Master Kin 33 ~ Valum Votan & Bolon Ik. The Resonant Channel of the New Time Prophecy.

KIN 33 (Red Resonant Skywalker) is always an opportunity to re-member Valum Votan (Kin 11) and Bolon Ik (Kin 22) = Kin 33. The Resonant (7) channel of Prophecy (13) embodied by the Galactic Messengers of the New Time who brought the codes by which many of us live our lives today! In Lak’ech ❤

In classic numerology, the enigmatic Number 33 is referred to as the “Master Teacher” and it is associated with the Spiritual Evolution of humankind. The other two Master numbers are 11, which is related to “Vision,” and 22 which refers to “Vision with Action”. In numerology, these 3 Master numbers are the only multi-digits numbers that don’t get reduced or simplified. They create what is known as the Triangle of Enlightenment, where 11 and 22 sit at the base of the triangle, and 33 sits at the top (11+22 = 33).

Triangle of Enlightenment. The three Master Numbers: 11 + 22 = 33.

For the Dreamspell Initiates, the Revelation of Number 33 constitutes a higher dimensional teaching. The Divine Synchronisation between the incarnations of the Dreamspell progenitors predestined them to embody the Master Numbers 11, 22 and 33 in the Dreamspell Count. In this way, Valum Votan and Bolon Ik (11+22) represent the Archetypal Mother and Father of the multidimensional realm of Dreamspell, and also the Master Teachers (33) behind the Spiritual Evolution of humankind through the 13:20 frequency of Natural Time.

“Kin 11 and Kin 22, which, as you all know, add up to 33. This is meditation 26 and we are entering the 33rd Harmonic. Everything really is that psychedelic that we could be here explaining this to you, and that we are the numbers that talk and you are the numbers that listen, and we are all numbers together.”

“Pacal Votan was the eleventh ruler of the dynasty of Nah Chan. The Avatar Spectral Monkey is the third eleven to make the 33. The Mystery is to understand the 33. Today we are in the first day of the 33rd Harmonic. You won’t understand this Mystery if you can’t get rid of your ego. This is profound. This is the meaning of the Mystery.”

–Valum Votan, 28 Meditations, Meditation 26

Master Number 33 – Kin 33 – Red Resonant Skywalker – Clear Sign of Valum Votan & Bolon Ik

Kin 33 also contains the Power of Seven (7), a relevant legacy of  the prophetic ministry of José and Lloydine, which is fully inscribed in the Tzolkin through their Kin 33. Exactly, Kin 33 marks the centre (Resonant Chamber, Tone 7) of the Hand Wavespell (6+1+6=13), therefore the Power of 7 rules all the Galactic Tones of its Oracle (7+7+7+7). Furthermore, Kin 33 is coded 7.7 (Wavespell of Seal 7, Tone 7), and also 3.7 (Wavespell 3, Tone 7), then 3×7 = 7+7+7 = Triple 7 = 21.

The Mystical Number 33


  • José and Lloydine set the Harmonic 33 at the Centre of the Dreamspell Tzolkin (from Kin 129 to Kin 132). Through number 33, the Dreamspell progenitors are also contained within the Tzolkin Heart.
  • According to this essay, the King Pakal embodied the Archetypal Maya Christ and Kukulkan (Mayan Dragon or Feathered Bird-Serpent) through the Harmonic 33.
  • Precisely, the story of the Christ tells us that he was crucified, resurrected and ascended at the age of 33. In the same way, it is known that King David (origin of the Christ lineage) ruled in Jerusalem for 33 years.
  • Number 33 represents the two intersecting triangles of the Merkaba, which is symbolised by the Star of David and it is also referred to as the “Lightbody” (see above image).
  • The numerical equivalent of the word AMEN is also 33 (1+13+5+14 = 33)
  • There are 33 deities in the Vedic Religion.


Note: 33:33 Original Matrix of Avebury OMG33. The post 2012-2013 revelation of the 19:19 Crystal Matrix unveiled the new 33:33 hyper-dimensional matrix system brought forth by English author, Gar Magusa (Kin 34). Also referred to as Original Matrix of Gar, this matrix contains 1089 units (33×33 = 1089) and it is conformed by 9 matrices of 11×11 each. He also established that 33:33 is contained and demonstrated through the Temple of Avebury Stone Circle, and that it is based in the Power of 11+22 = 33. This new system will be fully unveiled at the New Earth Wizards 33:33, Conference & Day Out of Time 2019 (20-26 July, Avebury UK). See you there! ❤

The 33 Mystery of Valum Votan & Bolon Ik  


“Without warning, Lloydine and I were transported to this magical world that was creating itself within our lives. Taking walks in the mountains, we could not distinguish between our lives and the lives living us from this now enchanted story unfolding daily. We came to know this story as our blood. It was then, and still is now, our life script. Where did it come from? I sometimes thought it was John Lennon who wanted me to write this, since his tragic death had occurred just before Lloydine and I met, and we were both powerfully so impacted by it.”

Preparing this text once again sheds much light on my own value or purpose as a human being. From my current perspective, I now understand how deeply programmed my whole being has been. Lloydine Burris, White Solar Wind/Bolon Ik was placed in my path to trigger through love what had become buried in the hazards of taking on a human form during the dark ages of industrial chaos. The Art Planet Chronicles which she awoke from me, awoke in me as well the memory of a mission so precise in its purpose and timing, it still amazes me, a mission, for whatever strange and haunting reason, is stamped indelibly with the name, “Arcturus.” The winding sheet that unfurled me into my birth most surely was woven in Arcturus.”

Original Author’s Afterword Chapter of “The Art Planet Chronicles” written in 1981 and released in 1996 by José Argüelles.

“When we began our work with the Thirteen Moon Calendar we realized that we had to create a Peace Plan. We saw that humanity was so out of harmony that it had to have a Peace Plan to reeducate itself to what harmony is. This was the Peace Plan, the World Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Plan. We actually wrote the first part when we were in Colombia and Venezuela in 1994, and we submitted this Peace Plan to UNESCO and to the United Nations. At that time the UNESCO thought it was a great idea, sent us a letter of support and wanted us to continue with this work. We submitted this to the United Nations for the 50th anniversary. We pointed out to the United Nations that in the very first paragraph of its Charter it says that the United Nations is to support all possible approaches to universal peace. So we said this is one of those possible approaches to universal peace. But the United Nations responded and said that they could not consider anything that was not already part of the United Nations. This did not stop us.”

“The point of the Peace Plan is that you cannot change the calendar without stopping the world. I know some of you might have read the books of Carlos Castaneda, and the famous Don Juan has a technique that is called “stopping the world.” So we said that this technique has to be applied to the whole planet to stop the world, literally: this is the essential point of this Peace Plan. Because when you stop the world, then you have an opportunity for the cessation of war and machines. So, in this way we could have, at least, a pause in which we could re-orient ourselves as a species. How many people have read this? {Showing a copy of the Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Plan} I think while you are here everyone should read this and everyone should make sure that they have this. As I said the other day, we are a Revolution. {Showing his T-shirt, John Lennon in combat fatigues with the word “Revolution”}.”

“We are the revolution of peace, but we are a revolution and we should not be afraid of that: we should be understanding what it says here in this Peace Plan. This revolution is based also on the Banner of Peace. The Banner of Peace was created by Nicholas Roerich who declared, “Where there is Peace there is Culture, where there is Culture there is Peace.” This is a fundamental point in the understanding of what is a Culture of Peace. I would like also to point out the synchronicity that Nicolas Roerich and John Lennon have the same solar birthday.”

“The Banner of Peace was presented formally to the world in 1935 and was intended to fly over all cultural institutions in times of war, signifying the protection of culture as the basis of human evolution. Within four years the Second World War occurred and no one respected the Roerich Peace Pact. The Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Plan resurrects the Banner of Peace and says that, since the biosphere is the cradle of all culture, and since the biosphere is now threatened by war, which is called “globalization,” therefore the biosphere has to be protected by the Banner of Peace. Therefore, the Banner of Peace should fly everywhere, but especially at nuclear plants, nuclear waste sites, and other places that have been damaged by industrial contamination; over all the inner cities of the great cities of the world; over all schools, churches, mosques, and synagogues. It should be everywhere.”

“This was also a key point of the Calendar Change Peace Plan. When we submitted this to the United Nations in 1995, we pointed out that it was both the United Nations 50th anniversary and also the 60th anniversary of the Roerich Peace Pact, and that the Roerich Peace Pact should also be celebrated. We found out that the United Nations would have nothing to do with that part.”

“Well, we don’t need to go further with this point, only to bring to your attention that this is called the World Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement because we do have a Peace Plan and that this Peace Plan has been augmented at many points: By the First Planetary Congress of Biospheric Rights which we held in 1996; and by the action we took at the Boundary Dissolving Ceremony at Four Corners. We also marched with the Banner of Peace to Trinity Site, the birthplace of the atomic bomb, on the 50th anniversary of the first atomic bomb test. Bolon Ik and I were carrying a very large Banner of Peace into the test site and it was torn out of our hands by the U.S. Army – because we were told there could be no symbols at the site of the first atomic bomb test … It was a very interesting, intense time.”

“[…] As Earth Wizards, we have to have the moral imagination and moral strength. We have to have this moral force and moral strength to change. If no one else will, we will. We have to understand that we are not helpless. We can be a million John Lennons and a million Nicholas Roerichs and a million Gandhis and do it, because if we don’t, we won’t have a world for our children. This is the fundamental meaning of the Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement and Peace Plan. We are going to a Culture of Peace.”

“The natural order is in harmony with itself. When we go to the natural time, we are going to the Natural Order. Since the Natural Order is harmony, Natural Time is ART. When we live naturally, harmonically in the natural time, we become living art. This is a process, but it is one that once we are in the right time, can happen very quickly. We can create positively much more quickly than we can destroy negatively, because it is all a condition of mind. When we enter into the natural order of time, according to the Thirteen Moon Calendar – which is the practical application of the Law of Time – we will see that this calendar normalizes art as everyday life. We won’t have to have specialized art galleries, museums, or anything like that, because everyday life will become art. We don’t need to have big show-off artists, or virtuosos, which of course are good: sometimes they demonstrate a model to us; but this is not the model to aspire to. […] Everyone is an artist, everyone is a mathematician, and there is no distinction between those, when we are living art as everyday life. When we have the normalization of art as everyday life, we begin to establish the natural community in which the government is telepathy.”

Jose Arguelles ~ Valum Votan. 
28 Meditations on the Law of Time

The Dreamspell Revelation

“In talking about the Dreamspell, I would like to say a little bit about how the Dreamspell came about. I think most everybody has had some contact with the Dreamspell kit. Everybody needs to have one, and that it doesn’t just sit on the bookshelf gathering dust. The Dreamspell is actually the first major manifestation of the New Dispensation of Time. When we talk of the New Dispensation of Time, that’s not something vague. We actually have particular dates when we can say that this “Dispensation” actually began.

First of all, the Tzolkin spin, or Galactic Spin, goes back to the date Crystal Moon 25 of the Red Resonant Moon year, which in Gregorian date is June 23, 1987. This day was the day of the Red Magnetic Dragon, and we are now in the 18th spin since that date. On that day, Red Magnetic Dragon, my face appeared on the front page of the Wall Street Journal, along with the front-page story on the Harmonic Convergence. We thought that this was a rather interesting synchronicity, that of all places for this to begin, it began on the financial newspaper of the world, the Wall Street Journal – but this is how God presents His signs.

During that first spin we got next to the actual beginning of the year count of the New Dispensation of Time–a date that Annibal likes very much–because it was White Galactic Wizard. That was, of course, the July 26 synchronization date of the year, 1987. This was the kin 34 of that first spin. Then several weeks later we had kin 55 and 56, Electric Eagle and Self-Existing Warrior (which Coco likes; so we have the Self- Existing Warrior, the second day of the Harmonic Convergence, who is doing the translating, and we have the White Galactic Wizard–which marks the beginning of the first year of the New Dispensation of Time–helping the translator; this is why I love the synchronic order … And we also have Electric Eagle present here with us … )

So this was the beginning of what we call the New Dispensation of Time. On the day White Galactic Wizard of 1987, Bolon Ik and myself were making a presentation about the Harmonic Convergence at St. John’s College in Santa Fe, New Mexico (USA) [NOTE: June 24 is the feast of St. John the Baptist]. We had a very, very large audience that evening, and that was the first time that we actually spoke of “Galactic Culture.” These were the very beginning seeds of the work that we are doing now.”

Jose Arguelles Valum Votan. 28 Meditations.

Dreamspell Journey by Valum Votan & Bolon Ik

In Loving memory of Valum Votan & Bolon Ik, Archetypal Mother and Father of the Planetary Kin, Master Messengers of the New Time. 
In Lak’ech ❤

Essay by Itzadragon Kin 21
 Selected Quotes and Special Artwork by RuBen Kin 113

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