GM108X Transmission: Arcturus Fast Forward: The ABC’s of Galactic Culture

GM 108X Transmission

GM 108X is one of the names of the messengership of Arcturus, it corresponds to Kin 108. This meditation of GM 108-X is the result of a profound dedication.”–Valum Votan 1999

In the reconstructed booklet below, “Arcturus, Fast Forward” (Planet Art Network 1992) José and Lloydine Argüelles explore their Arcturian Cosmology in depth, and its Galactic Transmission of Telepathic Unification. This publication sheds a light on the origins of the Arcturus Transmission, which was later named GM 108X, or GM 108-X, by José Argüelles (Valum Votan) during 1996-1997 (also referred to as GM108X). According to José’s writings and lectures, this Transmission started when Lloydine Bolon Ik found him in 1981 and inspired him to write “The Art Planet Chronicles”. This is recorded on the Author’s Afterword of the same book, on the “The 20 Tablets” publication, and also communicated through his teachings at the Earth Wizards Seminary 1999 (See Meditation 14).

Arcturus Transmission: GM 108X (also referred to as GM 108-X or GM108X). Coded by Kin 108 = Self-Existing Star = 4 Lamat.

GM108X Selected Quotes

“Early in 1989, March 12 (4 Star = GM 108X), at the opening of the Palenque Initiation Ceremony, he (Valum Votan) received telepathic communication from Pacal Votan regarding his return through all of the people. Valum Votan was now fully prepared, with Bolon Ik’s assistance, for the final breakthroughs: the discovery of the 12:60-13:20 timing frequencies; the Thirteen Moon Calendar; and all of the mathematical codes of fourth-dimensional time, formulated as Dreamspell: The Journey of Timeship Earth 2013.

“Following the planetary Dreamspell mission, May 1992 (his Crystal Warrior year), in Temple Valley, Oahu, Valum Votan became immersed in Arcturian transmissions, including The Arcturus Probe, Thirteen Moons in Motion and The Treatise on Time (The Call of Pacal Votan). January 1, 1993, Valum Votan understood more deeply the nature of the Arcturus Dominion, AD, and called for the “144 Days of Harmonic Convergence” as preparation for the advent of the Arcturus Dominion, Kin 144, 7.26.93.

“Valum Votan also perceived his role as Arcturian Agent, GM 108X, and with no hesitation, by the Electric Moon, 1993, he and Bolon Ik were in Mexico as Messengers of the Prophecy, Telektonon, herald of the seven years of prophecy and the “Mayan Apocalypse.” The three-year mission as messengers and peace pilgrims, 1993-96, was a time of severe spiritual trial and testing for the Arcturus strand, in which the two agents were without home base and without visible means of support.”
— Valum Votan, The Arcturian Apprenticeship of Valum Votan “Shield of Arcturus”. 20 Tablets of the Law of Time (Planet Art Network 1997).

GM 108X is one of the names of the messengership of Arcturus, it corresponds to Kin 108. This meditation of GM 108-X is the result of a profound dedication. Where did all of this begin, the vision of the Rainbow Bridge? I’d like to go back a little bit in time, to something called The Art Planet Chronicles.” It was in The Art Planet Chronicles where we have the first reference to today’s meditation, GM 108 X. The Art Planet Chronicles was written in the latter part of the year, 1981. Bolon Ik had discovered me. I fell in love with her. I was going through my own process of self-healing from a marriage, my second marriage, and from my long process of alcoholism. I had gone through a very cathartic process. I thought it was all over. But there she was. That gave me a ray of hope in life…”
— Valum Votan, Meditation 14, 28 Meditations, Earth Wizards Seminary, 1999.

“Preparing this text once again sheds much light on my own value or purpose as a human being. From my current perspective, I now understand how deeply programmed my whole being has been. Lloydine Burris, White Solar Wind/Bolon Ik was placed in my path to trigger through Love what had become buried in the hazards of taking on a human form during the dark ages of industrial chaos. The Art Planet Chronicles which she awoke from me, awoke in me as well the memory of a mission so precise in its purpose and timing, it still amazes me, a mission, for whatever strange and haunting reason, is stamped indelibly with the name,Arcturus.” The winding sheet that unfurled me into my birth most surely was woven in Arcturus.”
— José Argüelles, Author’s Afterword (1996) of The Art Planet Chronicles (1981) (Planet Art Network 1996). 

Arcturus, “Guardian of the Primal Art” consists of a 12-unit planetary system. However, the Arcturus system represents an advanced stage of consciousness unification, a unified telepathic field. In this unified telepathic field each planet is a collective sensory node of the larger unifying organism, Arcturus. The central star unit itself, is the coordinating seventh sense to the six senses formed by the six pairs of twelve planets. The pairing of inner and outer planets itself represents an evolved stage of telepathic unification.”
— José and Lloydine Argüelles, Arcturus Fast Forward (Planet Art Network 1992).

“104 + 4 = 108 = 104 (104,000 year) Arcturus Cycle + 4 (the power of self defining form) (Arcturus is the 4th brightest star from the Earth Perspective); 108 = 12 x 9, or 27 x 4 : 27 = 3 x 9 = the power of Bolontiku (Nine Lords of Time and Destiny) in the unconscious.”
— José Argüelles, The Arcturus Probe (1992)


All of the above quotes by José Argüelles / Valum Votan confirm that the GM108X Transmission didn’t start in 2002-2003 as some havewrongly claimed. Actually, the Galactic Maya prophetic ministry of Valum Votan and Bolon Ik (1981-2002), and all their visionary works during this 21-year period, are the result of the GM 108X Transmission.

José Valum Votan and Lloydine Bolon Ik considered themselves Messengers of the GM 108X Transmission, never as its “authors” neither its “embodiment” because no one can “own” the Divine. The multidimensional codes below demonstrate that the GM108X is a Universal Transmission which guided the ministry of Valum Votan and Bolon Ik, in the same way that it now guides the human evolution after the Timeship Earth 2013. Let us Tune In!

GM108X Multidimensional Codes

After the Timeship Earth 2013, the shifted planetary kin are able to decode that the GM 108X Transmission represents the Divine Source of 33, which was evidently activated through the synchronic codes of Jose (Kin 11) and Lloydine (Kin 22), adding up to Kin 33. This is demonstrated in multiple ways.

Firstly, the Kin 108 (4 Star) associated with the GM 108X, which is equivalent to 4 Lamat (4 Venus) in the Ancestral Maya Tzolkin (RealTime), represents the Ascension Code of Lloydine Bolon Ik in the Maya RealTime.

Alpha Birth:
9 Kab’an (9 Earth, Kin 217) 15 May 1943
Omega Death:
8 Chuwen (8 Monkey, Kin 151) 16 May 2014
= 368 – 260 = Kin 108 = 4 Lamat / 4 Star
Bolon Ik’s Ascension Code in the Maya RealTime

On the other hand, the GM 108 Numerology, without the variable “X Factor”, and only focused on the letters GM and the Key Kin Number 108, is:

G = 7
M = 4
GM = 11

1 + 0 + 8
108 = 9

Therefore GM 108 = 11.9 and/or 9.11

11 refers to the Solar Seal 11 of  José Valum Votan which is also the base of 22 (11+11), whereas 9 refers to the Solar Tone 9 of Lloydine Bolon Ik (Solar Wind or 9 Wind).

This is exactly the 11.9 or 9.11 code of Kin 191 (Solar Monkey, Tone 9 of Lloydine, Seal 11 of Jose), the Kin of their White Wedding on 21 September 1983 (Equinox and Full Moon). See Blue Night Wavespell.

In the same way, the 11.9 or 9.11 code of GM 108 refers to Kin 89 (Spectral Moon, Tone 11, Seal 9), the Dreamspell Kin of Ascension of José Valum Votan, as well as the Ascension Unified Time of Lloydine Bolon Ik (Maya RealTime + Maya DreamTime). Lloydine ascended on 16 May 2014, RealTime 8 Chuwen (8 Monkey / Kin 151) + DreamTime 3 Mirror (Kin 198) =  151 +198 = 349 – 260 = Kin 89.

Click on images to enlarge:

Note: Number 89 is the 11th Fibonacci Number. Kin 89 is also coded 19.11 (Storm Wavespell of Seal 19, Tone 11).

9.11 Code and the 33:33 Original Matrix 

The 9.11 or 11.9 Code also contains the Power of 33 because 11×9 = 99 = 33+33+33. Exactly, the blueprint of the 33:33 Original Matrix of Avebury is composed of 99 stones = 33×3. Accurately, the 33:33 Matrix contains 9 inner matrices of 11×11 each. Therefore, the 33:33 is also coded 9.11 or 11.9.

The Quantum Leap of the GM 108X unveils the 1089 factor within the 33:33 Matrix. By Gar Magusa (2016 Magikana Publishing UK).

As established by the visionary work of English author, Gar Magusa, the higher dimensional system of the OMG 33:33 Matrix (Original Matrix of Avebury) precisely contains the number 108 as a fractal, because 33×33 = 1089. Therefore, the X factor of 108X before the dimensional shift, has unveiled the next prophetic level of 1089 after the quantum leap. (Note: Interestingly, Gar Magusa aka GM was born on the 11th Day of the Solar Year / 5 August, Moon 1, Day 11 = 1.11).

Accurately, the universal stream of 1089 is contained within the 33:33 Matrix, in perfect harmony with the Dreamspell Master Numbers (Valum Kin 11 + Bolon Ik Kin 22 = Kin 33). All of them are coded by 9.11 or 11.9 = Divine Source of 33.

Arcturus, Fast Forward: The ABC’s of Galactic Culture


Booklet by Blue Spectral Monkey and White Solar Wind (José and Lloydine Argüelles, Valum Votan & Bolon Ik). 4 January 1992. Planet Art Network.

Abstract by Tortuga 13:20

The booklet “Arcturus, Fast Forward” establishes that the Galactic Federation’s gift of Dreamspell is the Galactic Marshall Plan for planet Earth. This plan is a Telepathic Template of Galactic Culture to be administered through the star system Arcturus. The Galactic culture is based on phenomena largely unknown or misunderstood to current third-dimensional materialistic beliefs: the Radial Matrix, the G-force, the Telepathy-Equality, the Time Travel, and the Meditation. These principles are intrinsic to the Dreamspell and the 13 Moons.   


Scarcely 40 light years away by current Earth reckoning, Arcturus is a “shepherd star,” not only a close neighbor, but a guide and example for our star, the Sun. According to the knowledge system of Arcturus, our Sun and its system of ten planetary orbits is known as Kinich Ahau, “Harmonic Keeper of the Distant Light.”

Arcturus, “Guardian of the Primal Art,” consists of a 12-unit planetary system. However, the Arcturus system represents an advanced stage of consciousness unification, a unified telepathic field. In this unified telepathic field each planet is a collective sensory node of the larger unifying organism, Arcturus. The central star unit itself, is the coordinating seventh sense to the six senses formed by the six pairs of twelve planets. The pairing of inner and outer planets itself represents an evolved stage of telepathic unification.

The stage of telepathic unification attained by Arcturus is a model template for the Kinich Ahau system. However, in the Kinich Ahau system, instead of six planetary pairs there are five, with the central star, the Sun, forming the sixth sense. When humans on the third orbital node, Earth, refer to the sixth sense they are actually referring to the solar mind, or universal fire sense organ.

The stellar body with its seven sensory outlets called Arcturus is a player in what is known on Earth as the Galactic Federation. The Galactic Federation is an interdimensional coordinating unit of star systems which have attained telepathic unification and are webbed together through a system of synchronization beams. The purpose of the synchronization beams is to augment telepathic unification at planetary, intrastellar, stellar, interstellar, and galactic magnitudes.

Ultimately, the Galactic Federation consists of thirteen dimensions, all webbed together by the synchronization beams. The totality of the beam-webbed galactic order is of a radial matrix. Hence, within the operations of the Federation, the linear constructs of “past” and “future” by which third-dimensional thinking limits itself have no application. Instead, the radial matrix consists of a polyphonic simultaneity of interdimensional tones, nodes, and telepathic occurrences.

The thirteen-dimensional core of the galaxy is the coordinating hub of the Galactic Federation. This core is known as Hunab K’u, One Giver of Movement and Measure. The Fifth Force is the active intelligence unit of the Galactic Federation. Possessing the fifth-dimensional power of overtone radiance, the Fifth Force is directly in resonance with the thirteen dimension magnitude of the Hunan K’u. Because of this, the Fifth Force can either step up or step down synchronization beams into equivalent dimensional frequencies.

As a seventh sensory telepathic system, Arcturus is a hub of Fifth Force intelligence. The seventh stellar sense holds the power of resonant attunement and as such has the function of gathering together service units on behalf of the Galactic Federation. The immediate responsibility or task of this seventh sensory system, Arcturus, is to gather the sixth sense, Kinich Ahau system, into the service of the Galactic Federation. The sixth stellar sense of universal fire has the power of rhythmic equality.

When the seventh sense of Arcturus is in full resonance with the sixth sense of Kinich Ahau, then a thirteen magnitude chord is sounded, rippling with rhythmic equality throughout the galactic order of Hunab K’u. This thirteen magnitude sounding is known as the Chord of the Galactic Fifth Force. Its sounding announces a telepathic extension and intensification of the radial matrix to a level of joyous novelty and profound illumination hitherto unknown.

In Earth terms this sounding is to occur in the year 2013 AD (Arcturus Dominion), and will be known as the Fifth Force Chord of Kinich Ahau. Earth, of course, is a planetary node of the Kinich Ahau system. A planetary node is the minimum telepathic unit recognized by the Galactic Federation. As of this moment, Earth has not yet attained telepathic unification of its planetary field. However, by virtue of collective will to unity, Earth has attained the level of being in a position to be a recipient of the Galactic Federation’s gift: Dreamspell, The Journey of Timeship Earth 2013.

The purpose of the Dreamspell is to lift the level of consciousness from the third to the fourth dimensions. Only at the fourth-dimensional level is telepathy genuinely possible on the planetary scale necessary for the Federation’s ends. The unconditional acceptance of this gift by the Time Shift, July 26, 1992, then qualifies Earth to become a recipient of the Galactic Marshal Plan or Arcturus Fast Forward, the ABC’s of Galactic Culture.

The Galactic Marshall Plan: The Essence

Evan Ho! Thus has it been heard!

Once upon a beam, the Galactic Rainbow Buddha sat atop of the Mountain of Universal Transcension in the center of Hunab K’u. From within the depths of the samadhi called “Conjuring the Universal Profound Creative Effort,” beams of g-force enlightenment spread radially from the Galactic Rainbow Buddha’s third eye. The androgyne galactic agent, the bodhisattva HoyLoy, receiving the beam directly through the solar plexus, looked up and spoke, announced then the Galactic Marshall Plan for planet Earth, Kinich Ahau’s almost orphaned third world planet:

First, the Dreamspell is potentially the tip of a Galactic Federation iceberg, the Galactic Marshall plan for planet Earth. This plan is to be administered through the star system Arcturus, in resonance with the collected force of all neighboring star systems and in accord with Alcyone, Hunab K’u’s chief local representative.

The Galactic Marshall plan hinges on the humans understanding the unconditional nature of the Dreamspell gift. The Dreamspell is the fourth-dimensional software for the sensory computer of the third-dimensional space suit.

If/when sufficient humans get the gift, and get on the Dreamspell, their holons will form a natural fourth-dimensional community of souls. Naturally in tune with the needs of the planet holon and Kinich Ahau, the community of souls/fourth-dimensional holons will be able to appeal directly to the fifth dimensional intelligence of the Galactic Fifth Force for further information and operating instructions.

Because this fourth-dimensional community of souls has understanding of the unconditional nature of the Dreamspell gift and speaks as one collective voice, the Fifth Force will be able to respond in kind with information and energy appropriate to the needs of the planet holon. This information channeled through the space suits of the holon community of souls will empower these holons’ third-dimensional egos with hitherto unknown knowledge and powers. This new knowledge and power, in accord with the Dreamspell, will constitute a radical mind technology for destructuring the more disastrous third-dimensional illusions such as radioactivity and nuclear waste.

Such is the essense of the Galactic Marshall Plan. Initiated 7.26.87, 8 Wizard, reverse Trinity Site, 8 Wizard, 7.16.45; anchored 8.16.87, 3 Eagle, reverse Hiroshima, 3 Eagle, 8.6.45; implemented, 7.26.92, 13 Storm, Trinity Site wavespell fully reversed, thirteen galactic tones re-installed, setting off human holon creative chain reaction of fourth-dimensional time: the Manhattan Project of the Creative Imagination.

Arcturus Fast Forward and the Telepathic Template of Galactic Culture

Arcturus means “Guardian of the Primal Art.” What is the “primal art?” This is the art of telepathic synaesthesia. It is telepathic because it is based on the unification of all holons of a given planetary field, and, hence, gives birth to a collective planetary mind; and it is synaesthetic because the unification of holons triggers the holonomic imagination, or planetary manitou, the circuit by which sense organs of the third-dimensional space suits, individually and collectively, experience their own internal correspondences.

Practiced on the fourth-dimensional level of the holonomic imagination, telepathic synaesthesia is felt by the third-dimensional space suit as a most profound relaxation of mind, ease of movement and action, and non-dual bliss of mutually reciprocal sense experiences.

Telepathic synaesthesia is called the primal art because it derives from the place of primal origins, a place situated in what the third-dimensional mind calls the distant future, or more quantly, by names like paradise, heaven or utopia. This distant place does indeed exist and because of it a flow of vision remains constant, beckoning and calling forth all manifestation into further evolution. Without this flow of vision, which provides an aboriginal continuity, there could be no galactic culture.

Galactic culture is unconditional. To be unconditional is to rest in total love, tolerance, and non-disparagement. It is to love unconditionally and to give unconditionally. It is to have complete respect for the autonomy of all things and to trust absolutely in the higher order of the collective galactic will. All of these qualities constitute the galactic ethic: harm nothing, tolerate everything, give and love unconditionally, discriminate without judgement.

The unconditional ethic of galactic culture gives rise to a profound simplicity which is rooted in the never-ending now.

Galactic culture maintains its unconditional simplicity because it is based on phenomena largely unknown or misunderstood to current third-dimensional materialistic beliefs:

1. the all-encompassing fourth-dimensional order of the radial matrix
2. the g-force
3. telepathy-equality
4. profound displacement or time travel
5. meditation

1. The radial matrix is a harmonic perfection which third-dimensional science is incapable of grasping; within the radial matrix all is interdependent, interconnected and totally in the now. The pith essence of the radial matrix is an all-compassionate intelligence.

2. The g-force is the galactic fifth force variously perceived by third-dimensional science as galactic beams, as anti-gravity, or as gamma rays, though it is none of these. The g-force is the energy of the higher dimensional ordering principle informing the radial matrix.

3. Telepathy-equality is the fourth-dimensional binding principle of the group or collective mind and will. It is based on the inviolable autonomy of its individual members and completely transcends any notion of third-dimensional individualism. When telepathy is universal it automatically confers equality of kin for none is greater or lesser than any other within the organism of the whole.

4. Profound displacement or time travel is the principle of ordering or reordering different aspects of experience according to the needs of the whole species organism to come into ever-greater harmony with ever-expanding galactic intelligence.

5. In the fourth-dimensional order of the radial matrix, meditation is the way of being and acting according to galactic law. This is galactic dharma, the unconditional law which states: karma is disposition, disposition is karma. In other words, everything that is perceived or done in the moment is karma. This karma can be neutral, negative, or positive. The point is that all responsibility lies in the present moment and that meditation is the assumption of immediate responsibility moment-to-moment. This responsibility transcends any notions of action or non-action.

Any being rooted in these principles functions as a galactic being.

These principles are intrinsic to the Dreamspell and are first gained by relinquishing altogether the present 12-month Gregorian calendar and adopting the 13-moon calendar. There can be no compromise on this point. Not following the path of the 13 moons, humanity will be further beset and confused by money and chauvinistic parochialisms of all kinds. The Earth will continue to be tormented by materialism.

Once these principles are understood and the Dreamspell is practiced, beginning with the adoption and implementation of the 13 Moon calendar, then the foundations of telepathic synaesthesia may be laid.

These foundations are based, first of all, on the correction of the errors of third-dimensional science and their effects on both the environment and the sensory mental atmosphere of the human space suits. The radical mind technology components of these corrective applications constitute the Galactic Marshall Plan, also known as the laying down of the telepathic template of galactic culture.

Once this telepathic template is laid down, the evolution of the planetary manitou can proceed rapidly. This rapid progression from the gross limitations of third-dimensional culture into the telepathic ease of the fourth-dimensional Dreamspell and galactic art of planetary time is called “Arcturus fast forward.”

Why? Because Arcturus is already at a minimum of four hundred years in advance of the evolution of your species. But this four hundred year minimum difference is nothing to the intelligences of Arcturus. Practicing profound displacement, time travel, and telepathy, the Arcturus factor has always been present in the outlying fourth-dimensional “suburbs” of your own planet. But with the Dreamspell, following the Time Shift and proceeding directly to galactic synchronization, 8 Seed, July 26, AD 2013, your species will now be on Arcturus fast forward.

Arriving at the climax point of the sounding of the fifth chord at that time, your planet and indeed the entire system of Kinich Ahau, will be able to advance to the next galactic level: interdimensional polyphonic synaesthesia. This is the ever-expanding experience of the intricately diverse operations of the stellar sense organs of the telepathically unified fields of the planetary nodes of the star system, Kinich Ahau.

In order to reach that ecstatic almost unthinkable point, the following 21-year program outline is offered:

Phase I: 1992-97, Galactic Marshall Plan: Laying the Telepathic Template.
Receiving the beam, creating the web, activating the pulsars, destructuring the Illusion, equality and abundance without government for all, kin credits, solar sixth sense technology.

Phase II: 1997-2000, Triggering the Rings: Telepathic Pole Shift.
Radiosonic domes, the primal art of telepathic synaesthesia, community and the collective arousal of the lucid and creative mind on behalf of planetary telepathic unification; the appearance of the planetary manitou and the Earth’s circumpolar rings.

Phase III: 2000-2007, Total Recall: Reconstruction of the Planetary Past.
The era of time travel, the age of the new magic, establishing communion with the planetary past, Mars remembered, Maldek reconstructed, Jupiter and Saturn released.

Phase IV: 2007-2012, Uranus Calling: Opening the Time Tunnel.
Completion of the time tunnels, Uranus revisited, Neptune excavated. Pluto stabilized.

Phase V: 2012-2013, Kinch Ahau and the Arrival of Emissaries of the Central Sun, Galactic synchronization, universal transcension, Earth realized as a resonant message unit in a galactic symphony.

Phase I: 1992-97, The Galactic Marshall Plan: Laying the Telepathic Template

By mid-1992 three factors speed head-long into the moment of the Time Shift: the beam-reactivated Earth force and attendant Earth changes; the chaotically unravelling force of 12:60 civilization; and the creative fourth-dimensional foundation building Dreamspell. Three factors, one mesh, one synchnronistic grid. What will be the telling factor?

For humans, the most significant factor of the Time Shift is the undoing of 5200 years of civilized 12:60 history. This undoing began in 1987, when the reactivated Fifth Force beams were focussed again on Earth and humanity showed a collective will to unity: the Harmonic Convergence. Not only was the Cold War undone, but the entire sub-structure of modern beliefs began to dissolve.

Despite the efforts of predatory opportunists to take control of the de-escalation of global war, through the Dreamspell seeding, the Fifth Force has managed to slip into the mainstream of civilized chaos. The webbing of the fourth-dimensional holons into the planetary holon has already begun. A safety net is being woven ready to receive the Galactic Marshall Plan, the telepathic templates of galactic culture.

The message of the Galactic Marshall Plan is simple: what the sorcerer’s apprentice let out of the bottle of materialist science in the form of the genie of nuclear war and radioactive waste, can be put back into the bottle. The bottle itself, with all of its deleterious petro-chemical waste-products and technologies, can be returned once again into the ocean of galactic consciousness. In its place will be the Dreamspell path beyond technology, initially implemented as the Galactic Marshall Plan. How so?

The third-dimensional environment of the planet has been ravaged for over two hundred years by a science that lacks any control over its long-term effects. The biosphere with all of its species has been wrecked by the war known as materialism. The elimination of many species is an evolutionary moment that will correct itself over time, but only if there is radical and immediate action. All of this has come about as a result of human mental recklessness, a naive and immature belief in its third-dimensional powers “over nature.”

The first step of the Galactic Marshall Plan is to correct this mental error by introducing the Dreamspell power of the radial matrix and the superior reality of fourth-dimensional time. Functioning fourth-dimensionally through a radial matrix by which all points in the drama of human history can be plotted in relation to each other and to the present moment, the power can be aroused to reverse the negative effects of even the most poisonous human experiments. How? Through creation and implementation of the human counter-active pulsar bomb.

Please note, humans: this process of reversing negative effects or karma was already initiated on August 16, 1987. Within the radial matrix of galactic time, August 16, 1987, the Harmonic Convergence, and August 6, 1945, the atomic bombing of Hiroshima, bear the same galactic gateway: Kin 55, Blue Electric Eagle. Because a critical portion of humanity was able to be aroused and open again to the Sun at dawn, August 16, 1987, the process of reversing the 12:60 Dreamspell of history was able to commence.

In creating and implementing the human counter-active pulsar bomb, the same principle of identifying critical third-dimensional moments within the radial matrix applies. In creating the human counter-active pulsar bomb, however, an entire thirteen-tone wavespell must be activated. The critical wavespell to be activated is the Blue Hand Wavespell Three, which bears the power of accomplishment. Hand, the seventh seal, marks the power of galactic Earth. Mid-1992, this wavespell falls between the Gregorian calendar dates July 14-26. The thirteenth and final position of this wavespell is Kin 39, Blue Cosmic Storm, the Time Shift, corresponding to Sunday July 26, 1992, of the Gregorian Calendar.

The eighth position of this wavespell is Kin 34, White Galactic Wizard. Within the radial matrix, White Galactic Wizard, is the galactic gateway common to July 21, 1992 and to July 16, 1945, Trinity Site, the date marking the detonation of the first atomic bomb on planet Earth, the birth of the nuclear age. As with Harmonic Convergence and Hiroshima, the point of activating Wavespell Three is to consciously and systematically reverse a negative historical effect. This time, however, through activation of the human pulsar bomb, the entire genie of the nuclear age can be put back to the bottle of scientific materialism. The effect of humanity’s witnessing the genie being put back into the bottle will be both shattering and liberating.

The Human Pulsar Bomb: How it works

First Principle: Time Reversal. Fourth-dimensional time runs and is tracked in a counter-clockwise motion. Third-dimensional time runs and is tracked in a clockwise motion. By overlaying the radial matrix of fourth-dimensional time on third-dimensional time, third-dimensional events correlated to their corresponding galactic gateways may be neutralized and their effects reversed.

Second Principle: Telepathy and interdimensional Displacement. Telepathy, direct mind-to-mind transmission, is the ordinary mental functioning of the fourth dimension. Like everything fourth-dimensional, telepathy operates in a counterclockwise motion. This explains why telepathy literally runs counter to all principles of third-dimensional physics, and how an operant can “receive” a thought before it is transmitted.

From the third-dimensional point of view, telepathy is mind science of the highest order. Since telepathy is purely fourth-dimensional in nature, its proper functioning supersedes all third-dimensional concepts and reality.

Telepathy works as mind over matter because the fourth-dimensional mind function is by counterclockwise time and has the power of undoing any clockwise third-dimensional effect. Indeed, from the perspective of fourth-dimensional telepathy, all third-dimensional effects are merely mental illusions.

Once a holon has been activated and telepathy begins to occur in a more systematic manner, its energy can be consciously channelled and directed toward third-dimensional “targets”. Any third-dimensional target, remember is a pure illusion from the perspective of telepathy. The science of gauging the effects of this telepathic targeting is known as interdimensional displacement, i.e., a consciously directed fourth-dimensional force displaces the reality of a third-dimensional illusion so that the effect of the third-dimensional illusion is negated.

Third Principle: Collective Time Power, or Pulsar Bombs. It is important to remember that by its nature telepathy cannot be the truth of a single operant, but at minimum two. The effects of directed telepathy can only increase by the number of operants creating a specific telepathic field. Once a Dreamspell community of holons has formed by testing its own telepathic capacity, it may advance to the stage of collective time power.

Collective time power means the capacity to utilize telepathic displacement by engaging the pulsars of a wavespell. Any wavespell is a fourth-dimensional template laid over third-dimensional time. By merely following a wavespell, kin-after-kin over a thirteen-day period, the effects of third-dimensional time can be neutralized.

By telepathically targeting and focusing on dates and historical correspondences within a given wavespell, the effects of the historical correspondences can be negated, and new mental norms be established and set in motion. This highly creative process is achieved by the human pulsar bomb.

The prime example for setting this process in motion is the overlay of the Hand Wavespell, July 14-26, 1992. In order to frame the human pulsar bomb, the action is to include the cosmic gate of the preceding wavespell, corresponding to July 13, White Cosmic World-bridger, and the magnetic gate of the next wavespell, corresponding to Yellow Magnetic Sun, July 27, 1992. This way the origin and completion of the pulsar bomb are marked by opportunities for magic flight, the interval between wavespells. In other words, the action of the human pulsar bomb runs a full fifteen days from July 13 through July 27, 1992.

Human pulsar bombs may form in select places around the planet targeting sites like Chernobyl as the focus of telepathic displacement. The third-dimensional illusion to be displaced is that of radioactivity and radioactive burn.

The collective time action is termed a human pulsar bomb because it is the third-dimensional space suit of the human which functions as the instrument for directing the energy of the telepathic displacement. The effect of the directed telepathic energy is to increase the heat of the space suit. The more humans involved, the greater the increase in the heat.

It is a pulsar bomb because the telepathic energy is interacted in discrete sequences of time action called pulsars. According to the Dreamspell Pulsar Code, one set of four color coded pulsars, and one set of five overtone pulsars operate within a given wavespell.

When these two sets of pulsars are integrated by human units over a 13-day wavespell sequence, they create an actual telepathic geometry of time. This highly heated telepathic geometry of time, focused on a particular third-dimensional target, like the radioactive core of the Chernobyl melt-down, functions like a dissolving bomb, “exploding” the effect by displacing it out of the third dimension altogether.

At the same time, inclusive of and taking into account an historical event like Trinity Site, White Galactic Wizard, the human pulsar bomb will set in motion a chain of reaction of fourth-dimensional time. This chain reaction will take the form of a rapidly expanding grid of synchronistic telepathy. Experienced by an exponential increasing number of individuals, the synchronistic grid—literally the telepathic template of galactic culture—will result in the irrevocable formation of the planetary manitou, the holonomic imagination of the planetary mind. The success of the Hand Wavespell pulsar bomb, keyed to the reversal of uncontrolled nuclear radioactivity, will set the standard for further pulsar bomb events and the further laying of the telepathic template of galactic culture.

It is impossible to abuse the human pulsar bomb. The intrinsic safeguard of all fourth-dimensional functions is the law of the kin. There is no such thing as power over another in the fourth dimension. The human pulsar bomb is only one application of telepathic displacement. It works because it deals with healing a rupture in the atomic fabric of the third-dimensional plane of existence and it is one of the specifically healing types of telepathic displacement. Many other types of telepathic displacement can be used for furthering understanding or knowledge. There can be no destructive or harmful use made of telepathic displacement.

As more and more of the atomic and biopsychic fabric of the third-dimensional garment is “restored” through these healing types of telepathic displacement, the way will open up for increasing experiments in the more purely creative forms of telepathic displacement: the establishment of the biospheric free zones and the triggering of Earth’s rings.

Declaration of Biospheric Rights

Humans, in order for the Earth to prevail beyond Gregorian year, 1992, the Galactic Federation declares the non-legitimacy of all human institutions based solely on the 12:60 frequency. The Galactic Federation therefore declares null and void all such institutions which: claim territorial or private authority over the land; economically enslave other humans for profit or allegiance to an alleged state; and/or support the uninhibited use and proliferation of money as a means of sanctioning power of any kind.

These institutions and customs have no recognized reality whatsoever within the fourth-dimensional power of the Earth, and are to be replaced by the law of the kin and the telepathic power of the Galactic Fifth Force. Adhering to the law of kin, following the precepts of the Dreamspell, and acquiring the telepathic gifts of the Fifth Force, the Galactic Marshall Plan, all forms of planetary life, inclusive of human beings, are granted biospheric rights: the challenge and responsibility of living without ownership but in full telepathic and sensory community wherever they deem appropriate on the planet and in accord with the needs of the fourth-dimensional planetary holon.

May this declaration be proclaimed universally everywhere on this planet in preparation for the Time Shift and until such time as the Dreamspell Mission of Timeship Earth 2013 is securely in place once again.

Klatu Barada Nikto! The Galactic Federation comes in peace!

Guardians of the Central Sun
Arcturus makes us into one

Alcyone the Central Star
sings us into what we are

Assignment completed by
Blue Spectral Monkey and White Solar Wind
Year of the Crystal Wizard
Rhythmic Moon, Day 23
Kin 96: Yellow Overtone Warrior
Human Wavespell 12 Power of Free Will
New Moon, Annular Eclipse

11 + 22 = 33 = The Mystery

Gregorian: 4/1/92 (4 January 1992)

Reconstructed from this printed copy from the Information Network of Willard Van de Bogart.

Transcribed by Frej Kin 117, Red Cosmic Earth.
 Year of the Red Cosmic Moon. Magnetic Moon, Day 12. Kin 180: Yellow Spectral Sun. Dog Wavespell 14 Power of Love. (6 August 2018)

Published on Kin 182, White Cosmic Wind, the Transcendence of the Wavespell 14 of Love and Loyalty. Day 14 of the Magnetic Moon. Year of the Red Cosmic Moon. (8.8.2018)

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17 Replies to “GM108X Transmission: Arcturus Fast Forward: The ABC’s of Galactic Culture”

  1. Thanks, much better after fixing all my overusing of bold/italic, thank you for making this Tortuga 13:20 Living Library and restructuring Planet Art Legacy of all the history about the 13 Moon Calendar movement available for the whole Art Planet. This is so hugely important that i don’t think we can oUR self appreciate it yet fully, we got the silent revolution here, but i feel we are picking up speed now lately so buckle up back there… we are now going into… hyper-active! The mushrooms once said too me, apropos nothing special at all, ‘what you call Man we call Time’. Time is Art. ( ( ( ❤ ) ) )

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