:19 which are contained within the hyper-dimensional system of the 19:19 Crystal Matrix (19 Matrix). And, as it will be observed across this writing, this 11:11:19:19 Portal demonstrates the Crystal Hologram of the 19:19 Solar Sequence of Ascension. In this way, the encoded wisdom behind the celestial event of Mercury is clearly the Crystal Model of Ascension. This is precisely the same model already inscribed by the 19:19 Pyramid Hologram of the Maya Twin Archetypes, King Pakal and Queen Tz’akbu, on behalf of the Telektonon’s Galactic Maya Archetypes of Pakal Votan and Bolon Ik. (See videos at the end of this writing). 

The 11:11:19:19 Crystal Hologram is also demonstrated through the multi-dimensional interaction of the 13:20, 11:11, 19:19 and the 33:33 matrix systems. Thus, the Crystal Prophecy has always been Inscribed!

Mercury and the Solar Consciousness 

From the perspective of the Solar Consciousness mapped within the 19:19 Crystal Matrix, the opening of the 11:11:19:19 Hologram evidently relates to the Planet Mercury. This first planet is precisely situated on the Circuit 9 of the 19 Matrix Solar System, a circuit equivalent to the central 3:3 matrix of 3×3 = 9.


Circuit 9 represents the 9th Level of the 19:19 Pyramid Hologram of Ascension. This last level contains a 9-step Sacred Walk toward the Pyramid Apex which represents the Solar Consciousness attained.

This 9-step sequence is exactly the blueprint of the 9-day portal of the 11:11:19:19 Hologram. Their Alpha Point is marked by both, the Mercury Circuit and the Mercury Transit, while their Omega Point is marked by the Central Heart of the 19:19 and the 13:20.

Therefore, the 11:11:19:19 Hologram clearly refers to the Crystal Ascension Codes of 11:11, 19:19 and 19:11 (or 11:19) which are contained within the Crystal Matrix. Precisely, these sacred numbers constitute the essential teaching of the Galactic Maya Telektonon Crystal Prophecy Apocalipsis of 2012-2013, which brought the merging of multidimensional matrix systems.

19:19 Pyramid Hologram – 19:19 Crystal Matrix in Cubes (1320 + 10 Central Tube Cubes = 1330)

Within this teaching is the key to shift from the mono-dimensional synchronicity enclosed within the 4th Dimension of Time, toward the multi-dimensional synchronicity which moves across 4D, 5D, 6D and beyond…

The 11:11:19:19 Portal within the Tzolkin


As explained in the introduction, from the Galactic Maya Dreamspell perspective, the 11:11:19:19 Hologram has its Ground Zero on Kin 121 (Self-Existing Dragon), which exactly contains 11×11 = 121, and it opens the Mystical Central Column of the Tzolkin. It is followed by Day 1 on Kin 122 (Overtone Wind), which is exactly the Spiritual Tower of the Mystic Column. Synchronically, the final Omega Point of this portal marks its Day 9 on 19 November (coded 19.11) on Kin 130, right at the Heart of the Tzolkin and the Harmonic 33.

Kin 121 (11×11) Self-Existing Dragon / 4 Dragon) was the Kin of the Discovery of the Law of Time is Art, T(E)=Art, by José and Lloydine Argüelles (Valum Votan & Bolon Ik) at the Museum of Time of Switzerland on 10 December 1989 (Kin 121). Exactly this Kin codes the power of 11 contained on the date 11.11, as well as it encodes Valum Votan’s Kin 11 (11.11) and Bolon Ik’s Kin 22 (11+11).

Portal Alpha Day 1 on 11.11.19


Kin 122 (Overtone Wind / 5 Wind) marked the Alpha Day 1 of the Crystal Hologram on date 11.11.19.
– Kin 122 represents the Overtone Tower of the Mirror Wavespell and it establishes the Spirt Wind of the Central Column of the Tzolkin.
– Kin 122 was the solar rotation of Lloydine Bolon Ik in 1991, the year of the Dreamspell publication co-authored by her along with Jose Arguelles.
– Kin 122 also marked the day of Meditation 22, which was part of the 28 Meditations dictated by Valum Votan and Bolon Ik at the Earth Wizards Seminary 1999. On this Meditation 22, Lloydine told her story as Queen of the Bethel Number 119, accurately coded by Kin 119 (numbers 11 and 19).

11 Kib’ (11 Owl) in the Maya RealTime
Equivalent to 11 Warrior, Kin 76 in the Dreamspell Count. Exactly the Tone number 11 of Owl/Warrior harmonises with date 11.11.

Unified Time:
DreamTime Kin 122 + RealTime Kin 76 = 122+76
= Kin 198 (3 Mirror / 3 Etz’nab)


3 Mirror is precisely the Dreamspell Kin 198 of the Ascension of Lloydine Bolon Ik. She ascended exactly 1 Katun (20 years) after the discovery of the Maya Queen Tz’akbu Ajaw of Lakamha’ (Palenque Temple 13).

  • 16 May 1994 – Moon 11.15 – Discovery of Queen Tz’akbu (9 Mirror)
  • 16 May 2014 – Moon 11.15 – Ascension Lloydine Bolon Ik (3 Mirror)


Therefore, the Transit of Mercury on its Alpha Day 1 confirms the Galactic Feminine Maya lineage of the Bolon Ik Archetype.

See: The Galactic Feminine Cycles of Bolon Ik, Venus and the Maya Queen Tz’akbu

Portal Omega Day 9 on 19.11.19


Kin 130 (Cosmic Love / 13 Dog) marks the Omega Final Day 9 of the Crystal Hologram on date 19.11.

Exactly, Kin 130 sits at the Heart of the 13:20 Tzolkin Matrix and the Harmonic 33. Through the Power of 33, our spiritual umbilical cord is telepathically connected to the Heart of the Galaxy which is a Kin to the Central Solar Consciousness of the 19:19 Pyramid Hologram.


11:11 Code: Twin Crystal Archetypes

Within the Dreamspell Cosmology, we know that the 11:11 Code refers to the Dreamspell Progenitors, Valum Votan Kin 11 (11.11) and Bolon Ik Kin 22 (11+11). In the same way, the numerical simplification of 11:11 is (1+1):(1+1) = 2:2, which is a fractal of Kin 22, the Solar Spirit Tower of the Galactic Maya Transmission. Exactly, the 11:11:19:19 Hologram opened on 5 Wind (Kin 122) the Overtone Spirit Tower of the Mystic Column.

Within the Crystal Matrix Revelation, the 11:11 Code is encoded on the 11:11 Inner Crystal Matrix, which exactly contains 121 Units (11×11), therefore it mirrors the Kin 121 (11×11) that opens the Tzolkin Mystic Column.

“Hidden within the sacred inner matrix of 11:11 is a 6th Dimensional portal, a portal which unveils the mythic Merkabah of the Higher Self”–Gar Magusa (19:19 Crystal Matrix)

11:11 Inner Crystal Matrix. Note the last 9-step to the Apex / Centre from Unit 353 to Unit 361 (19×19). This is the blueprint of the Mercury 11:11:19:19 Crystal Hologram of Ascension of 9 days (11-19 November 2019, Kin 122 – Kin 130)

The Unit 241 of the 19 Matrix, marks the beginning of the 11:11 Matrix. On Day 241, the Twin Crystals Archetypes become one (241 = two for one) and they start forming the Crystal Merkaba Hologram of the Higher Self. This Sacred Geometry of the Crystal Merkaba Hologram is based on the two “Tetrahedral Time Containers” of the Crystal Matrix. Each of the two Tetrahedral contains 120 Days = 120 Units (120+120 = 240) which are built through the steps of the 11:11 Inner Matrix. When the Twin Crystal Archetypes become One on Day 241, the 2 Tetrahedral start merging and activating the Crystal Merkaba.


Number 241 reads “Two for One” in English language, and it connects the Votan Twins, (Valum & Pakal), within the hyper-dimensional system of the Crystal Matrix. Just as the Bolon Ik Twins are connected through the date of 16 May, the Votan Twins are connected through 23 March.

  • 23 March 2011 – Valum Votan ascended on Day 241
  • 23 March 603 – Pakal Votan was born on Day 241


Therefore, the 19 Matrix demonstrates how the Twin Votan Archetypes of the Galactic Maya are connected through the 11:11 Inner Matrix (Unit 241). In the same way, the Heart of the Dreamspell Tzolkin contains the Twin Archetypes: Valum Votan’s Kin 11 (11.11) and Bolon Ik’s Kin 22 (11+11).

19:19 Code. The Power of 19.


The final Day 9 of the the Crystal Hologram at the Centre of the Tzolkin on date 19 November 2019 (11.19.19) points out to the 19:19 Code of the Crystal Matrix which is based on the Power of 19.

  • Number 19 codes the Dreamspell Seal of Storm which is equivalent to Kawak in the Ancestral Maya Count.
  • Number 19 also contains the Maya Code 0-19, being number 19 the higher number that can be represented with bars and dots (3 bars and 4 dots = 19).
  • The Passage 19 of Pakal’s Pyramid inscriptions records the ascensions of the King Pakal and the Queen Tz’akbu of Lakamha’, the Twin Archetypes of the Ancient Maya Prophecy in the RealTime.
  • Number 19 contains the 19-year Metonic Cycle, as well as the 19 circles of the Flower of Life.
  • José Argüelles (Valum Votan) fully studied the 19 Code in the Maya calendric systems and the Holy Quran. He established its connection to the number 260 of the Tzolkin sequence, that is 19=260. “Over it is 19”.
  • At a later time, the revelation of the 19:19 Crystal Matrix established that number 19 represents the revelation of the Crystal Code (6+6+6 + Mystical Centre of the Cristal = 19), therefore it contains the Crystal Prophecy by activating the Mystery of the Telektonon’s White Stone.

Thus, the 19 Code confirms with crystal clarity and synchronic elegance the next level Revelation of the Telektonon Crystal Prophecy after the dimensional shift of 2012-2013.

It is precisely the year 2019 which brought the Magnetic Wizard Year. Number 2019 = 219 = 19:19 = Double Power of 19. Let us also remember that the Maya sign bearer of 2019 is 9 Ik‘ (9 Wind), which codes the main deity GI of the Classic Maya, being  equivalent to Bolon Ik‘s Dreamspell Kin 22 = 11+11. 

2019-Kin-Bearers -Tzolkin

In this way, the numeric factor of the year 2019 (double power of 19) and its bearer 9 Ik’ = Kin 22 (double power of 11), perfectly contain the 19.11 Code of the Crystal Prophecy.

The 19:11 Code of the Crystal Prophecy

The 19:11 vector represents the main code of the Crystal Matrix, which is composed by a main Outer Matrix of 19:19 and an Inner Matrix of 11:11. The 19:11 Code is the axis point where the 19 Matrix and the 11 Matrix meet on Day 241, a unit inscribed by the Votan Twins (Ascension of Valum, Birth of Pakal). (See Image: “Green” crystal on Day 241).


As demonstrated by the Crystal Matrix, the 19.11 Code represents the Transmission of the Solar Crystal Earth because 19.11 is the Square Root of the number of days of the Earth’s orbit around the Sun. Therefore √ 365.24 days = 19.11.


This is a highly relevant code within the Galactic Maya Crystal Prophecy.

The 19.11 Code marked the dedication of the Pyramid Temple of King Pakal on Long Count date 11 Kawak (11 Storm = Kin 219 = 19.11 = Seal 19, Tone 11). This date is sustained through the meticulous decipherment done in 2008 by outstanding Maya Epigraphist, David Stuart (see his book Palenque: The Eternal City of the Maya).


The 19.11 Code also marked the Ascension Day of Jose Argüelles / Valum Votan on Kin 89 (Wavespell of the Storm Seal 19, Tone 11 = 19.11, also coded 9.11).

valum-votan-Kin-89 -ascension

Exactly, the Antipode of Kin 89 is the Kin 219 (11 Storm, coded 19.11). Precisely, the Antipode Power of Kin 219 is the Kin 89 of the Ascension of Valum. Both Antipode Kin are coded 19.11 (Kin 89 = Wavespell of Seal 19, Tone 11 / Kin 219 = Seal 19, Tone 11).

The 19.11 Code also contains the enigmatic Future Return of Pakal on the distant Long Count date (5 Lamat), equivalent to 21 October 4772 AD, a date which exactly will be contained within the Dreamspell Year of the Spectral Storm (Kin 219, Coded 19.11, Seal 19, Tone 11). This date is inscribed on the West Tablet of Pakal’s Pyramid Temple.

Pakal’s Temple: West Tablet

Therefore, the 19.11 Code also confirms with crystal clarity and synchronic elegance the next level Revelation of the Telektonon Crystal Prophecy after the dimensional shift of 2012-2013. The Crystal Prophecy Path is the shift from the 4th Dimension of Time toward the 5th Dimension of Prophecy. It has always been inscribed on the Maya RealTime-DreamTime through the 19 Crystal Code.

The 11:11:19:19 at the Tzolkin Heart 


The 11:11:19:19 Crystal Hologram marks its Omega Point on Kin 130, right at the Heart of the Tzolkin Matrix and the Dreamspell Harmonic 33. The Cosmic Love of Kin 130 represents the Omega Point of the first half of the Tzolkin, while the next Kin 131 is the Alpha Point of the second half of the Tzolkin. Between the two exists the Infinite Galactic Centre which is a doorway to higher dimensional realms of consciousness.

Through the Power of 33, our spiritual umbilical cord is telepathically connected to the the Heart of the Galaxy.

“Kuxan Suum: Literally the “Road to the Sky Leading to the Umbilical Cord of the Universe,” defines the invisible galactic life threads or fibers which connect both the individual and the planet, through the Sun, to the galactic core…”–Jose Argüelles. The Mayan Factor.

The Tzolkin Heart which represents the Galactic Core and it is coded by the Harmonic 33,  is akin to the Heart of the 19:19 Crystal Matrix which represents the Apex of the Pyramid Hologram (Crystal Model of Ascension).

Wether it is conscious or unconscious, the Spiritual Ascension is a principle embedded in our evolutive nature because it represents the long awaited victory over the karmic cycles of ego, illusion and ignorance. As it has been demonstrated, the Ascension Journey can certainly experience a quantum leap through the lens of spiritual matrix systems such as the 13:20 Dreamspell Tzolkin, as well as the 11:11 Inner Crystal Matrix, the 19:19 Crystal Matrix, and the OMG 33:33 Original Matrix.

Triggered by the Transit of Mercury 2019, the 11:11:19:19 Crystal Hologram has been inscribed as Truth on the multidimensional matrix systems. These visionary models can accurately assist the evolution of human consciousness by inscribing truth through number, the divine factor of multi-dimensional synchronicity

“The Crystal Prophecy is Yours to Own. By these great powers undo the Mystery of the Stone”–Pacal Votan’s Riddle of the Stone (The 20 Tablets by Valum Votan & Bolon Ik)

Annex: Day 121 (11×11) & Venus-Jupiter Conjunction 

The date of 22 November 2019 (coded 22.11), Kin 133, marked the beginning of a 3-day close Conjunction of Jupiter and Venus, which reaches its peak on 24 November (Kin 135) at twilight. This astronomical event will not repeat again until 11 February 2021 (2.11).

The mid-point of this Venus-Jupiter conjunction on 23 November (Kin 134), synchronises with Day 121 (11×11) in the Solar Year of the Dreamspell Count and also in the count of 19:19 Crystal Matrix (both systems start the Solar Year on 26 July).

“(23rd November) is Day 121 (11 x 11) of the 19:19 Crystal Matrix Solar Sequence. It is the day when the Twin Crystal that walks the 11:11 Inner Matrix arrives to the centre-point of the 19 Matrix grid.”
–Gar Magusa http://19matrix.org

Therefore, on Day 121 (11×11) of the Solar Year, the Twin Crystal 2, who represents our 6D Self, reaches the centre of the Crystal Matrix on Unit 361 (19×19); while the Twin Crystal 1, who represents our 5D Self, is on Unit 121 (11×11).


This new 11:11:19:19 Hologram is exactly synchronised with the mid-point of the Venus-Jupiter Conjunction, while the first 11:11:19:19 was synched with the Mercury Transit. All happening within the first Tzolkin Mystical Column of the Magnetic Wizard Year.

Exactly, the Planet Jupiter corresponds to the Circuit 11×11 of the 19 Matrix hologram of the Solar Consciousness, while Planet Venus corresponds to Circuit 5×5, the same number 5 of the Venus Pentagram Star. (Click on image to Enlarge).

Truth is always Inscribed !

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