The Galactic Feminine Cycles of Bolon Ik, Venus and the Maya Queen Tz’akbu

“Usually we don’t know the whole story until quite a bit of time later, and in this way, we are always shown that the Divine Pattern is working us.’

“If you’re not living your own truth, it’s going to catch up with you. There is a Universal Truth that is pulling us all forward.”

–Lloydine Bolon Ik 

The month of May marks every year the 5th month of the 12-month Gregorian year. It is during this time that Mother’s Day is celebrated in many places around the world. This is without a doubt one of the most important occasions for people from all generations and different backgrounds to come together around the family’s central figure, to celebrate Womanhood and the Creative/Re-generative principle as inseparable companions of our everyday experience of life as human beings on Earth.

Within the Galactic Maya Cosmology, the 2-day window at the heart of the 5th month of the Gregorian year and the core of the 11th Moon of the 13-Moon year, is also always remembered with great love and appreciation, as May 15-16 (days 14 and 15 of the Spectral 11th Moon of Liberation) marks the consecutive anniversary of the arrival and departure of the life partner of José Argüelles, who provided the nurturing soil and energy necessary to give birth to the foundational codes of the New Dispensation of Time:

The daughter of Maya, Lloydine Bolon Ik, the White Solar Wind, Kin 22

Lloydine Bolon Ik – The Archetypal Mother of  the Dreamspell / 13 Moons  Calendar

On 16 May 2019, this special window is highlighted by another KEY prophetic synchronisation milestone within the Feminine strand of Galactic Maya prophetic line:

  • The completion of 5 Solar Rings (5 Years : 7 Tzolkins + 5 days) since the Ascension of  Lloydine Bolon Ik (16 May 2014 – NS1.26.11.15)
  • The parallel completion of  25 Years (5x5) since the Discovery of the Tomb of Tz’akbu Ajaw (16 May 1994 – NS1.7.11.15), the Maya Queen consort of King Pakal who was buried in Temple XIII (13) of Lakamha’ (Palenque).
According to the official timeline by INAH Mexico, the tomb of the monarch was pierced open and seen by the first time on 16 May 1994, while her sarcophagus’ lid was finally lifted on 1 June 1994.

This divine synchronisation between the ascension of the Archetypal Mother of the Dreamspell / 13 Moons and the discovery of the tomb of the Archetypal Matriarch of the Palenque’s dynasty, via May 16 and number 5, is literally mind-blowing and heart moving, especially for those who study and follow the divine patterns of synchronicity.

According to these divine patterns, the Pyramid Hologram Transmission of the Queen Tz’akbu Ajaw was also synchronised with the life on Earth of Lloydine Bolon Ik, as demonstrated by the higher dimensional system of the 19:19 Crystal Matrix.

On the other hand, the current synchronisation alignment ratio of 5:25 between the Ancient Maya and Galactic Maya Feminine archetypal strands is sealing with unparalleled elegance the closing of the 5-YEAR : 5-DAY synchronisation period since Lloydine’s departure. This UNIQUE TRIPLE alignment between the GALACTIC count (260 days), the LUNAR count (13 MOONS X 28 DAYS= 364 days) and the SOLAR count (365 days) takes place every 5 Years / 7 Tzolkins = 5:7

GALACTIC : 260 × 7 = 1820 days
LUNAR       : 364 x 5 = 1820 days
SOLAR        : 365 x 5 = 1825 days

Difference = 5 days = 5 Days Out of Time 2014-2018


65 Moons = 7 Tzolkins
1820 days = 1820 days
+ 5 Days Out of Time
to complete 5 solar orbits
= 1825 days (5×365)


This synchronisation of the Galactic and Ancient Maya strands is harmonising the date of May 16 at the Heart of the Warrior’s Wavespell, and at the Heart of the 16-day Warrior’s Cube-Journey (days 8 and 9). The Divine Synchronic Order is precisely confirming the original teaching about the Queen of the Cube being the same Queen of the Throne, who is the High Priestess and Patroness of Avatars, the Cosmic Bolon Ik, as taught by Valum Votan at the Earth Wizards 1999 (See Meditation 26). After all, the Telektonon is the “Mother of All Prophecy” and May 16 exactly codes the number 16 of the Warrior and the 16-Unit Cube, as well as it binds together the Galactic Maya Mothers (the Ascension of Bolon Ik and the Discovery of Tz’akbu’s Tomb).

These auspicious numerical alignments are taking place as we close this year 3 major cycles of 13, 20, and 28 years, and it is therefore an open invitation to explore again the multiple communications from Spirit as signs of prophecy embedded into this 13 Moon Year coded by KIN 169 (13 Moon), the Cosmic Moon… 

Solar Consciousness As Above So Below: Solar Wind Energy Arriving to Earth 

As a third dimensional manifestation in SPACE of the Solar Consciousness piercing our REALity from the 4th dimension of TIME, it was during this 5-Day synchronisation window between the Galactic Count and the Solar-Lunar count that our closest star, the Sun, started to present peak activity, bringing the first important geomagnetic storm of the year. From

WAITING FOR THE SOLAR STORM: NOAA forecasters say there is a 75% chance of geomagnetic storms on May 16th when a CME is expected to hit Earth’s magnetic field. The impact could cause storms ranging in strength from category G1 (minor) to G2 (moderate) with auroras in northern-tier US states such as Maine, Minnesota, the Dakotas, Montana and Washington State.” 


  • According to new decipherments of the tablets and inscriptions in Palenque, the Queen Tz’akbu used to personify the main deity of Palenque, scientifically known as GI (God I) and who was coded by the sign of 9 Ik (Bolon Ik = Solar Wind), equivalent to Kin 22 of Lloydine Bolon Ik.
“One of the multiple inscriptions in Palenque enacted by Queen Tz’akbu Ajaw (King Pakal’s wife), who was discovered in Temple XIII. In this tablet from Temple XIV, she represents the Myth of Creation, dressed with symbols of the main deity of Palenque’s Triad, GI, 9 Ik, White Solar Wind; whose glyph is depicted on her cape and also in the main date of the event (top left corner).” Source: Galactic Feminine. Learn more
  • The tomb was discovered on the day after Lloydine’s 51st Birthday (15 May – 16 May 1994), therefore on Day 1 of her 52nd Solar Spin.
  • The feminine tomb was discovered in the pyramid temple next to Pakal’s, a monument which INAH named “Temple XIII” (13). The discovery took place EXACTLY 13 years after Jose and Lloydine met (1981-1994), being both at the peak of their prophetic ministry through the transcription and design of Telektonon in 1994. Equally relevant, Lloydine Bolon Ik was the the co-author of the 13 Moon Perpetual Calendar, the 13 Moons in Motion, as well as the co-founder of the 13 Moon Peace Movement.
  • The news of this incoming solar storm arrived yesterday KIN 202, 7Wind numerical analog of KIN 22 White Solar Wind right at the completion of 76 (75+1) solar rings from her arrival to Earth…

“Three and possibly four CMEs are en route to Earth following a series of explosions near sunspot AR2741. The most potent so far occurred on May 12th when a filament of magnetism surrounding the sunspot became unstable and erupted. The blast zone was more than 200,000 km in diameter.”

The utter prophetic relevance  of this influx of Solar energy is clearly evidenced by the multiple TIME-SPACE numerical alignments surrounding this solar activation:

>> SunSpot AR2741. KIN EQUIVALENT = KIN 141 11Dragon:

>> May 12th, 2019 (day of the most powerful blast) corresponded to 11Imix (analog of KIN 141) on the Ancient/Indigenous Maya count (REAL Time)…

>>  On the Dreamspell count (DREAM Time), last KIN 141 11Dragon corresponded to the completion of 1327 Years from the prophetic Long Count date (March 15/16-692).

> May 13th, 2019 corresponded to KIN 200 on the Galactic Maya count and the “blast zone” was more of 200,000 km in diameter. KIN 200 Yellow Overtone Sun, represents the 5th Force Quintessential Power of Universal Fire.

Venus Cycles Synchronized with the Archetypal Feminine of the Galactic Maya

The multi-dimensional relevance of KIN 22 and its prophetic relationship to Venus Cycles, as the orchestrating forces within the Mayan prophetic narrative was presented  in GREAT DETAIL on the report “The Telektonon Factor: 65 Years of a living prophecy”, published last June 14th, 2017 KIN 22 (9+13) 9Wind, on the eve of the completion of 65 years (5 cycles of 13 years) from the discovery of the tomb and the sarcophagus of legendary Mayan King Pakal Votan…


As we have explored throughout the past years, number 5 represents LIFE itself and is associated with Venus (Jesus/Quetzalcoatl) Let’s revisit an excerpt from pART PhiVe of the Noospheric Emergence series:

Page 10 of the book “Sacred Number” by Miranda Lundy (Walden Books, 2009)

Every 8 Years, Earth and Venus create a 5-Star Pentagram in space as they meet for 5 Conjunctions…

The 5th conjunction between both planets since the rare Venus Transit of 2012 took place on KIN 1, 1 Dragon  weaving in this way the last stitch in the fabric of TIME-SPACE before completing the 5-Star Pentagram of Resurrection that Earth and Venus trace in the sky every 8-Years as they dance around the Sun…

The precision of this  alignment represents an EPIC and POWERFUL synchronisation of Earth + Venus with the Galactic Cycle of 260 days considering the multiple cyclical, astronomical and numerical factors surrounding this star-gate:

It synchronised with the completion of 44 (22+22) Tzolkins from the START (ALPHA Gateway) of the Dreamspell count and the New Dispensation of Time on June 23, 1987 KIN 1 1Dragon…

44 Tzolkins correspond to 1144 days…

1144 days is a PERFECT FRACTAL of the 1144 years of the Quetzalcoatl Prophecy of 13 Heavens and 9 Hells:


1144 days is also the interval of days comprised between the Venus Transit of June 6th, 2012 KIN 9 and Day Out of Time 2015 KIN 113 (Seal 13 Tone 9) on July 25th, 2015. (NOTE KIN 9 is the PEFECT GUIDE of KIN 113).


This 5th Stage of the Venus+Earth 8-Year Star Pentagram started after completing the 5th and final 52-day castle of the Tzolkin 260-day Galactic count.

This 5th Stage will come to an END (OMEGA Point)  on KIN 65 (5x13) after completing the 5th 13-day cycle of the Tzolkin Matrix: the Skywalker Wavespell  of Prophecy that goes from KIN 53 1Reed/1Skywalker to KIN 65 13Serpent

This represents then a TRIPLE activation of the Galactic 5th Force:

5th Tzolkin Castle
5th Venus Synodic Cycle ending on the
5th Wavespell of Prophecy


What is the Fifth Force?

“Contemporary science describes four major forces in the universe: strong, weak, electromagnetic and gravitational. The Fifth Force, then, is the one that binds them all together, it is the synchronic G-Force, sometimes called the ether, or akasha. It is the force which synchronizes the universe!”
-José Arguelles-

“The +5 factor is then a function of the pulsar cosmology of time. The 4th dimensional pulsar of time is comprised by tones/positions 1-5-9-13 on the 13-unit wavespell. The 5th position is highlighting the Golden sPHIral sacred proportion ratio as number 5 correspond to the 5th position on the Fibonacci Spiral: 0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13. The number 5 represents the star pentagram, the geometry encoded with the Golden Proportion that is today considered a sacred symbol representing Life and the Divine Feminine.” […]

“The Resurrection of Venus on KIN 1 symbolizes the Primal Force Resurrection of “the Goddess”/”Queen of Heaven”/”Quetzalcoatl”, right before embarking on the last leg of her 5-stage journey of 2920 days in order to complete the 5-Star Pentagram of Resurrection on KIN 65 13 Serpentand start a new journey on KIN 66 1WorldBridger (Sign of Primal Mars) on June 3rd, 2020.”

– “The Telektonon Factor: 65 Years of a living prophecy”

For a brief synthesis of the relevance of this Stargate we are currently transiting:
At the time, we also clearly defined a list of 13+1 FACTORS that were highlighting this milestone as HIGHLY PROPHETIC. Now seems to be relevant to bring once again some of these alignments to the surface of our conscious awareness to appreciate the clear coherence, clarity and continuity of the stream presented back then and the 5:25-Year synchronization taking place NOW:
Lloydine arrived to this world on KIN 22 [ALPHA] and left on KIN 198 [OMEGA]


KIN 22 [ALPHA] + KIN 198 [OMEGA]= KIN 220

The Divine Codes of Lloydine Bolon Ik and the Venus Cycles

KIN 211 [ALPHA] + KIN 9 [OMEGA]= KIN 220


= 22x10= Manifestation Power (10) of Bolon Ik (22)

220 = 5 X 22 X 2


At the time (2 years ago) Lloydine/Bolon Ik’s Solar return, May 15, 2017 (NS1.29.11.14 KIN 252 5Human) also marked the EXACT Phi (0.618)/ Golden Ratio point from the Venus Transit of 2012: 

MAY 15, 2017: PHI/GOLDEN MEAN MARKER IN TIME OF VENUS TRANSIT PAIR 2004-2012. (Diagram by Goro Adachi)

VEnus 5-7ok.001.jpeg
On June 1st, 2017 KIN 9, on the 7th Tzolkin spin from the rare Venus Transit of 2012 and the 23rd anniversary of the discovery of the tomb of Lady Tzakbu Ahaw on Temple 13, we entered the 5-YEAR : 5-DAY synchronization period between the GALACTIC count (260 days), the LUNAR count (13 MOONS X 28 DAYS= 364 days) and the SOLAR count (365 days) that occurs every 5 years / 7 tzolkins.

The Closing of 2 Prophetic Cycles of 13 and 28 Years

Before we continue on this prophetic journey seems important to highlight, once again, the synchronic nature and profound prophetic significance of this 13-Moon year. This was presented in detail on pART I + II of the 13:28 factor series  and condensed on a list of “28 Factors”, revealing the redemptive nature of this 13Moon year as a powerful 365-day healing portal for humanity.

During this entire year, it is KEY to keep present that we are closing 2 cycles of great significance:

• The 13Year / 13-Moon cycle (2006 – 2019)
Dreamspell Years 1 Moon (KIN 209) to 13 Moon (KIN 169)

• The 28Year Telektonon of Resurrection cycle (1991-2019)
Dreamspell Years 12 Wizard to 13 Moon

These 2 cycles represent the 2 main themes for this year:
Cosmic Purification and Prophetic Redemption.

Why Prophetic Redemption? Because during this Red Cosmic Moon year we are closing the first 28-Year Telektonon cycle since the New Dispensation of Time, and July 26, 2018 KIN 169  13Moon, marked the entrance into the LAST UNIT (OMEGA POINT) of the 28-YEAR TELEKTONON of PACAL VOTAN that started in the year 1991 . This 28-Unit Matrix holds the 16-Year Cube of the Law (1997-2013) at its core. We invite you to explore the prophetic relevance of this NOW:

Telektonon Prophecy: The Warrior Journey

As mentioned at the start of this report, he synchronisation ratio of 5:25 between the Ancient Maya and Galactic Maya Feminine archetypal strands is taking place is taking place at the heart of the 16-day Warrior’s Cube-Journey (days 8 and 9) of this Spectral Moon of Liberation and nested inside the Warrior Wavespell, at the heart of the inter-dimensional script of Telektonon, the Mother of All Prophecy.  How is this?

Solar Seal 16 / Sello Solar 16

From the prophetic perspective of the Galactic Maya Cosmology, the Warrior (solar seal number 16) codes the 16-day Warrior’s journey of intelligence, the archetypal redemption of the false time that takes place at the 4th dimensional level every 28 days:

“According to the Telektonon, the current planetary crisis is actually the climax of an inter-dimensional, inter-planetary timewars, the Warof the Heavens. This War of the Heavens is responsible for the false time imposed at the beginning of history as the Tower of Babel.

Telektonon, the prophecy of time, demonstrates that the recovery of lost time and power is accomplished telepathically during days 7-22 of every 28-day moon. […] The playing board graphically displays the sixteen positions of the Warrior’s journey of intelligence as the forgotten Cube of the Law covered over by the Tower of Babel. The sixteen-day period of telepathic recovery of the Cube of the Law is known as the Warrior’s Labyrinth Journey.”

– Telektonon Manual, by KIN 11 + KIN 22
Chapter 3: Telektonon: “The Warrior’s Labyrinth Journey and the Cube of the Law”

José and Lloydine Argüelles (Valum Votan & Bolon Ik) teaching at the original Earth Wizards Seminary 1999 (Chile). The current Year 2019 marks 1 Ajaw Katun of 20 years since this groundbreaking educational event. The 20-year cycles were considered sacred for the Maya as they corresponds to One Generation and approximates to the interval of 1 Katun of 7200 days. We commemorate this at the New Earth Wizards 2019.

During this Warrior Wavespell, we commemorated several prophetic milestones. These milestones are once again a function of the 5-Year : 7-Tzolkin +5 days sacred proportion present in the Telektonon. Let’s examine in more detail the KEY prophetic dates highlighted by this sacred ratio:

>> May 11th, 2019 (NS1.31.10.11 KIN 198 3Mirror) marked 7 Galactic Spins of 260-days since the Ascension of Lloydine Bolon Ik, Kin 22, White Solar Wind, our dearest Mother of Dreamspell and the 13 Moons. (NOTE: The 16-day Warrior’s Journey takes place within days 7 to 22). This day marked the entrance (ALPHA Gateway)of  a 5-day synchronization window that is closing today May 16th, 2019 (NS1.31.11.15 KIN 203, 8Night) with the commemoration of 5 solar rings since her departure.

The Galactic Maya Mother’s Day

Lloydine Bolon Ik’s Ascension on Kin 198 (Electric Mirror) was synchronised with 8 Chuwen / 8 Batz’ (8 Monkey) in the Maya RealTime on 16 May 2014. On the 7th Tzolkin spin since her Ascension, the Kin 198 synchronised with Mother’s Day in Mexico on the past 10 May 2019.

Therefore, this wavespell has harmonised Bolon Ik’s Tzolkin days of Ascension with her actual birth and Ascension dates. How is this?

  • Kin 198 (3 Mirror) constitutes the perfect “electric” service from the Cosmic Bolon Ik towards the Telektonon’s Warrior.
  • In the Ancient Maya Tzolkin (RealTime), she ascended on 8 Chuwen (8 Batz’ = 8 Monkey), the most sacred day observed by the Maya descendants.
  • Kin 202 (Resonant Wind / 7 Wind) was on May 15th, 2019 is at the heart of the 5th Month of the Gregorian year and always marks Lloydine’s birthday. On this day, 76 (3x5x5+1) solar years were completed from her arrival to Earth. As we publish this note, we are commemorating 5 Solar Years since her Ascension (16 May 2014 ~ NS -KIN 198).
  • Kin 202 marked the heart of the Warrior Wavespell (6+1+6 = 13). Therefore, the Power of 7 rules all the Galactic Tones of this Oracle (7+7+7+7).
  • Kin 202 simplifies as Kin 22 = Bolon Ik = The Divine Breath of Telektonon.
  • Kin 202 is coded 11.2 or 2.11 (Tzolkin Column 11, Seal 2), therefore it contains the double Power of 11 of the Galactic Maya Twin Archetypes: 2.11 = Valum Votan 11.11 (Seal 11, Tone 11) & Bolon Ik 11+11 = Kin 22.

These numerical alignments are in perfect resonance with the Telektonon Warrior’s Cube Journey, highlighting once again the central role of Lloydine  Bolon Ik, the Archetypal Mother of Dreamspell / 13 Moons and Feminine Ascended Master of the New Time.

In the Maya RealTime, Bolon Ik’s birth anniversary on May 15th, 2019 corresponded to 13 Kib’, which ends the prophetic Trecena of K’an (Corn Wavespell, Telektonon Prophecy Number 144). Precisely, 13 Kib’ is equivalent to 13 Warrior (Kin 156) in the Dreamspell. That is the transcendence of the Warrior Journey synchronised with the codes of Bolon Ik within the Warrior Wavespell = Number 16. The Divine Breath of Telektonon…

The Galactic Feminine Mystery of Kin 22

After the dimensional shift from the 4th Dimension of Time towards the 5th Dimension of the Crystal Prophecy, it is essential to understand why Lloydine Bolon Ik, the Kin 22 White Solar Wind, embodied the divine bridge between the Galactic Maya DreamTime and the Ancient Maya RealTime. It is precisely her number 22 the one that unifies the parallel streams of Time and Prophecy.

Kin 22 is the birth sign (9 Ik, Bolon Ik) of the main deity of the Maya during the Classic Period, scientifically known as GI (God I), the higher God of the Maya Triad.

Kin 22 is also the birth sign (9 Ehecatl or 9 Ik) of the main deity of Mesoamerica during the Post Classic Period, known as “Quetzalcoatl” / “Quetzalcoatl-Ehecatl” in Mexica language, or “Kukulkan” in Maya language, or “Feathered Serpent” in English.

The Kukulkan or Quetzalcotal deity was born on 9 Wind / 9 Ik / 9 Ehecatl, equivalent to Kin 22 – Solar Wind in the Dreamspell.

Number 22 also contains 2×11, then 11:11 or 11+11 which is the same numerical code 11.11 of Valum Votan as Kin 11. They were predestined by the Divine Synchronic Order to be the Twin Archetypes of the New Time Prophecy.

Number 22 exactly contains Quetzalcoatl Prophecy of the 13 Heavens and the 9 Hells of the Mesoamerican Cosmic Axis = 13+9 = 22. Precisely, this was the great prophetic theme of the Harmonic Convergence, organized by José (KIN 11) and Lloydine (KIN 22).

– The numbers 9 and 13 represent the BolonTiku (9 Lords of Time/Underworld/Unconscious) and OxlahunTiku (13 Lords of Cosmic Time/Presence/Heaven/Conscious) presented as the protagonists of the myth of the “The Creation of the World” in the  Book of Chilam Balam.

– Long Count marker corresponds to year 692 , year of the dedication of  Pacal Votan’s Tomb as well as the main stela exhibited at the MAIN HALL of the archaeological museum of Palenque:  8 Ajaw 8 Wo (March 15, 692), corresponded to the completion of 125 Sacred Calendars of 260 days since the birth of the legendary King Pacal Votan on Long Count date  8 Ajaw (March 23rd, 603).  March 15, 2019, the 9th day of the 9th Moon of the 13-Moon year coded by KIN 22 9Wind, marked the completion of 1327 years since the dedication of this monument and the consecration of the Group of the Cross complex.  NOTE: 125 corresponds to the 5th Force cubed (5x5x5) and the Book of the 7 Generations 

Within Galactic Maya Cosmology the Long Count date marks the fractal entrance into the final 7 katuns of the 9th Baktun of the 13-Baktun Cycle (Wave-Harmonic of history). These 7 katuns of 7200 days each corresponds to the Book of the 7 Generations.

“This Book of the Seven Generations, I knew, was the key to the prophecies of Pacal Votan. I understood that the seven generations referred to the seven Katun cycles between and the beginning of the next Baktun cycle, I knew because of that, it was intimately connected with the tomb of Pacal Votan and also with the synchronization date of Julian calendar July 16th – Gregorian July 26th.

One other interesting point concerns the city of Chichen Itza: what is called Old Chichen Itza was founded in the very beginning of the Baktun cycle and Old Chichen Itza was abandoned precisely at What we call the New Chichen Itza began in the year 987. The new Chichen Itza was begun in 987 by Quetzalcoatl. This was the millennium of Quetzalcoatl, that went from the founding of new Chichen Itza (987) to Harmonic Convergence (1987). The cycle of the 13 Heavens and the 9 Hells began in the year 843, and the 13 Heavens came to a conclusion 576 years later, in 1519, when Cortès landed in Mexico. Of course it was on Good Friday that Cortes landed in Mexico, which happened to be the day One Reed, which is the same as Magnetic Skywalker, the Galactic Signature of Quetzalcoatl.”

(Note: This was the first prophet of Quetzalcoatl, The deity itself was born on 9 Ik, 9 Ehecatl, 9 Wind, Solar Wind).


Within the 13-Baktun / 260-Katun wave harmonic map of history , these 7-Generations are contained in the 7 katuns corresponding to KIN 194 12Wizard to KIN 200 5Sun. KIN 194  is of KEY prophetic relevance as it codes the lifting of the sarcophagus lid  of the tomb of the Ancient Maya Queen of Palenque  Lady Tz’akbu Ajaw, at Temple XIII (13) in Palenque on June 1st, 1994, KIN 194 12Wizard.

REMEMBER: KIN 200 Yellow Overtone Sun, codes then “7th Lost Generation” and represents the 5th Force Quintessential Power of Universal Fire. Last May 13th, 2019 (KIN 200) closed the window comprised by a series of solar explosions coming from a “blast zone of 200,000 km in diameter”. 

Prophetic Return. Synchronic Alignment

Given the relevance of reaching this 28-YEAR prophetic milestone, it is also important to point out other KEY synchronic facts that highlight its KEY PROPHETIC SIGNIFICANCE:

  • The 28-YEAR circuit started on July 26, 1991 NS1.7.1.1 -KIN 194 12Wizard, EXACTLY 4 Tzolkins prior to the lifting of the lid of the tomb of Lady Tz’akbu Ajaw, at Temple XIII (13) in Palenque on June 1st, 1994, KIN 194 12Wizard.
  • NOTE: In the Book of the 7 Generations, KIN 194 also codes the first katun of the 1st generation within the 13-Baktun / 260-Katun wave harmonic fractal map of history.
PAKAL VOTAN’S 28-YEAR JOURNEY OF THE SPIRITUAL WARRIOR. Notice that the discovery at Temple XIII took place in 1994, 7 years after the Harmonic Convergence of 1987, during the Year of the Yellow Magnetic Seed, KIN 144, the 1st year of 7 Years of Prophecy (1993-2000). This was the same solar ring that José + Lloydine started to receive the Telektonon Prophecy Revelation on July 26, 1993 KIN 144.
  • It was during this last unit of the 28-YEAR Telektonon that the entire funerary regalia of the Ancient Maya Queen of Palenque Tz’akbu Ajaw, returned to Palenque, Chiapas, its place of origin.
  • It was precisely at the entrance of this 13Moon Year, on JULY 27, 2018, NS1.32.1.2 NIN 170 1Dog (entrance to the Wavespell of Dog/ Love) that the INAH announced that the full burial assemblage of Queen Tz’akbu Ajaw (Temple XIII, Lakamha’ Palenque) started to be exhibited to the public for the first time in Mexico City. This marked the first TIME+SPACE reunion of the Queen and King of Palenque with Mexico City  (19.5 Latitude) as epicenter. The detailed timeline of this “Lovers Reunion” at the start of the 13-Moon year was documented in detail on part II of the Noospheric Emergence series : The Harmonic Convergence of the Ancient Future – Past 
“The Journey to Xibalba” (equivalent to the Mayan Underworld) is the name of the art exhibit that will be open to the public from July 27 to September 9, 2018 in the Temporary Exhibit Hall of the “Templo Mayor” Museum, where the public will have the chance to “enter” a replica of the funerary chamber of Temple XIII (13) in Palenque, destined to her eternal repose, 1346 years ago.
  • The new reunion of King and Queen took place after the Queen’s art was showcased in New York City (modern day Babel) as part of the exhibition “Golden Kingdoms”:
The historic and prophetic relevance of this exhibit was presented in detail on “Tz’akbu Ajaw: The Resurrection of the Ancient Maya Queen of Palenque” at the start of this year, when we covered how the entire funerary art of the Maya Queen’s grave was carefully reconstructed by a multidisciplinary team and displayed for the first time in New York City as part of the exhibition “Golden Kingdoms”.
  • Now seems relevant to remember that the art-exhibit opened to the public on February 28, 2018, Kin 21, on the eve of Lloydine/Bolon Ik’s 105th Galactic Return. 105 is a key Telektonon number (Solar Year 365 – Tzolkin 260 = 105). After the 90-day (30×3) New York City exhibit, the funerary art returned to Mexico City and last december 2018, it made its final arrival to the archaeological museum of Palenque, Chiapas


Adjacent funerary temples of the ancient King and Queen of Palenque.

June 1st, 2019 (NS1.31.12.3) will mark 25 years from the opening of the sarcophagus at Temple XIII, and will correspond to KIN 219 11Storm on the Dreamspell count…

Therefore, May 31st, 2019 (NS1.31.12.2) will correspond to KIN 218 10Mirror and the completion of another KEY PROPHETIC MILESTONE:

94 Tzolkins of 260 days since
the discovery of the tomb of the legendary King of Palenque Pacal Votan…

This means that  EXACTLY after 25 years (or the completion of 5 cycles of 5 years) from the initial opening of the tomb at Temple XIII, the lifting of the sarcophagus lid of the Ancient Queen of Palenque is synchronizing with the discovery of the sarcophagus of the Ancient King of Palenque!!!

KIN 217-218-219-220  correspond to the prophetic sequence of 4 KINS comprising the Harmonic 55 of the Tzolkin Matrix, and numerical analogs of years 2(0)17- 2(0)18- 2(0)19- 2(0)20

Learn more: The Prophecy of Pacal Votan within the Dreamspell Tzolkin. Harmonic 55.

Next KIN 218 10 Mirror, we will also complete 4 (2X2) Tzolkins of 260 days from the discovery of an underground water channel below the Temple of Inscriptions at Palenque, Lakamha on DAY OUT OF TIME 2016, KIN 218 10Mirror:

This TIME-SPACE  synchronization is pinpointing to the future junction between the 5th and 6th months of the Gregorian count (May 31st, June 1st 2019) and the junction between the 11th and 12th moons of the 13-Moon year as a CRUCIAL window of KEY PROPHETIC SIGNIFICANCE as we close this 28-Year Telektonon prophetic cycle…

2019: The Year of the Cosmic BOLON IK

As presented on The Solar Moon of Golden Prophetic Proportions, the entrance to this Solar Moon of Intention coded by KIN 22 9Wind,  represented the entrance into a 28-DAY passage of not only great prophetic relevance yet also perfect holographic resonance. How was this?

The 28-DAY window contained within this Solar Moon was enshrined by a perfect set of nested harmonic ratios, reflecting the perfection of the Golden Proportion operating at different time-scales:

The 9th moon opened on the Golden Mean interval of the 364+1-day Lunar+Solar cycle and closed with the Golden Mean Interval of the Galactic cycle of 260 days.

On this report we also noted that the start (ALPHA Gateway) of the current Gregorian year 2019 on January 1st (1.1) synchronized this year with 9Ik on the ancient/traditional Maya count…

 1 January 2019 – 9 Ik (Bolon Ik) Solar Wind. The year bearer in the Ancient Maya RealTime.

This means that 9Ik is acting ALSO as the “Year-Bearer” of this Gregorian year 2019. This day marked ??? sacred calendars of 260 days since mythical accession of the First Mother of the Palenque Triad, Muwaan Mat, which occurred on LC 9Ik, Bolon Ik. (September 5,-2324, on the Gregorian calendar)

As a perfect holographic reflection  of this auspicious synchronisation, we can appreciate other additional layers of resonance taking place at the 3rd dimensional level:

  • The UN declared 2019 as the International Year of Indigenous Languages, known also as “Mother Tongues“…

“Indigenous languages matter for social, economic and political development, peaceful coexistence and reconciliation in our societies. Yet many of them are in danger of disappearing. It is for this reason that the United Nations declared 2019 the Year of Indigenous Languages in order to encourage urgent action to preserve, revitalize and promote them.”

Also worth noting that since year 2000 UNESCO also observes every Galactic Moon 15, February 21 (2.21) as International Mother Language Day .

  • Day 2 of the solar moon coded by KIN 22  9Wind corresponds to March 8, on the Gregorian Calendar and the celebration of International Woman’s Day.


We finish this small tribute with some selected quotes by Lloydine Bolon Ik to honour her memory and her legacy on this SPECIAL 5-Year : 7 Tzolkin prophetic milestone:

“Usually we don’t know the whole story until quite a bit of time later, and in this way, we are always shown that the divine pattern is working us.’

“No matter where you are in your life, you always have the opportunity to wake up in the next moment and this is the meaning of the Second Creation.”

“The Sacred Feminine could be described as the Chalice of Nature.”

“Part of this return to the Divine Feminine is to get rid of the guru trip. This is especially necessary for women, who still have a tendency, no matter how much they are feeling empowered, to think that the male voice is the one that’s going to give them the answer.”

“If you’re not living your own truth, it’s going to catch up with you. There is a Universal Truth that is pulling us all forward.”

“One of our needs as humans is to understand that death is a part of life, and that duality creates polarity, which divides… I live without fear. I’m not afraid. I don’t think I will ever be because I believe that Great Spirit is in control, and if I pray and if I am humble, I will find my way. I have confidence that there is something greater moving us.”

Endless Gratitude, dearest Dreamspell Mother!

The Feminine Ascended Master of the New Time.

Ah Yum Hunab Ku Evam Maya E Ma Ho!

In Lak’ech

PAN Tortuga / Planet Art Network

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5 Replies to “The Galactic Feminine Cycles of Bolon Ik, Venus and the Maya Queen Tz’akbu”

  1. Reblogged this on Galactic Feminine and commented:
    The Divine Patterns of the Galactic Feminine Transmission!
    A beautiful chapter of the Ancient-Future Mysteries of the Dimensional Shift.
    Fully “inscribed” by the Divine Codes of Lloydine Bolon Ik within the hyper dimensional matrix systems.
    See you this Summer at the New Earth Wizards 33:33 in Avebury Stone Circle UK (20-26 July 2019).
    Anam Cara ❤ In Lak'ech ❤ Namaste

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