Arcturus Calling: Wizard Returns Home

Letter by José and Lloydine Argüelles (Valum Votan & Bolon Ik) in loving memory of Cesar Crnic, Kin 149, Red  Rhythmic Moon, one of the 144 Earth Wizards who participated in the Earth Wizard’s Seminary in Picarquin, Chile.

Historical source: (February, 2002)

Arcturus Calling: Wizard Returns Home

Cesar Crnic, Red Rhythmic Moon, Kin 149

Cesar Red Rhythmic Moon was one of the 144 Earth Wizards who participated in the seven week Earth Wizard’s Seminary in Picarquin, Chile, White Resonant Wizard year, 1999. Cesar arrived in Picarquin as one of the Nomads, the original 13:20 educational caravan that had been traveling through South America. He was a beautiful young man possessed of supreme vitality. After the Earth Wizard’s Seminary he was one of the leaders of the New Time Educational Caravan of five buses, currently regrouping in Patagonia. On Kin 108, Rhythmic Kali 25 of this Solar Seed year, he was returning from Chile to Argentina for a caravan reunion. He stopped to check out an overheated radiator, when he was struck and killed by an on-coming vehicle.

Cesar’s sudden death is a shock, yet a great inspiration and reminder to all Earth Wizards and Planetary Kin. Cesar had committed his whole life and being to the cause of the Thirteen Moon Calendar and the Law of Time. Concerning this cause Cesar once said, “Our work is all about changing the 12:60 skin in which we have been wrapped up for such a long time. So please get rid of your egos and do not underestimate them any more. In lak’ech is true. I am another yourself. We are all equal. We are Earth Wizards.”

We know that Cesar is now on his real journey, a true nomad, a true child of the synchronic order. His departure for home occurred on the Yellow Self-existing Star, Kin 108. Yellow Self-existing Star is a galactic activation portal that unlocks the meditation of GM 108X. “GM 108X is one of the names of the messengership of Arcturus.” (28 Meditations, Kin 108). Cesar Red Rhythmic Moon, was one of those messengers from Arcturus. He was killed near a small town called Collipulli, which in the indigenous Mapuche language means “water of the red Earths.” All Earth Wizards know that the seven-week Seminary was a bardo, the 49-day passage of the soul from death to its next condition of being. Cesar’s current Earth Wizard Seminary-bardo passage will be complete on Red Magnetic Earth, Galactic Moon 18. During this time, as Earth Wizards and Planetary kin let us all become more conscious and observe and reflect on the meaning of Cesar’s journey and our life here on Earth. Let us resolve with even greater commitment to work for the liberation of Earth, and help it shed its 12:60 skin by the Day Out of Time, 2004.

Cesar, know that your departure was beautifully synchronic. Now you are a stream of the meditation, GM 108X. May the World Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement absorb the inspiration of your life and death in order to complete your mission here on Earth. May all those who loved you – your parents, your family, the Earth Wizards and planetary Kin – be fulfilled in their grief by divine knowledge of what is real and what is true. May the flame of enduring love and genuine peace be kindled in the hearts of all you left behind. Cesar, beautiful Nomad, for your journey into freedom we will leave you with these words of an Altai shaman, Karang Koshev:

Long time ago all Altaians lived on a vast territory. 
No Americas, Africas or Australias – 
a nomad wouldn’t feel either spiritually or physically any limits, 
for the limits for his existence was the whole world of the Earth.


Sail on sweet brother, we are One!

Valum Votan and Bolon Ik

To God belongs everything in the heavens and everything on earth, 
and all matters are controlled by God.” Holy Quran, 3:109

Historical source: (February, 2002)

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2 Replies to “Arcturus Calling: Wizard Returns Home”

  1. I guess this letter was written many years ago, but it’s a beautiful tribute and it reminds me of the Earth-Wizard introduction Jose and Lloydine offered in 1997, during the day after the Day Out of Time July 25th. We were (a group of Dutch Maya-nuts) in Monza Italy, for the celebration of this event. On July 26th we all drove by car to a monastery, high on a mountain, making a long spiraling trip to the top, leaving “the world” behind, as it were. Jose and Lloydine presented an intro of the Earth Wizard training in a most loving and beautiful way. It’s the only time that I’ve experienced Jose relaxed and at ease. It seemed we were in good harmony together. Now, Jose and Lloydine can enjoy the fruit of their work.

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    1. Much Gratitude for your inspirational words! Not many remember the origins of this movement. And that is such an inspirational chronicle to be remembered. In Lak’ech


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