Dreamspell Maya Cycles of Radial Time

Thirteen Moons in Motion: A Dreamspell Primer (Section III)

By José & Lloydine Argüelles (Valum Votan & Bolon Ik)

Arcturian Almanac: Dreamspell Catalog of Mayan Cycles

Excerpt: The Dreamspell is truly galactic in origin. Its comprehensive set of cyclic fractals is like a set of lenses that view the Earth and its solar system from the fourth-dimension. It is neither heliocentric nor geocentric, but both and beyond. More than science or theory, the Dream-spell is meant to be lived. The key into the Dreamspell for the mass of humanity at this time is the Calendar “Thirteen Moons in Motion.”

1. Historical Note

Dreamspell: Journey of Timeship Earth 2013 is a pure formulation and updating of the mathematical calendar codes originally brought to this planet by the Maya. The Dreamspell is a new dispensation of time for our time. No one knew better than the Maya, nor recorded more accurately, the precise nature of the many cycle of time in which the Earth is involved as a planetary body within a galactic star system.

It was the intention of the Maya that their formulation of time, based on a frequency code of 13:20 (13 galactic tones, 20 solar frequencies), was to be a gift contributing to the fulfillment of human consciousness on planet Earth. Like the Hopi awaiting the Pahana, “the lost white brother,” the Maya awaited the arrival of their kin from the far side of the Atlantic.

On October 12, AD 1492 (Dreamspell 7 Earth of year 7 Storm), Christopher Columbus arrived in the “New World.” The hopes of the Maya, the Hopi, and all indigenous people, not only of the Americas, but of the entire planet were thoroughly shattered and destroyed. Genocide, enslavement, and colonization were the indigenous people’s reward. Never had the knowledge of a high civilization been so intentionally desecrated and destroyed as was that of the Maya.

In one single act of conquest, humanity was deprived of the gift of the knowledge of time. By 1583 the Catholic Church installed its “reform” of time known as the Gregorian calendar. Simultaneous to the proclamation of the Gregorian calendar was the development of mechanized time, the basis of all machine technology. Instead of the 13:20 galactic frequency of time, the planet was bequeathed with the 12:60 (12-month year, 60-minute hours) frequency of machine technology.

The 12:60 frequency of machine technology is surrogate time, which in actuality is based on standards of measurement of space. In the scientific and industrial revolutions that followed, the dominating, materialistic and acquisitive western mind engulfed the planet.

This same mind now seeks to conquer space as well. Humanity today is driven and obsessed by a space-based science and mathematics. In solely recognizing space without understanding time, science has created a crippled, suicidal race of enslaved humans helplessly living in a rapidly deteriorating planetary environment.

Until the human race is willing to own its mistake of living in the wrong time and removing itself from the influence of this wrong time, humanity has no hope whatsoever of curing itself of the problems which it alone has created.

The most immediate first step that needs to be taken is to relinquish the Gregorian calendar, replacing it instead with the mathematically accurate calendar of the thirteen moons. The thirteen moon calendar, 13 Moons in Motion, is the cornerstone of the new Mayan dispensation of time, Dreamspell: The Journey of Timeship Earth 2013. The Dreamspell is an information revolution for all of humanity that is based on the mathematics of time. Where space is the third-dimension, time is the fourth-dimension.

The mathematics of time has nothing to do with the mathematics of space. The mathematics of time is based on whole numbers and fractals; it is radial and not linear. This fourth-dimensional mathematic consists of interlocking sets of cycles that repeat with different significances through evermore expanding levels.

It is of utmost importance that the knowledge of time as the 13 Moons in Motion be disseminated through all media and education systems of the planet as rapidly as possible, and that the Gregorian calendar be relinquished as soon as possible. Once humanity is operating on the correct standard of time, it will have a proper basis of unification for accomplishing the enormous and heroic task that now challenges it.

Greater than any spiritual teaching is the gift of time.

2. The Fractal Cycles of Radial Time

The basic truth of radial time is that all units fractal each other. The base unit of galactic time is one kin. A kin may represent a day, a year, 20 years, 260 years, and so on. Take, for example, the galactic-solar breath fractal:

Inhale: ten kin (solar seal sequence Sun-Moon), can equal ten days where it is one half of a harmonic run, ten years where it is one half of a katun, or ten katuns where it is one half of a baktun.

Exhale: ten kin (solar seal sequence Dog-Storm), can equal ten days where it is one half of a harmonic run, ten years where it is one half of a katun, or ten katuns where it is one half of a baktun.

According to the galactic codes of time, there are the following base units:

1)  Color Code
Four color frequencies: red, white, blue yellow Overtone Fifth frequency: green

2)  Solar Code
Four colors moved by the overtone fifth create the 20 solar frequencies, represented by the 20 solar seals or icons. These are also represented in the dot-bar notation as the 0-19 code, the basis of all Mayan whole number Mathematics

3)  Galactic Code
Thirteen tones which constitute the 13-kin form of the wavespell constant

Galactic time is always now-centered and is based on cycles in which a terrestrial day is the equivalent of one kin. The two unifying cycles for planet earth are the galactic spin of 260 kin and the solar-lunar thirteen moons of 365 kin (364 kin plus green day), which intersect precisely every 52 years. This presentation of the cycles of time proceeds from the smallest to the largest cycles.

Solar-lunar Synchronization Cycles

1)  Harmonic
Four days (four kin: red, white, blue, yellow 65 harmonics per galactic spin

2)  Chromatic
Five days (five kin: any of four sets of polar to gateway kin) 52 chromatics per galactic spin

3)  Week
Seven days (seven kin: Sunday through Saturday) 52 weeks per solar-lunar year

4)  Wavespell (thirteen kin: galactic tones one to thirteen) 20 wavespells per galactic spin

5)  Harmonic run (Mayan Baktun fractal)
20 kin (solar seal sequence Dragon through Sun) Thirteen harmonic runs per galactic spin

6)  Correlate dates (Mayan Vinal fractal)
20 kin sequences for scoring the solar-lunar year to the galactic spin (green ring of galactic compass)
Eighteen per solar-lunar year plus one five kin sequence, July 21 – July 25 (Mayan Vayeb)

7)  Moon
28 days (28 kin) of four weeks each, thirteen moons per solar-lunar year plus green day, July 25

8)  Castle
52 days (52 kin) of four color-coded wavespells
red wavespell, white wavespell, blue wavespell, yellow wavespell Five castles per galactic spin

9)  Galactic Spectrum
65 days (65 kin) of thirteen chromatics each: red galactic spectrum, white galactic spectrum, blue galactic spectrum, yellow galactic spectrum Four galactic spectra per galactic spin
(Mayan code burner days)

10)  Galactic spin
260 days (260 kin) 20 wavespells, 65 harmonics, 52 chromatics, five castles, four galactic spectra
(Maya Tzolkin)

11)  Solar-lunar year
365 days (365 kin) of thirteen moons, 52 weeks plus green day

Galactic-Solar Synchronization Cycles:

1)  Harmonic Return Cycle
Four solar-lunar years measured from any significant even, i.e. a birthday or any solar-galactic synchronization which is always July 26.
Thirteen harmonic runs per galactic-solar 52-year cycle

2)  Holtun
Five solar-lunar years, precisely the same as seven galactic spins less five days (1820 kin)

3)  Lunar Octave
Eight solar-lunar years, precisely the same as five Venus rounds (584 days each) 104 moons (28 days or kin) and 100 lunations (29.20 days) for a total of 2920 kin

4)  Galactic Return
Thirteen solar-lunar years (lunar octave plus holtun) measured from any significant event, i.e. a birthday or any solar-galactic synchronization which is always July 26.
Four galactic returns per 52 year cycle

5)  Mayan Katun (Score)
20 solar-lunar years (four holtuns, five harmonic returns) 260 katuns per Great Cycle of 5200 years

6)  Galactic-Solar Return Cycle
Precise synchronization of 52 solar-lunar years with 73 galactic spins. Thirteen harmonic returns and four galactic returns (18,980 kin)

7)  Galactic Chromatic or Fifth
65 solar-lunar years or six thirteen-year galactic returns

8)  Galactic Hex or Sixth
78 solar-lunar years or six thirteen-year galactic returns

9)  Galactic Seventh
91 solar-lunar years or seven thirteen-year galactic cycles

10)  Century
100 solar-lunar years, five katun (score), 20 holtuns, 25 harmonic returns

11)  Arcturian Chorus or Galactic Octave
104 solar-lunar years, eight galactic returns, thirteen lunar octaves, 26 harmonic returns, 65 Venus rounds (37,960 kin)

12)  Great Katun (Mayan Ahau Katun)
260 solar-lunar years, thirteen katuns, 20 per Great Cycle

13)  Baktun
400 solar-lunar Dreamspell years, 20 katuns Thirteen per Great Cycle

14)  Millennium
Ten centuries of 50 katuns, 200 holtuns, 1,000 solar-lunar years 26 per Pleiadian year

15)  Great Cycle
5200 solar-lunar Dreamspell years, 260 Dreamspell centuries, five Great Cycle, same as one planetary Dreamspell
Five per Pleiadian year

16)  Pleiadian year
26,000 solar-lunar Dreamspell years, 260 Dreamspell centuries, five Great Cycles, same as one planetary Dreamspell
Four per Hunab Ku interval

17)  Hunab Ku Interval
104,000 solar-lunar Dreamspell years, 20 Great Cycles, 260 baktuns, four Pleiadian years.

The above cycles are only the most relevant for human purposes at this time. By no means do these cycles exhaust the fractal possibilities of galactic time and mathematics.

Note: Dreamspell years are not the same as Classic Mayan reckoning. As a new dispensation of galactic time, Dreamspell takes its count from –23,987 (BC). All discrepancy of time and leap year days are accounted for in this reckoning. It is commonly agreed that the Mayan Great Cycle has as its point of departure the approximate date of August 13, 3113 BC. In Dreamspell years this date is –3187. The discrepancy of 74 years is absorbed in the Dreamspell as a function of the new dispensation of time.

Like the thirteen moon calendar, the Dreamspell has no history. It is an overlay of galactic time intended to help humans overcome their disturbed and conflicting views of history. The common point between the Mayan tradition as it survived and the Dreamspell is the galactic synchronization (Gregorian calendar date July 26 – July 16, Julian or pre-Gregorian calendar), which always falls on one of the four gateway solar seals: Red Moon, White Wizard, Blue Storm, Yellow Seed.

The Dreamspell is truly galactic in origin. Its comprehensive set of cyclic fractals is like a set of lenses that view the Earth and its solar system from the fourth-dimension. It is neither heliocentric nor geocentric, but both and beyond. More than science or theory, the Dream-spell is meant to be lived. The key into the Dreamspell for the mass of humanity at this time is the calendar “Thirteen Moons in Motion.”

According to the Dreamspell, Columbus arrived in America during a 7 Storm year. This 7 Storm year occurs 520 years later in the year AD 2012. the celebration of the 500th Anniversary of Columbus’ arrival occurs in a 13 Storm year, AD 1992. this celebration is actually the announcement of the final katun of the 5200 year, 260 katun Great Cycle of the Maya and of the 26,000 year, 1300 katun planetary Dreamspell cycle.

One katun fractals all katuns. Within one scale a katun may be a day, within another scale a katun may be 1300 years or more. Though it may appear to be a super human effort everything that has gone astray as a result of not understanding the Mayan gift of time, can now be rectified within this final katun.


Time, the g-force webs our cells to each passing day.
The webbing of a day is called a kin.
The body is kin to every other body.
The Earth is the medium which g-force uses
to web each body to every other body,
kin after kin, spin after spin.

My body is kin to all other kin.
The dog is kin as are the trees,
and every stone and blade of grass are webbed to me as kin.
Multiple and numberless are my kin.
Webbed, renewed at every moon
and recycled every solar spin,
breathed as time, galactic web.
Each dawn marries me
to my infinite and ceaseless round of kin.

Recorded at the Inn of the Mayan Cycles
8 Storm, Electric 5, Blue Cosmic Storm Year
(AD 1992)

Thirteen Moons in Motion: A Dreamspell Primer

By José and Lloydine Argüelles (Valum Votan & Bolon Ik). PAN 1992

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Note: This reconstructed publication is for Educational Purposes Only and not for profit. All copyrights belong to the authors, José and Lloydine Argüelles, and are used under Fair Use for educational purposes only and to honour their memory.


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