Solar Bolon Ik: Earth Guardian Mother and the Dreamspell’s Divine Galactic Feminine

Reblogged on Tortuga 13:20 on 22 March 2017, the completion of 4 Tzolkin spins since the Ascension of our dearest Dreamspell Mother and Teacher, Lloydine Bolon Ik. She Ascended on 16 May 2014, Kin 198: White Electric Mirror, Warrior Wavespell.

Here a beautiful memorial by Kin 21 honouring the Archetypal Mother of the New Time, the White Solar Wind, Kin 22, who co-authored the Galactic Maya Wisdom along with Jose. 

In Lak’ech ❤ Bolon Ik

P.S. Unfortunately, some comments at the end of this reblog aim to humiliate the memory of Lloydine Bolon Ik and discredit her as co-author. We thank the Kin who have defended her honourable legacy here.


“When I first discovered I was 9 Kab’an (Solar Earth) on the Traditional count, I was genuinely moved.”—Lloydine Bolon Ik

“As I was co-creator of this production (Dreamspell), I have my own knowledge of how our mutual discovery came about.” —Lloydine Bolon Ik

This inspirational writing raises in honour of Bolon Ik, one of the most relevant visionaries of the current Awakening Times. A Feminine Ascended Master, Earth Guardian Mother, Matriarch of Ancient Maya Wisdom, Divine Feminine Archetype of the New Creation, Galactic Feminine of the New Time Consciousness. One day, may her name be fully remembered and embedded in gold as it is in Heavens, as one of the most significant activators of what we can call today the Second Creation of Earth. The new opportunity for humankind to redeem the mistakes from the unbalanced past world…

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8 Replies to “Solar Bolon Ik: Earth Guardian Mother and the Dreamspell’s Divine Galactic Feminine”

  1. GraciHAZ

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    > El 22/03/2017, a las 2:26 p.m., Tortuga1320 – Dreamspell Journey by Valum Votan & Bolon Ik escribió: > > >

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  2. Lloydine Burris avatar?
    Sorry dear, but you are fooling yourself and others. Reason enough to unsuscribe myself……
    Lucas 8 Oc


    1. It is odd to learn that you were subscribed to this blog, because it is obvious that this community page honours the memory of both Valum & Bolon Ik. It is also odd to realise that you don’t seem to know the basics… The Dreamspell was designed for Lloydine to represent the Bolon Ik Archetype which was the Deity Avatar of Palenque and, because of that decision, we all got the Kin we actually have, including yours and Valum’s. To pretend that all Dreamspell initiates have an avatar and that the Dreamspell Mother doesn’t is a bit distorted, don’t you think ?… It is clear that the Dreamspell decoding of any person doesn’t turn them into a Dreamspell Avatar, because that requires an actual shift in consciousness, otherwise it is just an empty name without content. For example, your kin 8 Oc or Galactic Love is precisely the Love of Pakal within the Dreamspell and Telektonon realms, it represents his Love for Bolon Ik, the Mother of the Dynasty and the Mother of the Prophecy. This page and media aims to recover the memory of the original stream received by Valum and Bolon Ik, because this sacred memory seems to have been extinguished between some Dreamspell socialites. We highly recommend you to read the link attached, the Afterwords of the Planet Art Chronicles, written by José in 1996 as a prophetic autobiography after the fruits of the Dreamspell and Telektonon had been delivered to planetary kin. Both of these tools were co-created alongside Lloydine, as such, she is the co-author of both. In Lak’ech

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  3. I already read very carefully the original afterword to the Planet Art Chronicles by Jose Arguelles some time ago.
    Your organisation is totally cut from the total scope of life and work of Jose Arguelles. It just cuts out a piece and you give your own interpretations to that.
    I suscribed myself to your website just to see what you focus on. Now I know.
    You seem not to get my message.You are so focused on that afterword of Jose Arguelles, that you take it for absolute truth, just as Lloydine Burris has done. Jose Arguelles rectified himself already longtime ago, but you seem either not to know it, or not to give it any significance. Jose Arguelles later heavily denied all that you say here in your answer to me. Nor do you recognize the existance of Red Queen and her say as having any significance. I recommend to you reading with AN OPEN MIND AND HEART………….the full authorised biography of Jose Arguelles written by Stephany South/Red Queen, something that you most certainly not have done, otherwise such articles that come from your hand and organisation could not have been written.

    Lucas 8 Oc


  4. For your convenience I will quote here a public statement made by Jose Arguelles some time after his separation with Lloydine, mentioned on page 332 of “Time, synchronicity and calendar change” (the second part of the authorised biography of Jose Arguelles), written by Stephanie South:

    “I take full responsibilty for creating a totally false impression in the world that she( = Lloydine Burris) was somehow equal to me both as a messenger and as the creative author of the codes of the Law of Time that I alone was bringing through as part of my mission. These perceptions were blatantly untrue, though she learnt to believe in them and project them out as truth………….”

    This biography can give you an overall picture of the life and work of Jose Arguelles that you are obviously lacking. You and your organisation seem to know it all better listening to Lloydine, to those who defend her as the wisest of the former couple, and to the hyroglyphs that seem to point in the direction of what she daired to say, isn’t it?



    1. For UR convenience I am attaching below what I believe to be the only public statement from Lloydine regarding her separation and divorce from Jose. It was published on her blog, Wednesday, April 15, 2009, Dreamspell kin 162.
      Synchronically, Kin 162 is the combination of Jose and Lloydine Long Count kins 205 + 217 = 162..

      You can view it here :
      White Rhythmic Wind

      Today is a day for me to reflect on my life as a woman who took on her husband’s name and identity. I married Jose Arguelles on September 21, 1983. It has now been almost seven years since I left my marriage and became a divorced woman, choosing to live alone. I never made a public statement with regard to the ending of my marriage. Now that Jose’s current wife, Stephanie South, has written a biography 2012 The Biography of a Time Traveler, I am called forth to speak my truth.

      Seven years ago I became a practitioner of Falun Dafa (Falun Gong) which is based on three universal principles – truthfulness, compassion, forebearance. I am finally ready to reveal the truth of living in polygamy for nine months with Jose Arguelles and Stephanie South. We mutually entered into what was at first a loving relationship between us all; but one which ended in mutual suffering.

      I have been inspired to write these words of truth because the Mother, Miriam, of my stepdaughter, Tara, has decided to write down her reaction to the new book. I also received a copy of the new book, but I simply skimmed it and felt that I needed to move on with my life, finding the omissions with regard to my role with Jose to be disconcerting. I am not a victim. I am a survivor of life who aspires to look within myself for the answers for my own healing.

      What I have stated are words from my own understanding. Now I am happy to share the following words written by Miriam Tarcov, Mother of Tara and Josh, who was also an equal partner with Jose Arguelles when they wrote the book Mandala together, as well as Feminine, Spacious as the Sky.

      The following is posted from Miriam Tarcov:

      My daughter Tara and I recently received from Jose, his biography, written by his wife, Stephanie South. Because Stephanie and Jose chose to include myself and our children in this work, I feel it only appropriate to respond to this piece of interpretive history. My primary inspiration to respond to the book is because of my daughter Tara. For it is she, who choicelessly had to struggle with and come to terms with having a father who has been irresponsible, dangerous, selfish, and totally self-absorbed. The woman that Tara is today is entirely due to her own hard and disciplined work on herself. She has become a very successful and accomplished woman, holding three degrees, married with two beautiful young boys.

      I wish to say very little with regard to Jose’s recollections of our son, Josh, who died 22 years ago. Jose has created a story line about Josh that fits very conveniently into the mythos of Jose the avatar and prophet.

      I am speaking for myself in this piece, but I feel that I can say with considerable confidence that most members in Jose’s family: siblings, step-children, past partners and particularly his daughter and her young family, would be in complete agreement with my response. This is a significant fact to understanding this “time traveler” and “visionary”. I would imagine that for most students of history and evolution, they would want to look at and scrutinize very closely any individual who professes to understand global history and humanity, let alone holds a unique and powerful vision for the future of humankind. This doesn’t mean that Jose cannot be seen as a visionary. Not all visionaries are by definition, kind and loving family members.

      This is written by a woman who was once his equal partner, and who was profoundly disappointed by Jose’s narcissistic egotism, his careless and destructive behavior toward his children, and his indulgent addictions.

      Does Jose manifest to his family kindness, compassion, responsibility, “doing the right thing”? The answer is a resounding no. He has no semblance of any relationship to his child, grandchildren, step children, past partners, and siblings.

      For those who read Jose’s books and look to him for guidance and a sense of meaning to their world, I would like to elaborate on this critical point of a man who claims to be a “prophet without a pulpit” yet who cannot and will not relate to his own family with simple, open, selfless love.

      In 2012 (page 185), Stephanie writes “Jose accepted responsibility for the large family – this marked his character in the early 1980s. He was making a conscious effort to ‘do things right’ and be a good husband and father, as he felt that he had somehow failed his first family test.” Simply put, Jose was delusional if he felt he was doing things right. He failed his second family test with selfishness, irresponsibility, as well as reckless endangerment to his children, Tara and Josh. To ‘do things right’ does not mean that a loving father encourages and offers psychedelic drugs to his young adolescent children and their friends.

      With my daughter’s permission and encouragement, I wish to share Tara’s last and probably final visit with Jose. A little over six years ago Tara decided to visit Jose and his wife, Lloydine. She went there to find out what was going on in the household, because Jose had been telling her about another woman living with them – later to be identified as Stephanie. Tara asked Jose and Lloydine if theirs was a monogamous relationship. They responded ‘No’ and Tara discovered that Jose was committed to and deeply involved with Stephanie. Tara immediately left, and Lloydine followed suit just a few days later, followed by filing for divorce.

      I write all of this not out of spite, envy or malice, just simply to set things straight. My daughter deserved so much better than a biological father who offered nothing but disappointment, embarrassment, and careless endangerment. As a past partner of Jose’s, I can only add that there is no problem with having a dream, but when it becomes a nightmare for those closest to you, there is a problem.

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  5. Lucas,

    Regarding your statement “You and your organisation seem to know it all better listening to Lloydine”

    Let is be clear that I have never read, nor heard a single word of Lloydine regarding her separation from Jose. As far as I am aware, she never published “her” side of the story. From what I can decipher, she left the relationship by divorcing Jose and carried on with dignity and integrity, guiding planetary kin until the day she ascended which came after the “Launching of Timeship Earth 2013”. She fulfilled her role perfectly.

    Lloydines role in the creation and propagation of the Dreamspell and the Telektonon is a legacy she wholly deserves to carry forth post ascension. This is why her name is attributed as co-author. This kind of thing can not be change posthumously I’m afraid. It is not only immoral, it is highly illegal to deny an author their right in a published work, even more karmic when dealing with such a spiritual publication like the Dreamspell and Telektonon.

    Nobody, not Jose, not you, not Stephanie South, nor the Foundation for the Law of Time have the right to deny her this legacy. You are corrupt and distorted by attempting to do this. There are 144000+ witnesses (Children of the Dreamspell) of her work guiding Planet Art Network and her co authoring of the Dreamspell and Telektonon. As Jose clearly stated in the Art Planet Chronicles Afterwords, “none of this would have come to light without her”.. The words are clear, the words are also signed and dated by Jose which is quite different to the “authorised biography” of Stephanie South, released just a couple of weeks AFTER his ascension. Don’t you find it convenient that Stephanie publishes Jose’s total denial of Lloydine after he’s passed away ? Also you should consider why Stephanie and the Law of Time published the book Art Planet Chronicles AFTER Lloydine’s ascension. By removing the afterwords they are simply manipulating history to favour the victor, to rewrite the script that Stephanie is the “Red Queen” and Lloydine is nothing and no-one, like you stated on your first comment. Shame on you all.

    Also, you should be aware that The Red Queen Theory of Jose & Stephanie is a Red Herring. A fallacy that is a self serving perversion of Mayan History concocted to give Jose’s new love a role in the prophecy. Lady Xoc is not entombed in Temple XIII in Palenque as Jose states in the name of Pakal. Lady Xoc is buried in her own tomb in Yaxchilan. In fact, there is no “Red Queen” in Palenque history. The “Red Queen” of Palenque is merely the “temporary nickname” given by archeologists for the tomb of the lady found buried in Temple XIII. Pakal too was buried with Red cinnabar, as were most Mayan royalty. We don’t refer to Pakal as the “Red King” do we ? There is only the well documented history of Pakals one and only wife, Tz’akbu Ajaw who held the Feminine legacy of Palenque. The Twin Pyramid Hologram phenomenon of Pakal and Tzakbu proves this, as do the ascension codes of Pakal-Tzakbu & Jose-Lloydine. The academic works of all the archeologists and anthropologists categorically dismiss Jose and Stephanies Lady Xoc Red Queen story I’m afraid. Do your research to discern for yourself and you find the whole fantasy story is dangling precariously in the wind.

    There is little doubt that Jose had a divine mission, however as it is clearly demonstrated in the script of the Telektonon, it is Bolon Ik who guides Pakal. The Telektonon, and Dreamspell was an archetypal script entrusted to them both. Not just to Jose, not just to Lloydine. To them both, from their archetypal higher selves. One without other quite simply doesn’t work I’m afraid Lucas. I suggest you brush up on the divine mathematics of this prophecy. You have been trained to discern that numbers speak the language of the synchronic order ! So please, study the numbers of their ascensions.

    One thing is crystal clear.. Jose was a hopeless romantic entwining his lovers into prophetic myth. This was coded into his archetype before he came to be. We don’t condemn him for this, quite the contrary that we understand this process to be a part of the great teaching of the Lovers Reunion that he, and Lloydine have left us to contemplate. Because through this understanding, we can ascend with universal love and forgiveness.
    Therefore we don’t accept that he, nor Stephanie, nor any of you extinguish Lloydine / Bolon Ik’s role in the Dreamspell, in the Telektonon, in Planet Art History, nor in the archetypal history of Palenque.

    It surmounts to a desecration of the feminine. The marginalisation of Lloydine/Bolon Ik is an abhorrent denial of the Primordial Mother of this prophecy.

    Happy Mother’s Day Lucas !

    Gar Magusa, kin 34

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