Costs: Donation Scheme

Costs: Donation Scheme


Just as the original Earth Wizards 1999 by José and Lloydine Argüelles, the New Earth Wizards 33:33 is a non- profit initiative. The conference is presenting new information which is also a Gift for humanity.

We also understand how difficult and expensive could be to travel to Avebury, especially from overseas.

However, we have substantial venue costs, technical and materials expenses that need to be covered. Thank you for your support!

Donation Scheme

Your Donation helps co-creating this event and it gives you access to the 7-day activities and printed materials of the New Earth Wizards 33:33 in Avebury from the 20th until the 26th of July, 2019.

The program includes the 6-day intensive Seminar, the Day Out of Time Rituals and Conference, and the celebration of the New Magnetic Wizard Year with Conscious Music and Visionary Arts.

The program doesn’t include food, nor accommodation.

All Donations are quoted in £ British Pound. (Here a currency converter).

  • £0 Full Scholarship

  • £33 Scholarship Donation

  • £66 Standard Donation (33+33)

  • £99 Ideal Donation (33+33+33)

Please decide one of the above according to your personal circumstances, and then:


Limited Capacity. Please Register as soon as possible!

Only Registered attendants can enter this event. 

Note: The Scholarships are specially directed to the planetary kin that cannot afford the Standard Donation Scheme. Some might be travelling from outside the UK or have low incomes in the UK. If you select any of the Scholarships options, we might ask you a few questions in order to process your Registration.    

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