Making the Invisible College Visible. By Valum Votan and Bolon Ik.

Crystal Round Table Report sent from the Earth Wizard’s Seminary (Chile, October, 1999). Originally published on the historical’s website. Historical source:

By Valum Votan and Bolon Ik

Making the Invisible College Visible

invisible college

Self-existing Moon 13
Seventh Year of Prophecy

I dedicate in order to love
Universalizing loyalty
I seal the process of heart
With the crystal tone of cooperation
I am guided by the power of spirit

Greetings Planetary Kin,

We are sending this report from Base Camp 13:20. We are here at the International Boy Scout Camp, Picarquin National Park, Chile, in the impressive front range of the Cordillera of the Andes, the world’s second highest mountain range-and the spinal column of the southern hemisphere of the Americas. So far some 100 of us have gathered here in what is already a mythic episode. When the Boy Scouts learned that the Earth Wizards were coming, they painted in gold letters on a temporary black tent the word “Camelot.” The Camp was built very recently to accommodate the 1997 International Boy Scout Jamboree which attracted over 37,000 Scouts!

Well, we are few compared to that, but our intention makes up for numbers. The design of the Camp is superb and takes the form of two large sets of concentric circles. By divine order, it would seem, the architect and planners named one of these sets of concentric circles “Tikal,” and the other set “Teotihuacan!” Our encampment is in the section called “Tikal,” named after the large classic Mayan center in the jungles of Guatemala. Tikal happened to be the Mayan city with most artistic influence from and trade relations with Teotihuacan, the ancient metropolis of highland Mexico. In the inner circle of our encampment, Tikal, not far from the tent painted with the word “Camelot,” is a reproduction of the Aztec Calendar or Sun Stone.

On the opening day of the Earth Wizard’s Seminary we raised the Banner of Peace on a flagpole next to the Chilean national flag and then marched in silent procession around the inner circle, pausing ceremonially at the replica of the Aztec Sun Stone. The ceremony concluded festively at the open area between the two sets of buildings which form the central part of our global village. The final part of the opening ceremony included a dragon dance, aboriginal music, a presentation of Lakota mandalas by a representative of the Mapuche nation symbolizing cosmic history and the passage from the fourth to the fifth worlds; and lastly, a spontaneous flower-offering ceremony petitioning the spirit guardians of the site to accept our activity and intention.

Camelot in the Andes is an apt description of our 13:20 base camp and global village. The wooden structures which provide the dormitories, offices, and teaching and yoga rooms are stately and festooned with brilliantly colored banners-the galactic shield, the rainbow feathered serpent, the thirteen moon turtle and the 20 solar seals. Above these fly two Earth Flags and the flag of the Logo of the Earth Wizards, the Primal Cubic Parton coded by the seven seals of the seven radial plasmas. Conches sound at intervals the different sessions of the day. Spiral dances, aroma therapy, and Qi Gong are practiced by people speaking Spanish, English, Dutch, German, Italian, and Portuguese. From time to time the spontaneous sound of drums and singing arises from one part of the encampment or another. A colorful tent village is off in the distance in the direction of “Teotihuacan.” In the other direction several large tents house the kitchen and dining area.Good news arrived today that Toruand Izumi Takahashi will be coming from Japan for the final four weeks, a fact which makes all of the planetary kin feel happy and all the more planetary!

It is difficult to communicate the entire atmosphere with its breathtaking vistas and powerful sense of heraldry and sacred order. A general bubbling happiness is present among the participants. It is almost too good to be true.We are a living 13:20 community: no traffic, no radios, no television, only the sound of the crazy wild birds that pop up from the grass, flapping their large, beautifully decorated black and white wings. Some mornings there is fog which often burns off giving way to brilliant sunshine. Only in the well organized office and library are there the necessary machines of the information age, computers and a copy machine which is always running. Never before has an intentional community based solely on the 13:20 timing frequency and the Law of Time been in existence. “The Invisible College Made Visible!” is how planetary kin, Stef, from Amsterdam, Holland, describes the whole event. He is correct.

Needless to say there is plenty of room, enough for the entire Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement! The most common expression of concern by everyone here is astonishment that more of the kin have not yet come, since this event is so phenomenally unique and absolutely timely! God guides and God alone knows who is to be guided, so we leave this matter in the hands of the mystery. Those who are here and who are still intending to come know that this is the Event, the living tip of human evolution poking its mind into the radial realm of the Dominion of Time, still awaiting its full manifestation.

Yes, this is the Invisible College made Visible. The Invisible College is the coherency of human intelligence at any given moment in time which is free of any institutional form. The Invisible College has existed as long as the human mind has been in its incomplete and unconsciously evolving form. From time to time the Invisible College has taken a form on the Earthly plane, but only temporarily and for a specific purpose. This is the case with the Earth Wizard’s Seminary. Its temporary form, coded by the Law of Time, is but for seven weeks. The graduates this time will have the planetary responsibility of making conscious to the rest of humanity the power of the reformulation of the human mind augured by the Thirteen Moon Calendar. As Earth Wizards, the graduates of this unique manifestation of the Invisible College will also function as the living nuclei of the stupendous experiment of ejecting the Circumpolar Rainbow Bridge.

We wish that there could be scholarships for all who have even the least desire to come to this unbelievably beautiful site and event. As it is, we are still in need of funds to cover all of the expenses. Nonetheless, in proper 13:20 fashion we have already gone ahead in good faith with our commitments to give scholarships to those who have applied for them and to the International Boy Scouts who trust us in keeping our word. If you cannot come, but are able to donate something, please don’t hesitate to give.

In the meantime, we are moving forward with great energy and joy. We are presenting teachings that give a context for comprehension of all of the 13:20 tools from the thirteen moon calendar to the 7:7::7:7. We have never experienced a greater enthusiasm for teaching the knowledge that we have been priveleged to receive in such abundance over the last ten years. Nor have we ever experienced greaater enthusiasm on the part of the those receiving these teachings. Today we finished the third teaching session and the feeling of the profound transformation that will be occurring after we have completed 25 more of these sessions is creating a quivering excitement in the Kuxan Suum of the collective body of the Earth Wizards already gathered here. Alll of us Earth Wizards at Picarquin are sending out telepathic waves of love and invitation to the rest of the planetary kin to join us in this great experiment in human evolution.

In closing this Crystal Round Table Report, we would like to dedicate our message to Rita Van Vliet of Pan Holland who is suffering from a rare and debilitating lung disease which prevents her and her partner, Peter Toonen from being with us here at the Earth Wizards Seminary. Please include Rita and Peter in all of your prayers and meditations.

See you all in the Dreamspell.
Truth is Love. Tolerance is Justice. Peace is Forever.
Valum Votan and Bolon Ik

Historical source: (October, 1999)

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