Wavespell 15 of the Blue Night ~ Dreamspell Journey

Blue Night Wavespell

Perpetual 13-day Wavespell

Unify in order to Dream. Attracting Intuition. Power of Abundance.

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The Blue Night Wavespell is the 15th wavespell of the Dreamspell Journey, and the third one of the Yellow Southern Castle of Giving, which is the fourth Castle of the Dreamspell Count. The Yellow Castle of Giving represents the Court of Intelligence and it covers 4 Wavespells (Red Earth, White Dog, Blue Night and Yellow Warrior) from Kin 157 until Kin 208. Through Givingthe planetary kin attain the Power of Ascending.

In the Dreamspell transcreation, the solar seal of “Night” is inspired on the Maya glyph of “Ak’bal”  (Akbal), which exactly signifies  “Night or Darkness”  and it represents the “Celestial Serpent, Dawn, and Between Day and Night.”

The Maya glyph of Ak’bal

In Maya Cosmology, the Ak’bal sign symbolises the serpentine shape of the Milky Way. For the same reason, the Ak’bal glyph depicts a frontal serpent head, sometimes including its scales on the lower part of the glyph.

In the Dreamspell, the Blue Night is the Solar Seal number 3 and it is associated with colour “Blue”, being part of the “Blue Root Race” of the “Spiritual Transformers”. The Blue Night has the action of “Dreaming”, the essence of “Intuition” and the “Power of Abundance”.

The Blue Night Wavespell symbolises the inter-dimensional realms of consciousness, which can be accessed through dreams and intuition. This wavespell thus represents the Dreamspell Journey within itself, that is to say, the Dreamspell Realm (Unify in Order to “Dream”) and its higher dimensional DreamTime. Exactly, the Dreamspell authors (José and Lloydine / Valum Votan & Bolon Ik) had their White Wedding on Kin 191 (Solar Monkey) of this symbolic “Wavespell of Dream-spell”.

The Wavespell of the Blue Night invites us to tune in the original dream-spell of our existence. The place from where we came from, the place we will return to after death. This wavespell helps us to connect with the Celestial Source of our Archetypal Self. Let us follow the synchronic signs through our Spiritual Intuition, in order to attract the great Spiritual Abundance from Above. Let us Unify in Order to Dream-spell ❤ 

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Down below, the Original Affirmations and Codes of the 13-day Blue Night Wavespell by Valum Votan and Bolon Ik, the authors in Eternity. Also find the Galactic Maya Analysis and Tzolkin Numerology by Tortuga 13:20 at the end of this wavespell. In Lak’ech.

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