Mobilization for Peace. A Letter from José and Lloydine Argüelles.

Letter by José and Lloydine Argüelles (9 November 2001). Originally published on the historical’s website. Historical source:

November 9, 2001. White Spectral Dog. Self-Existing Moon Day 23

Mobilization for Peace
A Letter from José and Lloydine Argüelles

Mr. Arguelles says the choice between a ‘new age’ 
and all-out destruction is ours, and we had better decide.
– Wall Street Journal, front page story
June 23, 1987


With the events of the 9-11 planetary emergency, civilization has been checkmated. After 5000 years of history, why is the war between civilization and terrorism the final war? Is terrorism apart from civilization or is it an insidious reflection of some failure within the very structure of civilization? If it is apart from civilization yet carried on by humans like those who claim to be “civilized,” do the terrorists represent a strain of absolute evil? If so, will this evil be eradicated by sheer extermination?

The American President believes that he is now waging the war “to rid the world of evil.” How will we know when evil has finally been eliminated?

If the terrorists represent a reflection of civilization, do they not represent some fatal flaw or failure of civilization to address a fundamental need of human nature?

In the analysis of the Law of Time, the 9-11 was the “inevitable event,” the breaking of the Dreamspell of History.

It was inevitable because the contradictions in the power structure of the ruling elite of civilization had not accommodated in the least the effects of their economic policies on the biosphere, much less the rest of the people of the planet.

Americans comprise only 5% of the world’s population yet consume 40% of the world’s natural resources.

American economic policy of the last decade maintained that it was America’s right and prerogative not only to continue to consume at such a high rate, but to spread its economic doctrine to the rest of the world.

The accompanying foreign policy maintained the right to defend this economic doctrine whenever and wherever necessary. From the point of view of simple mathematics it can be seen that this policy would be doomed to failure at some inevitable moment. That it was an act of terror that manifests the failure of this policy, only deepens the significance of the events now occurring.

However they are reckoned, the events now unfolding commit the human species to a path and climate of world war, fear and insecurity, amidst what appears to be a major collapse of the global economy.

While it is clear that nothing will dissuade the American President and those who follow him from pursuing a “long, extended war,” the demands of cosmic justice make it imperative that we begin to prepare for the aftermath of this war – now.

The only aftermath conceivable is absolute peace – a world without war. How can we bring about such a world? There is one as yet untried solution that may hold the key – change the calendar. Eliminate the Gregorian calendar and replace it with a calendar of harmony and peace. Only by such an act will we be able to leave the old time of war and enter a new time of peace. Indeed, if the apocalyptic collapse of the World Trade Center Towers augured the end of history, a new calendar of harmony will take us beyond history – at last.

In 1995, when we first presented the World Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Plan to the United Nations, we embedded it an appeal which we referred to as the “Planetary Moral Emergency.” We also proposed that the United Nations conduct a Moral Emergency Symposium to be convened at the University for Peace in Costa Rica. Again in 1996 and 1997, we issued the “planetary moral emergency alert,” calling for calendar reform as the first step to world peace. For the World Summit on Peace and Time, Costa Rica, 1999, we wrote a paper entitled “Calendar Reform and the Future of Civilization” – the major point being that calendar reform was the most important unfinished business of the 20th century. The events of the 9-11 prove this point beyond any doubt. Calendars encode the unconscious programming of the people who use them.

So long as men worship the

Caesars and Napoleons, 

Caesars and Napoleons 

will duly rise and

make them miserable.

Aldous Huxley

The irregular measure of the Gregorian calendar is the program for self-destruction followed by the human species. Precisely 29 years prior to the 9-11 emergency fall of the tower of Babel, the World Trade Center, Palestinian terrorists took over the Olympic Village in Germany. That was 9-11, 1972. In other words, the date 9-11 was already programmed for precisely the kind of event that occurred. Had the world heeded the call for calendar reform put forth by the League of Nations in 1931, it would be a very different world today.

Recognizing the profound nature of the moral emergency – humanity in the unconscious grip of false time – during the 1990s we mobilized a peace movement, the World Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement. Based on the pragmatic premise of changing the calendar, we now know that the Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement is the comprehensive and unifying peace movement the world so sorely needs today.

We do not know how events will unfold in the next few years, but we had already set a goal, summer 2004, as the final opportunity for establishing the Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Plan. The strategy to accomplish this plan has also been prepared – the Campaign for the New Time. Through this Campaign we must now mobilize for the New Time of Peace.

The Foundation for the Law of Time is a tax exempt organization established solely for the purpose of promoting the World Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Plan and its World Movement organized as the Planet Art Network. Now, while there is still time, we ask you for your support. The only guarantee for a time of peace is to leave the old time altogether by changing the calendar. Please join us, “and the world will be as One.”

Thank you for your consideration. Peace be with you and in all things.

José Argüelles-Valum Votan, President and Lloydine Argüelles-Bolon Ik, Co-president

Foundation for the Law of Time


 Historical source: (9 November 2001)

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