Number 241: The Crystal Prophecy guided by the Master Power of 33

“The Crystal Prophecy is yours to own,
By these great powers
undo the Mystery of the Stone!”
—Valum Votan & Bolon Ik. The 20 Tablets (1997, PAN).

[Versión en Español aquí]

On 23 June 2019, the prophetic Kin 241 marked the completion of 32 Solar Rings since the beginning of the first spin of the Dreamspell Tzolkin, which took place on 23 June 1987 (Kin 1 – Magnetic Dragon). Therefore, Kin 241 also marked the entrance into the 33rd Solar Cycle since the initiation of the Dreamspell Matrix. Amen 33 ! 

By the same token, Kin 241 also marked  9 Tzolkin (9 x 260-day) since the exact midpoint of both, the Dimensional Shift Year 2012-2013 and the 13-year Moon Cycle (26 July 2006 – 25 July 2019).

Kin 241 – The exact midpoint of the Dimensional Shift 2012-2013 and the 13-year Moon Cycle. On 23 June 2019, Kin 241 also marked the completion of 32 Solar Years of the Dreamspell Matrix and the opening of its the 33rd Cycle.

The Kin 241 (Resonant Dragon / 7 Dragon) is a Galactic Activation Portal (GAP) that is guided by the Master Kin 33, therefore it contains a profound prophetic significance.

Precisely, the Kin 241 is closely linked to the Galactic Maya Votan Twins (Pakal & Valum Archetypes) and the Crystal Prophecy of the 5th Dimension. Through Kin 241 and Number 241, the  Votan Twins have inscribed  the Crystal Prophecy on the 13:20 Dreamspell Tzolkin, the 13:28 Synchronometer and the 19:19 Crystal Matrix.

All of this accurately demonstrates the merging of the multi-dimensional matrix systems, as well as the next level of the Telektonon’s Crystal Prophecy after the Quantum Leap of 2012-2013. A higher dimensional transmission which is, evidently, guided by the Master Teacher Kin 33 from the other side of the veil…

Kin 241: The Resonant Channel of Being

First of all, let us remember that the Kin 241 – Resonant Dragon opens the last Cosmic Column 13 of the Tzolkin, therefore its energy influences the final 19 days from Kin 242 until the last Omega Kin 260.


On the other hand, Kin 241 marks the centre (Resonant Chamber) of the Eagle Wavespell (6+1+6 = 13). Therefore, the Power of 7 rules all the Galactic Tones of its Destiny Oracle (7+7+7+7).

Dreamspell 33:44 Synchronisation 


The significative entrance into the 33rd Solar Cycle of the Dreamspell Matrix (23 June 1987 – 23 June 2019) has been marked by Kin 241. Therefore, this Kin has synchronised the 33rd milestone with the 13th Column and the last 20-kin of the Dreamspell’s 44th Tzolkin spin.

By the same token: “This 44th Matrix started on 26 October 2018, Kin 1 (1.1) and synchronised with the 5th Venus+Earth conjunction since the rare Venus Transit of 2012, and multiple prophetic factors and actors.” (Harmonic Convergence 2020)

Therefore, the 20-day timeframe of the Dreamspell 33:44 Synchronisation concludes on 13 July 2019 (Kin 1), the last wavespell of the Cosmic Moon Year, and the completion of the 45th Galactic Spin of the Dreamspell Matrix.

Let us remember that the prophetic numbers 33 and 44 are extraordinary important within the Galactic Maya Cosmology of Valum Votan Kin 11 + Bolon Ik Kin 22 = Kin 33. Exactly 33 + 11 = 44 = 11.11 (Valum) & 11+11 (Bolon Ik).

Precisely, the Kin 241 of the Dreamspell 33:44 Synch is Guided by Kin 33. Aho!

Kin 241: Guided by Kin 33

“I channel in order to nurture
Inspiring being
I seal the input of birth
With the resonant tone of attunement
I am guided by the power of space
I am a galactic activation portal, enter me”

Kin 241 – 23/06/2019

The Power Guide of Kin 241 is the Master Kin 33 (Resonant Skywalker), which is the combined power of the co-authors of the Dreamspell Journey: Valum Votan Kin 11 + Bolon Ik Kin 22 = Kin 33.

Therefore, Kin 241 is an auspicious day which is guided by the Power of 33 and it is influenced by the Power of 7. Furthermore, it sits at the centre of the Wavespell 19 of the Power of Vision (Above All is 19).

Kin 241: Exact Midpoint of 13-year Moon Cycle

Equally relevant, the Kin 241 on 23 June 2019, has marked 9 Tzolkin since the exact midpoint of the current 13-year Moon Cycle. Synchronically, the middle ground occurred on 24 January 2013, the hypothetical 74th birthday (7+4=11) of Jose Argüelles / Valum Votan.

This is because the birthdate of Jose (24 January) always marks the midpoint of the Dreamspell Solar Year, which is coded by Moon 7, Day 15 = 7.15.


Therefore, Jose’s birthdate on 24 January 2013 (Kin 241) inscribed the exact midpoint of the 13-year Moon Cycle, which began on 26 July 2006 (Kin 209 – Magnetic Moon), and will conclude on the upcoming Day Out of Time, 25 July 2019 (Kin 13 – Cosmic Skywalker, coded 13.13). On the next day, it will commence the all NEW 13-year Wizard Cycle.

Note: There are some communications claiming that the midpoint of the 13-year Cycle was on 21 December 2012. From the perspective of the Time Science of Valum Votan and Bolon Ik, those declarations are not only inaccurate and false but they also constitute an insult to the synchronic codes of Valum and to the foundations of the Law of Time is Art of José and Lloydine Argüelles. 

Kin 241: Exact Midpoint of the Dimensional Shift

The same Kin 241 inscribed by Valumalso marked the exact midpoint of the mystical Resonant Storm Year of the Dimensional Shift 2012-2013. Therefore, this Kin 241 on 23 June 2019 has completed 9 Tzolkin since the exact midpoint of both milestones: the 13-year Moon Cycle and the Dimensional Shift 2012-2013.

Evidently, Kin 241 was meant to be the Destiny Kin of Valum Votan for the Galactic Seed Synchronisation 2013. During the same Solar Year (2013-2014), he would have also completed 33 Years since he started his prophetic ministry alongside Lloydine Bolon Ik in 1981. Exactly, Lloydine Ascended during the 33rd Solar Cycle since the beginning of the prophetic ministry (1981-2014).


In this way, the exact midpoint of the Dimensional Shift 2012-2013 was always guided by the Master Kin 33. In other words, it was always guided by the Primordial Masculine-Feminine Galactic Maya Archetypes., the Valum Votan Kin 11 + the Bolon Ik Kin 22 = Master Kin 33.

Number 241 and the Votan Twins

Despite the fact that Jose Valum Votan passed away “before time,” the same synchronic harmonic of Number 241 marked his Ascension on Day 241 of the Solar Year. This day is contained within the Unit 241 (Vector 13.13) of the 19:19 Crystal Matrix, the same Unit 241 that marks the birthdate of Pakal Votan.

valum-pacal-tortuga copy

Number 241 reads “Two for One” in English language, and it connects the Votan Twins, (Valum & Pakal), within the hyper-dimensional system of the Crystal Matrix.

  • Valum Votan ascended on Day 241 (23 March 2011)
  • Pakal Votan was born on Day 241 (23 March 603).

The Unit 241 marks the beginning of the 11:11 Inner Matrix of  the 19:19 Cristal Matrix. On Day 241, the Twin Crystals Archetypes become one (two for one) and they start forming the Crystal Merkaba Hologram of the Higher Self. The Hologram is Activated through the 11:11 Inner Matrix.

19:19 Crystal Matrix – 19matrix,org

The Sacred Geometry of the Crystal Merkaba Hologram is based on the two “Tetrahedral Time Containers” of the Crystal Matrix. Each of the two Tetrahedral contains 120 Days = 120 Units (120+120 = 240). When the Twin Crystal Archetypes become one on Day 241, the 2 Tetrahedral start merging and activating the Crystal Merkaba.


As explained by its author, Gar Magusa:

“The tetrahedron proves itself as a perfect container of 4D time. It also proves itself as a container for 5D prophecy, forming a perfect Merkaba which synthesises the great mystery of Masculine and Feminine.”

The 5D Crystal Prophecy

All of this accurately demonstrates the new dimensional levels of the Telektonon’s Crystal Prophecy after 2012-2013. The passing of the stone was perfectly inscribed by codes of Valum Votan on his 74th anniversary on 24 January 2013 – Kin 241.

Through the Number 241, the Votan Twins inscribed the exact midpoint of the Quantum Leap from the 4th Dimension of Time toward the 5th Dimension of Prophecy.

Through the Mystery of 241, the Votan Twins guided by 33 actually closed the 13-Baktun Cycle and initiated the next level of the 5D Crystal Prophecy. Just as it has been demonstrated through the Pyramid Hologram Transmission of Pakal.

Thus, the Kin 241 of the Dreamspell Tzolkin Matrix, the Day 241 of the 13 Moons and the 19 Matrix, plus the Unit 241 of the Crystal Matrix, they all constitute a magnificente example of the interaction and fusion between the multi-dimensional matrices.

The Divine Truth of the Galactic Maya Transmissions from the Votan Twins, the Cosmic Bolon Ik and the Crystal Prophecy are all inscribed on the higher dimensional matrix systems.

In this way, we understand that he Spiritual Science is always inscribed, while the fallacy is always uninscribed (without inscription).

As Jose Valum Votan wisely put it:

“Everything is part of the Mathematical Code, and what we call a Higher Science. In this Higher Science we are reconstructing a mythic order in our consciousness, that was earlier destroyed.”
–Jose Argüelles / Valum Votan (The 28 Meditations)


Another great reason why the Tortuga 13:20 is Reconstructing the Planet Art Legacy.

In Lak’ech ❤

Blog by Itzadragon Kin 21

The “241 Teaching” was an essential part of the curriculum of the New Earth Wizards 33:33 , 20-26 July 2019, Avebury Stone Circle.

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