Harmonic 55: The Crystal Prophecy of Pakal Votan & Bolon Ik in the Tzolkin

The Sacred Maya Tzolkin is an inter-dimensional blueprint which is embedded within the Dreamspell Journey of Valum Votan and Bolon Ik. Thus, the Sacred Tzolkin reveals the Prophecy of the New Time which is inscribed on the sequence of 4 Key Prophetic Kins under the Harmonic 55 of the Crystal Matrix (Wavespell of the Red Moon).

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New Time Prophecy – Kin 217, Kin 218, Kin 219, Kin 220 (Harmonic 55 – Crystal Matrix)

Kin 217 – Mother of the Prophecy

Lloydine Bolon Ik

Primordial Mother

Kin 217 (Red Solar Earth – Initiation). Dreamspell 9 Earth is equivalent to 9 Kab’an, which is the Ancient Maya Tzolkin sign of the Archetypal Mother of the Galactic Maya Prophecy, Lloydine Bolon Ik (Archetype Solar Wind, GI, Deity of the Sacred Trinity of Palenque, also the Divine Muse of the Telektonon Prophecy of Pakal Votan).

Kin 218 – New Time Prophecy (4D)

New Time

Kin 218 (White Planetary Mirror – Refining). Dreamspell 10 Mirror is the Kin of the discovery of the Tomb of Pakal Votan, the beginning of the New Time Prophecy

On Day Out of Time, July 25th, 2016, KIN 218 (10 Mirror), a groundbreaking discovery was announced in Palenque by archaeologist Arnoldo Gonzalez Cruz:  A complex system of channels below the burial chamber of Pacal Votan was found at the Temple of the Inscriptions, the most important building in the Mexican archaeological site. According to Cruz the discovery may “change the original theory on the construction of the pyramid.”


The timing of this new finding was of PARAMOUNT relevance because it occurred:

>> EXACTLY on the 90th (3x3x10) Tzolkin from the tomb discovery

On the EVE of Pacal Votan’s 1400+1 years enthronement ceremony (July 26, 615 – July 26, 2016).

To learn more about this discovery, please visit http://inah.gob.mx/es/boletines/5432-descubren-sistema-de-canales-bajo-el-templo-de-las-inscripciones-de-palenque

Kin 219 – Dimensional Shift (5D). The Crystal Prophecy.

“The Crystal Prophecy is Yours to Own. By these great powers undo the Mystery of the Stone”–Pacal Votan’s Riddle of the Stone (20 Tablets)

The Crystal Matrix is coded 19:19 and/or 19:11. By Gary Magusa (2013 Magikana Publishing UK)

Kin 219 (Blue Spectral Storm – Transforming). Dreamspell 11 Storm represents the next level of the New Time Prophecy, the Transformational Shift, the change of paradigm.

  • Kin 219 reads 2 times 19, then 19.19
  • Kin 219 is coded 19.11 (Storm Seal 19, Tone 11), then the liberation of the 19 Code (Overall is 19).
  • 19.11 Code represents the Crystal Matrix. Its outer main matrix of 19:19 and its inner matrix of 11:11.
  • 19.11 Code also refers to the Ascension Day of Valum Votan, Kin 89, Spectral Moon (Wavespell of 19 Storm, Tone 11)
  • Therefore, Kin 219, coded as 19.19 and 19.11 represents the 19:19 Crystal Matrix, the transformational level of the New Time Prophecy.
  • KIN 219 also encodes the year 4772 AD: year of the future return of Pacal Votan in the Dreamspell count, and corresponding to the closing of the cycle of Sirian rebirth in time: 53 rounds of 52 years that began on the year 2016-2017 ~ Year of the Blue Spectral Storm KIN 219. That is to say that we are transiting the second of 52 rings contained in first Sirian round of 52 Years (2016-2068)


Also unveiled through the higher dimensional system of the 19:19 Crystal Matrix, the 19:11 Code contains the square root of the Solar Earth Cycle: √ 365.24 days = 19.11.


In the same way, the Telektonon Crystal Prophecy after 2012-2013 is coded by the 19:19 Crystal Matrix which contains the Pyramid Hologram Transmission of Pakal Votan.


Kin 220 – The Twin Crystal Archetypes and the Dance of Venus

crystal suns

Kin 220 (Yellow Crystal Sun – Crystallising). 12 Sun represents the Crystallisation of the New Time Prophecy because it is the Ascension Code of the Galactic Masters of the New Time, Valum Votan and Bolon Ik, the pair of Crystal Suns.

Their Ascension Codes are obtained by adding their Alpha Birth Kin + Omega Death Kin.

  • Bolon Ik: Kin 22 + Kin 198 = Kin 220 (Cristal Sun). Kin 220 is also Kin 22 (contains 11+11) x Number 10 of Love. Then, 22 x 10 = 220
  • Valum: In two parts due to his Telektonon’s Warrior Test. First, Kin 11 + Kin 89 = Kin 100 (Solar Sun). Second, his final Rotation Kin 31 + Kin 89 = Kin 120 (Electric Sun). Then, Kin 100 + Kin 120 = Kin 220 (Cristal Sun)
  • The Twin Crystal Suns, Valum Votan and Bolon Ik, represent the Telektonon’s Lovers’ Reunion in the Galactic Synchronisation 2013. The Unification of the Twin Crystal Archetypes (Days 240 & 241 “two for one” of the Crystal Matrix Prophecy).
  • Also, the Two Crystals 12 Suns = 12×12 = 144 which codes Kin 144, the Seed of Telektonon Origin and the number of the chosen ones in the Telektonon’s New Jerusalem. Therefore, clear signs of the Return to the Source of the Masters of the New Time.

Kin 220 is also the summoning power of the rare Venus Transit pair of 2004 (ALPHA) and 2012 (OMEGA), as well as the summoning power of Lloydine/Bolon Ik’s birth (ALPHA) and death (OMEGA).


In Maya Cosmology, planet Venus is often represented as Quetzalcoatl, the patron deity of the Harmonic Convergence of 1987, that took place on KIN 55 and KIN 56.

Last June 5-6, 2017 (KIN 13-14) we commemorated the 5th Anniversary of the 2nd rare Venus Transit of 2012 that took place on KIN 8-9 on the Galactic Maya count, completing in this way the double Transit cycle – Venus to Venus, conception to birth. ALPHA + OMEGA of the 5-Star Pentagram that Earth + Venus create every 8 years while they dance around the Sun.

It is also IMPORTANT to realize that analyzed through the lens of the Galactic Maya Time-Keeping system BOTH Transits (ALPHA + OMEGA) occurred ON the 2 only signs/seals associated with Venus:



June 8, 2004: KIN 211 3Monkey
[Monkey: Solar-Prophetic aspect of Planet Venus]
June 5-6, 2012: KIN 8 8STAR – KIN 9 9MOON
[Star: Galactic-Karmic aspect of Planet Venus]
NOTE: This transit started during the last hours of KIN 8 (June 5, 2012) and ended during the first hours of KIN 9 (June 6th, 2012)

KIN 211 [ALPHA] + KIN 9 [OMEGA]= KIN 220

Lloydine arrived to this world on KIN 22 [ALPHA] and left on KIN 198 [OMEGA]
KIN 22 [ALPHA] + KIN 198 [OMEGA]= KIN 220




220 = 22×10= Manifestation Power (10) + Love (10) of Bolon Ik (22)

REVELATIONS 22:1316 = The 5th anniversary of the Venus Transit of 2012 (OMEGA) on June 5th, 2017 corresponded to KIN 13 while the 13th anniversary of the Venus Transit of 2004 (ALPHA) on June 8, 2017 corresponded to KIN 16. Is the numerical occult significance of the Book of Revelations unveiling its mystery in due time?

“The New Epoch must manifest due respect to the Mother of the World, to the feminine element […] The star of the Mother of the World is the planet Venus.” ~Helena Roerich


Time IS ARt Jesus
“Christ Crowned with Thorns” by Sandro Botticelli (KIN 177)

Finally, it is worth noting that the combined ALPHA + OMEGA invoking power (unified summoning power) of Valum Votan and Bolon Ik equals KIN 60 8SUN: 8AHAW

KIN 22 [ALPHA] + KIN 198 [OMEGA]= KIN 220 (12 Sun)
KIN 11 [ALPHA] + KIN 89 [OMEGA]= KIN 100 (9 Sun)

220+100= 320-260= KIN 60 (8 Sun)



KIN 60 (8 Sun) corresponds to Waxac Ahaw in the Traditional Maya count: the birth date of Pacal engraved in stone (RealTime) on the South corner of his tombstone. Due to its location it corresponds to the SIGN No.1 of 13 CLEAR SIGNS OF PROPHECY, carved around Pacal’s tomb and defined in detail in the Telektonon Manual.

13 CLEAR SIGNS OF PROPHECY: South side of Pacal’s tomb lid: KIN 60 (ALPHA) and KIN 58 (OMEGA) by Pacal Votan. Unified Power: 60 + 58 = 118. KIN 118 1 Mirror KIN 118 codes all this 2017 as the “Gregorian Year~bearer” corresponding to January 1, 2017.  Redemption in Time.
To learn more about the Prophecy of Pacal Votan, the rare Venus Transit pair of 2004-2012 and the Archetype of Bolon Ik please visit this blog published last KIN 22 on the eve of 65th anniversary of this groundbreaking discovery: https://tortuga1320.com/2017/06/14/the-telektonon-factor-65/

Harmonic 55 – Crystal Matrix – Kin 217, 218, 219, 220


The Harmonic 55 – Crystal Matrix (Self-regulate Universal Fire of Cooperation), unveils the Telektonon’s Crystal Prophecy through Kin 217 (Bolon Ik), Kin 218 (Pakal), Kin 219 (Crystal Matrix) and Kin 220 (Twin Archetypes).

Number 55 also represents the Kin 55 of the Harmonic Convergence, which was the countdown to the 5th Dimensional Shift (5D).   

What is inscribed on the Sacred Tzolkin is certainly written from Above!

In Lak’ech Valum Votan ❤ Bolon Ik

The Galactic Masters who laid the Crystal Prophecy Path so perfect for us to follow after 2012-2013. Blessed the Hearts tuning in during the Spectral Storm Year (Kin 219) and the Crystal Seed Year. In Lak’ech.


Blog by Itzadragon Kin 21. Artwork and complementary information by RuBen Kin 113 (Quetzalcoatl113). Updated and resealed on Kin 218 / Kin 219, Crystal Seed Year (27 December 2017).

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    The 4 Key Prophetic Kins explained are under the Dreamspell Harmonic 55 of the Crystal Matrix (Self-Regulate Universal Fire of Cooperation). Number 55 also represents the Kin 55 of the Harmonic Convergence, which was the countdown to the 5th Dimensional Shift.

    What is inscribed in the Tzolkin is written!

    In Lak’ech Valum Votan ❤ Bolon Ik

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