Original Author’s Afterword Chapter of “The Art Planet Chronicles” released in 1996 by José Argüelles

Today, Blue Magnetic Storm day, Kin 79 of the Blue Spectral Storm Year 2016, we feel it necessary to share these timeless words from Valum Votan, which were precisely written on the same Kin 79 but during the Self-Existing Storm Year of 1996. This Author’s Afterword Chapter was part of the original “The Art Planet Chronicles”, which was written in 1981 but released to the whole Planet Art Network in 1996. However, this last Chapter of the book wasn’t included in the formal publication of FLT that came out in 2014, which actually constituted the last published book of José Argüelles. Nevertheless, these words represent a truly profound Planetary Memory of the origins of the Planet Art Network, the New Time Prophecy and the Dreamspell Journey, showing how important was the input of Bolon Ik for this whole manifestation on Earth. By sharing this missing Chapter today (including the page’s numbers), we Honour with Gratitude the Original Source of the Sacred Codes by which many of us live today. The Planetary Art History that was seeded by Valum and Bolon Ik. In Lak’ech

 The Art Planet Chronicles: The Making of the Fifth Ring


It was almost sixteen years ago that I met a beautiful woman, still in her late 30s, exactly when I needed to meet her. It doesn’t even seem right to say that I met her, for that assumes too much control on my part, yet so it was. Let’s just say that we came together as we were meant to, and my life was never to be the same again.

I had just turned 42, and was a downwardly mobile professor of art history who had just finished with a marriage of thirteen years destroyed by what seemed to be my hopeless alcoholism. My inner power was strong, however, and so was my guidance. No sooner had I come to resolute terms with that dreadful addiction in a forlorn cabin located at high Colorado mountain meditation retreat center, then she was there, inseparable it now seems from my newly awakened state of being.

Love came suddenly, as it often does. Yet wanting to make sure of my sobriety, I waited a half-year or so before I knew I should live with this woman, Lloydine Burris Mecklenburg. It was sometime around Hiroshima Day, 1981 (A.H. 36) that we became partners sharing the same bed and breaking bread together.

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