Unify DreamPeace ~ Planet Art Rainbow Bridge Meditations ~ 21-22-23 September

(English) This 23 September culminates the 3-day Meditations by the Planet Art Network in support of the global campaign of UNIFY for Planetary Peace! Taking place during the days of Mabon Equinox (21-22-23 September), Unify DreamPeace is coordinating the participation of the Planetary Kin in this global initiative for Peace, through the power of the Banner of Peace, the Galactic Shield and the Rainbow Bridge Meditation. Dissolving the differences and honouring the ones who came before us, we are Unifying in order to DreamPeace!

Tune in the Meditation Video Guidance and explore the significant Divine Synchronisations happening around these dates. See you all in the Noosphere! In Lak’ech ❤ 

Unifying the Dream of World Peace!

  • Planet Art Synchronised Meditations
  • Mabon Equinox days: 21-22-23 September 2018 
  • 3 Meditations (11 minutes each day)
  • 3×11 = 33 minutes to Unify DreamPeace
  • Including: Circumpolar Rainbow Bridge Meditation and Prayer of the Seven Galactic Directions. 

Tune In Video Guidance:

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Unify DreamPeace and the Vision of Globally Synchronised Meditation

In 1987, José and Lloydine Argüelles (Valum Votan & Bolon Ik) issued a call for the Harmonic Convergence, which was the First Globally Synchronised Meditation in human history (16-17 August 1987). This visionary planetary event for Peace set the beginning of the New Age as a social movement and it truly manifested the power of synchronised meditation by putting the Cold War to an end. 31 years later, this beautiful vision has become universal and it is part of global peace organisations, such as Earthdance International and Unify. Precisely, José and Lloydine also activated the power of the word “Unify” by inscribing it in the Purpose of the 20 Wavespells of the Dreamspell Journey: “Unify in Order to Love”, “Unify in Order to Dream”, etc.


Unify DreamPeace is proudly harmonised with the international initiative of Unify.org, which started a 30-day global challenge for World Peace under the slogan #WagePeace, in collaboration with a wide spectrum of peace oriented organisations. Masterfully synchronised, this campaign has been running during the entire 28-day Moon of Challenge of the Dreamspell 13 Moon Calendar. It will come to a conclusion at the start of the Electric Moon of Service with a 3-day “activation portal” of special activities and celebrations.

Unify DreamPeace is the call of the Planet Art Network, inviting the Planetary Kin to enter this Global Peace initiative with the power of the Banner of Peace, the Galactic Shield and the Rainbow Bridge Meditation. Let us dissolve the differences, let us honour the ones who came before us and let us Unify in order to DreamPeace!

Unify DreamPeace ~ Planet Art Meditations

3 Rainbow Bridge Meditations, including the Prayer of the Seven Galactic Directions by José and Lloydine Argüelles.

1st 11-Minute Meditation ~ International Day of Peace

  • Gregorian date: 21 September 2018
  • Universal Time (UTC): 3:33 PM (15:33)
  • 13 Moons: NS1.31.3.2 – Moon 3, Day 2. Coded 3.2
  • DreamTime: Dreamspell Kin 226 – 5 Worldbridger
  • Maya RealTime: 11 Ajaw (11 Sun)

2nd 11-Minute Meditation ~ Mabon Equinox

  • Gregorian date: 22 September 2018
  • Universal Time (UTC): 3:33 PM (15:33)
  • 13 Moons: NS1.31.3.3 – Moon 3, Day 3. Coded 3.3 !
  • DreamTime: Dreamspell Kin 227 – 6 Hand
  • Maya RealTime: 12 Imix’ (12 Dragon)

3rd 11-Minute Meditation ~ UNIFY for Peace

  • Gregorian date: 23 September 2018
  • Universal Time (UTC): 3:33 PM (15:33)
  • 13 Moons: NS1.31.3.4 – Moon 3, Day 3. Coded 3.4
  • DreamTime: Dreamspell Kin 228 – 7 Star
  • Maya realTime” 13 Ik’ (13 Wind)

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Divine Synchronisations to Meditate upon

  • The Equinoxes are natural harmonics that help us to dissolve duality and to find an equal balance between polarities.


  • Around the Equinoxes, the Solar Wind opens cracks in Earth’s magnetic field, causing bright displays of the natural phenomenon of the Aurora Borealis, also known as the Northern Lights.


  • During a frame of 3-4 days around the Equinoxes, the Maya Pyramid of Chichen Itza shows the sign of the Feathered Serpent Kukulkan descending to Earth.


  • The Mabon Equinox days of 21-22-23 are truly Divine.
  • This year, these days are synchronising with the Dreamspell Wavespell of the White Wind coded by Triple Master Number Kin 222 (1 Wind), which has the Purpose to Unify in Order to Communicate the Power of Spirit.
Magnetic Wind / Viento Magnético
Kin 222 – 17/9/2018
  • Kin 222 was the birth sign of Tony Shearer, the “Voice” of the Quetzalcoatl Prophecy in the Harmonic Convergence 1987 (Prophecy of the 13 Heavens and 9 Hells). Kin 222 was also the rotation Kin of Lloydine Bolon Ik during the same planetary event. Kin 222 is the perfect symmetrical Mirror of her birth Kin 22 (Solar Wind), both of them are Galactic Activation Portals.
  • 21 September = Number 21 = 7+7+7 = The Power of 7 Cubed.
  • 21 September is the International Day of Peace of the United Nations. This year is on Kin 226.
Overtone WorldBridger / Enlazador de Mundos Entonado
Kin 226 – 21/9/2018
  • 21 September 1983 marked the White Wedding of José and Lloydine Argüelles. Their prophetic ministry lasted 21 years (1981-2002).
  • 22 September is equivalent to Moon 3, Day 3 in the 13 Moon Calendar. It is Coded 3.3 which is is a fractal of the Mystical number 33 which also codes the combined power of Valum Votan (Kin 11) and Bolon Ik (Kin 22) = 11+22 = 33.
  • 22 September 2018 is Dreamspell Kin 227. Its Occult Power is Kin 34 (Galactic Wizard), which precisely codes the Dreamspell Count also known as the Wizard Count.    
Rhythmic Hand / Mano Rítmica
Kin 227 – 22/9/2018
  • Number 22 = 11:11 and codes the Awakening Code of Jose Valum Votan (11.11) and Lloydine Bolon Ik (11+11). Number 22 codes the Kin 22 of Lloydine Bolon Ik (White Solar Wind)
  • Number 22 also codes the birth sign “9 Ik” of the main deity of the Classic Maya Triad (known as GI), and also the birth sign “9 Ehecatl” of the deity Quetzalcoatl (Feathered Serpent). Both signs translate to “Solar Wind”.
  • Number 22 is the synthesis of the Quetzalcoatl Prophecy of the 13 Heavens and the 9 Hells (13+9=22).


  • 22 September is coded 22-9 or 9-22, precisely the day number 22 (Kin 22) of the 9th month (Solar Tone 9 Solar) that codes the sign Solar Wind (Bolon Ik, GI, Quetzalcoatl). The harmony of this date synchronises every year with the natural phenomenon of the Northern Lights which are caused by the Solar Wind. Aho!
  • 23 September is equivalent to Moon 3, Day 4 in the 13 Moon Calendar. It is coded 3.4 which is a fractal of number 34 (Dreamspell Wizard Count).
  • 23 September 2018 is Dreamspell Kin 228 (Resonant Star), which is the central Kin of the Wavespell of the White Wind (Power of Spirit). Its Oracle is ruled by the Power of 7 = 7+7+7+7. Its Occult Power is Kin 33 (Resonant Skywalker), which precisely codes the Combined Kin of Valum Votan and Bolon Ik: Kin 11 + Kin 22 = Kin 33 (Resonant Skywalker). The Mystical Power of 33.
Resonant Star / Estrella Resonante
Kin 228 – 23/9/2018
  • 23 September 2018 is equivalent to 13 Ik (13 Wind) in the Ancient Maya Tzolkin (RealTime) which is synchronising with the central Kin of the Wavespell of the Wind. Therefore, it is a double Power of Spirit in the DreamTime and the RealTime. 
  • Number 23 codes the 23 pairs of chromosomes of the human DNA (22 pairs of autosomes and one pair of sex chromosomes = 22+1).
  • Number 23 also codes the Lovers ReUnion of Pacal Votan and Bolon Ik which is Unit 23 of Telektonon, the visionary Game of Prophecy channelled by José and Lloydine Argüelles (1993-1994).

The Rainbow Bridge to Unify DreamPeace!


In the year 2000, José and Lloydine Argüelles introduced the Circumpolar Rainbow Bridge Meditation, as a vehicle to consciously connect with the Earth’s Electro-Magnetic Field.

“The Rainbow Bridge is Earth’s aura made visible. This aura – Earth’s electromagnetic field – is regulated by a day alternator and night alternator. The alternators regulate the photon emission of the sun by day, and the photonic regeneration by night. The alternators create the two sides of the Rainbow Bridge, 180 degrees apart. The rainbow is already there, we just have to “see” it.”

—José and Lloydine Argüelles (Presentation of the Circumpolar Rainbow Bridge Meditation. Historical Tortuga web, year 2000)

To celebrate this powerful 3-day passage, we invite everyone to Tune IN at any time and participate of this telepathic exercise by visualising a double rainbow around the Earth.

We ALL really want peace. Not peace through war, or peace that is bought by money. But real #peace. And we want peace to be more than just one minute or even one day. We want that peace all the time, and in this moon we have the opportunity to consciously connect with people from all around the world aligned with this #intention.

Let us keep in mind that we are entering the first Equinox Portal of this 13-Moon year (second on the Gregorian Calendar): the perfect moment when the sun passes directly over the Earth’s equator bringing equal day and night to both North and South hemispheres. The word equinox comes from two Latin words: “EQUI”, meaning “equal” and NOX, meaning “night”. In the Galactic Maya Cosmology the Night seal represents the fertile realm of the Original Dream-spell of our existence. The place we came from, the place we will return to after death. Therefore, our ancient ancestors around the world saw this window as a special time of communion with the cosmos and built amazing temples and structures to mark and track the celebrations.

According to spaceweather.com, thanks to the current presence of a large hole on the sun’s atmosphere “spewing a stream of solar wind toward our planet” this is a perfect time to play with the plasmatic rainbow energies bathing the earth:

“A HOLE IN THE SUN’S ATMOSPHERE: A jagged hole in the sun’s atmosphere is facing Earth and spewing a stream of solar wind toward our planet. Estimated time of arrival: Sept. 17-18. Because the gaseous material will reach Earth only a few days before the onset of northern autumn, it may be extra-effective at sparking auroras–a result of “equinox cracks” in the geomagnetic field.” (Space Weather Archive

Equinox Cracks_2018-09-14

Please join this wave of Peace and organise synchronised meditations and celebrations with your local communities. Please SHARE this initiative far and wide with your loved ones and ALL your networks of relationships. Let’s build together an impenetrable field of Peace and Harmony around the Earth! Let’s #WagePeace

May Peace Prevail on Earth!

Amen ❤ In Lak’ech

Calendar Referendum 2020


To sign and support an open petition for Calendar Referendum 2020 and Declaration of Universal World Peace, and to ensure that humanity adopts and implements the 13-Month, 28-Day Calendar as a new Harmonic Standard by 2020, please go to:


“To change the calendar is to effect a profound and fundamental change in human consciousness. Only a change in consciousness will bring about the creative solutions our world so sorely needs today. By changing the calendar we use every day, will we change our everyday consciousness and establish a new time and a new language on Earth.”

Unifying the Dream of World Peace!


  • Planet Art Synchronised Meditations
  • Mabon Equinox days: 21-22-23 September 2018 
  • 3 Rainbow Bridge Meditations (11 minutes each day)
  • 3×11 = 33 minutes to Unify DreamPeace

Unify DreamPeace!

Join: https://www.facebook.com/events/1122308064583015/

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