Lloydine Burris Argüelles – Bolon Ik – Dreamspell Mother

Bolon Ik: Archetypal Mother of Dreamspell / 13 Moons. The Galactic Feminine High Priestess of the New Time.


  • Lloydine Burris – Lloydine Argüelles – Bolon Ik 
  • Date of Birth (Alpha): 15 May 1943 (San Rafael, California, United States). Moon 11, Day 14.
  • Dreamspell (DreamTime): White Solar Wind, Kin 22, Wavespell of the White Wizard.
  • Ancestral Tzolkin (RealTime): 9 Kab’an (9 Earth = Kin 217)
  • Unified Time of Birth: Dreamspell Kin 22 + Ancestral Maya 9 Kab’an Kin 217 = Kin 239 (Overtone 5 Storm, Wavespell of the Eagle).
  • Ascension Time (Omega): 16 May, 2014. Kin 198, Electric Mirror, Wavespell of the Warrior. Ancestral Maya Tzolkin 8 Chuwen, Kin 151, Galactic Monkey. (Note: Her Ascension marked 1 Katun (20 Years) since the Discovery of the Maya Queen Tz’akbu (16 May 1994 – 16 May 2014), as well as 20 Kin after the discovery Kin 178 -Kin 198)
  • Unified Time of Ascension: Kin 198 + Kin 151 = 349 – 260 = Kin 89 (Spectral Moon), same Dreamspell Kin of the Ascension of Valum Votan.
  • DreamTime Ascension Code: Alpha Birth Kin 22 + Omega Death Kin 198 = Kin 220 Yellow Crystal Sun.
  • RealTime Ascension Code: Alpha Birth 9 Kab’an (217) + Omega Death 8 Chuwen (151) = 4 Lamat = Kin 108 = GM108X Transmission
  • Co-author of: “Dreamspell: the Journey of Timeship Earth” (1990-1991), “The Thirteen Moon Calendar” (1990), “The Discovery of the Law of Time. T(E)=Art” (1989-1996), “Thirteen Moons in Motion: A Dreamspell Primer” (1992), “Telektonon of Pacal Votan” (1993-1994), “Telektonon: The Game of Prophecy” (1994-1995), “The World Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement Plan” (1995), “The Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement” (1996), “The Galactic Culture Master Plan” (1996), “First Planetary Congress of Biospheric Rights” (1996), “28 Meditations on the Law of Time” (1999), “Calendar Reform and the Future of Civilization” (1999), amongst others. (Full Bibliography at Tortuga 13:20 Library)
  • Co-founder of: The Harmonic Convergence, the Planet Art Network, the World Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement, the Day Out of Time, the Foundation for the Law of Time, the Rinri Project, the Invisible College, the Earth Wizard’s Seminaries, amongst others.  

Inspirational Quotes by Lloydine Bolon Ik

Lloydine White Solar Wind

“No matter where you are in your life, you always have the opportunity to wake up in the next moment and this is the meaning of the Second Creation.”

“Usually we don’t know the whole story until quite a bit of time later, and in this way, we are always shown that the divine pattern is working us.’

“The Sacred Feminine could be described as the Chalice of Nature.”

“Part of this return to the Divine Feminine is to get rid of the guru trip. This is especially necessary for women, who still have a tendency, no matter how much they are feeling empowered, to think that the male voice is the one that’s going to give them the answer.”

“If you’re not living your own truth, it’s going to catch up with you. There is a Universal Truth that is pulling us all forward.”

“The idea is that we are organizing ourselves based upon natural time, rather than a hierarchy of people.”

Each one of us has to come to this balance. Each one can either be a masculine controller or a feminine receptor. With natural time people become naturally more intelligent, following their joy, going where their heart takes them.”

“One of our needs as humans is to understand that death is a part of life, and that duality creates polarity, which divides… I live without fear. I’m not afraid. I don’t think I will ever be because I believe that Great Spirit is in control, and if I pray and if I am humble, I will find my way. I have confidence that there is something greater moving us.”

“I have an understanding of the radial matrix and the plus one factor that are what I consider to be profound decodings.”

Official Biography (1996-2002)

invisible college

Taken from the Invisible College and historical EarthAscending.com & ThirteenMoon.org (via Wayback Machine)

Lloydine Argüelles, Messenger of the New Time, born in 1943, received her B.F.A. in Dance from UCLA, 1966, and her M.A. in Modern Dance, University of Colorado, Boulder, 1970. Lloydine’s professional career in dance included teaching at the University of Colorado, the Naropa Institute and Boulder Dance Odyssey where she was a director/choreographer until 1981.

In 1973, Lloydine began formal study and practice of Buddhist meditation. Combining her career as a dancer with her Buddhist studies, in the 1980s she extended her education through studies in Higher Buddhist Logic, Dance Therapy, and the healing art of Jin Shin Jitsu which she studied under its founder, Mary Burmeister.

Early in 1981, while at a Buddhist meditation retreat center in the Rocky Mountains, Lloydine first met José Argüelles. As students of the Tibetan Buddhist Meditation Master, Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche, both Lloydine and José studied and practiced the principles of Dharma Art, “art as everyday life.” Lloydine and José were married in 1983 in Boulder, Colorado.


In 1983, Lloydine was instrumental with José in forming the Planet Art Network in preparation for the Harmonic Convergence Peace Meditation of August 16-17, 1987. Their program of “Warriorship Without War, Art as a Foundation for Global Peace,” communicated through lecture, dance, and ceremony the value of art as the foundation of culture.

Since 1989 she has devoted herself to assisting José in the deciphering of the Mayan codes of time, and in communicating the message of the new time. While on a two-year retreat on Mount Haleakala, Maui, Hawai’i, she collaborated with José in the creation of the Dreamspell, Journey of Timeship Earth 2013.

Through her skills as a dance performer and ceremonialist, Lloydine has been instrumental in the choreography of new time ceremonies, most recently: Serpent Mound, Day-Out-of- Time, July 25, 1995; the five ceremonies of the Congress of Biospheric Rights, Brazilia, March 17-21, 1996; Earth Day, Rinri Institute, Mount Fuji, April 22, 1996; the Boundary Dissolving Ceremony, Four Corners, June 26, 1996; First World Peace March, Teotihuacan, Mexico, 1996; original poetry and performance, First World Congress on the Law of Time, Tokyo, Day-Out-of-Time Ceremony, Gotemba, and New Year’s Day Ceremony at the Meiji Shrine, Tokyo, Japan, 1997; the Revolution of Time Day-Out-of-Time Ceremonies, Monza Park, Milan, Italy, 1998.

Lloydine, now known as Bolon Ik, is currently assisting in the coordination of the Planet Art Network and the Day Out of Time Peace Through Culture art festivals. In the year 2000, Lloydine co-founded the Foundation for the Law of Time along with José Argüelles. She became its Co-President and Treasurer until 2003.

1996-2002 Planet Art History Sources: The Invisible College at EarthAscending.com & Thirteenmoon.org (via the Wayback Machine)

Main works coauthored by Lloydine and José Argüelles

Taken from José’s historical biographies by the Invisible College and ThriteenMoon.org (via the Wayback Machine) 


With Lloydine, José Argüelles continued his scientific and mathematical investigation of the codes underlying the Mayan calendar system of ancient Central America. The result of their joint research was the discovery of the Law of Time, based on defining the 12:60 and 13:20 timing frequencies, and the production of tools and proofs of the mathematics of fourth-dimensional time: The Thirteen Moon Calendar (1990) and Thirteen Moons in Motion (1992); Dreamspell: the Journey of Timeship Earth 2013 (1991); Telektonon (1994); The Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Plan (1995); The 260 Postulates of the Dynamics of Time (1996); The 20 Tablets of the Law of Time (1997); and the 7:7::7:7 Telektonon Revelation (1998).

To implement the discovery of the Law of Time, the Arguelles founded the World Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement (1993) to whose cause the Argüelles have both devoted their lives. As Planetary Peace pilgrims they have delivered their message around the world, including the Vatican and the United Nations. They have convened: the First Planetary Congress of Biospheric Rights (Brazil, 1996), the Four Corners Boundary Dissolving Ceremony (USA, 1996); the First World Peace (Mexico, 1996); the World Congress on the Law of Time (Japan, 1997); the First Gathering of Peace for the Universal Religion (Italy, 1998); and this summer, The World Summit on Peace and Time (Costa Rica, 1999).

1996-2002 Planet Art History Sources: The Invisible College at EarthAscending.com & Thirteenmoon.org

Full Bibliography at Tortuga 13:20 Library

Autobiography (2007-2014)

Taken from her journal “Living Natural Time as Art” vía the Wayback Machine. 

“This website shares my life with the world, including anecdotes of living natural time; my travels as a messenger of the World Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement; my knowledge of Natural Body, Natural Mind, and Natural Time integrated into my work with Nia Technique; my spiritual belief in the basic goodness of every human soul; and my own experience of living natural time in an unnatural world.

“Historically, I received a BFA from UCLA and then a Masters Degree in Dance from UC Boulder. I gave birth to two children in quick succession; Paul in 1967 and Heidi in 1968. In 1973, I became a student of Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche, a renowned Tibetan Buddhist Teacher. I attended a three month Vajrayana Seminary in 1976 and in 1982, graduated from Ngeton School of Tibetan Buddhist studies. I trained with Mary Burmeister in Jin Shin Jyutsu healing touch. I did Dance Therapy training at Naropa Institute.

“In 1983, I co-founded Planet Art Network with my then husband, Jose Arguelles. 1990, co-authored Dreamspell: the Journey of Timeship Earth 2013. 1993, co-created the World Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement.

“I traveled worldwide from 1992 until 2000 conducting Time is Art ceremonies on Dreamspell and the 13 Moons of Peace.

“I completed the White Belt Training of Nia Technique in 2003, the Blue Belt Training in 2006, the Brown Belt Training in 2007 and finally in the summer of 2008 the Black Belt.

“I am currently available to lecture on Natural Time. This website is my way of making myself an example of personal empowerment, living natural time where every human being has a right to be heard!”

Videos of Lloydine Bolon Ik

José and Lloydine presenting and explaining the Dreamspell in 1991, the Gift!


Original Prayer of the Seven Galactic Directions by Lloydine and José Argüelles.


Historical Interview with Lloydine Bolon Ik by Claudio Arenas (Noosphere.cl) for Radio Noósfera Chile. 12th of April 2009, Kin 159, Electric Storm, 3 Kawak (Cauac).

Video in English and Spanish. Please use subtitles tool of  Youtube accordingly. 


During her last years of life. Lloydine’s Message for the 6th Edition of The Art Festival of Hikari, Japan 2009.

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