The Seventh Power and Bolon Ik Message. Earth Wizard’s Seminary and the Fulfillment of Prophecy.

Quetzalcoatl, Temple XIX and Bolon Ik Message. Submitted by Valum Votan on behalf of Bolon Ik (30 August 1999). Earth Wizard’s Seminary Advisory.

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Abstract: With the confirmation of the roles of the Bolon Ik and Valum Votan emanations comes a new revelation, the “Master Record of the Ah Kal Balam”, including the “Bolon Ik Chronicles of the Matrix, The Seven Leaves of the Book of the Seven Generations.” The Seven Leaves are for the purpose of creating a master coordination of the Telektonon Science of the Law of Time, and conforms to the primal code of Seven derived from the Umm al-Kitab, “Mother of the Book.” — Valum Votan

The Seventh Power
Earth Wizard’s Seminary and the Fulfillment of Prophecy.
Open Letter to All Planetary Kin

By Valum Votan on behalf of Bolon Ik

Dear Planetary Kin,

We are now in the second week of the second Moon of Challenge of the Seventh Year of Prophecy. This is the year of climax of the World Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement. It is the year during which the Second Christian Millennium reaches its denouement, officially baptized as the Y2K crisis. When it was first revealed to me that this cycle was the Seven Years of Prophecy, all I had in hand was the Dreamspell and the Thirteen Moon Calendar, as well as a few texts, Thirteen Moons in Motion and The Treatise on Time Viewed from its own Dimension (The Call of Pacal Votan). Then came the Telektonon, the Earth Spirit Speaking Tube. The voice and vision of Pacal Votan was now using me as its instrument, and along with my companion, Bolon Ik, we initiated the first of the Seven Years of Prophecy by becoming galactic gypsies and returning to the seat of the prophecy, Palenque. That was almost exactly six years ago in the early Moons of the Magnetic Seed Year, Kin 144.

To consummate the Sixth year of Prophecy and inaugurate the Seventh Year, we returned to Mexico for a sacred pilgrimage. For three days we followed the Sun at it Zenith. From Tula (=Tollan), Quetzalcoatl’s sacred city on the 28th day of the Cosmic Moon, to the fabled Citadel of Quetzalcoatl in Teotihuacan, on the Day-Out-of-Time, to Quetzalcoatl’s birthplace in Amatlan on New Year’s Day, we paid homage to the great prophet, the Plumed Serpent, who closed the first Christian Millennium exactly 1000 years ago with his departure toward the East on a raft of serpents, leaving the prophecy of his return. This pilgrimage occurred in commemoration of the 46th anniversary of my initial awakening at the Pyramid of the Sun. To seal this memorable event, thirteen of us shared a silent meditation in the “heart cave,” reached by a tunnel, 7 meters down and 130 meters long, directly beneath the apex of the massive Pyramid of the Sun. In that mystic moment, the voices of the first shaman visitors to this cave some 2400 years ago whispered in my blood.

After a day in Cuernavaca, where Cortes built his palace and the Honorable Elijah Muhammad found a home for his wife, Tynetta, and their four children, and after I recounted aspects of an even more sacred pilgrimage that extended from my life to the lives of far greater masters and teachers who preceded and who still guide me, we departed for Palenque. Our day at Palenque was for the purpose of a documentary based on my work and vision, which the Grupo Cisneros Latin American Cable Network was producing for the program “Infinito.” It was the third day of the Magnetic Moon, Yellow Solar Warrior. It was my seventh trip to Palenque, and Bolon Ik’s sixth journey-thirteen altogether. My first visit occurred in 1976, during my Yellow Solar Warrior year, 23 years after my awakening at Teotihuacan, and exactly 23 years before this current Yellow Solar Warrior Day! The Synchronic order was totally moving us.


A visit to Pan Chan with Moises Morales, the “Guardian” of Palenque, proved fruitful. Later in the day after filming key segments of the documentary, Moises took us past the security line to Temple XIX to witness the recent sensational discovery, the monumental throne of the Ah Kal Mo Nab. The revelation of the throne to us was a turning point of destiny. Bolon Ik was in her 56th year, and there on the throne was the reference to a “mythic” Bolon Ik cycle of 56 years, BC 2360-2304. The Ah Kal Mo Nab built this throne a generation or so after the Tomb of Pacal Votan. Many lights went on, and are still going on in my head regarding the meaning and implications of this precisely timed “discovery,” which thoroughly affirmed our prophetic mission to “close the cycle.”

The initial implications of the meaning of the throne are summarized in the following statement, written on the occasion of Kin 22, one week ago.

Bolon Ik Message


Today, Lunar Moon 1, Seventh Year of Prophecy, is the day White Solar Wind, 9 Ik, Kin 22, otherwise known as Bolon Ik. This completes 79 galactic spins for the current emanation of the Bolon Ik Principle. Four days from today, Lunar Moon 5, the first full Moon since the Eclipse, it will be 13 Cimi, Cosmic World-Bridger, the thirteenth and final sign on the sarcophagus lid of Pacal Votan. In exactly one spin plus five days, the present Bolon Ik will become 57 years old. This means that there is a whole spin cycle during her 56th year when the Kin 22 appears twice. The second time Kin 22 appears will be on the Spectral Moon 9. On Spectral Moon 13, the “day out of time” of her 56th year, it will once again be Kin 26, White Cosmic World-Bridger. The next day, Spectral Moon 14, Kin 27 (3 x 9), Blue Magnetic Hand, the code kin for the last week of the 7:7::7:7, Bolon Ik will celebrate her 57th (3 x 19) birthday.

All of this describes a 56-year cycle of destiny, already encoded in stone on the recently discovered “Throne” of the Ah Kal Mo Nab, in Temple XIX, Palenque, Chiapas, Mexico.

There, on the south side of the Throne, are three dates, among others: 9 Ik, 13 Cimi and again, 9 Ik. Between the two 9 Ik dates is a span of 56 years. Within the 56-year span of the two 9 Ik dates occurs the 13 Cimi date. The 56 years refer to a cycle coded between BC 2360 and BC 2304. The 13 Cimi date occurs four days after the first 9 Ik date, BC 2360. During her 56th year, on the third day of the Magnetic Moon, Yellow Solar Warrior, Seventh Year of Prophecy, the present Bolon Ik emanation was taken to witness this Throne at Palenque. The Throne was only discovered and revealed this year, AD 1999 (New York Times, April 21). The 56-year span of the mythic Bolon Ik, BC 2360-2304, was matched by the Bolon Ik emanation witnessing the Throne during her 56th year.

The timing of the revelation of the Throne, with its 56-year Bolon Ik cycle, set to occur precisely when the current Bolon Ik was in her 56th year, is equaled only by the timing of the 1260 years that distinguish the period between the dedication of the Tomb, AD 692, to its opening, AD 1952.

Now begins by fractal analogy, the Cycle of Destiny, the Bolon Ik Spin plus five day Uayeb to complete her 56th year. The 13 Cimi, Cosmic World-Bridger, which occurs in four days is the fractal analog to the 13 Cimi on the Throne AND on the Tomb of Pacal Votan. According to the interpretation of the 13 Cimi on the Throne, this is a reference to the birth of Xbalanque. In the Pop’ Wuj, Xbalanque is one of the two Creator Twins, the other being Hunahpu. (Xbalanque = Palenque).

For Bolon Ik, seeing the Throne was a profound confirmation of her role to seek out the one who would know the meaning and connection of the 13 Cimi on both the Throne and the Tomb. Like Xbalanque, this one, also a Twin, is the Ah Bobat Valum Votan, who decoded the prophecy Telektonon, summarized in number code by 13 Cimi as 78 (Cimi = 6 x Tone 13 = 78).

With the confirmation of the roles of the Bolon Ik and Valum Votan emanations comes a new revelation, the “Master Record of the Ah Kal Balam“, including the “Bolon Ik Chronicles of the Matrix, The Seven Leaves of the Book of the Seven Generations.” The Seven Leaves are for the purpose of creating a master coordination of the Telektonon Science of the Law of Time, and conforms to the primal code of Seven derived from the Umm al-Kitab, “Mother of the Book.”

The Seventh Power and The Seven Leaves

The Seven Leaves (Throne, Avatar, Mystery, Initiation, Time Space, Transcendence, Cube) and the Elder Futhark Runes. Part of the “Bolon Ik Chronicles of the Matrix”, a Revelation of the Code the Seventh Power, received by Valum Votan and Bolon Ik in 1999, after visiting the Throne in Temple XIX and before the first Earth Wizard’s Seminary. Click to enlarge. 

It is the now on-going revelation of the Code the Seventh Power, “The Seven Leaves of the Book of Seven Generations,” that is informing me with regard to the seven week Earth Wizard’s Seminary. I am aware that many people find it difficult if not “impossible” to consider going to Chile for seven weeks. I am also aware that there are many people teaching aspects of the Law of Time who have never actually discussed with me what or how they are doing it. In light of this I would like to make everyone aware of the fact that due to the diplomatic aspects of our mission, I myself have never had the opportunity to teach in any comprehensive and systematic way the Law of Time, much less impart to others the manner in which this profound knowledge may best be shared. Now my opportunity has finally come. Having worked out the syllabus of the 28 teaching sessions, I am excited that such a learning adventure is now possible on planet Earth. With all due respect to the fledgling teachers and students of this vast body of material, I ask you to consider again making the genuine sacrifice to attend this unprecedented and never to be repeated again Seminary.

Not one of us knows what the world will be like after Rhythmic Moon 20 of the Seventh Year of Prophecy, the Y2K trigger date. Maybe the world will hobble back to a semi-normalcy. Maybe not. In any case, it is not wise to think of the world being the same after that date. It is a judgment date, and in this regard it is the opportunity for the 13:20 timing frequency to be elevated to its intended telepathic level. The Circumpolar Rainbow Bridge is a profound experiment in telepathy. And for this reason the seven weeks of the Earth Wizard’s Seminary are mandatory for those who are genuinely inspired to test the “theory.” It may be the only chance you will ever have to get this information “live,” as we have no guarantees on our whereabouts or availability after the Seminary, nor are we making any plans whatsoever for travel after this event. The time will finally have come to evolve into our own Earth Wizardhood. For this reason I ask all of you Planetary Kin to think very seriously once again about making the provisions and the sacrifice to participate in this once-in-a-lifetime experience. Please read the following statement with an open and tender heart.

The Earth Wizard’s Seminary is the fulfillment of prophecy.

Earth Wizard’s Seminary Advisory

seminario magos tierra

The teaching program of the Earth Wizard’s Seminary constitutes an integrated circuit. The 28 teaching sessions are a mathematically coded formulation of the Telektonon Science of the Law of Time which will be presented in its entirety for the first time at this Seminary. Those who will get absolutely the most out of this program are those who can make the sacrifice to attend all seven weeks and receive the entire integrated circuit in the minimum seven weeks time (4:7::7:13 = 28 teaching days + 21 exercise days = 49 Earth Wizard Training Days). This is not a program for tourists. It will lay the foundation for the Rainbow Bridge and the entire process of the transformation of the current civilization into a planetary art spore. If you are only able to attend part of this program, we cannot be responsible for your partial knowledge. We will however, make the syllabus and tapes and/or transcripts of the program available as soon as it is humanly possible to do so following the Seminary. We encourage interested participants to find a sponsor or support group assisting them in their attendance. The Earth Wizard’s Seminary is a unique moment and will not be repeated again in this same format.

Participation: The duration of the Seminary is Seven Weeks: Self-Existing Moon 8-Overtone Moon 28. The minimum requirement of participation is four weeks. These four weeks must be in a single sequence and not be broken up.

I look forward to seeing you in Chile for the ultimate in Chrononautics!

“Though he should live a hundred years, not seeing the Truth Sublime; yet better, indeed, is the single day’s life of one who sees the Truth Sublime.” The Dhammapada (115)

“My prayer and my sacrifice, my life and my death are for Allah, the Lord of the Worlds.” Holy Quran, 6:162

On behalf of Bolon Ik and the eternally feminine,

Valum Votan, AM, Closer of the Cycle

Lunar Moon 8, Kin 29 Red Electric Moon, Psi Chrono Unit Kin 19, Blue Rhythmic Storm

Truth is Love. Tolerance is Justice. Peace is Forever.

Valum Votan and Bolon Ik

Historical source: (30 August 1999). Retrieved via Wayback Machine.

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