Dreamspell Play in History: Bush, Hussein and Bin Laden. By Valum Votan and Bolon Ik.

Originally published on 10 November 2001 on the historical Tortuga’s website. Crystal Monkey. Reconstructed with its original images. Historical Source: Tortuga.com/history.html

By Valum Votan and Bolon Ik

Dreamspell Play in History

“It is to the fundamental discredit of all modern science and the society governed by its principles that it has continued to unquestionably accept living under what is essentially a medieval yoke of time. The Gregorian calendar is a hypnotic spell which holds all the unresolveable issues of history hidden in its illogical sequence of days, weeks, months, and years. Following this calendar can only lead to the place where we find ourselves today: a season of apocalypses, where disaster, ignorance, and error perpetuate themselves in grinding mindlessness.

The dark apocalyptic disasters of history can only repeat themselves under this medieval yoke of time. This is how Sarejevo could be the flashpoint of World War One in AD 1914, and an unresolved battle-ground in AD 1992. On an even vaster scale under this medieval yoke, we see how Babylon at the beginning of history, is now the stage-set for the end of history in present day Iraq.” 

(Argüelles, J. and L., Thirteen Moons in Motion)


Planetary Kin, take note (if you haven’t already figured this one out):

The Dreamspell of History is shattering. The Dreamspell of Galactic Culture is being aroused!

As the events in the aftermath of the “Blows Against the Empire” unfold, the Dreamspell has something to tell us about the key players in this drama.

George Bush the father – Kin 135: Blue Overtone Eagle, Monkey Wavespell

Saddam Hussein – Kin 155: Blue Crystal Eagle, Seed Wavespell


George Bush the son – Kin 129: Red Crystal Moon, Mirror Wavespell

Osama Bin Laden – Kin 126: White Solar World-bridger, Mirror Wavespell

Take note: all these players are in the Blue Western Castle of Burning and Transformation

Kin 135, Bush the father, who initiated the G-7, presided over the end of the Cold War, and was victorious in “Operation Desert Storm” over Saddam Kin 155, (also Blue Eagle, one Vinal later), is the exact occult partner of Bin Laden, Kin 126, the leader of the now notorious al-Queda.

Kin 129, Bush the son, who sees Bin Laden as his public enemy #1, is only three kin apart from him. Note that George the father, George the son and Osama Bin Laden are all in the mystic column, within a span of nine kin.


Kin 155, Saddam Hussein, is the exact occult partner of Kin 106 White Lunar World-bridger, which is the key to the north side of the tomb of Pacal Votan.

In fact White Lunar World-bridger opens the Alpha Run of the Galactic Activation Portals and Blue Crystal Eagle closes the Omega
Run of the Galactic Activation Portals. The White Lunar World-bridger refers to the splitting apart of Galactic-Karmic Mars, the second kin of the Serpent Wavespell of Galactic-Karmic Maldek.

Kin 126, Osama Bin Laden, occurs precisely one vinal later as the instrument of the karmic retribution of the Martian catastrophe.

Kin 135, Bush the father, and Kin 155, Saddam Hussein, both represent
the titanic energies of Solar-Prophetic Jupiter, with Saddam’s kin position being in the Seed Wavespell of Galactic-Karmic Jupiter.


Kin 129, George the son, by his kin position opens the mystic 33rd Harmonic and is the exact occult partner of Kin 132 Yellow Lunar Human, a Pacal Votan Clear Sign that is precisely adjacent on the Eastern edge of the tomb lid to the Lunar World-bridger on the northern edge of the tomb. This year, George the son is Kin 182, Yellow Lunar Seed which is the cover for the Yellow Lunar Human.


With this powerful Dreamspell constellation, it is evident that the drama that is now being played out is not only prophetic and apocalyptic, but has its roots in the interplanetary saga of the “War of the Heavens on Earth.” The Telektonon Prophecy and the Dreamspell are accurate mirrors reflecting this potent mix of the interplay of these characters. Knowing this, we should intensify our simultaneously bringing about the Dreamspell of Galactic Culture. Become your Galactic Signature and continue to open the codes of Galactic Time. De-code and enlist other Planetary Kin.

Timeship Earth 2013 is scheduled to dock on the Day Out of Time 2004, White Spectral Mirror, and boarding is scheduled to begin Blue Crystal Storm 2004. Let us all be ready!

This is the meaning of the Campaign for the New Time!

See you in the Dreamspell!

Kin 11 and Kin 22

Kin 51: Blue Crystal Monkey 
Self-existing Owl Moon Gamma 24
Yellow Solar Seed Year

Historical Source: Tortuga.com/history.html (10 November 2001)

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