Dates & Activities

Dates & Main Activities

The gathering will be held between the 20th and 26th of July 2019, including a special “Day Out of Time 2019” celebration with Conscious Music and Arts.

The 7-day intensive program includes 7 hours daily, covering a total of 49 hours which is a fractal of the 49-day Spiritual Bardo. The program will run each day from 11:11 until 19:19 hours including 1 hour break for lunch.

The Curriculum Design of the conference will be presented through talks, data show, videos, visual arts, printed materials and experiential holographic field work. The team of main speakers and facilitators will be announced later on. Please, subscribe to receive more information about the entire program.

It is recommended for people to enhance their experience by planning personal tours to the Sacred Monuments of Avebury and the Crop Circles nearby, We suggest to do so early in the morning (between 8:00 and 11:00 hours) and/or in the evenings (between 19:30 and 23:00 hours). There is plenty daylight until late in the night during British Summer Time.

Dates & Activities

  • Day 1. Gregorian: 20 July 2019. DreamTime: 8 Star (Kin 8) / RealTime: 1 Ik’ (1 Wind). Solar Day: 360.
  • Day 2. Gregorian: 21 July 2019. DreamTime: 9 Moon (Kin 9) / RealTime: 2 Ak’bal (2 Night).  Solar Day: 361. This day starts the 5-day Sacred Wayeb of the Galactic Maya (Dreamspell /13 Moon Calendar) and it also starts the 5 Sacred Days of the 19 Matrix Solar Sequence (19×19 = 361).
  • Day 3. Gregorian: 22 July 2019. DreamTime: 10 Dog (Kin 10) / RealTime: 3 K’an (3 Corn). Solar Day: 362. Second day of the Wayeb or Sacred Days.
  • Day 4. Gregorian: 23 July 2019. DreamTime: 11 Monkey (Kin 11) / RealTime: 4 Chikchan (4 Serpent). Solar Day: 363. Third day of the Wayeb or Sacred Days.
  • Day 5. Gregorian: 24 July 2019. DreamTime: 12 Human (Kin 12) / RealTime: 5 Kimi (5 Death). Solar Day: 364. Fourth day of the Wayeb or Sacred Days.
  • Day 6. Gregorian: 25 July 2019. DreamTime: 13 Skywalker (Kin 13) / RealTime: 6 Manik’ (6 Hand). Solar Day: 365. Day Out of Time. Final Day of the Solar Year (Fifth day of the Wayeb or Sacred Days). On this day, the 7-hour program will be held from 8:00 until 16:00 hrs including 1 hour break for lunch. The Day Out of Time celebration with Conscious Music and Arts will be opened at 16:30 hours with a Meditation, and it will run into the night. The celebration will feature special live bands performances, Conscious Music DJs and installations of Visionary Arts. We will open a portal into the New Year!
  • Day 7. Gregorian: 26 July 2019. DreamTime: 1 Wizard (Kin 14) / RealTime: 7 Lamat (7 Venus). Solar Day: 1. We welcome the first day of the new Magnetic Wizard Year with another Meditation at 11:11 AM, and run the final day of the conference until 19:19 hours. A Closing Ceremony Ritual will be performed in the centre of the Temple of Avebury Stone Circle.

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