Realtime Dreamtime Crystal Codex

‘”In the Fourth Dimension Time enters the Crystal, refracts between the angels, and exits as a Rainbow of Timelessness.” (19 Matrix)


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The Realtime Dreamtime Crystal Codex is a free, four year education program for planetary kin. The course begins with the release an informative ebook which will introduce the main topics, and will continue over the duration of the next four years. All documents and teaching will be available via this section, so please feel free to bookmark this page and share with your friends.

The education program, and meditation it teaches, has been purposefully designed to pave the way for the completion of the 1352 Year Samadhi of the Twin Crystal Archetypes.

The Twin Crystal Archetypes that we speak of in the The Realtime Dreamtime Crystal Codex are Pakal Votan and Tz’akbu Ajaw – the Mother and Father of the Palenque Dynasty. The codes of their Samadhi that form the basis of this course can be found inscribed in the apex chamber of the Temple of the Inscriptions, as well as in other Mayan sites. As a fundamental part of this free education program, we will guide you through these inscriptions one by one demonstrating how these riddles in stone form a time tunnel to connect with the us in the present day.

Pakal and Tz’akbu made great sacrifice in order to leave this ‘time is prophecy’ art project for us to decipher, and reconstruct in the future. This really is the fruit of their Earthly emanation. Through this collective meditation we will align with, and tune directly into, the telepathic transmissions of them. Pakal and Tz’akbu have a message to share with us, and that message will delivered through the Realtime Dreamtime Crystal Codex.

Over it is Nineteen

The Realtime Dreamtime Crystal Codex is the merging of the Realtime (Ancestral Long Count) Tzolkin and Dreamtime (Dreamspell) Tzolkin counts inside the Solar Calendrical container of the 19:19 Crystal Matrix. We have every reason to believe it is a match made in Heaven. The codex intrinsically integrates these counts into the Crystal Meditation. It also interfaces with the Telektonon Prophecy and should be considered an annex, or an additional chapter to these much celebrated publications.

The 19:19 Crystal Matrix is the visionary product of the Dimensional Shift 2013 – a Sacred Gift telepathically transmitted from the Pakal and Tz’akbu, to the New Earth Wizards of today. It is a simple practice based upon the sacred harmonics of the double terminated crystal. Through the multidimensional lens of the 19:19 Crystal Matrix the fourth dimensional codes of the Tzolkin induce a Rainbow of Timelessness.

Are you ready to Awaken your Crystal Archetype?

Year of the Blue Lunar Storm Kin 119

Crystal Angel Sequence 1 : July 26th-August 13th

Days / Angels 1-6 – Click to download
Days / Angels 7-12 Click to download
Days / Angels 13-18 – Click to download
Day / Angel 1.19 – Click to download

Crystal Angel Sequence 2 : August 14th – September 1st


Days / Angels 1-6


Days / Angels 7-12


Days / Angels 13-18


Day / Angel 19

Crystal Angel Sequence 3 :  September 2nd – September 20th

Days / Angels 1-6
Days / Angels 7-12
Days / Angels 13-18
Day / Angel 19

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