The Seventh Power and Bolon Ik Message: Earth Wizards and the Fulfillment of Prophecy

The Seven Major Arcanum: The Seventh Power and Bolon Ik Message. Earth Wizards and the Fulfillment of Prophecy.

Quetzalcoatl, Temple XIX and Bolon Ik Message. Submitted by Valum Votan on behalf of Bolon Ik (30 August 1999). Earth Wizard’s Seminary Advisory.

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Abstract: With the confirmation of the roles of the Bolon Ik and Valum Votan emanations comes a new revelation, the “Master Record of the Ah Kal Balam”, including the “Bolon Ik Chronicles of the Matrix, The Seven Leaves of the Book of the Seven Generations.” The Seven Leaves are for the purpose of creating a master coordination of the Telektonon Science of the Law of Time, and conforms to the primal code of Seven derived from the Umm al-Kitab, “Mother of the Book.” — Valum Votan

The Seventh Power
Earth Wizard’s Seminary and the Fulfillment of Prophecy.
Open Letter to All Planetary Kin

By Valum Votan on behalf of Bolon Ik

Dear Planetary Kin,

We are now in the second week of the second Moon of Challenge of the Seventh Year of Prophecy. This is the year of climax of the World Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement. It is the year during which the Second Christian Millennium reaches its denouement, officially baptized as the Y2K crisis. When it was first revealed to me that this cycle was the Seven Years of Prophecy, all I had in hand was the Dreamspell and the Thirteen Moon Calendar, as well as a few texts, Thirteen Moons in Motion and The Treatise on Time Viewed from its own Dimension (The Call of Pacal Votan). Then came the Telektonon, the Earth Spirit Speaking Tube. The voice and vision of Pacal Votan was now using me as its instrument, and along with my companion, Bolon Ik, we initiated the first of the Seven Years of Prophecy by becoming galactic gypsies and returning to the seat of the prophecy, Palenque. That was almost exactly six years ago in the early Moons of the Magnetic Seed Year, Kin 144.

To consummate the Sixth year of Prophecy and inaugurate the Seventh Year, we returned to Mexico for a sacred pilgrimage. For three days we followed the Sun at it Zenith. From Tula (=Tollan), Quetzalcoatl’s sacred city on the 28th day of the Cosmic Moon, to the fabled Citadel of Quetzalcoatl in Teotihuacan, on the Day-Out-of-Time, to Quetzalcoatl’s birthplace in Amatlan on New Year’s Day, we paid homage to the great prophet, the Plumed Serpent, who closed the first Christian Millennium exactly 1000 years ago with his departure toward the East on a raft of serpents, leaving the prophecy of his return. This pilgrimage occurred in commemoration of the 46th anniversary of my initial awakening at the Pyramid of the Sun. To seal this memorable event, thirteen of us shared a silent meditation in the “heart cave,” reached by a tunnel, 7 meters down and 130 meters long, directly beneath the apex of the massive Pyramid of the Sun. In that mystic moment, the voices of the first shaman visitors to this cave some 2400 years ago whispered in my blood.

After a day in Cuernavaca, where Cortes built his palace and the Honorable Elijah Muhammad found a home for his wife, Tynetta, and their four children, and after I recounted aspects of an even more sacred pilgrimage that extended from my life to the lives of far greater masters and teachers who preceded and who still guide me, we departed for Palenque. Our day at Palenque was for the purpose of a documentary based on my work and vision, which the Grupo Cisneros Latin American Cable Network was producing for the program “Infinito.” It was the third day of the Magnetic Moon, Yellow Solar Warrior. It was my seventh trip to Palenque, and Bolon Ik’s sixth journey-thirteen altogether. My first visit occurred in 1976, during my Yellow Solar Warrior year, 23 years after my awakening at Teotihuacan, and exactly 23 years before this current Yellow Solar Warrior Day! The Synchronic order was totally moving us.


A visit to Pan Chan with Moises Morales, the “Guardian” of Palenque, proved fruitful. Later in the day after filming key segments of the documentary, Moises took us past the security line to Temple XIX to witness the recent sensational discovery, the monumental throne of the Ah Kal Mo Nab. The revelation of the throne to us was a turning point of destiny. Bolon Ik was in her 56th year, and there on the throne was the reference to a “mythic” Bolon Ik cycle of 56 years, BC 2360-2304. The Ah Kal Mo Nab built this throne a generation or so after the Tomb of Pacal Votan. Many lights went on, and are still going on in my head regarding the meaning and implications of this precisely timed “discovery,” which thoroughly affirmed our prophetic mission to “close the cycle.”

The initial implications of the meaning of the throne are summarized in the following statement, written on the occasion of Kin 22, one week ago.

Bolon Ik Message

Cosmic Bolon Ik – 9 Ik – Solar Wind. The T for Telepathy!

Today, Lunar Moon 1, Seventh Year of Prophecy, is the day White Solar Wind, 9 Ik, Kin 22, otherwise known as Bolon Ik. This completes 79 galactic spins for the current emanation of the Bolon Ik Principle. Four days from today, Lunar Moon 5, the first full Moon since the Eclipse, it will be 13 Cimi, Cosmic World-Bridger, the thirteenth and final sign on the sarcophagus lid of Pacal Votan. In exactly one spin plus five days, the present Bolon Ik will become 57 years old. This means that there is a whole spin cycle during her 56th year when the Kin 22 appears twice. The second time Kin 22 appears will be on the Spectral Moon 9. On Spectral Moon 13, the “day out of time” of her 56th year, it will once again be Kin 26, White Cosmic World-Bridger. The next day, Spectral Moon 14, Kin 27 (3 x 9), Blue Magnetic Hand, the code kin for the last week of the 7:7::7:7, Bolon Ik will celebrate her 57th (3 x 19) birthday.

All of this describes a 56-year cycle of destiny, already encoded in stone on the recently discovered “Throne” of the Ah Kal Mo Nab, in Temple XIX, Palenque, Chiapas, Mexico.

9 Ik = Bolon Ik = 9 Wind = Solar Wind. Also note the Maya sign of 4 Ajaw, the sign of 21 December 2012, the Closing of the Baktun Cycle.

There, on the south side of the Throne, are three dates, among others: 9 Ik, 13 Cimi and again, 9 Ik. Between the two 9 Ik dates is a span of 56 years. Within the 56-year span of the two 9 Ik dates occurs the 13 Cimi date. The 56 years refer to a cycle coded between BC 2360 and BC 2304. The 13 Cimi date occurs four days after the first 9 Ik date, BC 2360. During her 56th year, on the third day of the Magnetic Moon, Yellow Solar Warrior, Seventh Year of Prophecy, the present Bolon Ik emanation was taken to witness this Throne at Palenque. The Throne was only discovered and revealed this year, AD 1999 (New York Times, April 21). The 56-year span of the mythic Bolon Ik, BC 2360-2304, was matched by the Bolon Ik emanation witnessing the Throne during her 56th year.

The timing of the revelation of the Throne, with its 56-year Bolon Ik cycle, set to occur precisely when the current Bolon Ik was in her 56th year, is equaled only by the timing of the 1260 years that distinguish the period between the dedication of the Tomb, AD 692, to its opening, AD 1952.

Now begins by fractal analogy, the Cycle of Destiny, the Bolon Ik Spin plus five day Uayeb to complete her 56th year. The 13 Cimi, Cosmic World-Bridger, which occurs in four days is the fractal analog to the 13 Cimi on the Throne AND on the Tomb of Pacal Votan. According to the interpretation of the 13 Cimi on the Throne, this is a reference to the birth of Xbalanque. In the Pop’ Wuj, Xbalanque is one of the two Creator Twins, the other being Hunahpu. (Xbalanque = Palenque).

For Bolon Ik, seeing the Throne was a profound confirmation of her role to seek out the one who would know the meaning and connection of the 13 Cimi on both the Throne and the Tomb. Like Xbalanque, this one, also a Twin, is the Ah Bobat Valum Votan, who decoded the prophecy Telektonon, summarized in number code by 13 Cimi as 78 (Cimi = 6 x Tone 13 = 78).

With the confirmation of the roles of the Bolon Ik and Valum Votan emanations comes a new revelation, the “Master Record of the Ah Kal Balam“, including the “Bolon Ik Chronicles of the Matrix, The Seven Leaves of the Book of the Seven Generations.” The Seven Leaves are for the purpose of creating a master coordination of the Telektonon Science of the Law of Time, and conforms to the primal code of Seven derived from the Umm al-Kitab, “Mother of the Book.”

The Seventh Power and The Seven Leaves

The Seven Leaves (the Throne, the Avatar, the Mystery, the Initiation, the Time Space, the Transcendence, and the Cube) and the Elder Futhark Runes. Part of the “Bolon Ik Chronicles of the Matrix”, a Revelation of the Code the Seventh Power, received by Valum Votan and Bolon Ik in 1999, after visiting the Throne in Temple XIX and before the first Earth Wizard’s Seminary. Click to enlarge.

It is the now on-going revelation of the Code the Seventh Power, “The Seven Leaves of the Book of Seven Generations,” that is informing me with regard to the seven week Earth Wizard’s Seminary. I am aware that many people find it difficult if not “impossible” to consider going to Chile for seven weeks. I am also aware that there are many people teaching aspects of the Law of Time who have never actually discussed with me what or how they are doing it. In light of this I would like to make everyone aware of the fact that due to the diplomatic aspects of our mission, I myself have never had the opportunity to teach in any comprehensive and systematic way the Law of Time, much less impart to others the manner in which this profound knowledge may best be shared. Now my opportunity has finally come. Having worked out the syllabus of the 28 teaching sessions, I am excited that such a learning adventure is now possible on planet Earth. With all due respect to the fledgling teachers and students of this vast body of material, I ask you to consider again making the genuine sacrifice to attend this unprecedented and never to be repeated again Seminary.

Not one of us knows what the world will be like after Rhythmic Moon 20 of the Seventh Year of Prophecy, the Y2K trigger date. Maybe the world will hobble back to a semi-normalcy. Maybe not. In any case, it is not wise to think of the world being the same after that date. It is a judgment date, and in this regard it is the opportunity for the 13:20 timing frequency to be elevated to its intended telepathic level. The Circumpolar Rainbow Bridge is a profound experiment in telepathy. And for this reason the seven weeks of the Earth Wizard’s Seminary are mandatory for those who are genuinely inspired to test the “theory.” It may be the only chance you will ever have to get this information “live,” as we have no guarantees on our whereabouts or availability after the Seminary, nor are we making any plans whatsoever for travel after this event. The time will finally have come to evolve into our own Earth Wizardhood. For this reason I ask all of you Planetary Kin to think very seriously once again about making the provisions and the sacrifice to participate in this once-in-a-lifetime experience. Please read the following statement with an open and tender heart.

The Earth Wizard’s Seminary is the fulfillment of prophecy.

Earth Wizards Seminary Advisory

Earth Wizards and the Fulfillment of Prophecy – Seminario Magos de la Tierra y el Cumplimiento de la Profecía.

The teaching program of the Earth Wizard’s Seminary constitutes an integrated circuit. The 28 teaching sessions are a mathematically coded formulation of the Telektonon Science of the Law of Time which will be presented in its entirety for the first time at this Seminary. Those who will get absolutely the most out of this program are those who can make the sacrifice to attend all seven weeks and receive the entire integrated circuit in the minimum seven weeks time (4:7::7:13 = 28 teaching days + 21 exercise days = 49 Earth Wizard Training Days). This is not a program for tourists. It will lay the foundation for the Rainbow Bridge and the entire process of the transformation of the current civilization into a planetary art spore. If you are only able to attend part of this program, we cannot be responsible for your partial knowledge. We will however, make the syllabus and tapes and/or transcripts of the program available as soon as it is humanly possible to do so following the Seminary. We encourage interested participants to find a sponsor or support group assisting them in their attendance. The Earth Wizard’s Seminary is a unique moment and will not be repeated again in this same format.

Participation: The duration of the Seminary is Seven Weeks: Self-Existing Moon 8-Overtone Moon 28. The minimum requirement of participation is four weeks. These four weeks must be in a single sequence and not be broken up.

I look forward to seeing you in Chile for the ultimate in Chrononautics!

“Though he should live a hundred years, not seeing the Truth Sublime; yet better, indeed, is the single day’s life of one who sees the Truth Sublime.” The Dhammapada (115)

“My prayer and my sacrifice, my life and my death are for Allah, the Lord of the Worlds.” Holy Quran, 6:162

On behalf of Bolon Ik and the eternally feminine,

Valum Votan, AM, Closer of the Cycle

Lunar Moon 8, Kin 29 Red Electric Moon, Psi Chrono Unit Kin 19, Blue Rhythmic Storm

Truth is Love. Tolerance is Justice. Peace is Forever.
Valum Votan and Bolon Ik

Historical source: (30 August 1999). Retrieved via Wayback Machine.

Seven Major Arcanum of the New Time

Formal teaching about the Revelation of the Seven Leaves (Seven Major Arcanum of the Law of Time) given by José Argüelles / Valum Votan at the Earth Wizards 1999 Seminary in Chile. 

“Today I’d like to preview for you what I call the Seven Major Arcanum of the Law of Time. The Seven Major Arcanum of the Law of Time are part of the revelation of the Tomb and the Throne, the Tomb of Pacal Votan and the Throne of the Ah Kal Mo Nab. The Tomb, of course, was opened in 1952 and the Throne was revealed in 1999 in Temple 19. We are familiar with the meaning of that number now. The symbolism and the dates of the Throne confirmed the Avatar of Bolon Ik.

Bolon Ik is a principle of emanation. Sometimes it is called the Mother of the Palenque dynasty. We know that Bolon Ik is referred to as occurring as early as 8000 BC. We have pinpointed very precisely the moment in the Monkey Genesis at the beginning of the Earth Wavespell, which is the Uranus. We also confirmed with a Vedic Master that at this time there was an interesting connection with the planet Uranus and the manifestation of the original Babaji. The avataric principle is the means by which the Divine Order precipitates certain beings who maintain a particular function. The function of the Bolon Ik manifestation is to maintain the order of the Law of Time.

The Bolon Ik manifestation in our time had one specific purpose and that was to find the Closer of the Cycle. It was Bolon Ik who found me, and not I who found Bolon Ik. She found me and so I was able to have many doors of memory open up. It was only after she found me that these doors of memory were able to be opened up. When we were shown the Throne in Temple 19, on the third day of the Seventh Year of Prophecy, we had great confidence that the prophecy was completing itself on schedule. The revelation of the Throne then connected back to the Tomb. The inscriptions of the Bolon Ik, White Solar Wind, Kin 22, on the Throne were very much connected with the Cosmic World-Bridger. The reason for that was that the inscription said that the Bolon Ik … in the 56th year would have the Throne revealed.

“The sign of the true manifestation of the Bolon Ik was that she would have found the Closer of the Cycle. Only the Closer of the Cycle could connect the Cosmic World- Bridger on the Throne with the Cosmic World-Bridger on the Tomb. This was the sign, at that moment on the third day of the seventh year of the prophecy. Those levels of prophecy had been completed and we were performing our duties properly – being the messengers of the Law of Time.

“When we returned to our dwelling in Cascadia, it took us a very long time to contemplate and understand all the levels of meaning. The revelation of the Throne released a new terma which is a hidden teaching that could only be revealed at a precise moment in time. That moment in time was on the third day of the seventh year of prophecy, Yellow Solar Warrior. On this day, it was my seventh visit to Palenque and Bolon Ik’s sixth, thirteen in combined visits. This day, the Yellow Solar Warrior, was precisely what I was on my birthday 23 years earlier, the first time I visited Palenque in this life. We saw that the synchronic order was very tight.

We had a new revelation that we had to deal with. This revelation is referred to as the Seven Major Arcanum of the Law of Time. The purpose of this revelation is to establish a synchronometric radialization of the power of seven. Through this process of synchronometic radialization – by the time we are done working through it – we will see that the whole of the 28-day cycle is reduced down to a function of the power of seven.

“We’ve been speaking all the time about our mind, our little brain that seems to be in two parts, but is connected by some tissue called the corpus callosum. Through this corpus callosum, we have a crossover polarity. The right side of the brain controls the left side of the body and the left side of the brain controls the right side of the body. Now we are talking about making this fully conscious so we become absolutely radial in our consciousness. Right now, we just barely have any idea of what this means. It is a very radical shift in our consciousness, as if we are experiencing 360 degrees all the time. How we develop this consciousness is through the superior coordination of the power of seven.

“There are different forms and levels as you can see from your program {referring to Earth Wizards Seminary Guide Book}, where the Seven Radial Plasmas code the seven days and the seven weeks. You see the first plasma is also referred to as the Throne. The second is the Avatar. The third is the Mystery. The fourth is the Initiation. The fifth is the Time Space. The sixth is the Transcendence. The seventh is the Cube. Every day of the week gets coded by these. Today is Gamma, the day of the Mystery. It is Gamma 24, the first day of the Heaven Walk. It is also the day of the Mystery. When we talk about the Seven Arcanum of the Law of Time, we are talking about seven images. When I began to deal with what this teaching was, it was so vast, that it was impossible to put it into words. The first thing I had to do was create the seven images so this is what we are dealing with here.

Arcanum of the Throne / First Leaf

Arcanum of the Throne / First Leaf. Part of the original transmission of the Cosmic Bolon Ik Chronicles of the Matrix (1999).

“The first image is the image of the Arcanum of the Throne. {Now demonstrating and referring to graphic of first Arcanum} In the Arcanum of the Throne, we have the Patroness of the Avatar, the Cosmic Bolon Ik. On either side (of her head) are the two cosmic alternators. They govern the whole primary process of binary alternation in the universe. She was coded to find a twin. I don’t know if Bolon Ik would like me to say this, but just before she found the Closer of the Cycle, she led kind of a wild life. She was looking, and just about the last of her lovers before me was a twin. Two times she had been with twins, then she found the right twin. She had these alternators saying it had to be a twin. So this is the Cosmic Archetype of the Bolon Ik. Here, down below in her heart center, is the Tomb of Pacal Votan. Next to that is the Tzolkin, the 13:20 timing frequency.

{Now pointing to symbol at left center of first Arcanum} “This symbol here is the symbol for the celestial Tollan. In 1976 when I visited the Palace of Bolon Ik for the first time, you could see this painted very clearly. Since then, the walls have decomposed and it is very hard to see this. I immediately recognized it at that time because it was very similar to mandalas I had been painting since 1966. This is the symbol of the Tollan, or the celestial origin of the heavenly city. In the center is the all-seeing eye of God, Hunab Ku. Then you have two forms there which go in the four directions. The inner form is blue and has eight dots and the outer form is red and also has eight dots. So that’s sixteen. Then it has the four directional (arms) and each of those is divided in two, which makes eight. Eight plus sixteen is 24, which is the number Velotropa 24. In the Gregorian Calendar, the “correct kin” was born on the 24th day. {Pointing to glyph below the Tollan symbol} This is the sign of the “star traveler.” This is the Caban, which is the Earth. Then you have the Spectral Monkey. This is the star sign, which has seven points on it, which refers to the Pleiades. Up here is the sign of the star traveler, Ek Chuan. This is the sign of the north, which is also a shaman. This is the combined sign of the Closer of the Cycle.

“Here is the Throne {referring to image at bottom of drawing} which is a large stone cut in this shape with hieroglyphs cut on this (front) side. The hieroglyphs on this (front) side refer to the historical cycle of the Ah Kal Mo Nab. On this (left) side they have the reference to the mythic forms of the Bolon Ik. Here is the 56-year cycle of Bolon Ik from 2360-2304 B.C. Between the two glyphs is the sign of the Cosmic World-Bridger. That says that when the Throne was to be revealed, the Bolon Ik of the present cycle would be 56-years-old, and she would be accompanied by the one who had decoded the sign of the Cosmic World-Bridger on the Tomb of Pacal Votan. That’s the major Arcanum of the Throne. That’s associated with the Dali (seal), which goes above (in the arrangement of the seven Major Arcanum).

{Now demonstrating second Arcanum}

Arcanum of the Avatar / Second Leaf

Arcanum of the Avatar / Second Leaf. Part of the original transmission of the Cosmic Bolon Ik Chronicles of the Matrix. Drawing by Valum Votan (1999).

“The second one is the Arcanum of the Avatar. The Avatar again has the sign of the binary alternator because of the Avatar being a twin and being associated with the sacred twins: in the Popol Vuh, Hunab Pu and Xibalanque; and the Quetzalcoatl and his twin, the poet. Above here is the sign of the thirteen moons going around the Earth, going around the Sun. Here is the true Wheel of Time with the 20 Seals and thirteen Tones. Inside there, covered over with the Tzolkin are the eight triplets of the I Ching. You find that symbol in The Mayan Factor. The Avatar is the one who turns the Wheel of Time to close the cycle with the vision of the Calendar of the Thirteen Moons. Below here we have the Tomb of Pacal Votan which covers up the Monkey. The Monkey is the occult power which is absorbed by the Tomb. Down below the Tomb, you see just the top of the Earth. The revelation of the Tomb is what connects the Earth to the Cycle of Time.

“On the left side you have the sign of the Kokopelli, the flute player. In the Hopi prophecy, the Kokopelli is the one who leads the people from one world to another through the sipapu. The sipapu is what connects the different worlds. When the Kokopelli came out of the third world into the fourth world, he went to all the four directions playing the flute. The Kokopelli had a bag on his back which was all the seeds of the different plants and the seeds of knowledge. The sign of the Avatar is the flute and the Kokopelli because the Avatar turns the Wheel of Time.

“When we are going through the Bardo, we are passing through the fourth world into the fifth world. Those of us who are able to leave this Bardo, with a mind and heart completely committed to the 13:20, will already be walking in the fifth world. It is for us to establish the fifth world of prophecy. It is only a pure 13:20 world. To return to the theme of one of our sponsors (shows his John Lennon T-shirt) “No rats aboard the magic ship of perfect harmony … Clean-up time.” On the (lower) right side, you find the symbol you have all over the book, Earth Ascending. This is based on the glyph for the cycle of 104,000 years. This is the cycle of the Arcturus Probe, being the guardian of Velotropa. That one is the Seli, so that (Arcanum) goes on the bottom (of the arrangement of Seven Major Arcanum).

{Now demonstrating third Arcanum drawing}

Arcanum of the Mystery / Third Leaf

Arcanum of the Mystery / Third Leaf. Part of the original transmission of the Cosmic Bolon Ik Chronicles of the Matrix. Drawing by Valum Votan (1999).

“The Third is the Mystery, and that goes with the Gamma (seal). There are the four worlds, and we want to go to the Fifth. We have the four turtles which are the indigenous representation of the four worlds, as the Turtle Island. We are now needing to go to the Fifth World. The mystery of the passage was revealed in the tomb of the Pacal Votan. We see here the part (of the tomb lid) which shows the three messengers of the awakening, the special voices of prophecy. The bottom is the Earth Mother, and then this, which is the Mother of all Prophecy, Telektonon. This (above) is the celestial bird of Heaven, which is the completion of the Prophecy. This is the Tzolkin grid with the 260 kin numbers because that is the revelation for our time. We have identified the Tzolkin grid as having the 260 kin of the Timeship.

“In the center of that is the Mystery. The tomb is the point of the mystery, of how we go from the Fourth to the Fifth world. It is a tomb, which is a strong clue. What is here (at the center) is the stupa of Enlightened Mind. The stupa is an architectural form which represents the enlightened mind of the Buddha. The bottom square part represents Earth. The part that goes up like a step pyramid represents fire. This part here represents water; and this one with the different levels is air. Then at the top is the sun and the moon – and where that tapers off represents the fifth element, which is Space. This particular Stupa of the Enlightened Mind, is the Stupa which was designed for the Tibetan teacher Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche. Trungpa Rinpoche was the eleventh Trungpa. Pacal Votan was the eleventh ruler of the dynasty of Nah Chan. The Avatar Spectral Monkey is the third eleven to make the 33. The Mystery is to understand the 33. Today we are in the first day of the 33rd Harmonic. You won’t understand this Mystery if you can’t get rid of your ego. This is profound. This is the meaning of the Mystery.

{Now demonstrating fourth Arcanum}

Arcanum of the Initiation / Fourth Leaf

Arcanum of the Initiation / Fourth Leaf. Part of the original transmission of the Cosmic Bolon Ik Chronicles of the Matrix. Drawing by Valum Votan (1999).

“The fourth is the Initiation. It looks something like the Mystery and is associated with Kali, which is the catalytic agent. The Arcanum of the Initiation refers to the initiation of the biosolar telepath. Because the biosolar telepath operates without an ego, the solar vibration and radiation can integrate with the mental frequencies of his mind – this is the meaning of the initiation. Then, you have one world  up here and another Earth down here, two Earths. This is the polar Earth, the North Pole and the South Pole – so that you have again the symbol of the alternators. Because the Rainbow Bridge is a function, of the alternators of the North Pole and the South Pole being connected, with the two gravitational alternators.

“The Rainbow Bridge is two bridges that make one ring. One side is the day ring and other side is the night ring – and this is the initiation of this phenomenon, the Rainbow Bridge. Here we have just a perfect circle, which is the aura of the Earth. Within that again we have the 13:20 frequency grid. In the very center of that, where we are right here in the 33rd (Harmonic), the tomb of Pacal Votan. What that says is that to do this we have to die to ourselves, that the initiation of the Earth Wizard is to die to yourself – to thoroughly die to your 12:60 self, to die to your ego. Since it’s not an easy thing to do, to die every day, that’s a good way to live. The Lakota soldier says, “It’s a beautiful day to die.” That doesn’t mean he is going to go get his head chopped off. He says, “It’s a beautiful day to die to my ego, so I can really see what a beautiful day it is.” It says that it is dying to the ego that will trigger the alternators that trigger the Rainbow Bridge. So us Chrononautic Engineers, who think we can do this, have to make sure that we have gone through the rite of non-ego. This is the meaning of the Initiation.

{Now demonstrating fifth Arcanum}

Arcanum of the Time Space / Fifth Leaf

Arcanum of the Time Space / Fifth Leaf. Part of the original transmission of the Cosmic Bolon Ik Chronicles of the Matrix. Drawing by Valum Votan (1999).

“Then after the Initiation, the fifth is the Time Space, which is also called the Tollan on Earth. After we have the initiation, then we can manifest the Time Space in one point. This prophecy came from one point, one little point on the planet, some place down here at the bottom of the Yucatan Peninsula in Chiapas. This very little point of Time Space was the Archetypal reflection of the heavenly Tollan. It had the Palace of Bolon Ik, which is the reflection of the heavenly city. Beneath that (palace) there is a labyrinth, a laboratory, too – a laboratory of Mayan time science, which looks like a labyrinth. I’ve traveled there. Okay, we did great meditations there, that’s how you can be knowing about this today. So that is the reflection of the heavenly city, Tollan, manifest in Time Space as a particular symbol.

“Near the top of the Temple the Inscriptions, which is really the Temple of the Law … Moses was given the Ten Commandments on the Tablets – and in this Temple of the Law was the revelation that came with the 20 Tablets. So we have the heavenly palace of Bolon Ik which is Tollan, and you have the Temple of the Law. If we want to make another Manifestation in Time Space that is in harmony with time space, we will understand the principle of the heavenly city as the palace. And we’ll understand that next to the Palace is the Temple of the Law. That the Temple of the Law is the Temple of the Law of Time, and these are only symbols. We have the Tzolkin the 13:20 grid (on the left), and here (on the right) we have the Sun Stone, the Aztec Calendar which also has the prophecy, and which is completely based on the Tzolkin. The fulfillment of the prophecy of the Tzolkin and the Sun Stone is the Calendar of the 13 Moons (at the top). And all this prophecy was laid in Nah Chan Palenque, and that is the manifestation of “Time Space manifests.” So you have concrete symbols.

{Now demonstrating sixth Arcanum}

Arcanum of the Transcending / Sixth Leaf

Arcanum of the Transcending / Sixth Leaf. Part of the original transmission of the Cosmic Bolon Ik Chronicles of the Matrix. Drawing by Valum Votan (1999).

“And the sixth Arcanum is called the Transcending, which is associated with Limi. You remember on Limi: “what do we do?” “We consume dualistic thoughts as food.” So down below here {indicating lower half of graphic} we have the same as in the Time Space. What we see here is nothing but an archeological map, a ruin that is maintaining its own with the jungle. If it hadn’t been for some of the archeologists, this would be nothing but jungle. The original heavenly city is gone. It’s just a tourist map with Coca Cola, full of G-7 tour buses. You see just the map – but for those with eyes to see, they can go around and see what was the original meaning. Here is the Palace of Bolon Ik , here’s the Temple of the Inscriptions, next to it Temple Thirteen, the Tomb of the Red Queen. Next to that, Temple Twelve, the Temple of Death. So here’s the mystery of the Law, which is the mystery of the Initiation of Death. And here is the Throne and Temple Nineteen. Over here is Temple Seven, which used to be my house. And over here is “Grupo C,” as they call it, where the prophecies of the Chilam Balam were compiled before the end of the long count. This is all just a ruin now. It says down here, “The crystal prophecy is yours to own, by these great powers undo the mystery of the stone.”

“Then here {indicating text on central right side of graphic} you have “Xbalanque,” “Xibalba” and “Nah Chan Palenque,” the key words. Xbalanque is one of the sacred twins. Xibalba is the underworld, or what we call Hell, which is where this map is found. Nah Chan is the name of the House of the Serpent, which is one of the names of Palenque, which is today known as Palenque. In here it says, ” Now I embody the cosmic power of death,” which is the sign of the Cosmic World-Bridger – the key which is on the Tomb and on the Throne – and this is a cosmological story of the power of “seven,” which is called the “Story of the Tomb and the Throne.”

“And up here you see a vast entity, that is simply called “Galactic Being.” It rises above the ruins, up into the far space. Here you have what corresponds to the throat center of Galactic Being – there’s the Law of Time, the Tzolkin, the 13:20. The Galactic Being speaks the Law of Time as the words and the voice of the Galactic Being. Here (in the upper right) is the sign Lamat as the Star Shield of Arcturus. Over here (on the upper left side) because this is part of the Arcturus Protectorate, we have (a schematic map of) Velatropa 24 … the first (dot is) Velatropa 24.1, then Velatropa 24.2, and here Velatropa 24.3. 24 + 3 is 27. Kin 27 is Magnetic Hand, Galactic-Karmic Earth. Around the Earth you have the crystal octahedron, which is the sign at the center of the Earth to receive and transmit the information. It says that we are all going to be transcending into the Galactic Being. There is no rooms for ego. You can’t find your ego in the Galactic Being. It transcends anything you thought about yourself. That is the sixth Arcanum, the Transcendence.

{Now demonstrating seventh Arcanum}

Arcanum of the Cube / Seventh Leaf

Arcanum of the Cube / Seventh Leaf. Part of the original transmission of the Cosmic Bolon Ik Chronicles of the Matrix. Drawing of Bolon Ik as the White Queen of the Cube by Valum Votan (1999).

“Then the seventh returns us to the Patroness of Avatars, the Queen of the Cube. The first is the Queen of the Throne, and the seventh is the Queen of the Cube. So you see here on either side (of her head) the binary alternators have now become void, they have transcended duality. They are like the void Codon in the 33rd Harmonic. The turtle (on the upper left) of Turtle Island is liberated, the sign of the fulfillment of the prophecy on Earth. The Banner of Peace (in the upper right) – the three Earths because this is the Third World. We all live in the Third World … didn’t someone have the song, “The World is a Ghetto?” That’s true.

“Joining the three Earths, the Third World is also the third world out from the sun. The mission of the Closer of the Cycle: “One time, one Earth, one People.”

“Here is the large Cube that you see, and inside the Cube, the three planes. The very exact center of the three planes is one of the galactic masters who departed at the end of the tenth Baktun, at the end of the seven generations – returning to the galaxy through his meditation. That is the sign of the bringing of the prophecy of the Cube. These masters – when they left at the end of the seventh generation of the Book of Seven Generations – they left the knowledge of the Cube so that it could be unraveled and understood as the three planes: the plane of mind, the plane of will, and the plane of spirit. In the center of that is the divine source Telektonon, which actually emanates from the heart center. The Cube is associated with the plasma Silio which is in the heart. The emanation of the Cube is from the heart.

“Over here (in the lower right of the Cube) we have the Temple of the Inscriptions, (and the lower right) the Tower of the Wind of Bolon Ik – the two manifest signs of the power of the Avatars of the Closing of the Cycle. Again, here (at the bottom) is the unified – instead of two alternators – one simple unified alternator, which is the unification of the Earth through the Rainbow Bridge. Again, here the sign of the return of the heavenly city Tollan, and over here the sign of the Star Traveler, the avatar – this time with signs of the Spectral Monkey, Kin 11 and Kin 22, which, as you all know, add up to 33. This is meditation 26 and we are entering the 33rd Harmonic. Everything really is that psychedelic that we could be here explaining this to you, and that we are the numbers that talk and you are the numbers that listen, and we are all numbers together.

“There’s actually a lot more. That’s just the images. I’ll show you just briefly. For today you have that to study {demonstrates graphic of one of the Seven Leaves, as well as its study sheet}}. Then, for today you have that to coordinate. I just wanted to let you know that there are those levels to the Seven Major Arcanum of the Law of Time, and these are called the Seven Leaves of the Book of 7 Generations. Then, these are the explanations of the Seven Leaves of the Book of the Seven Generations. They are coded with spiritual teachings to radialize your mind in radial time. As I said, this is one thing that you will have to be working with once you’ve got that Rainbow Bridge in place.”

–Valum Votan, 28 Meditations on the Law of Time, Meditation 26 (Kin 129)

Bolon Ik: “I said to Votan this morning that I wasn’t going to have anything to say at the end of the presentation, but he said we will wait and see. I actually have a lot to say. Because of my path in life I certainly learned that thinking itself is the biggest problem. I have experienced all aspects of being a human being. I have practiced very hard how to be here and now, and if any of you have doubts about the two of us as two human beings, I can assure you that you have a doubt within yourself. We are given to you absolutely as examples. As Votan has said many times, God does not send down angels, because if he sent down an angel you wouldn’t know what your role was in the face of God. We can not do anything for you actually, so please be careful what you want to project on us. The message that we bring is the message that you are responsible directly to God, each and every one of you including ourselves.

“I would like to express to you that my moment of enlightenment came when I walked into the room and experienced Joshua in his body, when he was dead in his physical body. But the love that I experienced was so profound, I knew that I would never doubt again that God exists and that He is completely compassionate.

“So all of us that come out of this world of guilt and confusion, we have an incredible baggage of superstition. And these are so complicated. If we stay with love, and stay in the present moment as we meet ourselves, God will be with us and the light will always be with us. So ego is really a very dirty matter. Ego thinks, “I am here, I am so important, I invented myself.” So in the way of the Contact Prayers – it is very important in whatever way you choose to practice your spirituality – you offer yourself in service to God. If we serve life, we are serving God. That does not mean going into elaborate forms of sacrifice to give up things. It is said in the Holy Qur’an that God does not place any extra burden on you. He places no burden on you greater than what is given to you to bear. You always have to come back to gratitude that you were even born in the first place, that you still have your breath if you are walking.

“It’s very important as Earth Wizards that we really simplify ourselves. In another way we can say the physical plane is really nothing. I mean, we held up seven beautiful creations from Votan. He had to create them in this way because words are never enough to describe the full pattern of the synchronic order. So it’s absolutely true that when we die in our physical body we can’t take anything with us. So why are we so attached to everything in the material plane? The more that we can practice sharing with each other in giving the more it comes back to us. The more stingy and tight we are with our life, you can be sure that’s as small as we will become. And it just doesn’t work to blame anything else. I Bolon Ik, I am responsible for my life and everyone of you, each are responsible for your life.

“I have no other advice to give to you personally – like, if you ask me, “What shall I do?” I really can only tell you what I have learned from my example. So this should inspire us, each and every one of us, to be responsible for this, our body, to present ourselves well. What we can present to others is who we are – and then we won’t become all … shleppy … not wash ourselves, not clean up our quarters … We will understand that that doesn’t help us. If my house is clean, my mind is clear, everything goes much better. So these are just simple words and I am continuously informed by the mystery.

“I also would like to share the experience that I had no idea when I was in Palenque – I had no preconceptions that I would be walked up to the Throne of Bolon Ik. But when I was shown the Throne, I didn’t go up on the Throne and think, “Ah-ha, I’m the queen here!” No. I was just totally shocked by the synchronic order of the news and the dates and that I was 56 years old. It was just very simple. Then I had a big “Ah-ha!” Valum Votan was right when he said Bolon Ik found him. So I had to do a little bit of correction in my own insecurities and just find myself with further confidence in the path that God has given me.

“So it’s absolutely true that we love each and every one of you – and it’s happened to all of us: we are all in love with each other. We’ll never be able to close our eyes after this (Seminary) without seeing ourselves. This is how our telepathy works. So we can really take all of this energy with us when we leave the Seminary. Anytime we find ourselves again totally confused by the 12:60 world, please remember the simple practice of coming back to the present moment: straighten your spine, exhale, let it all go, and come back to the present moment. And this is practice that we do over and over and over again … because our life is full of moments … mientras and mientras and mientras … and I think it’s time to prepare ourselves to go eat. Thank you.”

–Bolon Ik, 28 Meditations on the Law of Time, Final Words of Meditation 26 (Kin 129)

11+22 = 33 = The Mystery

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  1. The work of Jose Arguelles and Lloydine Burras aka Valum Votan and Bolon Ik, will continue to amaze me, due to the depth and value of it. Even after, though probably due to the length of time which is part of embodying wisdom, becoming familiar with The Dreamspell in 1995, the far reaching impact of their work will never stop echoing around planet Earth’s atmosphere. My deepest gratitude!

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