The Galactic Culture Master Plan by José and Lloydine Argüelles. Reconstructing the New Time Economics.

Today is 5 Galactic Spins (5 Tzolkin = 5 x 260 days) since the Ascension of Lloydine Bolon Ik (16 May 2014, Kin 198, Electric Mirror, Warrior Wavespell). To honour her memory, Tortuga 13:20 has reconstructed one of her visionary works coauthored with José Argüelles (Valum Votan). This is the legendary booklet “Galactic Culture Master Plan: New Time Economics”, which was published by the Planet Art Network in 1996. This visionary publication was also available on the original web of (1997-2003).

The Planet Art History reminds us that Lloydine Bolon Ik, White Solar Wind (Kin 22), was an inspirational Peace Activist and a visionary of the New Time Galactic Culture alongside José Argüelles. Together, they co-founded the Planet Art Network, the World Thirteen Moon Calendar Peace Movement, The Rinri Project and the Foundation for the Law of Time. She also co-authored “Dreamspell: the Journey of Timeship Earth 2013”, “Telektonon: Game of Prophecy”, “Thirteen Moons In Motion”, “Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Plan”, “The Discovery of the Law of Time”, “20 Tablets of the Law of Time”, the “First Planetary Congress of Biospheric Rights”, the “World Summit on Peace and Time”, the “World Congress of the Law of Time”, and the “Galactic Culture Master Plan”, amongst others.

Lloydine Bolon Ik – Alpha Birth Kin 22 Solar Wind – Omega Ascension Kin 198 Electric Wind

Lloydine Bolon Ik was born on the 15th of May, 1943 (Kin 22, White Solar Wind, and  9 Kab’an in the Long Count Maya Tzolkin). She Ascended on the next day after her 71st birthday (16th of May 2014, Kin 198, Electric Mirror, Warrior Wavespell), which was 8 Chuwen (8 Galactic Monkey) in the Long Count Maya Tzolkin. It is interesting to notice that most of the Ancient Maya royals also ascended on Mirror days. For example, King Pakal ascended on 6 Etz’nab (Rhythmic Mirror, Kin 58) and his wife Queen Tz’akbu Ajaw ascended on 5 Etz’nab (Overtone Mirror, Kin 18). By the same token, her Maya Tzolkin day of Ascension (8 Chuwen) marks the New Maya Year, a sacred celebration which is still observed nowadays by the Maya highlanders. And last but not least, her date of Ascension (16 May 2014) was the same date of the discovery of the feminine tomb at Temple XIII, Palenque (discovered 16 May 1994, unveiled 1 June 1994).

Down below, you can read the “Galactic Culture Master Plan: New Time Economics” by José and Lloydine Argüelles. You can also find a link to download the book as a PDF file.




Galactic Culture Master Plan. New Time Economics.

José and Lloydine Argüelles

1996 – Planet Art Network

Reconstructed with its original images from the original web portal of (1999-2008).

Produced and Distributed by Tortuga 13:20

Crystal Seed Year, December 2017.

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“By redefining many cultural terms and misconceptions, the Galactic Culture Master Plan provides a template for the conversion of the monetary system and the reorganization of economic structures around the globe. Addressing issues such as: knowledge withholding, contrasting 12:60 vs 13:20 values, and solidifying galactic culture community living on Earth, this guide is a glimpse into a possible empowered human future.”

José and Lloydine Argüelles (Valum Votan & Bolon Ik) 





The Galactic Culture Master Plan is the comprehensive economic conversion strategy of the World Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement. True economics is how to make best use of the least to make the most with an absolute minimum waste. There is no waste in nature.

biosphere to cosmos

The biosphere, which is our natural economic order, is in a continuous process of recycling itself. More precisely, the biosphere is governed by the principle of the biogenic migration of atoms, the change in chemical states of molecular compositions owing to natural and inevitable processes of life: digestion, respiration, elimination, cultivation, etc.

In its present condition, humanity is totally disobedient to the natural laws of economy by which the rest of the biosphere functions. The economics practiced by the dominator human culture is the exact opposite of the economics of the biosphere: how to make the least out of the most and produce a maximum amount of waste. This ac-counts for a lifestyle in which the individual is alienated from the organic processes of nature and virtually all necessities are industrially processed, packaged, shipped and marketed, to be sold in consumer palaces called supermarkets and shopping malls. All of this is the result of operating on an artificial timing frequency that is at odds with the natural timing frequency of the biosphere.

time clock as division of space into 12
Artificial 12:60 timing frequency. A measure of space is not a measure of time.

How a creature behaves is a reflection of what that creature believes. The creation of the economic monster of modern materialist consumerism is a function of an insufficiently understood world-view erroneously applied. To correct humanity’s lopsided and wasteful economic system the correct view is first of all needed. The discovery of the law of time and the corollary identification of the artificial 12:60 timing frequency allows us the correct analysis and solution to the burdensome problem of end time economics.

Just as the establishment of the 12:60 timing frequency allowed the verification that the universe is not geocentric but heliocentric, so discovery of the law of fourth-dimensional time verifies that the universe is not heliocentric but theocentric, God-centered.

The heliocentric universe is third-dimensional and physical. The law of time affirms that time is the fourth dimension. Time is of the mind. The theocentric universe is mental and knowable through the mind. Mind as it is extends no farther than the moment. All of reality is to be found in the moment. At the center of reality is God, the principle of divine creation that informs all phenomena of their essence and purpose. Being fourth-dimensional and of the mind, consciousness lived according to the law of time is God-centered or theocentric. The law of time authoritatively and objectively verifies what were only mystical or theological intuitions of past eras.

Dynamics of Time
Dynamics of Time – Evolution of Time as Consciousness T(E)=Art. By José and Lloydine Argüelles (Galactic Culture Master Plan)

The God-given measure of human time on Earth in her solar orbit is the biological rhythm of the 28-day human female cycle. “Everything is born of woman;” therefore the correct human measure is thirteen perfect moons of 28 days each with one day for pardon and forgiveness. This is a just and balanced measure of time which, if followed, would result in an equity of all values in accord with the biospheric norm. The discovery of the law of time affirms that the prehistoric and indigenous measure of the Thirteen Moon Calendar is the accurate, divinely ordained measure for human conduct and affairs. Knowledge of the correct measure of time as the Thirteen Moon calendar supersedes the old calendar as well as all of the institutions and erroneous knowledge embedded in and based upon the old calendar.

The old calendar and the old time controlled by it are dominated by economics. Why? Because the 12:60 economics is a profit-based economics. It is the profit value that is the lowest common moral and spiritual denominator of the old time. As a result the society of the old time is controlled by a planetary cartel of bankers who have driven the profit motive to the top of the upside down scale of values. Neo-liberal free market economics is the end time name of the final form of this profit value belief system.

What is behind the profit motive? Usury and greed, rationalized by the philosophers of the eighteenth century as “enlightened self-interest.” However, enlightened self interest has little in common with self-enlightenment. That greed and usury could become so institutionalized as to dominate the belief system of an entire species to its moral detriment and its environment’s expense is due to the imposition of an irregular and artificial measure of time encoded as the anachronistic Gregorian Calendar. Fortified by the equally artificial but ruthlessly accurate (by its own terms) mechanical clock, the Gregorian Calendar spawned the perniciously false dogma, time is money.

foundation-uneven measure

An artificial and irregular measure is an imbalanced and incorrect measure. An incorrect measure is ultimately an immoral measure, aiding and abetting immoral values. Where there is a false measure commonly accepted, wide-scale corruption occurs, yet becomes engrained in the very fabric of social values. The crooked measure of time embodied in the twelve-month Gregorian Calendar made usury a commonly accepted social constant. How so?

Four seven-day weeks or 28 days is an even measure for a moon. When the measure of time irregularly exceeds the biological norm of four weeks of 28 days, then it be-comes easy to institutionalize taxation, money lending and usury. If the priests and bankers control the calendar, then it is easy to take the “extra” days following the 28th day of eleven of the twelve months of the Gregorian Calendar and convert them into interest rates and tax penalties based on the fractional proportions of the extra days in relation to the four weeks. In this is the root of the glorification of the profit motive, the institutionalization of usury as interest rates and investment banking, and the creation of a consumerism economic slave society which is anything but economical. In other words, the most base of human motives is now inextricably a part of the human timing system, the Gregorian Calendar. If you walk a crooked path, you live a crooked life.

In the new time calendar four weeks of 28 days is one moon, and there are thirteen and not twelve moons per year. There are no crooked irregular proportions in the divine measure of time and nature. Nor is there any usury, taxation, money lending, or even money as it is presently used and understood in the time of the new calendar. In accord with the biosphere the new calendar affirms our biospheric rights: a free life where everything is granted to one through right living and responsible be-havior in accord with the biosphere. This is life guided by the divine plan, which, at this evolutionary moment, is manifest though the thirteen moon 28-day calendar.

The divine plan revealed through the signs and proportions of nature, is conducive to living the divine order. The divine order is according to the original plan of nature. In the original plan as it is still revealed through the laws and principles of the biosphere, economy is natural law. The economic order of the new time is a home market garden culture economy. Since each moon of four seven-day weeks is a cyclic self-perfection of form, all economy is based on a zero-budget principle. That is, needs are defined at the outset of the moon; the means to attain the needs are identified; and the goal for meeting the needs is set for the end of the moon. All surpluses are gathered for equal disbursement during the Cosmic (thirteenth) Moon. Following the 365th day of the year, the day for universal forgiveness and pardon, the new year starts again at zero budget.

Home market means that no government is necessary to regulate and distort the natural economic process. Government, as we shall all come to understand is purely a function of the 12:60 false time, where power brokers thrive on the disempowerment of the masses, establishing government as an “intermediary” between immediate personal need and its fulfillment. In home market economics, there are no intermediaries between personal need and its fulfillment. Autonomous behavior and mutual respect replace government, and economy returns to its original function and meaning: making best use of the least to make the most with an absolute minimum waste. This fundamental meaning of economics can only happen where there is no longer a system of intermediaries: government, bankers, marketing specialists, factories, transportation systems, wholesalers, and retailers.

All economics comes from the home and ends with the home. When every home or small community of homes functions with its own cooperative garden, then the most fundamental needs have been taken care of. This is the basis of home market garden culture economics. All needs beyond this can be taken care of by creative means: barter, trade, exchange of services, etc. This is true economy. If humanity is to reestablish itself in the divine plan with the correct measure of time in harmony with the biosphere, home market garden culture economics will become the reality much sooner than later.

But to attain the goal of home market economics, this highly complex and complicated economic system of the 12:60 must be swiftly transformed and converted. The Galactic Culture Master Plan is the First World Peace program to adjudicate and administer the transformation of the 12:60 banker’s neo-liberal free market economics of soul-numbing competitiveness and absolute greed to a 13:20 garden culture economy of God-centered consciousness and absolute equality.

The Galactic Culture Master Plan is a comprehensive strategy. Through objective analysis and means, this strategy aims at dispassionately dismantling the apparatus that holds the mind in the grip of the illusion of money. At the same time, this strategy converts that apparatus into a self-transforming system that expends its re-maining “surplus” according to an equally objective means for establishing autonomy, equality and self-respect among every last member of the human race. The very process of making the conversion from the banking industrialism of the old order to the home market garden culture of the new order is in itself an act of galactic culture. Here galactic culture is defined as behavior in accord with the norms of fourth- dimensional time which governs all life and order in the universe.

The apparatus that holds the mind in the grip of the illusion of money is the government supported banking system. By an absolute reprioritization of values according to the biospheric standard, the old apparatus will strengthen the new as its power is converted in a form of kin credit system where common needs are identified and the means for attaining them swiftly are disbursed through the apparatus of the old order. The strategies and the general means for attaining these goals have been outlined in the Resolutions of the First Planetary Congress of Biospheric Rights. The Galactic Culture Master Plan must be accompanied by vigilant and diligent resolution of purpose to simultaneously deindustrialize while establishing the home school home garden culture of the new time.




Biosphere Necrosphere
Biosphere – Necrosphere

When the universe we experience and live in is theocentric, God-centered, all true mean-ing comes from being in the here and now, where there is no intermediary between oneself and the divine unity. Within the biosphere all of life is interconnected, one being, one biogenic process. No individual is born without a family, an extension of blood connections, relations by marriage, friends and helpers, and, ultimately the whole of life: “Mitakuye Oyasin,” “all my relations.” No family can thrive without a home. What the individual experiences as the here-and-now of divine oneness, the human social unit experiences as the home. The home is the here of the family. The family is the now of the home. Learned within the family home are values: autonomy, equality, loyalty and respect. These are the values that create the family.

The home is the cradle of culture. All true learning is experienced in the home through the interactions of the family. The home is the creative source. In the dominion of time, the genuine home is the center of all the economic processes of production, consumption, reproduction, and creative endeavor: it is a nursery, a kitchen, a school, a garden, a ceramic kiln, a weaving studio. These are all adjuncts of the home. Home is where you are born, where you live and where you experience death. This is true economy. In the dominion of time, the family home and garden are generally within a community scheme called a biome: an organic self-sustaining communal grouping of a number of homes. What maintains a biome is shared experience and shared belief, a telepathically coordinated field that weaves the lives and deaths of the biome into a larger common tapestry known as universal life.

This description of life values is according to the law of time. What is lived within and by the law of time constitutes the dominion of time: the self-governing order of the biosphere. Within the dominion of time, industrial production is at a minimum because it destroys the values of home and family. The exaggerated tendencies of the artificial 12:60 timing frequency distort these values and turn life upside down. Alienated labor is the consequence of wage slavery, the system by which “wages” are earned in order to pay for what was a given in the primal home and community.

The purpose of wage slavery is the mass production and consumption of goods no longer grown or made at home, for the profit of an elite oligarchy of bankers and industrialists. Industrial age labor alienates family values by drawing the father, and now even the mother as well, out of the home to earn their “wages,” while placing the children in rote systematized institutions of education called public school (compulsory education).

The consequence of this 12:60 process of artificial time and alienated labor is the chaos and anarchy of modern life where the family is splintered, tended to by a host of self-interested intermediaries called teachers, therapists, social workers, doctors, lawyers, and police. With no choice but to be fed a gamut of industrially packaged foods, the family’s senses are drenched in a diet of electronic television and radio culture which is apt to be constant in the workplace, the automobile and the home.

Conditioned to believe that this is the only way of life, corporate, nationalist, sports, and organized religious slogans further control the mind with self-aggrandizing, highly identified ego allegiances: “Ford gives me my future;” “America is the best, my country right or wrong;” “Go Dodgers!” “Jesus is the only way!” These learned values are often tacitly at the expense of someone else. This is the psychology of making the wage-slave feel superior to someone or other, however abstract and remote that someone or other might be from the actual everyday living experience.




13.20 and 12.60 values








13:20 & 12:60


The analysis and definition of the nature of Home Market Economics completed, the next step is to define the stages to making the swift transition from 12:60 alienated labor economics to 13:20 home market garden reintegration economics.





In declaring the First World Peace and establishing the new human covenant of biospheric rights, the World Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement is actually the first coherent human movement to consciously accept and enter into post-history. Post-history is post-government and post-money. In declaring the scientific validity of the new calendar as well as the discovery of the Law of Time, the illusions sustaining the old calendar and the old time become transparent. If the time of the old calendar is an arbitrary and mechanized fiction, based on no natural values, then so is the supreme arbiter of values in the old time – money.

Money today is an empty fiction, a tautological construct with no value or meaning outside of its own terms. The value of the US dollar is based on a ratio proportionate to the sum value of other world currency. Since the other world currency is competing for its value with the dollar, then the value of the dollar is an arbitrary ghost charging the energy bodies and lower passions of a class of humans whose sole purpose is to make money. Money is given power only by virtue of humans adhering to the hallucination that it is the sole intermediary to happiness and “the good things of life.” This belief constitutes a singular heresy against the divine creator. The truth is that the divine plan – nature, our biospheric order – provides for all regardless of the existence of money. The other species are sustained not by money but by their telepathic attunement to the cyclic order of nature in accord with the law of time.

What is true for the other species is true for ourselves. Should we be in our proper telepathic community attuned to the cyclic order in accord with the law of time, we would find that everything is already provided for, that actually a minimum of labor intelligently applied will secure for us all that we need. There is no question that the hallucination of money grips and imprisons the human imagination like no other value. To break the grip of this illusion constitutes a key strategy of the Planetary Moral Emergency to establish the First World Peace. The disestablishment of the legitimacy of money goes hand-in-hand with the delegitimization of war and the call for total, immediate, universal disarmament.

The first step is identifying the problem. This amounts to breaking the “jobspell.” Leaving aside the potential for shattering the 12:60 hallucination which could be unleashed by human folly such as the terrorism of World War III, or the power of nature to deal a fatal blow to the fragile gerrymandered civilization of the technosphere, the strategy for disempowering money must go to the root cause: the world banking system. In essence this system is rooted in three institutions, the Federal Reserve Bank, the World Bank, and the International Monetary Fund. Around these three institutions a host of world banking corporations spew out their daily juggling of the figures through the coordinating cartel known a the G-7. The only point is to sustain the dollar by its own subsidiary illusion values, the other currencies of the G-7.

The stock markets are feeder systems establishing dollar values for new technologies which are then traded for currency supplied by the banks. Through established usury and a whole spectrum of deals, more money is made for more profits for an oligarchy who seems invisible and remote from the rest of the world. In the meantime, the banking system is in its final stage of creating a super credit card that will replace circulating currency and at the same time be a means of identifying and tracking the movements of the individual possessing the card.

From the point of view of moral and biospheric logic, the evolution of money, from gold standard to arbitrary paper value to credit and debit cards to the final supercard, in itself demonstrates the spurious economics of the 12:60 system. Such an abstraction of values motivated by nothing more than greed removes us from nature and dehumanizes our life. The next step is to serve notice to the banking system that the continued existence of money now constitutes a crime against the biosphere and that it is no longer tolerated. Only a morally aroused power can assert its authority to confront the banking system and inform it of its now biospheric illegality, and at the same time make clear to the banking system its role in the conversion process.

The authority and general strategy for such action is contained in the First Planetary Congress of Biospheric Rights, “People’s Resolution for Economic Bioregional Re-organization and Empowerment of the Earth Conversion Trust of the Planetary Store.” The means to carry out this action are teams of “PAN economic conversion arbiters.” Operating under the Banner of Peace, like the teams confronting the munitions manufacturers, the Pan economic conversion arbiters will physically locate and confront the banking CEOs and inform them of the “People’s Resolution for Economic Reorganization.”

Such action constitutes the implementation of a key initiative of the First World Peace. It is understood that this initiative is to be carried out in concert with a host of other initiatives, including the Planetary Moral Emergency appeal to the United Nations, the “Resolution for the Reconstitution of the United Nations,” and the Resolutions to delegitimize war and to convert the military.

The World Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement is calling for recruits to enter the ranks of the “PAN economic conversion arbiters.” Besides possessing an experience or understanding of the current monetary order and how it functions, the PAN economic conversion arbiters should possess mediation skills and be thoroughly conversant in the conversion principles governing the transformation of values which is the main order of the First World Peace. Since money is the governing value of the old time, its conversion is the principle strategy of the Galactic Culture Master Plan for the furtherance of the First World Peace.

By decree of the higher knowledge of the law of time, money is automatically devalued and in essence invalidated. Yet in the minds of virtually all people, a residual second nature conditioning remains around the concept “money.” The indispensable intermediary value of money must be translated into another value: kin credits.

Kin credits are defined as “telepathic registrations of equality.” The assumption of the kin credit system is that the money system (“jobspell”) represents an organized scheme for stealing time. In other words, the time of the wage-earner is stolen, say at the rate of 40 hours a week, not counting the time to get to and from the work place, and repaid in units of an intermediary power called money. This time stealing in exchange for money was the trick that originally enslaved humanity and brought it to its present threshold of insanity. The point is to reverse this bad metaphysical joke by converting money which is the accumulated value of time stolen from an enslaved humanity into a form of time-sharing called kin credits.

To begin the conversion from time stealing to time sharing, quantify the sum liquidity and surplus wealth represented by money held by all of the banks in the world according to dollar value. Freeze both the dollar value and the production of any further money. Equate dollar value per capita world-wide. Let us say that the sum liquidity and surplus wealth amounts to six trillion dollars and there are six billion humans. That is US $1000 per human. This represents the dollar-to-kin credit value exchange. The sum liquidity and surplus is thence converted to kin credits. This means that each human is accorded 1000 kin credits at the outset.

In the kin credit system each human has equal value, worth, and right to the full privileges of life within the biosphere. Each human is to be accorded the primary biospheric rights equally and freely without intermediary agents. These rights include: guaranteed free home and shelter, and guaranteed daily sustenance. These rights are your kin credits.

The purpose of the kin credit system is to cash out the banks, and place the liquidity and surplus in the hands of the people, where one dollar equals one conversion point for one kin credit returned to the bearer as shelter and sustenance for one day. According to the Galactic Culture Master Plan, the remaining surplus of money will be liquidated during one perfect year of thirteen moons according to a complete zero budget conversion of money into kin credits.

This sum of 1000 kin credits is to be issued through a cooperative program schedule worked out between the Pan economic arbiter conversion teams and the International Monetary Fund, World Bank and Federal Reserve Bank. (See: “Resolution for Economic Bioregional Reorganization”). On Yellow Overtone Seed, July 26, 1997, complete zero budget phase out of money into kin credits will commence. Simul-taneously a planetary decree will establish the Thirteen Moon Calendar as the only recognized time standard for accounting for any human transaction. This will pace the conversion of the dollar by means of the kin credit according to the correct timing frequency. Using the same electronic system for money transfer used today, the dispatch of US $1000 to the bearer to be used as conversion points for kin credits would be easy to accomplish.

The issue of US $1000 worth of conversion points for kin credits will begin with all of those who are indigent, orphans, widows, and elderly people, and all those refugees disadvantaged by war. In order to equalize humanity, all wages will also be frozen and no longer issued. Since time stealing will have been invalidated, the concept of wages is also invalidated. There is no money to earn because your time is no longer being stolen and ransomed as a job in return for money. Instead, all present wage earners are issued their US $1000 to be used as conversion points for kin credits. Since jobs are no longer mandatory, what you do with your time is yours to determine. Whatever you do choose to do with your time is offered as a service. While many will choose to continue in service in their present work stations, many others will choose not to. Yet another large group of humans will be relieved of their wage slavery due to the phasing out of biospherically destructive labor: the petrochemical industry, the automobile and airplane manufacturing, munitions, and forest clearing industries, for instance.

The success of the process of converting dollars to kin credits depends on the simultaneous activation of all fronts of the First World Peace. This means the mobilization of humanity, through the Planetary Moral Emergency, to sacrifice present ways of doing things on behalf of a concerted effort to bring about full scale implementation of all of the Resolutions of the Congress of Biospheric Rights. The establishment of PAN-PCC bioregional councils, and the creation of local Councils of Five to begin the conversion of the family according to the fourth-dimensional codes of time is all important to assure a successful system of dollar-for-kin-credit conversion points. The success of the social conversion programs also depends on the support and backing of the United Nations, converted into the United People’s PAN Conversion Network, and the progress of the Banner of Peace Disarmament Teams to assure the non-violent transition of the money system to kin credits.

Not the least of the efforts to assure that the Galactic Culture Master Plan attains its goals is the planetary telepathic field experiment, the Rinri Project. The positive energy emanating from this project is necessary to offset the panic, hysteria, anarchy and otherwise neurotic responses which will accompany both the collapse of the old order and the implementation of the new time.

At the same time as dialogue is initiated with the banking system to assist in the creation of the Earth Conversion Trust, the name given to the entire dollar-to-kin credit conversion process, equal steps are to be taken by other PAN economic arbiter teams to establish the Planetary Store. Just as the sum liquidity and surplus of money is subsumed into the Earth Conversion Trust, for converting dollars into kin credits, so the Planetary Store is the inventory of the sum surplus of all existing manufactured goods. Making their inventories and their tallies, confirming its schedules with the other fronts of the First World Peace, by the time of the Overtone Seed, July 26, 1997, the Planetary Store will be ready for operation: a year-long organized zero budget giveaway to accompany the dollar-to-kin credit conversion for every last human of the plant.

The Planetary Store will operate for the most part through designated shopping centers and marketplaces. The point will be to exhaust the usable industrial merchandise thus enabling many factories to close down while affording the human populace an equal access to all available goods. The success of the Planetary Store will depend on the PAN Councils to organize thirteen highly artistic and ceremonial potlatches, one per moon, for the Overtone Seed Year. These memorable events will mark the end of history and the industrial age, assure everybody equality of material comforts and goods, and prepare for the elaboration and full advent of Home Market Economics.

Strategic planning for all aspects of the Galactic Culture Master Plan can be done publicly through the Invisible College, the governing order of the new time. However, the ultimate underpinning of the success of the Alpha Phase (1996-98) of the Galactic Culture Master Plan is the establishment of a working Micro Earth Conversion Trust to model the Macro Earth Conversion Trust. This means the creation of a system of production and distribution of new time tools as well as the comprehensive education programs to afford everybody the new lens by which to gauge their place in the divine plan. But first, human consciousness must be aroused.




The Galactic Culture Master Plan is the divine plan. It is the complete implementation of all of the logics derived from exchanging the anachronistic twelve-month Gregorian Calendar for the new Thirteen Moon Calendar. The Thirteen Moon Calendar is the correct standard time measure for humans. Its even 28-day cycle is biologically in accord with the measure of the biosphere. By its perfection of process and the inter-relatedness of all life, the biosphere, unified by the supreme law of time, is the divine plan. As the logical application of the law of time through the instrument of the Thirteen Moon Calendar, the Galactic Culture Master Plan is the fulfillment of the divine plan.

The purpose of the Galactic Culture Master Plan is to assure that galactic culture is properly established on planet Earth. Galactic culture is the theocentric evolution and expression of planetary intelligence according to the law of time. When culture is expressed in accord with the law of time it is called galactic because culture is the expression of consciousness. Fourth-dimensional or whole consciousness is actually an interplanetary function of the sun. As the coordinating body of our planetary system our sun is a star. Like all other stars, the sun is a member of a larger evolving order, galaxy. It is the galactic order that determines the appearance and manifestation of consciousness and culture on the different world systems. Organized by the law of time, galactic culture can only be an expression of divine truth. The appearance of galactic culture on evolved world systems is a gift awarded to the righteous for their steadfast adherence to the truth.

All forms of being, organic and inorganic, in our solar system owe their very existence as well as their consciousness to the sun. In its etheric sheathe, the heliocosm, the sun and its planetary system participate in a galactic respiratory process. It is the frequencies of the planetary orbits and their ratios to each other in relation to the sun and its galactic breath that create the phenomena we call consciousness. The interaction of the fourth-dimensional timing frequency with the different interplanetary orbital frequencies evolves qualities of mind known as the different planes of consciousness. Consciousness is how we know and experience the mind. Time is of the mind. Time is what gives expression to consciousness.

Mind gives form to the third dimension, but is informed by purely fourth-dimensional timing frequencies. All the creatures are unconsciously obedient to the law of time and hence, participate full in the universal life of the solar mind. Originally all humans were also unconsciously obedient to the law of time. It is only when the human order developed its own timing frequency and broke with the natural order that human consciousness fragmented and became increasingly restricted to third-dimensional illusions fed and sustained by controlled fourth-dimensional fantasies: pulp fiction, movies, and television. The evolutionary sophistication of the human sensory apparatus in relation to mind creates the possibility for self-reflection. It is this capacity for self-reflection by which man can know God without “seeing” God, or else create a feedback system called machines that enslave his mind in its own self-created hell.

Now the discovery of the law of time allows humans to consciously and self-reflectively ascend into the fourth dimension of solar-galactic time. In organizing its mental states according to the law of time, humanity will regain its common moral sensibility. Fresh solutions will be discovered to the problems that it has created. A consciousness that is genuinely telepathic and cosmic will establish a genuine solar-galactic culture on Earth. This will come about because the Galactic Culture Master Plan is the divine plan. Fulfilling the law of time as the new knowledge granted to the right-eous, the Galactic Culture Master plan will organize humanity for the return to the garden, paradise on Earth.

The immediate goals of the Galactic Culture Master Plan are to be accomplished by mobilizing a tremendous force for the good. This is the purpose of the Planetary Moral Emergency: the Call, the Referendum, the Coalition and the Mobilization. This Moral Planetary Emergency force, organized by entirely new principles of understanding and codes of behavior, will soon be perceived in the eyes of many as the indisputable manifestation of the divine plan. By the second year of the First World Peace, 1997-98, the Moral Emergency Mobilization of humanity will be the common way.

The Moral Emergency Mobilization of Humanity, must be understood within the overall strategy of the First World Peace. In the comprehensive peace strategy, the Galactic Culture Master Plan operates in terms of the economic order which gives form and style to our everyday life. From the perspective of galactic culture, third-dimensional economics enslaves the human species to the colonialism of money.

The colonialism of money is an outgrowth of the colonialism of time which began 400 years ago with the European conquest of the world. It was this conquest that spawned the calendar “reform” known as the Gregorian calendar. It was this calendar that was imposed on all the conquered “indigenous” peoples. Uprooted from their unconscious fidelity to the law of time, the indigenous mind was immediately yoked to the calendar of false time. Henceforth, as if under a spell, the indigenous peoples entered the confused and victimized state of mind known as colonialism. The Native Americans of the entire Western hemisphere, the Africans, and the peoples of the Pacific Basin experienced the worst aspects of this colonialized consciousness. To a lesser degree, the people of China, India, and the Islamic world were also subjugated by the new barbarism of false time colonialism.

By the twentieth century, the final colonialism came with the exponential expansion of machinery and human biomass, and the inverted increase of valuelessness-the colonialism of money. Enslavement to the colonialism of money is the final evolution of colonialism. In this form, the bankers are the power-holding elite; false time is the mental means of subjugation; money is the material means and ends for perpetuating the enslavement; the entire human race subjected to this system is the money slave class; disgrace and death are the penalties for falling out of grace with money colonialism.

To break the grip of the colonialism of money is the strategic goal of the Galactic Culture Master Plan within the framework of the First World Peace. The means for attaining this strategic goal begins with the Planetary Moral Emergency Mobilization. To unify already existing environmental and spiritual groups and organizations, in addition to forming a Moral Emergency Coalition, the Moral Emergency Mobilization calls for masses of human beings to organize according to the law of time, and in ranks, to begin the boycott of money, the closing down of munitions and petrochemical plants, and the disestablishment of government and all 12:60-based social forms of whatever kind.

The disarmament and ban on any further munitions manufacture of any kind is to be accompanied by the banning, boycott and ‘disarmament of money.’ Just as the weapons to be disposed of may end up as massive sculptural forms at housing projects, so the money to be disposed of through the Earth Trust becomes kin credits, and the surplus commercial goods will become Planetary Store potlatch gifts.

The call for Planetary Moral Emergency Mobilization is in itself an expression of the divine plan of galactic culture. In the galactic culture of the Planetary Moral Emergency Mobilization, all behavior is uplifted and non-aggressive. All Moral Emergency Mobilization Cells are to study the law of time; cultivate the three primary virtues: Autonomy, Equality, Loyalty; practice the seventeen primary ethical precepts of Rinri; and live by the five primary credos of the Home School. This level of discipline in itself is the elevation of the human moral sensibility to the unimpeded level of courage necessary to divest of all 12:60 conditioning, and to invest in the confidence and perfection of the 13:20 codes of time. This self-empowerment of the law of time is called “turning as one with the magnet of be-ness,” and constitutes the theocentric raising of the righteous into the gardens of the blessed: the fulfillment of the biosphere-noosphere transition.

In order to mobilize your place in the divine plan, the Planetary Moral Emergency depends on the availability of the new tools and galactic lens for entering fully into the fourth dimension. These tools, the Thirteen Moon Calendar, the Telektonon, and the Dreamspell are the perfection of the knowledge of the law of time. They are the indisputable and indispensable instruments for the raising of the ‘dead’ from the graveyard hell of false time. Being of 13:20 value, the production of these tools and their distribution can only come about through 13:20 means. It is the immediate conversion goal of the Galactic Culture Master Plan to establish a Micro-Earth Conversion Model for the sole purpose of producing and distributing these indispensable tools for the prompt furtherance of all of the Moral Emergency strategies of the First World Peace.




Do what is necessary, and no more. Moral Mobilization is necessary to universalize the knowledge of the law of time. Education is the paramount value. The only purpose of the Galactic Culture Master Plan and the First World Peace is to re-educate humanity about what it has lost; to educate it in what it has to gain by applying the new science; and to diseducate it from what it now believes. Break the 12:60 down the middle. Expose the false deceptions of the bankers and the G-7. Establish the matrix of the righteous for the development of a genuine Home Market economics and garden culture as extensive as the whole Earth and as free as God originally intended. See to it that galactic culture may flourish on Earth for seven generations to come. Expose the jobspell. Stand up for moral righteousness in all affairs. Stand up for a measure of time that will not tolerate usury, cheating, and deception of any kind. Become biospherically ethical. Become a soldier of truth joined in ranks under the banner of peace. Expose all falsehood. Break the colonialism of money.

Jobspell is a genuine hypnosis, a trance produced by lower magic. Commercialism is a state of consciousness that ensnares the ego in the jobspell. Creeping greed and profit motive serve only the third-dimensional ego, the petty self aspiring to its own greatness. The third-dimensional ego is the pawn of end-time, free market economics. Everyone can be an entrepreneur. Everyone can have their own business card. Everyone can buy into a franchise. Eight McDonald’s franchises open someplace on the planet everyday this year. Everyone can set up their accounts receivable, provided you play the game. Get bank loans. Don’t ask questions. It is your right to make a profit, to get ahead of others, to be esteemed for your wealth and not your character. Liberate the self from the tyranny of the third-dimensional ego!

Mechanization of time produces rote literacy. Rote literacy is a mental bondage that inhibits creative insight. Third-dimensional ego, in rote lock-step with jobspell, is immune to solar-galactic frequencies of fourth-dimensional consciousness. Third-dimensional ego is the captive playground of marketing concepts. Marketing is the selling of the world soul. Things go better with coke. Have you had any lately? Self-reflective mind is numbed out. War is easier when it is computerized. All values are captured by technology. People pay for technological cost and not service. To enforce the rule is all important. No claim is legitimate if you do not already have a contract with us. Do not leave your bags unattended or they will be confiscated. Police have the right to do what you cannot do. Criminals use the right of the police to their own ends. This makes the police mad. The courts are filled with people who don’t have lawyers. People who don’t have lawyers don’t care about the system. Machines with sensors are everywhere. Helicopters can maintain crowd control even when there are no crowds. Preemptive air strikes are not acts of aggression. War is peace. Freeways are freedom.

Theology and cosmology determine economics. Separate church and state. Science cannot prove God, therefore God does not exist. Split the atom. Quantify the particles. Smash the atom again. Quantify the sub particles. It is a violent universe. Cut down all the trees. Exploding stars are out to get you. The big bang was an atomic bomb. Steady background radiation is eating at your brain. Have you touched or felt the big bang? Tens of thousands of nuclear weapons have kept us safe from World War III. Make more. Jail the ones who are operating outside of your patent laws to make their own bombs. Trap them. Starve them. Buy their land. Put them in school, and if they get unruly, put them in jail. Build more jails. Create improved pilotless fighter planes. Stealth. Atlantis. If they can’t see who is killing them, it is easier to do. If it gets too crowded here, we’ll go to Mars. Sell them drugs, bad cheap ones. Then arrest them. We’ll make Earth the jail, then go to Mars with all of our franchises.

Economics is applied theology. Judeao-Christian theology produces Milton Friedman. Milton Friedman produces free market neo-liberal economics. Anything goes. Trickle down to poverty. Poverty? It is a psychological state of mind produced by ignorance of free market economics. People in the third world don’t care about economics, so they get what they get. Burning tires and chicken farms. And God said: make a dollar on the dollar and you’ll get to heaven with your hat on, but don’t tell anyone what you did to make that extra dollar. Corporate secrets. Corporate wars. Glossy full-page airline magazine pages advertise top-selling technology to the robot priests of marketing. The secret of success: put yourself first. Judeo-Christian theology. Israel needs two billion dollars a year in military aid. Why? To defend itself from non-Judeo Christian theology. Divide and conquer. Buy the King of Saudi Arabia with AT&T, Ma Bell, IBM, Pizza Hut and dozens of military defense contracts. We have the right of defending ourselves in your country. Divide and conquer. Kill the ones who don’t want to let us defend ourselves in their country. What is Iraq? A place so remote and far away it is worth destroying. Then Israel will be safer. Judeo Christian theology will put up the barbed wire. Separate Church and State, but let the Synagogue have the biggest lobby in Congress. Don’t worry about it, everything is a compromise. Change these words here and we’ll let you have it. Of course, the Pope is all right. So what he is both church and state. He keeps Latin America safe for democracy. Guns, drugs, franchises. It’s cheaper down there. Servant class ready to go. More saints than there are days in a year. You can sell them anything. New markets, easy buy-outs. Economics is applied theology. It is a violent universe. Don’t go near the water. Don’t go in the park after dark. If you see anyone suspicious, call 911.

Yes, Planetary Moral Emergency, we are receiving a Planetary Moral Emergency 911. Advanced species totally ensnared in colonialism of money. “The center does not hold, mere anarchy is loosed upon the Earth.” Moral Emergency! Planetary Moral Emergency! Who will heed the call, if not the righteous. Yes. The angelic orders are watching. Will someone please make the broadcast: PLANETARY MORAL EMERGENCY UNDERWAY! Sound the galactic sirens. Yes, we have an all-points alert Apocalypse, terminal scale, underway down here. Prepare the plan. Gather the resources. Send out the command.

Abandon all former belief systems. Robotics is next to godliness. Cancel that, please. This is not a movie. Ebola. Aids. Mad Cow disease. Genocide is not a valid cure. The magnet of being has been polarized for too long. Who can remember when it was not polarized into: right and left, republican and democrat, conservative and liberal, capitalism and communism. And when communism dropped its shoe, and the bricks were taken down from the wall, and the hammer was taken from the sickle, why did the Serbs start killing the Bosnians? Why did the Chechnians start killing the Russians? Why did the Hetu massacre the Ruandans? Why did the Zapatistas cover their faces? Why did Babylon attack Kuwait? Why did the G-7 refuse to become the G-8? Why did Chernobyl keep producing fall-out? Why did the French keep bombing the Atolls? Why did biotechnology stocks become the hottest sellers on Wall Street? Why did the Chinese blow up oases in the Gobi? Why did the Hezbollah plant suicide bombs in busy Tel Aviv streets? Why did the Federal building in Oklahoma City blow sky high? Why did the Shining Path keep getting stronger despite the Peruvian army’s campaign of death against them? Why are the Hopi and Navaho ready to kill each other? Why did the AUM sect plant poison in the Tokyo subway? Why did nobody care? Why is everybody looking the other way? Will you let a Kurd refugee into your local 7-11? Have you ever been blown unconscious in a Baghdad air attack? WHY IS EVERYBODY STILL LOOKING THE OTHER WAY?

And now the magnet of being has polarized consciousness yet again: the G-7 at one end and global terrorism at the other. Planetary Moral Emergency, 911. Yes, we have a PLANETARY MORAL EMERGENCY UNDERWAY. Time to depolarize the 12:60 and repolarize the 13:20. Time to call in the Galactic Culture Master Plan. We need tools. We need guides. We need the weapons of the new knowledge. Only knowledge can vanquish ignorance. Only truth can depolarize the magnet of being from its treacherous condition. Only correct biospheric understanding can repolarize the magnet according to its original condition: North Pole, South Pole, equally balanced, joined by a circumpolar rainbow bridge. No more ideology. No more sectarian bigotry clashing defenselessly. Advanced diplomacy and artistic expression of the truth go hand in hand.

The Earth needs a defense lawyer. No, she doesn’t. She has nothing to defend. The Earth is pleading her case among the angels. The Earth is saying, “the money vermin are out of control. Their theology doesn’t hold water, in fact it is polluting all the water.” And the angels are listening, and the angels are saying: “The Earth needs the Galactic Culture Master Plan. Earth needs an end to the colonialism of money. Earth needs an end to the jobspell. Earth needs an end to the Dreamspell of history. Earth needs all of her creatures to enter post-history without war and disgrace. Earth needs to bring on the Dreamspell of galactic culture. Earth needs humans who can create alliances of the righteous. Earth needs the righteous of all races, all of God’s children, to stand as one in the Hoop of the Nations. The Earth needs her biosphere to become the Rainbow Nation without boundaries. The theology of the Earth is the government of God. The government of God exposes the falsehood of all man-made government. The government of God is attended by the parliament of the birds, the congress of the dolphins, the ranks of the ants, the congregation of the trees.

The government of God is awaiting the completion of the Trial of Man; the last Judgment, the Sorting Out, the Day of Decision. The government of God is awaiting the righteous who have used the criterion of the law of time to choose the Thirteen Moons as the path to return to the Garden. The government of God is the garden. The garden is paradise on Earth. The government of G-7 terrorism is hell on Earth. The Thirteen Moons is the door out of this hell. The Thirteen Moon Telektonon is the ladder by which the righteous ascend to the ranks of the purified. The Galactic Culture Master Plan needs to make the tools of the new time available to all. It all begins with you. Now. Theology and cosmology determine economics. God loves the Garden and all who dwell in peace therein.”

Nothing more need be said. There is only to give and to do. To give without thought of self, and to do without thought of self. Nothing else counts.

To succeed in this new way, put all your faith in the divine plan and join with your brothers and sisters in practicing the three virtues: autonomy, equality, and loyalty.

Autonomy means: You are free. No one can guide you. There is no authority outside of yourself, no intermediaries nor intercessors. No one can add anything to you. No one can take anything away from you. You control no one and no one controls you. Your soul is naked before the eye of God. Only you can benefit your soul, only you can harm it. Your autonomy is the precious innocence of your birth right. Innocence is your power. Use it well.

Equality means: You are no better and no worse than the best and the worst. No one can take your place, and you can take no one else’s place. No one can hold anything over you, and you can hold nothing over anyone. Your right to shelter, food, and dignity is the same as everyone else’s. There is no privilege or rank except by the exertion of your soul. Only God ranks the righteous.

Loyalty means: You adhere to the truth at all moments. Your loyalty to the truth determines your loyalty to others. Loyalty is steadfast and tolerant. Loyalty is how autonomy and equality become cooperation. Loyalty is love without question. Loyalty is compassion that forgives. Loyalty is the heart that understands and the mind that listens. Loyalty is your vow to yourself to be true to yourself. Loyalty is how the divine plan matures in righteousness.

Practice these three virtues and establish the Galactic Culture Master Plan Micro Conversion Earth Trust. The Micro-Conversion is simply the production and distribution of the tools of the new time. The Micro-Conversion model patterns the larger Earth Conversion Trust. The following documents describe the process for establishing these models.




Everything detailed and outlined in this document is based on the principle of the disestablishment of money as anything but a surplus commodity. Of purely symbolic value, this existing surplus commodity in its sum total is to be disbursed to all humans equally to be used as exchange for human service energy or for all products to be distributed through the Planetary Store via the Pan Councils of Five. This is a transitional system to be exhausted within two years. Its staged funding-to-culture conversion leads to the final transformation into “immediate source and exchange,” the self-sustaining trust of galactic culture finally liberated from the illusion that money makes the world go ‘round.

Seed Conversion Model: Micro Earth Conversion Trust.

Purpose: Create an immediate galactic culture conversion funding system for the creation of an Emergency Education Program and Planetary Store of Earth Ethical Curriculum Learning Tools and Galactic Culture Research Base.

Rationale: From the point of view of the Universal Religion the re-education of humanity for peace is the single most important priority of the New Time. The passage from 12:60 to 13:20 is a comprehensive transformation of all human values. The spiritual re-evaluation of human civilization and the change in direction of fundamental values requires a universal education for a new humanity to be attained in the shortest amount of time possible. Civilization will be redesigned as an educational curriculum, in which the new 13:20 fourth-dimensional knowledge base will be complemented by the third-dimensional application as Earth Service.

The educational curriculum program will take the form of “Home School.” The effectiveness of the Home School comes from the learning model itself: the human family in its five stages, (age 0-13, 13-26, 26-39, 39-52, 52+) organized as self-governing Councils of Five. The 12:60 lifestyle sacrifices the human family to the speed of the machine. The 13:20 restores the human family as the governing democracy of the species. In this way Home School is a family affair. All members of the human family will be learning the same new information together at the same time.

Means: Create an immediate non-taxable Micro Earth Conversion Trust to gather donors to create the seed funds to implement the Congress and to establish a production schedule and planetary distribution system of the Earth ethical learning tools. Understood as the tools of the sacred warrior necessary for the establishment of universal peace, the 13:20 knowledge in its entirety is intended to be given as the alms of galactic culture to a needy planet. Investors in this Trust must understand that this is not a return on your money investment program, but a model system for converting final dollars into a self-sustaining galactic culture where money is no longer necessary.

The establishment of the Micro Earth Conversion Education Trust, its system of financing, production, and distribution will model the comprehensive Earth Conversion Trust and Planetary Store working with the PAN Councils of Five.

Budgets and schedules of expenditures for services, goods and their distribution will be based on the following timing sequences:

Seed Budget: 
Resonant Moon 15 to Solar Moon 15, ’96. Includes creation of First Planetary Biospheric
Congress, Brasilia. See Diagram 1, and initial schedule of educational tools.

Mobilization for Peace Budget: 
Solar Moon 15 to Day Out of Time, ’96, includes mass production of calendars, banners,
and copies of New Covenant; stepped up production of Telektonon and Dreamspell.

First World Peace, Alpha Cycle One Budget: 
Magnetic Moon 1, ’96 to Resonant Moon 14, ’97. Transition of Micro Earth Trust model to comprehensive Earth Conversion Trust and Planetary Store. Solicit cooperation of UNESCO, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund and the Federal Reserve Bank in cooperation with world trade councils for the establishment of a universal transition model.

First World Peace, Alpha Cycle Two Budget: 
Resonant Moon 15 ’97 to Day Out of Time, ’97. Whole scale implementation of New Time Earth Ethical Curriculum learn as-you-live Home School Program complementing initial
planetary deindustrialization and biospheric restoration process.

Universal Autonomous Bioregional Conversion Template. First World Peace Phase One “Alpha”. Time is Art Galactic Earth Art Fair Continuum. By José and Lloydine Argüelles (Galactic Culture Master Plan).

First World Peace, Alpha Cycle Three and Four: 
(Fifth Year of Prophecy 1997-98), programs become self-generating for final conversion of surplus money into immediate source and exchange galactic culture model.

Universal Autonomous Bioregional Conversion Template. First World Peace Phase One “Omega”. Time is Art Galactic Earth Art Fair Continuum. By José and Lloydine Argüelles (Galactic Culture Master Plan).

The entire purpose of the Conversion Program is to establish comprehensive project conversion goals to be implemented as swiftly as possible so that there is an immediate alleviation of human suffering and poverty. At the same time, through mass media and 13:20 culture teams, including the Galactic Earth Arts Fair continuum, the re-education to Earth Ethical New Time values may be carried out elegantly and triumphantly. The success of the re-orientation of values depends on a creative collaboration with the existing mediarchy (e.g. Time Warner Turner) to immediately re-orient all mass media programming. The World War II Victory programs provide a historical precedent for the possibilities of similar victory programming for universal peace.

As the 13:20 is an entirely new knowledge base, it demands a new education, cosmology, and life-curriculum. Ultimately this knowledge base and the re-education it necessitates involves a magnetic repolarization of the human species. It is toward the end of the rapid and successful magnetic repolarization of the human species in synchronized telepathic harmony with the electromagnetic field of its planet that the Micro Earth Conversion Trust is ultimately established. This goal is as spiritual as it is scientific: the spiritual unification of humanity raises its creative intelligence to a level of comprehensive collective planetary engineering and art design.




In 1995 profits from the New York Stock Market exceeded $4 trillion dollars. If one percent of these profits were to be placed in the Micro Earth Conversion Trust New Education Program, there would be $40 billion dollars immediately available. By contrast a mere $144,000 (US) would fund the entire Congress of Biospheric Rights, including space (Temple of Good Will, Parliament of Ecumenical Fraternity) staff, production and creation of artistic and educational programs. The educational modules created for the Congress would then be the basis for the creation and elaboration of further Home School education modules.

An additional $288,000 would finance production of:

10,000 Telektonon Games $120,000
10,000 Dreamspell Kits $120,000
24,000 13 moon Calendars $48,000

• The first task is to designate primary seed donors.
• The second task is to establish a circle of pot latch attraction donors. The primary seed donors to the Micro Earth Conversion Trust will become the first circle of potlatch attraction donors. The pot latch is a form of spiritual competition to see who can give away the most on behalf of the greatest good.
• The potlatch donor circles will simultaneously participate in the creation of the model for fund-to-product conversion and Bioregional Council of Five distribution.




Lloydine Bolon Ik – New Time Pilgrimage in Asia

After three years of pilgrimage on behalf of the Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement, the new timing frequency is established at numerous points on the planet. The purpose of the fourth year of Prophecy is to see to it that the seedlings of the new frequency are nurtured and can flower in time for the Victory of the Fifth Year of Prophecy. If any word sums up the goals of the Movement at this point it is “education,” or more precisely, the Galactic Education Mission on Earth. The new time requires an entirely new education format. It must begin with a very simple and pure basis, grounded in tools that are purely the reflection of the 13:20 timing frequency.

Dreamspell is being studied and practiced throughout Latin America, in both Portuguese and Spanish language editions. Dreamspell is spreading through Europe, in both the English as well as German language editions. Translations are being prepared in other languages as well (Croatian, Finnish, Swedish). In Japan, the translation of Dreamspell is complete. Meanwhile, the Telektonon has been produced and is now being distributed In Europe and North America. The Spanish language edition of Telektonon is just being released, to be distributed from Chile. Japanese and German translations are also being prepared. The Treatise on Time, The Call of Pacal Votan has been published in both English (Scotland) and Spanish (Medellin, Columbia).

First Planetary Congress of Biospheric Rights, Brasilia, Brazil 1996.

The successful completion of the First Planetary Congress of Biospheric Rights, Brasilia, has initiated a set of other projects on behalf of the fulfillment of the Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement. These include the Handbook of the Congress already produced in Portuguese as Vamos Salvar la Terra (“We are Going to Save the Earth”), which is also being prepared in an English language edition. Allied to the Handbook is the creation of the Earth Ethical Curriculum of the Invisible College of the Biospheric Congress. This will be centrally established as its own web-site on the Internet as well as being available in other formats for the Home Study program.

Finally, the text is now ready for the implementation of the Rinri Project, the four-year telepathy experiment scheduled to begin Magnetic Moon 1, Fourth year of prophecy. This Project is of the greatest importance and represents a use of the Telektonon and Dreamspell in their application as the technology of telepathy. The Rinri Project is a total summation of the cosmology of the science of time. It is the new science that will cure rather than destroy, harmonize rather than separate, and dissolve into art when it has completed its mission.

Concurrently a Galactic Culture Master Plan Network is being established to maintain contact between all of the PAN-PCC nodes that will be in the process of establishing during the Fourth Year of Prophecy. Stabilizing the Movement for the establishment of the telepathic field and the implementation of the First World peace during the coming year is of the highest priority. To maintain the momentum of the Movement a central monitoring communication base must also be established to maintain the regular flow of updates.

As the originators and coordinators of the World Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement we must now pause and prepare to establish ourselves and the Movement. The procreative power of the new time is now generating more work than we can possibly handle, especially if we are still in motion. We must shift our methods and use our energy toward establishing a base of operations which itself will ground the Movement.

The first purpose of the Galactic Culture Master Plan Seed Conversion Model is to create an immediate micro conversion funding system. This micro-conversion funding system will model the macro Earth Conversion Trust Fund.

The Seed Conversion Model calls for the creation of:

1. Galactic Culture Research Base

2. Emergency Education Program

3. Planetary Store of Earth Ethical Curriculum Learning Tools




1. Galactic Culture Research Base: 

The Galactic Culture Master Plan Seed Conversion Model is ready for immediate implementation. The first stage calls for an actual physical space to ground the projects, The Galactic Culture Research Base. This Base calls for a fully equipped cyber-information facility with living quarters, space for study, meditation, and artistic practice, accommodating a small collective working group totally in accord with the 13:20 principles. Such a facility exists in its simplest form with a core team located in Tucson, Arizona. Ideally this core team should be in close living proximity if not in a single complex of some kind with the Coordinators.

Purpose of the Galactic Culture Research Base is to provide the Coordinators of the Movement space for the advanced on-going research and creative investigations necessary to maintain the comprehensive output of information necessary to establish all of the programs of the four years of the First World Peace.

Included in the Base is a production and information communication facility with the capacity to disseminate immediately to all points of the growing network worldwide. We cannot afford to have information lag as we set up the Rinri Project matrix, nor for all of the other programs. The First World Peace is a planetary emergency measure and requires a fully-equipped communication center along-side the research facility.

Full description of Galactic Culture Research Base activities are summarized in the next two points.

2. Emergency Education Program: 

The Galactic Culture Master Culture Plan Seed Conversion Model is essentially an education program that involves the enrollment and a participation of every member of the human family. This is the nature of the scientific experiment called world peace. This emergency education program is based on the need to immediately communicate the new time cosmology of the 13:20 timing frequency, replacing as swiftly as possible all 12:60 programming.

This process is in accord with the First World Peace program description, “The Magnetic Re-education of Humanity.” The Earth Ethical Curriculum fulfills the needs and goals of the magnetic re-education of humanity and constitutes the essence of the learning program of the Invisible College. It is the Invisible College that provides the form and method of the new time education. The form of the learning is the Earth Ethical Curriculum and the method is Home Learning.

From the educational program of the Firsts Planetary Congress of Biospheric Rights came the initial Earth Ethical Curriculum, especially designed for navigating the biosphere-noosphere transition. The foundations for the science and knowledge of the new time will be laid for all humanity in the Earth Ethical Curriculum as delivered by the Invisible College.

To summarize: the emergency of the planetary biosphere is a crisis of intelligence. Where greater intelligence is necessary to surmount evolutionary obstacles, such as that presented by 12:60 civilization, new knowledge is required. That new knowledge is the 13:20 timing frequency. To disseminate new knowledge requires new tools and new forms and methods of learning. Curriculum development is now developing but must soon expand exponentially. The communication production hub of the Invisible College is now ready to do the task. The Galactic Culture Research Base is the facility that is required to launch this process and establish a secure telepathic matrix during the coming Blue Self-Existing Storm Year.

The team carrying out the emergency education operation will model the Invisible College program process. One team component engages in research and design, the other team component in communication and production.

Crucial to the establishment of the Galactic Culture Emergency Education Program is the creation of a core research and action team. Research team members are needed both at the Base and in the field to carry out necessary information gathering; other researchers are needed for program design. Action team members are field-based and include mediators and advocates with multiple communication and negotiating skills. As the Galactic Culture Plan expands, to avoid over-centralization, there is a need for seeding the form and method of the Galactic Culture Research Base in other bioregions. It is anticipated that this will become a self-generating process.

3. Planetary Store of Earth Ethical Curriculum Learning Tools: 

The Galactic Culture Master Plan Seed Conversion Model is dependent on instruments and tools that are totally specific to opening anyone into an interactive participation in the 13:20 harmonics. Production of these tools, instruments and other learning material inclusive of the programs for the electronic interaction of the Invisible College web site, is the third aspect of cost to be considered for the implementation of the Galactic Culture Program first year of First World peace educational model. This third cost factor provides the micro-conversion model for the Planetary Store for the distribution of Earth Ethical Goods and Services.

Inventory of Learning Resources and Galactic Tools:

  • Thirteen Moon Calendars
  • Telektonon Game of Prophecy
  • Dreamspell, Journey of Timeship Earth 2013
  • The Call of Pacal Votan: Time is the Fourth Dimension
  • Earth Ascending
  • The Mayan Factor
  • A Complete Guide to the Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement
  • Pacal Votan and Judgment Day: the Second Qur’anic Dispensation
  • The Rinri Project: A Scientific Experiment Called World Peace

Galactic Culture Research Base Needs:

• Communication Facility (in place; in immediate need of one more Computer Terminal) with living quarters for two permanent, and one or two rotating visiting field researchers.
• Adjoining or Near-by Research Facility with living quarters for Program Coordinators.

Emergency Education Program Needs:

• Rinri Project, monitor sites and on-going program development and feedback
• Invisible College web-site, dependent upon development of,
• Earth Ethical Curriculum, Home School learn-as-you-live program of study and application, both as electronic information program and in Manual form.
• Handbook of the First Planetary Congress of Biospheric Rights,
• All related 13:20 work materials in all media: video, CD, books etc.
• Banners of Peace, Earth Flags, Rainbow Banners, Banners of Galactic Culture and Biospheric Congress Logo
• Production and dissemination of the Roerich Peace Pact
• Production of V.I. Vernadsky’s, Biosphere

Galactic Culture Strategy Program Development:

• Establishment of translation teams.
• Establishment of Education Integration Councils for the re-evaluation of all educational programs from an Earth Ethical perspective to create Earth Ethical Curriculum and Methods of Implementation completely in accord with the values of the 13:20 timing frequency.
• Establishment of Galactic Culture Mediation and Advocacy Teams to use advanced diplomatic, negotiating and mediating skills in advocacy of the creation of the macro-model Earth Conversion Trust , fully ready for implementation, Yellow Overtone Seed, first day of the Fifth Year of Prophecy.
• Establishment of 13:20 Bioregional Galactic Culture Research Base teams to continue full scale exploration of applications of fourth-dimensional telepathic knowledge including technologies for the conversion of third-dimensional procedures including elimination of toxic waste. To be done in tandem with the Rinri Project, using Rinri Project team location as highest priority for physical location of Research Bases.

On-going Production: 

The staple items of the Galactic Culture Education programs are the Telektonon, Dreamspell, and Thirteen Moon Calendars. On-going production of these tools is mandatory for the next two years.

An additional $288,000 would finance production of:

10,000 Telektonon Games $120,000
10,000 Dreamspell Kits $120,000
24,000 13 moon Calendars $48,000




For manifestation and production to be efficient and not wasteful, information needs must always rise from the level of the lowest common denominator to the point of highest intelligent coordination. In the Galactic Culture Master Plan, the PAN-PCC Council of Five nodes world-wide are the lowest common denominator. Production needs are determined by inventory of local PAN-PCC node who then, without any intermediary, directly transmit these needs to Galactic Research Base Communication and Production Hub. The needs are reviewed and submitted to the Financial Manager.

On the basis of the needs presented by the Galactic Research Base Communication and Production Hub It, it is the Financial Managers’ responsibility to allocate funds accordingly, on a moon-to-moon, quarterly, or annual basis. To do this, the Financial Manager must rely on a team of economic arbiters, mediators and advocates to research the means for leveraging capital into the Earth Conversion Trust to accommodate production needs.

There can never be a surplus in the Earth Conversion Trust, but a steadily increasing flow of surplus capitol being dissolved, yielding no profit or monetary return of any kind. Instead the quality of life will equalize and as the last of the money is used for the greatest good, humanity will awaken as from a dream. Instead of money, there will be gates to paradise opening on Earth.

The first task is to designate primary seed donors.

The second task is to establish a circle of pot latch attraction donors. The primary seed donors to the Micro Earth Conversion Trust will become the first circle of potlatch attraction donors. The pot latch is a form of spiritual competition to see who can give away the most on behalf of the greatest good.

The potlatch donor circles will simultaneously participate in the creation of the model for fund-to-product conversion and Bioregional Council of Five distribution.

The process can be anonymous or public. But it must begin now.




The purpose of the Galactic Culture Master Plan Seed Conversion Fund for the creation of the Earth Conversion Trust, is to centralize a system of funds in an efficient and responsible manner for the production and distribution of the necessary 13:20 tools and educational information in the most rapid manner for all parts of the world.

Chart – Galactic Culture Master Plan Seed Conversion Fund

In this plan funds are to be received from donors through an internationally dispersed system of banks, under the direction of a financial administrator working closely with the chief program administrator, and in accord with a council of economic mediators. Through a system of mutual feedback with the local Councils of Five, the chief program administrator comprehends and communicates the production priorities, and through the council of economic mediators, the funds are allocated to the system of producers, who then supply the bioregional distributors with the products and materials. From the bioregional distributors, the products then go to all the local PAN-PCCs according to the original directives of the local Councils of Five.




roerich pact and banner of peace_1
Roerich Peace Pact – Banner of Peace

In the last three years the World Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement has arisen around the planet as a new voice for moral reawakening and comprehensive social and environmental reform. This Movement has emerged as a labor of love and cooperative human intelligence. Its premise is rooted in the scientific discovery of the law of time and the nature of the artificial and natural timing frequencies. Its momentum is derived from a prophetic source calling for the spiritual unification of all people and the advent of the “universal religion” on Earth. Its strategies are in accord with the scientific premises of the biosphere as originally advanced by V.I. Vernadsky. Its cultural aims embrace the vision of Nicholas Roerich and the Roerich Peace Pact and Banner of Peace.

We now stand on the threshold of fulfillment. We also stand on the brink of catastrophe. The Planetary Moral Emergency Referendum and Call for a Planetary Moral Emergency Coalition have been prepared and are now circulating worldwide. The World Wide Web Site of the Invisible College is up and running. Popular interest in the Thirteen Moon Calendar is mushrooming everywhere. We cannot publish enough calendars and informational booklets.

To date we have prepared:

• Complete Guide to the Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement,
• The Complete Guide to the Galactic Culture Master Plan,
• The Complete Guide to the First Planetary Congress of Biospheric Rights,
• Pacal Votan and Judgment Day, The Second Qur’anic Dispensation
• The Discovery of the Law of Time,
• The 260 Postulates of the Dynamics of Time, and
• The Rinri Project, A Scientific Experiment Called World Peace.

Forthcoming are several more booklets, including:

• Home School Handbook, Whole Systems Knowledge for the Whole Earth,
• Telektonon, the Prophecy of Pacal Votan.

Like the Dreamspell and the Telektonon, these booklets represent critical knowledge and are to be given freely. Our strategy is to print as many as possible and send them to the key PAN-PCC nodes for dissemination in their bioregions.

The Galactic Culture Master Plan is the self-converting economic strategy of the World Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement. This Master Plan is now working at a minimum level. But it now calls for a much higher and greater level of charity and creative involvement. Your assistance is needed now. We are all living in a planetary moral emergency. The only way we can avoid catastrophe and survive is with new knowledge. Only new knowledge can help us understand our dilemma and creatively assert genuine peace. Knowledge is our greatest weapon. The only authority is knowledge. The knowledge and authority of the World Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement are without parallel.

We ask you to consider donations that will cover print runs of any of the following:

10,000 copies of each of the booklets
10,000 more wall calendars
10,000 more pocket calendars
10,000 more Dreamspell Kits
10,000 more Telektonon kits

To assure the honesty and integrity of our program, your donation can be made out directly to the producer or printer of the above-mentioned educational items. In addition, as the Movement expands and grows, operating expenses increase as well. You may also consider donations to support:

Monthly expenses for ongoing communications (Fax, telephone, mail, and shipping costs)
Monthly living expenses for a team of four. If you wish to help out, please contact us and let us know your intention and we will direct your gift to the appropriate channel.

The revolution of time is a revolution of the mind. Peace can only be waged with knowledge and the higher moral authority of universal love. Thank you for your consideration.

Truth is love. Tolerance is justice. Peace is forever.
José and Lloydine Argüelles, 
Coordinators of the Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement

Download Book as a PDF >

Crystal Seed Year – December 2017

Book Reconstructed, Produced and Distributed by

Tortuga 13:20


Reconstructing Planet Art History

In Loving Memory of the visionary work of José and Lloydine, Valum Votan & Bolon Ik, Mother and Father of the Planetary Kin, Ascended Masters of the New Time.

Authors in Eternity of Dreamspell, Telektonon, Thirteen Moons In Motion, The Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Plan, The Discovery of the Law of Time, The 20 Tablets of the Law of Time, The First Planetary Congress of Biospheric Rights, The World Summit on Peace and Time, The World Congress of the Law of Time, and the Galactic Culture Master Plan, amongst others.

Founders of the Planet Art Network (PAN), the Foundation for the Law of Time, the Rinri Project and The World Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement.


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